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Shin'en Multimedia Clarifies Control Options For FAST Racing NEO

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Doesn't rule out alternative platforms

FAST Racing NEO is due this year and is sure to be on the radar of those that enjoyed FAST Racing League on WiiWare. To date its developer, Shin'en Multimedia, has kept details close, but gave some tid-bits in a recent interview with Nintendo News.

Tilt controls for steering were confirmed, as it was clarified that control options will include the Wii Wheel, as well as the GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller and Wii Remote / Nunchuk. Answers were tentative, though the developer has promised "a wide array of online options", while clarifying that five team members are working on the project.

When asked whether the title would remain a Wii U eShop exclusive or whether the 3DS was on the cards, the developer was a little tentative.

We currently fully concentrate on the Wii U version. However, we are open for other platforms as well. Nothing has been decided so far on that topic.

It's becoming increasingly common for smaller companies to publish their games on as many platforms as possible, and Shin'en's Manfred Linzner also suggested in a recent Year in Development article for us that the studio may explore other options in future.

A common question from interviewers and fans is why we've worked for so long exclusively on Nintendo hardware. It simply came naturally because we got inspired by Nintendo's hardware over the years and we love the unrestricted concept of the eShop. However, we are always open to make our games approachable for more people if it makes sense for us. This means if we have freedom in development and a platform that inspires us to create something great.

The team's enthusiasm for Nintendo platforms seems to remain strong, however, and FAST Racing Neo should be one to watch.


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WiiLovePeace said:

I'm greatly looking forward to this game, a wide array of controls is awesome. I'm also a bit excited to know what "online options" means.

& personally, I hope they stay as a Nintendo-only developer. They make such beautiful & fun games, I feel like they really know how to get the most out of Nintendo systems because they give 100% into the machines. I really hope their games don't lose any of that special Shin'en magic if they go multi-platform...



ricklongo said:

TNT Racers: Nitro Machines Edition has actually been the Wii U multiplayer game of choice among my friends, besting even Super Mario 3D World. So you can probably tell how excited I am for this, even if it's not the same kind of isometric-camera Micro Machines throwback.



Shiryu said:

Huge fan of the first game, really looking forward to this. Also really hoping they put some F.A.S.T. action on 3DS down the line! Would love to contribute music for this game.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Looking forward to this but I hope there is a bit more to it than the Wiiware original. Obviously the original was amazing for a 40MB download but I expect something a bit more than an 'up-res'.



Kirk said:

I really hope this delivers.

I liked the previous game but actually felt the orb collecting and color changing was a bit forced and gimmicky the way it was done.

If you didn't have that stuff and just focused on the pure racing and course design it would have actually felt like a genuine F-Zero contender and I think I might have actually liked it a little better as a result.

Maybe get rid of the silly looking orbs and just let the player change color whenever they want. Also, rather than making the change between black and white, how about just two more colorful colors, as it were.

Other than that, all good.



ULTRA-64 said:

Sounds good, I'll buy it! I love nano assault and need an f zero fix so all good for me. =)



K-Gamer said:

I plan on getting MK8, but, If I were to buy this game, I'd use the Wii Wheel, as I think the Gamepad mayb be to big and uncomfortable for use, but I guess we'll find out.



XFsWorld said:

Pro Controller + (optional) motion controlls + maybe online multiplayer= SOLD!!



ToxieDogg said:

Day one download for me. The original was excellent. Everyone who complains that the Wii never had a new F-Zero game should at least try it.



Mahe said:

Nice to have options like Wiimote & Nunchuk for controls, now how about some gameplay video...



TruenoGT said:

I'm hoping this or some other Wii U racing game features "drawable" paint schemes. It'd be great to paint up a sweet ride and take it online in FAST.



DreamOn said:

In other words, don't let this title go the way of Toki Tori 2 and buy the heck out of it!



JaxonH said:

I never actually played FAST on Wii, but I just watched some reviews and gameplay on Youtube and I must say, it looks great. Not on the scale of epicness that F-Zero lies but considering that franchise's long-term absence, FAST looks the part to be a great substitute. FAST actually looked graphically superb for a WiiWare title, heck, even for a Wii game in general. I've also seen how great Nano Assault Neo looks on Wii U, so I have no doubt this new FAST game will be bigger, better, and absolutely gorgeous. Day 1 purchase no questions asked.



element187 said:

If they do online play, it's all over, they topped Nintendo's F-Zero efforts at that point.



alLabouTandroiD said:

That carplane's so beautiful.
Having about 100 percent of the possible control options available is quite a plus too. Good online would be the icing on the cake and it doesn't hurt that it's from Shin'en either.
Very interested in the game.



the_beaver said:

Why don't they just start making physical releases so they can put into their games much more contents?? I don't really understand, if they can't afford it Nintendo should be there supporting this kind of projects (specially since they have made clear they are not currently thinking of making any new F-Zero), shouldn't they??
Anyway, if the game finishes being well worthy, it'd be a day one purchase to me. I'm eager to play another F-Zero-like game!



Mommar said:

I love the BS you hear from other gamers. "We want exclusives." Here's some guys who are exclusive. "No, we want it on another system."

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