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Talking Point: New Year Resolutions for Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We can all improve

With 2014 now here, it provides an opportunity to take stock and consider ambitions for the year, as well as identify areas of improvement. We can all do better things and improve ourselves, but what of major corporations? The same rule applies to them, so below are some suggestions for Nintendo, which brought us so much to enjoy in 2013 yet, despite those shining moments, has some areas of performance that can undoubtedly be improved or continued.

Improve Nintendo Network Reliability

We'll start with the most recent issue, that of Nintendo Network stability. The online services, most notably the eShop stores, went down for the entirety of 25th/26th December, with sporadic and limited access for at least a further 24 hours. The unified Nintendo Network ID system was launched earlier in December — which itself caused some hours of disruption — and the weight of new 3DS and Wii U registrations, along with the brief release of Pokémon Bank in Japan, caused a meltdown that delayed the X & Y app in the West, a good deal of inconvenience to gamers and, perhaps worst of all, lost download game publishers vital days of potential sales.

As the wording of this segment hopefully makes clear, expecting 100% performance and reliability is unreasonable; there were reports online of network issues with Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on Christmas Day as the result of demand. In those cases the issues were largely resolved on the same day, and the biggest issue for Nintendo was the length of downtime, and it's clear that infrastructure needs to improve. The blame could be placed on the decision to release Pokémon Bank in Japan on potentially the network's busiest day of the year, but the issue is more to do with infrastructure.

We've seen Nintendo's online services creak and struggle relatively often, mainly when a new feature is unveiled, but the festive downtime was perhaps the worst to date. It may not have fallen victim to a disastrous weeks-long hacking scandal like that of PSN in 2011, admittedly, but there's certainly scope for Nintendo to improve and strengthen this vital area.

Let Gamers Communicate

We refer to the disabling of Nintendo Letter Box / Swapnote online messages, in which Nintendo reacted to disturbing revelations of illegal exchanges of images by shutting the service down. To be clear, Nintendo was right to stop this happening; that should be beyond debate, we'd suggest.

What is also the case. however, is that the solution was phoned in. The issue was with 3DS owners exchanging friend codes and arranging to meet or using the share photo option for sending inappropriate images. Yet the photo option was added by Nintendo in the first place, and it clearly wasn't confident in its ability to moderate hand-written messages. We cited Miiverse as a potential saviour at the time, yet its arrival on 3DS matched the browser-based version of the network in not supporting direct messages between those on each other's friend lists.

There are various potential reasons for this. The 3DS still uses a friend code system, and isn't yet integrated with the Nintendo Network friend system on Wii U, and Nintendo's repeated warnings that exchanging Friend Codes on the portable platform's Miiverse suggests ongoing diligence to prevent future incidents. The point could be made that Nintendo is trying to take too much responsibility away from parents that should utilise parental controls, yet even when supporting the company's caution it can be argued that it's taken a quick, easy way out.

The fact is we have direct messaging on Wii U, and as such it should be on 3DS. Nintendo has the control, so it could make DMs text message only, with no images or handwriting allowed, if it wanted, and those text messages could go through the standard filtering and moderation process in place for Miiverse. Why hasn't that happened? Perhaps we're missing a key point, but it seems that issues of resources and keeping things simple may be holding that functionality back.

The majority is missing out on being able to communicate with friends on the 3DS, and that should be resolved. The Wii U sets the standard, but it should be network wide.

Stop Tying Downloads and Content to Hardware

We'll keep this one very short. Purchased content and licenses should be tied to an online account, not tethered to hardware. We shouldn't have to go through Customer Services in order to replace our Wii U with another model and transfer our content. A good deal of work would be required to bring these licenses etc to the cloud and off hardware accounts, but it should be done.

Raise Awareness and Buzz Around the Wii U

A bit of a no-brainer, this one, and we'd suggest that later weeks and months in 2013 saw plenty of improvement in the marketing of the home console. What the system needs is consistent messaging that's clear, enticing and clear. Yes, we've repeated the latter point, as it is mind-boggling that, to this day, there is confusion about whether the Wii U is a new console.

Some can point to the name, but we're not convinced that's the main issue. Look at Apple products, sometimes distinguished by one letter or perhaps just a "new" iPad, the Xbox One, Samsung S phones, and all manner of annual technological releases. It's not inconceivable for new tech to have a very similar name to predecessors, yet consumers often get it with those devices.

Nintendo, in multiple regions, also appears to have learned that commercials need to be clear in emphasizing that it's a new console, with adverts being at pains to emphasize the point. Yet if very few people see these commercials, the message can't get out; it's not just a messaging issue, its about spending the money on airtime and ad space.

The issue is improving with passing time and improved marketing, so the momentum needs to keep increasing in 2014.

Avoid Game Droughts

It's no secret that the Wii U, in particular, had a painful post-launch game drought last year. The company has made assurances that this won't happen in 2014, and it needs to be good to that word; the challenge is producing enough first-party content, yes, but also attracting support from partners and third-parties to reinforce those in-house efforts.

