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Video: Capcom Celebrates 10 Years of Monster Hunter

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


This is a big year for the Monster Hunter franchise, and Capcom has every reason to be happy with its current status. Monster Hunter 4 cruised past the company's sales targets for Japan, and in the process won't have done any harm to Nintendo's chances in retaining exclusivity of the franchise. In the Japanese market MH counts for a lot, so its success on the 3DS (now in multiple titles) has played a role in shifting hardware, doing for the 3DS what it arguably did for Sony's PSP beforehand.

And now we have Monster Hunter 4 G which, pleasingly, will come to the west as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in early 2015. At the moment it's only confirmed for 3DS — Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was on Wii U and 3DS — but promises to expand on the content of the original as well as introduce new features. We should expect Capcom to go all-out as this is the series' 10th Anniversary, which in Japan will include events such as "Monster Hunter the Real 2014" — large-scale replicas of monsters will be produced for that.

While we may have a bit of a wait on our hands for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, we'll be able to soak up some Anniversary spectaculars. The video below is a good start, as it's over an hour of footage that shows the opening cinematics and game sequences from the whole series to date. You can see its origins on PlayStation 2 and PSP, while later in the video you can see the series as it transitions to Wii, Wii U and 3DS.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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FritzFrapp said:

That video brings back some memories. I adore this wonderful series
and would so love to see a port of Freedom Unite on 3DS with online added.



GuSolarFlare said:

@Pichubby don't play the demo for Ultimate it isn't friendly with new players at all. it's tricky, if you like the demo you'll love the game and if you dislike the demo there's a good chance that you'll still like the game.
oh and in MH3U the beggining is kinda boring. it's the kind of game that the further you go the better it gets.



Darknyht said:

Last night before it went down, MH3U was $19.99. Not sure how long it will be that price (US).



cyrus_zuo said:

I tried the demo on Wii and 3ds and really didn't get it.
I then organized a weekly group w/a series veteran, and have really enjoyed it.
MH is a game that is OK as a single-player, where it really shines is multiplayer w/friends. It's very core (skill-based) and a huge time sync.
If you've got friends to play it with I highly recommend buying the game while on sale. We play cross-play w/3 people on 3ds and 1 on WiiU.

Very underrated game outside of Japan.



BertoFlyingFox said:

That was great, the first few videos were a nice nostalgia trip.

Here's hoping MH4U releases on WiiU, I absolutely loved the last one. I still play it on and off with random people and it's always a great experience.



GuSolarFlare said:

@Pichubby no, the controls are pretty different. it's hard to explain it's that the controls in Monster Hunter are tricky in some parts, though you can customize the bottom/gamepad screen to have shortcuts to items, actions, map and lock-on(that works nothing like in Zelda) not to say all the weapons have different controls(the buttons for the weapons are all the same but how you control them is different)



Shambo said:

@Pichubby Played over 300 hours on Tri, still got 3U on both Wii U and 3ds, and again getting to the 300, and not stopping anytime soon.

Edit: controls are very weird, but it's fitting, as you are a mere human, holding weapons larger than yourself, to even have a chance of hurting the monsters that throw you around like a little toy.



Tsurii said:

@Pichubby If you want to see how the controls are, you could try to get the demo. Just don't play the quest itself (don't try to kill the monsters lol), or at least only try the easy quest, because I'd imagine that Plesioth (the difficult target) is next to impossible for newcomers - especially, because you get literally thrown into the water with underwater combat



eichs22 said:

Really hope the sale for 3 ultimate gets the game some new players. Hit me up if you want some online help...I might be a little rusty but can definitely help the new guys;)



Christoff said:

I really want to like this game, played the demo on both Wii U and 3ds but couldnt get into it, found the controls clunky.



coolaggro said:

I hope Nintendo being freer on their IPs will lead to being able to use the Master Sword in MH. That would just be beyond awesome

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