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Shovel Knight Targeting 31st March For Launch

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Shiny new trailer and website also arrive

Shovel Knight was a significant crowdfunding success for Yacht Club Games, which is comprised primarily of former WayForward employees. That's impressive considering that it's the studio's first game, yet its initial release window of September was missed, as was its target for late 2013.

The positive news is that the developer has now set its target date for release, and that's 31st March — that applies to all platforms, so that's the Wii U eShop, 3DS eShop and PC. That is a Monday, and the studio has made clear that the final arrival date is dependant on the various download platform schedules; perhaps Nintendo should let this one land as soon as possible, as it's generated a fair amount of buzz.

The studio has stated on its new website that the delays to date have simply been down to the expanding scope of the game.

And if you’re wondering why it took so long, let’s just say the game got a lot bigger than we originally intended, and we think everyone will be happy with that!

Based on the trailer below, it looks like a fairly large world, with plenty of variety in environments and enemies. As the game has hit the Alpha stage, some of what is below is taken from the final content, which now goes through plenty of testing and debug work.

Check it out and let us know what you think, while the developer's also supplied three awesome tracks (embedded below the trailer) from the official soundtrack, just to please your ears. (If the embedded music tracks don't show first time, try refreshing the page)

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Thanks to David for the tip.


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User Comments (48)



ouroborous said:

can't wait to play this but it has been quite a wait. between this and shantae falling off the map in 2013, i'm dying here! ;p



ouroborous said:

its the end of january though, so i guess another two months isn't really too bad. at least it has a firm release date and not just a vague release window.



Shiryu said:

Cant wait to dispense some Shovel Justice. I might end up buying for both Wii U and 3DS.



Mollutje said:

What a coincidence, I was really wondering when this gem would be "unearthed" as they so aptly phrased it. I really hope this game lives up to my expectiations, because so far it looks very kickdonkey.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



ThomasBW84 said:

This is still the one and only Kickstarter campaign I've ever backed. Glad I did, sort of, but the delays reminded me of why I'm generally nervous of backing anything. I never doubted the final product would come, mind (I backed because it had already been playable at PAX!) and look forward to my Wii U code



Prof_Clayton said:

This game hopefully will live up to all the hype. If its a winner, I hope Yacht Club Games sticks on Nintendo as their major platform...



Warruz said:

3DS or Wii U , the choices. Im leaning on 3DS because the graphics style is not exactly "top of the line" so having the ability to play on the go with this game is great. There is also a certain nostalgia with playing a Mega Man esc game on handhels as I played all the Mega Man's on my gameboy.........



HopeNForever said:

Omigosh! That epic trailer music! Filled me with feels...

I wasn't sure about this title before, but now I'm hooked into getting it eventually! (I would have gotten it as soon as launched, but currently out of funds. We'll see in March anyway.)



rjejr said:

Impressive video. If I had any nostalgia at all for SNES games I'ld probably be all over this. Rainbow Skies, w/ PS1 nostalgia era graphics, is about as far back as I want to go. It's all Squaresofts fault.



WaveBoy said:

Can't Wait! This is the only 3rd party release this year for the Wii U that i even care about...Bayonetta 2 is most likely going to be a maybe, and who knows when 'Armikrog' will see the light of day.

It's a shame though, how bland 3rd party support retail-wise IS for the Wii U. Look at all of those groundbreaking, innovative, experimental, unique and daringly weird 3rd party 'Wii' titles that we got such as Elebits, Zack & Wiki, Dewy's Adventure, BoomBlox, Korinpa: Marble Mania, Trauma Team, Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, Silent Hill: SS, Red Steel 2, Fragile Dreams, Captain Rainbow, Fatal Frame 2, Opoona, Mushroom Men, Dragon Quest Swords, Endles Ocean 2 ect ect..... Most of which were little innovative refreshing oddball quirky titles that make wonderful use of the wii remote.