There is a solid line-up for the Wii U in prospect, with more surely likely to emerge in the coming weeks and months, but let's not forget the 3DS. It had a great 2013 but can't sit back and relax; excellent games from various parties need to keep coming, and the confirmed 3DS line-up isn't exactly bursting at the seams.

Let's hope for a big Nintendo Direct soon to remind us why the Wii U and 3DS will keep us entertained all year; Nintendo's suggested it has content for the full year, so let's hope that's the case.

Keep the Focus on Fun and the Nintendo Difference

This final suggestion is less around improving an area, but actually maintaining it. Despite a poor year of home console sales and a lot of pressure, Nintendo retained its style and light-hearted approach in Nintendo Direct broadcasts and the games it produced. This culture continues to set it aside from rivals, and the most recent Nintendo Direct videos retained that sense of frivolity and silliness — it's typical Nintendo.

Some may say that's a problem, but we'd suggest not. We suspect that the company will have tough moments in the next few months — expect sales and profit targets to be missed — and again some will say that Nintendo's decline requires great change. Evolution is important for any company, but it shouldn't forget what made it such a successful company; even most recently with the Wii, DS and 3DS, the emphasis was on fun.

In other words, don't lose that philosophy of placing enjoyment above raw technical grunt. Light-hearted enjoyment and fun are certainly around on other platforms, of course, but Nintendo specialises in those areas, and will need to keep doing so.

Those are some of our suggestions. What do you think are the most important areas for Nintendo's focus and improvement in 2014?

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Alucard83 said:

Better top games and better netwerk. Further keep it as Nintendo brand! Be exclusive!



Warruz said:

This sounds about right, I still think a very good power play once they integrate the account system would be to then offer Bundle Discounts for Cross Play games. So say for Monster Hunter i pay $70 instead of $90 if I want both the Wii U and 3DS version. Not only will this add a benefit to having both Nintendo systems but will entice those with old a 3DS( A large group) to purchase a Wii U.

I think for me personally beyond the account system and the games, I really want to see more Online Multiplayer options (why couldnt Super Mario 3D World have online?) and see Miiverse expanded upon to reflect more of a Twitter atmosphere to allow better discussions.



Znerd said:

So correct especially with the downloads and third party support



Blast said:

I agree with all of those. The Wii U could gain alotta steam if it was marketed better for tv.



PrincessEevee9 said:

@Warruz I most heartedly agree, main multilplayer games need online for people unlucky enough to not have people to play with. I'd hate it if just Smash and Mario Kart 8 were the only online games this year.



DreamOn said:

I expect the PR narrative to remain the same from Reggie: "software sells hardware" and all that.

I expect an ad campaign similar to 3D world to run for MK8 release.

I think the 'game drought' will be there again for 2014 but broken up instead of a 6 month chunk.

I expect a new outreach through mobile platforms in 2014 that will create some interesting discussion at the very very least.

I anticipate somekind of a return to form at E3 paired also with N directs due to more on the near software schedule for 2014 than 2013

I expect a lot of indie promotion alongside its own releases to give the release schedule a more robust feel.

I don't expect EA coming back just yet but I do think the third party support in 2014 to have a similar roll-call to 2013.

No overhauls to nintendo network services but I expect further tweaks to 3DS network function in all its categories - ID, MiiVerse, NinZone, communication apps by year' end.

Finally I expect that Wii U customer satisfaction to be a point Nintendo draws from for general promotion of the console in 2014.

We'll see I guess.

Oh, and triple the 2013 holiday sales figures of Wii U in 2014!



Razzle said:

I hope to see further linking of the WiiU and 3DS. I have both and the new joint account is great, but it could be so much more. I hope they tie the virtual console games to both systems, allowing play on either. It's a dream yeah, but I can still hope.



Tsurii said:

@Warruz Iirc they explained that 3D World has no online-multiplayer because of the (too big) span between people with fast and stable internet connection and those with really slow connections. And with all the interactions between the characters, it is a very good argument against online-MP.

Have to agree with most of the stuff Warruz and the article mentioned, but I still feel, that the "game drought" wasn't too bad. But I guess I'm part of a minority with that.



daveh30 said:

I'd like to see a universal trophy/ achievement system across 3DS & Wii U similar to what's implemented on the PS3 / Vita. I never really cared about them until recently, but I have found they keep me coming back to the same games more often. I had played Sonic All Stars Racing to death when it came out on the Wii U, but hadn't felt any desire to play it in months. Last week it was offered as a free download on Vita as part of the Plus program, and I haven't been able to play put it down, trying to get those last couple of trophies...



Warruz said:

@Baum897 Well I had to respond to this simply because of the Kill la Kill avatar . I suppose that is a half decent reason, but isn't that the same reason for why Pikmin 3 has no online(another perfect example of where Online would fit naturally)?

