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Speedrunner Alert - Majora's Mask Glitch Allows Unexpected Warps

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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It seems that we can't get away from speedrunning at the moment, which is absolutely fine by us. Not too long ago we had a whole week of runs with the Awesome Games Done Quick event, which did an outstanding job to raise over $1,000,000 for charity.

Away from fundraising, however, speedrunning is a major passion in the gaming world, and those that have been working on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask may now be able to shave plenty of time off their runs. YouTuber Indextic has posted proof of a relatively simple way to warp around the world to owl status that he hasn't discovered. By jumping between maps and playing the Song of Soaring, it seems to manipulate the game's code and trick it into taking you to fresh destinations.

It's explained fully in the video below, and we suspect speedrunners are already using this trick to chase new records.

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SphericalCrusher said:

EnNopp previously held the World Record for Majora's Mask, but it was beaten last night, due to this new glitch. Hope he gets it back!



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

And so, the worlds best speedrunners go down to their basements, and write a whole bunch of stuff on blackboards to work out the fastest way to beat the game.... XD



Gioku said:

@Angelic_Lapras_King In my experience, it's more of just trying to make the game do what you want it to do... you keep doing different things until you've bent the game to your will, haha!



Bulbousaur said:

Its kinda amazing how something that is extremely easy to do wasn't discovered until just under 14 years since the game came out, and how new stuff is being discovered in games years, sometimes decades, after they first released. The AGDQ stream really made be interested in speed-running, so this actually pretty exciting more me.



sketchturner said:

Very cool!! I still think that beating the entire game in two 3-day cycles is one of the coolest things in the entire universe of speed running.



Cia said:

Speedruns are a great thing... but in practice, it's pretty irritating to look at Link rolling from place to place non-stop.
Edit: In addition, i really liked it how they made Link mostly mute for A Link Between Worlds again. If you're able to swing your sword multiple times in a second, it's tiring to listen Link shouting in every swing.



shaneoh said:

"No reason to go to Ikana Canyon"

I can think of one every time I warp back to the first day. To hell with speed runs.



EarthboundBenjy said:


He's not saying that every player should use a glitch to skip parts of the game. He's purely talking about the speedrun's route optimisations. And in the any% category of Majora's Mask speedruns, it seems that this glitch removes the need to go to Ikana in order to beat the game. Nothing more, no need to get upset over a comment like that.
In general, I find it fascinating that people can play games in different ways. Speedrunning a game like this takes a completely different set of skills than a regular playthrough, it in no way invalidates the game as it was intended, as Majora's Mask is a fine piece of art in and of itself.



shaneoh said:


Don't know where you got the idea I was "upset." I know exactly what the point of the video and the glitch is. I'm even going to use the glitch to get to Ikana sooner next time I play MM just to start doing that subquest sooner.



MadAdam81 said:

@shaneoh "To hell with speed runs"? Doesn't sound like you like it much...
I wouldn't be good enough to do speedruns, but it might be fun to give it a go a few times for various games - it's a nice way to replay old favourites.



WiiLovePeace said:

Wowzers! That's awesome! I'mma try this out sometime for funnies but I'll watch someone utilise it in a speedrun first.



Klinny said:

This is awesome, thanks for sharing! I'll try this the next time I play Majora's Mask, (hopefully on the 3DS... hint hint nudge nudge Nintendo...) I've beaten the game several times, so it'll be fun to just kind of run around and mess things up a bit.



timp29 said:

Anything to avoid the boss of the water dungeon. That barsteward is hard!



StarDust4Ever said:

LOL! I watched the OOT one where kid Zelda warped directly from the Doku Tree to Ganondorf. And the three heart win on LOZ:LTTP where you warp through the wall in the first dungeon by holding left+right and glitch into the triforce room. Then there was the zero stars run on Mario 64. RIP MIPs the bunny; we will miss you! That game took years to break using tiny incremental steps. Amazing how some of this stuff took decades to discover...



WaxxyOne said:

I love insights like this into how the game was coded and how you can break the developers' carefully-constructed code.

I doubt you'll ever be able to use the song to warp somewhere there's not an owl statue, because I'm pretty sure the game just loads up a cutscene showing you arriving after you select a location. It most likely locks up when an invalid location is selected because the memory being pointed at doesn't have a cutscene in it.

Awesome trick, though.

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