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Video: Ace Attorney Collection Promotional Trailer Is Now Available As Hard Evidence

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

No objections here (sorry)

In addition to yesterday's news, we've got a few further details and a lovely little trailer for the Ace Attorney Collection, courtesy of the official website.

The e-Capcom exclusive limited edition set, priced at ¥5,240 (about £30 / $50 USD / €37), will include a drama CD (cover to be determined) and a set of three reflective-finish pixel art charms. There's also mention of "high resolution" graphics on there too, although we imagine this will just mean the graphics from the iOS port re-ported back to this collection of remade ports of ports...(still with us?).

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Are you looking forward to this collection? Are you excited (or perhaps annoyed) about the inclusion of the English language option in the Japanese release? Let us know in the comments section.


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64supermario said:

I'd buy it for my 3DS, I'd love to go through the first 3 games again. I find this especially good for people who might be new to the series.



Yrreiht said:

Oh man, Oh man, Oh man! I want that game so bad. Please Capcom, you need to release it in the US.... oh and Monster Hunter 4 too.



ultraraichu said:

Interesting, it comes out oversea on my birthday. Well I already got the complete series (US release wise) for the ds, so I'll pass if it comes stateside.

My money's on Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, fingers crossed for the same (or earlier) release date as EU.



GustavoMaciel said:

I don't really like the HD look from the iOS version. It looks like it was automatically traced with an image software without much care...



Bisna said:

My wife has the first 3 on the DSand the Miles Edgeworth(think that's his name) one. Haven't played them myself and this would DEFINITELY be where I do. Come on Capcom release in US. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!



Shambo said:

I don't get it. Capcom has need for money and great IP's, and many people here have need of these great games and a budget to spend on them. Yet it takes Capcom ages to consider releasing their games over here. They release the worst ones first, then cancel the most wanted ones, and slap us in the face with a 'not enough interest and begging' sign for quite a few others. So I do hope they'll release this over here, but I've come to the point of not expecting that kind of common sense from them anymore, sadly...



Handy_Man said:

I think it's time that Apollo Justice got a remake, too; it's been around for seven years already, and Capcom has never bothered to port or remake it since it first released. Since Apollo himself appeared in Dual Destinies along with his popularity getting skyrocketed, it would be very nice if his game was included with the first three games in this collection.

(Also, localization please!)



WashioYuji said:

b-b-but I haven't played games 6-122 yet D:

joking aside, I'll happily buy the first 3 again and hopefully then they'll release miles edgeworth 2 in the a second catalogue



Morpheel said:

Well, at least it seems like they're not reusing the GBA sprites for this, I may buy for the third time!



Jorzha said:

I like the artstyle on the DS versions better to be honest, but that's just my opinion =P It'll probably be good for beginners of the seriers.



WesCash said:

As someone who hasn't played any of the Ace Attorney games, I would love to see this come to NA.



Doma said:

Would love to buy this. I think i missed one of the latter games....

It would only make sense to me as a download, but Nintendo have to fix their service before that can be seen as viable.



ChessboardMan said:

I've been replaying the series on iOS already, so I'll probably skip this if it arrives on our shores here in the UK, unless they use the 3D to a real nice effect, or promise us the Second Edgeworth title if sales are good.
Some things I hope they fix from the iOS one.
-The lack of ability to shout "Objection!", etc, which I really don't understand being missing from the iOS version anyway, since many or even Most iOS devices have a mic.
-Some images still being horribly low res, it's rather jarring (The 'Photos' in the Masque De Mask case for example).
-The grammar and spelling mistakes.
-The fifth case of the first game.



DarkKirby said:

Ace much as I enjoy Phoenix Wright games (1-3 and Investigations anyway, and yes I played the rest), they are only really good to play once as once you already know what's going to happen it's not fun anymore.

So I can't say I will be buying them again.

If they want my purchase they are going to need to put Edgeworth Investigations 1 AND 2 on there.