It just sounds like a bit of a cop out over lacking infrastructure, perhaps with Mario Kart 8 and SSB they will be forced to improve it because Monster Hunter works fine online.



Socar said:

I agree with this. At the same time, I can't help but think that Nintendo is too slow on doing simple things really fast. Like putting GBA games.

Also on another thing, Nintendo seriously needs to make franchises that are atleast acceptable to hardcore gamers like Metroid and Starfox.



WiiUExposed said:

Great list. Just two things that weren't mentioned in this list:
1. Bring back older IPs- Metroid (2D and Prime), Starfox, F-Zero, etc
2. As others said, get the VC in top shape. Get the entire Wii VC library on there and more. Have some GCN and GBA games too.



PikminWorld said:

Agreed 100% though honestly sometimes I wish they'd get rid of friend codes and just let us friend each other would make it easier and less annoying but I can see why they did it.



erv said:

Account system, yep. Online that's fitting for this milennium, yep too.



Sparx said:

I agree with the infrastructure and not tying purchases to hardware points the most. Better infrastructure leads to more online.

As for the vc, give me n64 games!



bizcuthammer said:

There is already a game drought going on. From November 23-February 20, nothing noteworthy is releasing on WiiU. 3DS has a slightly small drought in NA due to Bravely Default's release on Feb 7, but really its not much better. Wii U is going almost all of Winter without a game release. And even after DKCTF hits Feb 21, who knows how long it'll be til MK8, Bayo 2 or Smash Bros hits?! Since 3rd parties are basically non-existant at this point, Ninty is going to need to ramp up its releases on WiiU. Even if they have to sacrifice developing more games on 3DS in 2014, they need to. 3DS can handle a down year after its amazing 2013, but WiiU cant. Nintendo has to work extra hard to ensure quality games launch from them in regular intervals. No delays, no excuses. Its Ninty's fault WiiU is in the place it is, so it's their job to clean up its mess.



BinaryFragger said:

A unified account system is badly needed. I can play my PSN games on multiple devices without having to buy the games multiple times.
The Virtual Console needs improvement, too. Come on Nintendo, dig through your amazing catalog of classics instead of re-releasing Urban Champion for the umpteenth time.



WingedSnagret said:

Yes, all these improvements are desperately needed as discussed multiple times before, but the real question is if Nintendo will actually go through with any of them.



King47 said:

That's a very good article.
While I agree that Nintendo needs to start marketing the Wii U, and even the 3DS, more. I doubt that their pathetic marketing department will get it done, or done well for that matter. I think they also don't want to pay for the ad costs.

As for the network, I would hope it doesn't crash every time a new game with online play comes out. Like, say, smash and kart.

As mentioned already, they need to work on their Virtual Console offerings. I don't want to play an NES tennis game from the eighties, I want GameCube, N64, and GBA games.



Shiryu said:

New "F-Zero"! Please, pretty please with sugar on top, in a few days it will be 10 years I picked up a Game Cube with "F-Zero GX" and I have yet to find something to top that!



B-Squared said:

I agree with the above article, and also emphasize improved third party support. Here's hoping by Smash 4 and Mario Kart 8 the online infrastructure is better. And there should be some nice ads for those along with some others.



SavoirFaire said:

I will echo what a lot of others have said: release droughts are killers. 2013 was a great year for Nintendo releases and gaming in general. I am not too confident of 2014 being as good, and if nintendo can't lock up some more 3rd party support then it'll end up like the late years of the wii where all we have is Nintendo releases and shovelware.



rjejr said:


What happened to the 2 day free trial of Sports Club?

Pikmin 3 was supposed to be out "in the launch window" and then "1st quarter" but then it just kind of showed up in the 3rd quarter. I think they announced the date in a twitter post, right?

Why doesn' tMario KArt 8 have a release date?

Where's Yoshi' sYarn Planet?

What ever happened to that bird in the japanese garden demo? The one that looked really bad on screen but much better in the playable on floor demo?

Nintendo keeps operating like it's the secretive cold war 1980's, they need to get out and tell people what is going on. Announcing Pokemon X+Y in Feb. w/ a Oct release date is a perfect example of how to do things right and build up hype. They need to follow that model more.



Raylax said:

Kinda makes me laugh that the 3DS had a massive games drought and suffered massively, to which Nintendo promised would not happen with the Wii U.
Cue Wii U having a possibly bigger games drought.



zool said:

I agree with the ' not tying downloads to hardware, point. Unless the game is from a free offer, I refuse to spend money on downloads.

Having said that I bought the white Wii u thinking that the 8gb would be OK for the occasional download, but since the last big update I have no memory left. Also downloaded games should be cheaper not more expensive than a physical copy.



JaxonH said:


Not enough people want to play platformers online. It's just a fact. It's the same reason Ubisoft didn't put online in Rayman Legends- nobody would use it. That was proven with Rayman Origins, just in case anyone has any doubts about that.

