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Super Bowl Player Chilling with Pokémon Before the Big Game

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Use Tackle!

Denver Broncos linebacker Nate Irving will be spending this Sunday evening trying to smash himself through the Seattle Seahawks' offence at the Super Bowl. Before the game, however, while his teammates are spending their downtime exploring all the host city of New York has to offer, Irving told the Wall Street Journal's Stu Woo that he'll be tending to his other, virtual team:

I'm actually going to sit in my hotel room, play my Pokemon game.

According to Woo's story, 25-year-old Irving describes himself as an introvert. He grew up collecting Pokémon cards and takes his Nintendo handheld (the story does not specify which one) with him to keep up with his trainerly duties on planes and buses. He also reportedly has a commitment to playing Call of Duty with an old college friend every Tuesday morning on his day off.

Irving said he will try to hide his playing from his teammates while travelling. They sometimes poke fun at him for it and some other not-so-linebackerish behaviours — such as singing and dancing by himself — but he said he ultimately doesn't mind:

I know not too many people are into the things I'm into. I just embrace that and I enjoy it.

Irving's gaming habits don't seem to have hurt his performance. According to Woo, he has a career record 41 tackles this year, plus he's one game away from a Super Bowl ring. Now if they only asked the important questions, like which Pokémon he uses...


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AlbertoC said:

"They sometimes poke fun"

I tought the article meant...

"They sometimes Poké-fun"

Pokemon mindset, i guess.



Ryno said:

At last this cat will have something do after the Seahawks beat his team.
Go 'Hawks!!!



MikeLove said:

The Broncos need to sign Ritchie Incognito so he can set this guy straight



K-Gamer said:

Maybe I'll get interested with Pokemon some day, amazed how it succeeds so well, same with Animal Crossing.



Silent said:

@K-Gamer If you haven't tried Pokemon yet, NOW is the time to get into it. The thing about Pokemon is that, Its diverse. Not just pokemon wise but strategy wise and It makes you think, because you're not just trying to shoot someone's head off or spam hyperbeam and expect to win; You have to THINK, and its healthy for you. This is the start of a new gen; a perfect opportunity to become a fan. Honestly, Pokemon is a beautiful thing that sets apart from other turn-based RPGs because of its depth. Oh and you should definitely try Animal Crossing. I used not be interested in the series but I tried New Leaf, BAM! Hooked and Addicted all the way.



Technosphile said:

Lifelong Bronco fan here. Irving's a good player, not an all-pro or anything, but he provides excellent depth. I remember him coming up with some big tackles this year.

He should be getting plenty of StreetPasses this week. I wonder if he plays Animal Crossing.




Firebird360 said:

Im rooting for broncos now. This is awesome, its great he doesn't care what others think.



FluttershyGuy said:

The Denver Broncos use Peyton MVP Manning. It's Super Bowl XLVIII-winning effective! 😉 Lifelong, diehard Broncos fan here. GO BRONCOS, bring the Lombardi trophy back to Denver!

Ah, we meet again! 😁 I'm expecting a better outcome for me on Sunday than the Thunder/Heat 2012 NBA Finals! Good luck to both our teams (but, more to mine 😉). Oh yeah, I love that this is an old-school AFC West showdown. Reminds me of John Elway vs. Brian Bosworth (Bosmouth, lol) in the late 80s! There's a little more than a division title at stake this time!!!



ShadJV said:

Being not much into football, come Super Bowl I have trouble picking which team to root for. Looks like it's simple for me this year. GO BRONCOS!!! USE TAKE DOWN!!!



dadajo said:

And while my family watches the Super Bowl I will be on the couch playing pokemon x. lol (Besides Basketball I'm not that into sports)



Gioku said:

My new favorite football player, lol.
...this will be a good Super Bowl, btw. I like both teams!



Zodiak13 said:

Well I don't really hate the Ponies or nothing, but want them to have to console themselves with a lot of videogame time to get their mind off the beatdown Seattle will give them .

Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!



DreamOn said:

The article should have said stated that it's the Hawks defense that Denver will need to worry about! Go Hawks!!!!!



SeVok said:

Great article, until I read this: "Irving's gaming habits don't seem to have hurt his performance". I don't likethe insinuation, why would his gaming remotely have any affect on his ability to play sports?



Rogue0311 said:

Former Force Recon here and not ashamed to say I still enjoy my Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Final Fantasy. Fan for life.



TimLatshaw said:

@SeVok I wasn't thinking of that insinuation when writing that--mainly just a segue to mention his tackle record--but you make a fair point.



RR529 said:

Well that's cool I guess, but that still doesn't mean I'll be rooting for him.

Go Seahawks!



tanookisuit said:

You know what? Good for him. He doesn't get sucked into the same trap a lot of sports types and celebs in general do. Big-head-itis. He's staying away from the drugs, boose, bimbos and other trash that could drag him down. I think of it this way. $40 for a Pokemon game and whatever for whatever system versus thousands or millions dribbled into superficial consumables (food) and crap. All that money saved he can store for the day he wears out or breaks something and his career is over. How often do we see burn out celebrity types and sports people who act like tools and end up broke having to sign stuff and do menial garbage just to get by? Too many that's for sure.



LoveSugoi said:

Normally don't give a tootsie about football unless the Panthers are winning. Guess I now have a team to root for during the family Superbowl party.



DJSmith99 said:

@Silent I just got into Pokemon and Animal Crossing with their 3DS installments. I did play Pokemon when I was younger but I seemed to like it better this time. Those were the two Nintendo series I played the least before I played these games.



Obito_Sigma said:

He's just leveling up to learn Double Edge. Also, he needs to build up BP to buy the Ability Capsule so that he can have the Reckless Ability. A STAB Reckless Double Edge with max Attack EVs and a Base Attack of a Slowking would surely win the Seahawks the game. It's just a shame that he doesn't know his IVs. Someone should buy this guy a train ticket to Kiloude City!



Wolf_Link said:

@zoroarkrules25 man, thats a game i would love to watch!

Nintendo should capitalize on this. make advertising targeting +15 pokemon gamers. use celebrities that are really fans of the game and not just actors. if people as "cool" and "sucessful" as him do not feel shame telling other people that he loves to play pkmn games, why should i? because lets be honest, most of teens and adults that like pokemon do not play it on the street or buy the games because they feel embarrasment.

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