AJWolfTill said:

I would buy this for my girlfriend in a hearbeat. I've played through the first three but she's only played the first so far. Such a fantastic series.



Saga said:

Oh nice ! I would definitely buy this game if it comes out in the UK ! I've been contemplating buying all invidual games but a compilation would be much nicer.
They should give it a try overseas since it's already translated into English.



Lunapplebloom said:

@DarkKirby Excellent idea. I'd certainly get it that way if they decided to throw both Miles Edgeworth: Investigation games in.

As this stands though, I'd be interested with the extra content that came with it, but since I have them already anyways, I may pass on it. Minds can be changed with enough content though...



rumple88 said:

Just played the demo of the latest in the series. This game is nuts. I'm really interested in picking one up. Which should I start with or Wait for the prof. layton team up?



Remisio said:

I honestly like the original sprites better than the HD iOS versions... The HD characters look like they were made in flash to me or something... But I'll try to get used to it. (I also noticed in the iOS version that some animations from the original appear to be missing, though I may jus be bitter and not seeing things... The text boxes in HD iOS version though... Are terrible. It may appear to be a small issue but I was really bothered and annoyed by it. The text was too similar to Microsoft word script for my liking.)



BakaKnight said:

@rumple88 "Layton VS Wright" take place in the original trilogy "timeline", plus is a mixed bag of the two different gameplays; if you are really interested in the Ace Attorney serie I would consider to get that trilogy; you would play games focused on the AA serie's gameplay and if you will buy also the crossover you won't have troubles spotting possible references and cameos.

Of course I'm not suggesting to wait (maybe forever) the 3DS trilogy the article talk about XP
You could go with the DS games, even if those could be not easy or cheap to find, or you could opt for the the WiiWare versions or the trilogy collection on smartphones. Even without this new 3DS remake it's indeed very easy to get the first 3 Ace Attorney games for a good price ^^

Regarding Dual Destiny... it's honestly a gamble to start with that... sure they did a lot for welcome newcomers, but a lot of pieces are unavoidably linked to the previous entry in the serie. Indeed under certain aspects Dual Destiny close a story arc started in Apollo Justice, making it hard to suggest as the first game of the serie to play.



jmr908 said:

I mentioned this on the Capcom-Unity forum for this game, but IF they do release this outside of Japan, there might be an option to play with Japanese text. Seeing as this is a clear-cut port for Capcom, I have no Idea why they wouldn't release it over here.



Bizzyb said:

It would be SO easy to just port this to the eshop. I would easily buy this trilogy set as would many other Ace Attorney fans....PLEASE capcom do the right thing and release this to the rest of us!




I expect this to be a digital release in Europe. Surely it can be done by Capcom with very little effort indeed.

I'm currently playing through Miles Edgeworth Investigations. The only PAL release Ace Attorney game I've never played. It's superb. I love this whole series of games.



SummonMew said:

Just bought the entire series after playing the new one. So fun. Im glad to hear the DS originals sound like the way to go, cause thats what I got.



Gameday said:

I would buy this if i had the console. I own the first 3 on wiiware, i bought it for someone back in the day on the ds. So seeing this collection is very nice ~



LoveFireEmblem said:

I would definitely buy this, it's at a good price. As for how I fell about the English option for the Japanese release, Why not include it?



HueyLewisFan said:

I'd probably buy this, even though I've literally just finished JFA and am about to start the third just so that Capcom can see a tiny bit of a margin increase when considering if they'd release a digital AAI2. That, and I gotta have my digital goods.



TJF588 said:

Well, I just had to take a closer look at that art. Wonder what the story behind that hair-redo is.

Anyway, if this's just the first three games, then I'm already set, thanks to my iOS device. Five bucks for all three, plus the Game Center cheevos to hunt after. Now, Capcom, if you'd just compile Apollo Justice and the Investigations games...

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