Platformers are not games you want to just hop online with some random kid. It would frustrate me to no end playing with random young unskilled players.

So if playing with random people online isn't a viable option, that only leaves playing with friends. And how many friends do you have with Wii U's, that also have Super Mario 3D World, that also want to play online with you, and have the time to do it? Yeah, that's the problem.

It all boils down to this: they'd be paying never-ending server maintenance costs for something that barely anyone would use. It SOUNDS good in theory, but in actuality online platformers are not ideal. It's been shown time and again.



NintyMan said:

Good list; I think game droughts are what Nintendo needs to try to avoid as much as possible. It might not be feasible for Nintendo to release a big game for Wii U and 3DS every single month, but having either console go without a notable release for more than two or three months would make things shaky. I also hope that the Wii U Virtual Console can improve much more with those GBA games Nintendo announced a long time ago and maybe GameCube games. Another resolution Nintendo should have is to release the new Super Smash Bros. games this year and not force Sakurai to have to delay them like he so easily could.



zool said:

....... also I bought Super Mario 3d World for half the price of the downloaded version.

Once I have finished it, mid January, I will trade it in and get a least 50/60% of the money I paid for it back....... so it works out at at least half price. Otherwise it would just sit inside the Wii u's memory loosing value.



AtlanteanMan said:

I like the aforementioned suggestions. To those I'd like to add:

1) More turn-based Strategy. Get a Fire Emblem and/or Advance Wars title for Wii U and include "hotseat" multiplayer modes; that gamepad's touchscreen was MADE for these kinds of games!

2) More "obscure" Nintendo properties for Wii U. Mario and Zelda games are great but they're also "safe"; it's the games that "round out" a console's library that truly determine its greatness (for example: the much under-appreciated Sega Saturn). F-Zero, StarFox, Kid Icarus, and even Metroid haven't received nearly enough exposure on Nintendo's living room platforms recently.

3) SEGA! Look, if an outright full partnership isn't doable for whatever reason, Nintendo should at least try to arrange for Sega (and other major Japanese developers) to throw as much full, exclusive support behind the Wii U as possible. Sega has been sitting on a MOUNTAIN of genuinely awesome, AAA properties since they abandoned console-making. Giving Sonic a breather and putting franchises like (old school, OFFLINE, story-based) Phantasy Star, Shining Force, Dragon Force, Panzer Dragoon, Shinobi, LandStalker, Skies of Arcadia, and Valkyria Chronicles, among many others, on the Wii U would completely revitalize both Nintendo and Sega's fortunes as of late. We know that droughts between major game releases have been a huge issue for Nintendo since pretty much the N64 days; having Sega alongside them could potentially address that and give the Wii U the distinct identity it's sorely needed since the beginning.



ReigningSemtex said:

I would like Nintendo to allow virtual console games to be used on 3ds and wii u like a joint account system like you can do between ps3 and ps vita on some games. I think it would be pretty cool if you could play 3ds games through the the wii u like the game boy player for the Gamecube, oh and talking of Gamecube perhaps some virtual console Gamecube games would be appreciated



JaxonH said:


I'll respond to your post point by point.

There were 2 separate 24 hour free trials for Wii Sports Club. The first has long since expired, and the second might still be live? If it is, it'll activate the first time you play the game.

As for Pikmin 3, they pushed it back to Q3 in a Nintendo Direct, then immediately tweeted the release date afterward as I recall.

Mario Kart 8 doesn't have a release date because the game is still 4-6 months out. NIntendo, for the most part, doesn't commit to release dates until they are very close to completion, because that release date could easily change. They'd rather not commit than tell us a date that's wrong, which would only serve to piss people off when it get's delayed. Target release windows are tentative, but the minute you assign a specific date, people WILL expect the game on that day.

Yoshi's Yarn is still being developed. We'll hear more about it when they're ready, most likely when they are substantially further along in development. That goes for SMT x Fire Emblem as well. It's in development, but it's going to be a while.

The reason Nintendo doesn't build up most game releases is they obviously go for the "shock and awe" strategy. Hey, see this brand new game? Yeah, that'll be released next month. They've toned it down a bit over the past year, giving us a heads up several months in advance, but I believe that was only due to people freaking out over whether games were on the way or not.

Personally, I'd much rather not hear about a game until it's close to completion. All the other developers out there tell you about a game 7 years before you'll ever get to play it (eh em, Last Guardian and Final Fantasy 15 I'm looking at you!). It sucks. I mean, they showed Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 right? THEN we come to find out one of those games won't be released until 3 years after the other, which is already a year out. I mean wtf? Why show us a game 4 years away?

I think that Nintendo is beginning to experiment with building long periods of hype though, at least for their really big hitters like Pokemon and Smash Bros. Not sure if doing that for all their games would help sales or hurt- an argument could be made either way. But regardless, that's just how they do it ya know. It is what it is.