Again, 'retail'-wise, We're not seeing anything like this on the Wii U outside of ZombiU & The Wonderful 101.....Which are the only 2 retail 3rd party titles i'd give the time of day right now. RE: Revelations is a lazy half a**ed port with uninspried tacked on 'by the numbers' wii u game pad elements, where as Rayman Legends is a multi console release, which although does make some decent use of the gamepad....Personally, I hated the floaty sloppy less restricted 'do as you want' platforming of Origins, it didn't demand pixel perfect jumps and it's stage design at the core was uninteresting....It doesn't have anything on NSMB's platforming.



Anguspuss said:

cool another day 1 buy. Finally unepic is on eshop just waiting on my super slow bt broadband to dl it.



Falk_Sturmfels said:

The question is: Is that music from the game? If that tune plays during the action, I will download this right on day one.



OGGamer said:

Looks interesting but I'll wait for a review . Anything less than an 8 and I'm out . What I'm really waiting for is gunlord to release ! That delicious pixely dreamcast/neo geo gem of a game .



King47 said:

I'll get it for the 3ds, but I would like to support them in the wiiu.



tedko said:

Very interested in this!
@KnightRider666 You can preorder the PC version for 15$ so I'm guessing the 3DS and wii u versions will be around that price. Seems a bit steep maybe but I'll still probably get it for 3DS



tedko said:

@ThomasBW84 I'm like you, sort of nervous about backing anything on kickstarter. I'm seriously considering backing La Mulana 2 but I really would like to see it on 3DS and their stretch goals for additional platforms seem totally unrealistic, making me wonder if it'll only ever see a PC release.



ThomasBW84 said:

@ted-k Yeah, by the time I backed Shovel Knight it was already funded for both Wii U and 3DS, so it was all about stretch goals. It was already a pretty safe bet, and I just wanted New Game+.

While I don't blame Yacht Club Games too heavily, I do think there's a trend with these KS games to give over-ambitious release windows. Hopefully the end product will be worth the wait



ThomasBW84 said:

@ted-k Pretty sure my KS backing was for $15, and I got to pick the Wii U or 3DS version. So it seems like the ball-park figure for the eventual eShop release.



motang said:

Yay can't wait, I contributed to the kickstarter. The 3DS eShop version!



Haxonberik said:

I'll pick it up on Wii U on day one if it's $10 or less. If not, I'll wait for reviews and/or discounts



Dave24 said:

I wouldn't be so sure for this date - they just started alpha. Unless they will just release it and fix it later not caring at all



Azikira said:

I just got an email from Yachtclubgames stating that is the official release date for the PC, Wii U AND 3DS versions of those games, while also saying it might be a few day difference due to Nintendo's specific release schedule.

It's nice to know we won't be left in the dark!



RetroRider said:

I was always expecting this for an earlier release, but I'm glad it isn't early! I am now content knowing that I will be even happier will my purchase with a longer game and more content. Can't wait for release :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3



unrandomsam said:

It would need to get 10/10 here for me to not really hesitate at a direct conversion of $15 to £. If it is £15 I won't buy it until it is less than I would have paid if it was a direct conversion (Or the Steam version at 50 or 75 % off).



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Yay you took my news tip~

I CAN NOT wait for this game. This looks like 2D platforming amazingness, up there with Super Metroid in terms of great 2D platformers. I have high expectations for this game, and I think they can all be met



unrandomsam said:

I think one or more of the people making this are who Wayforward needed to make Ducktales Remastered not suck. (From the Video the pogo looks totally right.)

Looks like the checkpoints are too frequent though it is hard to tell. (I like to have to do a decent stretch at a time otherwise you just fudge your way through things). 5 hits seems like it would be a lot presuming it is one hit per health point.

I think it will be good I just hope it is great.



JaxonH said:

Epic. Totally buying for both Wii U and 3DS, heck even Vita if it gets a port.



Gameday said:

The trailer for this game was impressive, now the music too. Some funny dialogue so yes im looking forward to this epic release from an era reprised.



Genesaur said:

Really hope I'll have that Wii U purchased by then, since I really want it on that, but I'll get it for 3DS in the meantime, if I have to. Broken-down car comes before a shiny new console, sadly.



zeldafoursword said:

does anyone know whats the difference beetween the wii u and 3ds versions? i cant decide which one to get!

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