TheHeropon said:

I hope they at least let us send messages in the 3DS Miiverse. There is absolutely no way of communicating to anyone on that. They should notify us when our friends get online and offline on the Wii U while we're playing a game. Why is it only when I'm at the home menu or on the friends list? If I was already there, I could check it myself. The same said for messages in Miiverse and Wii U chat. Being able to get game invites would be really helpful. I also would like to be able to navigate the eshop with a Wii remote instead of always having to get the gamepad to use it. I know it's not Nintendo's fault, but I wish Netflix got the same updates as the other systems and had wii remote support too.
These are my biggest complaints of the system, I'm glad they have came a long way since when it was released. Overall, it's still a pretty neat system.



Knux said:

Great article, and I completely agree with all of those resolutions. But seeing Nintendo actually accomplishing or even wanting to accomplish them is another matter entirely.



OGGamer said:

@AtlanteanMan completely agree ! How about an HD remake of thunder force 6 since it was never released in the west hmmmmm? Phantasy star would be awesome !



sinalefa said:

I agree about tying purchases to accounts and improving the infrastructure. Do not care about messaging, as phones and skype can and should be used for that.

The old dormant IPs can wait until the userbase increases to give them a bigger chance. If something like W101 did not sell, I don't see why F-Zero or even Metroid should. Vocal minorities often don't translate to sales, and HD games are more expensive and time consuming than SD games.

I am amazed this article does not hint at eShop releases. I have to admit Nintendo has been courting indies and games like NES Remix and Dr. Luigi are steps in the right direction. Smaller budget games to tie us over the big game releases. Wii Sports Club and DLC like with Pikmin 3 can also help with this. And obviously VC games.



gilvelez1 said:

@bizcuthammer they've released NES Remix and Dr. Luigi on the eshop. There is no drought. I think Nintendo knows what they're doing as far as upcoming releases for 2014.
They've learned from wiiu launch that they cannot sit idle and expect to succeed on name alone.
I think we can expect more "unannounced" titles to pop up. I believe titles like those mentioned above is what Nintendo was referring to during one of their financial breifings.



JaxonH said:

This is the most constructive criticism I've seen in a long time. Usually it just turns into a collective gripefest with people whining instead of critiquing.

Yes, there are definitely areas in which Nintendo could improve, and hopefully with time some of those issues will be addressed. But I am also very thankful for the areas in which Nintendo excels, areas that other companies fall flat on. So it's give and take.



AtlanteanMan said:


While the ThunderForce series is/was made by Technosoft and not Sega specifically, it has always been my favorite "schmup" series and would definitely be welcome on Wii U (as would other Genesis/Sega CD-era greats like Gaiares, M.U.S.H.A., Silpheed, and others). And while we're on the subject of (originally) Sega third parties, let's not forget GameArts and its excellent franchises, most notably the LUNAR and Grandia series; if LUNAR 3 were announced for the Wii U it would be a system-seller, no question, on BOTH sides of the Pacific. Hey, it's been a LONG time coming...



JaxonH said:


Not gonna happen.

You have to keep in mind that Gamecube games aren't some quick, month-long endeavor to bring to VC. These games are incredibly complex when compared to NES or even SNES games. Alot of time and resources are required. And right now, Nintendo can't afford to devote that time and manpower over VC games. Their focus is getting the Wii U on solid ground, and the quickest way to do that is with full retail releases.

The first year was primarily spent adding NES games to the VC. Expect the second year to focus on filling out the SNES library. 2015 should entail the N64 catalogue, and I suspect Gamecube games will be last, hitting the eShop in early 2016.



Gashole said:

Super Mario Bros. 3 is still not in North America. Bring it here tomorrow. And PLEASE announce when eShop games will be released, for once.



JadedGamer said:

I want games to be tied to an account system.there really is no reason to buy a warranty on your system.(which you cant do through Nintendo) If your system craps out and its full of digital games,will go through a retailers warranty and replace system? No you would still have to go through Nintendo, to save your games at a cost.. Making that store bought warranty a waste of money.



Tsurii said:

@rjejr The demo with the bird wasn't a game. It's been a tech demo just like that Zelda demo.

And I started my second free trial for Wii Sports Club today, so I guess you either messed up or there's another problem, only you seem to have.



AltDotNerd said:

What I want from Nintendo this year:
1. New! Star Fox! Game!
2. More connectivity between the Wii U & 3DS
3. Nintendo 64 games on the Wii U VC.
4. Gamecube games as well.



IceClimbers said:

@JaxonH Why not let Sega help with the VC releases? At least try to get them to release Genesis games on the Wii U VC. Sega excels at releasing classic games.



Barbiegurl777 said:

The only thing I want to see from Nintendo this year 2014:

Kuma Tomo - 3DS
Disney Magic Castle - 3DS
Hello Kitty: Apron of Magic - 3DS
Tomogotchi Collection: New Life - 3DS

Get western release's as in US & UK!!

I'm still getting the obvious games:

Yoshi's New Island - 3DS
Kirby Triple Deluxe - 3DS

But still very much so want to see those japanese games make it over here much more. I'll keep saying it until they get a US & UK release too.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



briwipdx said:

this game-drought seems all a matter of perspective or holding out for "blockbusters" ive had the Wii U since launch, have 9 retail games and a nearly full HD on my deluxe set. how much free time do people have to get more than a game a month and actually complete it? ive been more than entertained but i dont do sports or FPS, so...i'd comlpain bout lack of RPG's the most. go 2014!



gatorboi352 said:

If nothing else, what 2013 (and in large part, the Wii U in general) has gone to show is just how small of a company Nintendo actually is, and also how unprepared they were for today's changed gaming market.

Wii was lightning in a bottle type success, based LARGELY on a single game that shipped with the system. It was a (then) last ditch attempt at relevancy in the home console market that paid off big time, and they rested on their laurels with Wii U, almost appearing at times to even mail in the efforts (marketing during the first half of the year comes to mind).



Therrus said:

What I as someone who has returned to Nintendo not even just a month want to see from them:
Stay Nintendo. I don't want them to turn into M$.
AND bring games to all the world. That's usually an issue as some games might not sell too well..but for some that could look REALLY good maybe risk it and maybe show that they are willing to do the risk.
Also: listen to the fans. If the fans want say Mother 3 in the west listen to them not like they didn't back then.



3MonthBeef said:

Maybe Nintendo should take its own (at times annoying) advice and just take a break. Fix the things mentioned in the article, build, test, tweak, test, build a monster ad campaign surrounding these games and release them in rapid fire succession without missing a beat.



MAN1AC said:

Great list. The only thing I would add is to put more effort behind Virtual Console.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Have Princess Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina in a Mario game. Have Luigi save Daisy. Not necessary something I want 2014, but sometime this generation.

Yeah online needs to actually be as good as it could be too.



sleepinglion said:

I'd like to see them strengthen the Virtual Console lineup.
For retro gamers or new fans who have yet to experience many of the 80s and 90s titles (arcade and home) this service COULD be a repository for so many wonderful classics.
The possibilities are limitless.



IceClimbers said:

Nintendo's resolutions should be:
1. Improve Nintendo Network stability majorly
2. Release Pokemon Bank
3. Improve Virtual Console offerings.
4. Make sure there are no major game droughts for Wii U (though there will probably be smaller ones like the 3DS had in 2012; 2015 will be to Wii U what 2013 was to the 3DS).
5. Get some 3rd party exclusives rolling. Sega is sitting upon an absolute goldmine of dormant franchises. Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue, Shining Force, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Shinobi, Streets of Rage, etc would all be amazing as Nintendo exclusives, preferably Wii U. Try to get Activision to make Skylanders exclusive for a while to bolster Wii U and 3DS sales for the kid demographic. Talk to Valve and see if Left 4 Dead 3 is possible as a Wii U exclusive.
6. Get 3rd party multiplats on Wii U. There's no reason why Destiny is coming to both PS3/360 and PS4/XB1 but not Wii U. No excuses for that.
7. Make the eShop more attractive - have sales on Nintendo-published games more often. Do more Virtual Console deals like you did with Street Fighter II.
8. Make digital purchases tied to the NNID rather than the hardware.
9. Revive your dormant franchises like Star Fox and F-Zero.
10. Buy Capcom. Their franchises, particularly Resident Evil, Mega Man, and Street Fighter, are vital franchises that would strengthen Nintendo's library to no end.



unrandomsam said:

@Baum897 That is a cop out fact is they weren't willing to put the effort in. (Same as they weren't willing to put the effort into a second harder set of levels). Simple as that.



TwilightOniAngel said:

bring back the third party support and buy series that other companies abandoned a long time ago like red steel,brothers in arms,zombiu,homefront just like they did with bayonetta cause ubisoft is not going to make these games anytime soon and buy capcom cause thee not doing so hot and they need help and it wouldit be bad to have there IPs exclusively for the wiiu and last but not least bring back there old series like metriod star fox and f zero and yes earthbound and the wiiu will have software that sony and micsoft will never have.



electrolite77 said:

Good list. I'd add:-

1) Sort out the VC. The Wii had N64 games at launch, that the Wii U lags so far behind is inexcusable. It gives the impression of laziness.

2) Cross-play for VC and more. Sony do it very effectively using the subscription model to attract customers to purchase additional Sony hardware. Leverage the success of the 3DS.

3) Listen to your fans. If you're happy making consoles just for your own games, you need those core followers. Look after them. Bring back the second-tier franchises like Starfox, F-Zero, Pilotwings. Don't gouge them for every penny (we're back to the VC again and proper online account system again), nurture them. They're your bread and butter. If you're not going to chase third-party support you need to be the best Nintendo you can possibly be.



jorgem696 said:

Nintendo is a bit I dont have the right word racist because alot of there customer are latin dont forget Nintendo is well known here in the U.S and almost most of citisens over here is either white or latin. Like the Mexican I am I watch some of those mexican dramas in the latin channel ''mexican'' however you want to call it I see no commercials on Nintendo's consel, I'eve mostly seen some Xbox One commercial which are cool is either Nintendo doesnt look the latin's as customer or there just bad at advertizing there consel to the latin market



zeldazero said:

Good thought but what we need is the complete opposite of Wii U VC games on 3DS, we need 3DS games on the Wii U, that would easily make the Wii U the must have console GARANTEED!! I don't own a 3DS because I refuse to play games on a 3 to 5 inch screen, I would buy about 30 games in a month if I could play 3DS games on the Wii U. Start with the remake of Dragon Quest VII !!



AlexSora89 said:

Sakurai's own resolution might suffice: complete the next SSB before 2015.
That's all I need, really.
(even though, on second thought... digital downloads tied to the account and not to hardware... :3 and a proper GBA VC...)



_exalt said:

Nintendo just needs to become more open-minded and improve Nintendo Network so its not so restrictive.



Captain_Toad said:

I can't wait what 2014 offers. Nintendo 3ds had a rockin year and surely the WiiU is gaining strength from the last months of the year. Let's keep dat momentum going.

Oh and give me games that aren't tied to my consoles, Nintendo.



Urbanhispanic said:

I definitely agree with all the points presented in the articles, particularly two of them they REALLY, REALLY need to work on: their marketing strategy for the Wii U and an account based system where all of your downloaded games are NOT tied to the console/handheld.

Here is hoping 2014 will be even better for the Wii U and continued success for the 3DS.



DualWielding said:

Account system is the thing Nintendo needs the most, would they implement one. Not likely as long as Iwata is in charge, he needs to go



Doma said:

All of these are due to their stone-age management and policies. Almost none will even be acknowledged, let alone fixed. History has taught us.



Giggity55 said:

My revolution for Nintendo is to not let the good old franchises die out any more than they have already. Sure, I do love the occasional new Mario game, but those games weren't necessarily the "peak" of my childhood gaming. That belonged to F-Zero, Contra, and Pokemon. Pokemon is still doing great, Contra died long ago, but I never hear anything about F-Zero any more. Please bring back this franchise, which by the way, seems pretty much perfect for the Wii U. How about the year of the classics this year, since Luigi's is over with. I would love a new Star Fox:)



sleepinglion said:

@canadianryan82 On the official Nintendo page there are now TWO listings for SMB3 when previously there had just been one.
(one for 3DS and one for Wii U)
It is listed as the most recent listing in the games section.
While the Wii U version has been there for quite some time this is a new development.

With any luck, maybe tomorrow will be a great day for Mario fans!



andrea987 said:

Agree with everything, especially the points about online infrastructure and games tied to accounts not systems.
I'll add I might want to see some stronger effort from Nintendo in bringing more third party titles to the U. The lack of Fifa, for example, is huge (at least in Europe) and in the long run paying EA to publish it would have been better than saving that money..



Discipledoctor said:

I'm honestly just hoping for GBA VC to come soon. All this "moving out" stuff over the past semester has made me have a serious itch for the good old days. Sonic Advance, Megaman Zero, Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland, Megaman Battle Network...Nintendo, take my dollars.



lippe_flamarion said:

I hope they put more online multiplayer in their games... I wanted so bad to play Fire Emblem online... :/



sleepinglion said:

@JaxonH That does not explain the absence of other consoles the Wii pulled off with ease. It wasn't just NES and SNES, it was N64, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, TG-16, Neo-Geo, Commodore 64 and a promising Arcade library that died too soon. My frustration as a retro console fan doesn't come just from one release per week of titles we've already seen on the Wii, it's that the promising work Nintendo began by starting with those libraries above is that they just abandoned them.



Tophurion said:

I agree with every single one of these points. What bothers me about Nintendo is that they keep holding back its online services to be child-friendly. I am sorry, but parents need to parent their child. I am old enough to decide if I want to send messages to my friends on the 3DS. I am old enough to not have to go through so many processes to add a friend and communicate with them. I do not need my parents to meet that other person before video chatting, Nintendo. If a kid is being stalked by a predator, the parents are responsible so long as you are not actively enabling it.



ZeldaTrigger said:

It'd be awesome if a VC purchase had the option of crossplay. Purchase it once, play it on the Wii U AND the 3DS. Either make that the default or allow the user base to pay a small bit more for the ability to do so. With the NNID across platforms this is now a possibility.



deffinjr said:

What about the Super Nes games that were supposed to come to the 3DS Virtual Console?



Kolzig said:

What makes me a bit sad is that by connection 3DS to the Nintendo Network ID, for some insane reason the old purchases do not show up under Nintendo Network ID history, only the purchases on 3DS that you have done after connecting the NNID...

My hopes for 2014 for Nintendo is to remove the region lock with a software update, make 3DS Miiverse work like it works perfectly on Wii U, release a mobile phone app for eShop and Miiverse so you can remotely buy stuff for your own Wii U and 3DS and then if the devices are connected to the net, it starts the download remotely, just like these things work on Android and iPhone.

Also hoping that friends codes can be somehow removed and instead the friends lists from Wii U become also joined with 3DS.



Vriess said:

  • Link downloads to the account and not to the hardware.
  • Release more VC games and a lot quicker. 4 titles EACH week minimum.
  • Cross buy. Buy a VC title only once, play it on both your WII U and 3DS.
  • Get the 3rd party developers on board! Don't say you will, but DO IT!!!
  • Help indie developers to develop for the Wii U and lower their royalty fee.
  • Lower the prices of 1st party retail games in the e-shop. €-$49.99 max.
  • Firmware update for the Wii U: Stop the disc drive from spinning when not in use!!
  • Get a better spokes person, no more Reggie please. (sorry Reggie fans...)


M0rdresh said:

Not tying Downloads and Content to Hardware is the biggest one for me, this needs to change quickly. Next is SNES games on the 3DS. Here's also hoping 2014 is as strong as 2013 for the 3DS.



blackknight77 said:

great points i like them all. I also think Nintendo should have some sort of crossbuy program similar to Sony. Especially for NES games that are availible on both platforms.



azg said:

Another one Nintendo needs to do is look at the map and check what countries are missing from nintendoclub. Maybe even sell games in those countries ! Just a thought



mullen said:

I want to add some controversial and some trivial points
1. Region-free please, or at least give game developers the right to choose whether region-free.
2. Save screenshots to SD card. We know it's possible, as you can post selected games screenshots to MiiVerse. But I want it to be available for all games, without network, and the local files are 3D version.
3. More wireless connections. 3 is far from enough for me (2 home, 1 vpn, 1 university, and I'm a frequent traveler).
4. Better platinum club rewards.
5. Some exclusive 3DS eShop games as club rewards.
5. List all the updates of eShop products in a notification per week, rather than let players to find all by themselves (or means, US eShop should learn JP eShop; I don't know if EU eShop do something like this)
6. More communities in MiiVerse, it'd be best if every important released game has one, and have a specially community to let you post any game's screenshot or communities by genre. I also want to have a specially community to post your 3D photos. It may under more strict control, e.g., every posts need to be reviewed before available to other users (actually there's already a Core D (17+) game in Japanese MiiVerse community that has very strict control)
7. Make Mii Plaza easier for new comers. It's just a nightmare if they know they need to collect 1000+ pieces of puzzles and beat Find Mii 2+3+10 times. Also, if they want to release new mini-games, make sure every game can play as fast as possible, e.g., 1 minute each time (can skip all the useless dialogues). Otherwise during streetpass events or comic cons, your speed of clear out tags may not fast enough, and you can't do anything else other than playing Mii Plaza.



Darknyht said:

I want Nintendo to do what Nintendo does best, so I am not wanting too much changed. However, they need to modernize on the digital purchases and PR for game releases.



mullen said:

@Barbiegurl777 that's tomodachi.
I serious doubt that because the culture of that game is just too different from western world, and Nintendo may be afraid of bad sales / critical because of that difference, especially that localization that game is very difficult, maybe not easier than create a whole new game (I played that game nearly hundreds of hours so I know that).



FabioSMASH said:

Stay on message, Nintendo:
Kings of Creativity, Best Stable of Franchises, World-Wide Appeal, Positive (non-gloomy) Gaming Experiences, Must-Have Games, Off-TV Gameplay Option and FUN FUN FUN!!
And keep it coming. Don't stop with the marketing assault! Spread the word. Don't give the consumer a chance to forget you're on the shelves. Get that Nintendo brand stuck in everyone's head!!



WebHead said:

-Release your games on time.
-Don't make promises you can't keep.
-Actually MARKET Off-TV Play
-Work harder on getting third party on board.



WaveBoy said:

Make StarTropics 3, Punch-Out!! 3D and spiritual sequel to Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins or SMB2 USA statty!



Clockwerk said:

A good resolution would be if they treated their YouTube fans better and not keep trying to give strikes to free advertisement, also make a proper network system and stop trying to be everyone's parent taking any source of online communication everytime someone doesn't behave



JimLad said:

Invest more in game development. (More games)

This should be their number one priority right now as a video games company.



Elec45 said:

Nintendo Network ID in eShop needs to work like Apple ID in App Store or iTunes. Once u purchase an item with money with ur Apple ID, u can use the SAME ID and download the purchased content for FREE on other iDevices. Nintendo Network ID should do that too!!!



FJOJR said:

My suggestion to them for 2014. Start tapping into more franchises. Not just 1st tier like Mario (including DK, Wario & Yoshi spinoffs), Zelda & Pokemon. Star Fox, F-Zero, Metroid & the like. Fire Emblem & Pikmin were great examples of using the stable correctly.

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