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Shadow Of The Eternals Isn't Dead, But Don't Expect Big News Any Time Soon

Posted by Damien McFerran

Precursor "taking a look" at potential options

It's fair to say that Shadow Of The Eternals has had a particularly eventful development period. The game's status as a spiritual sequel to the GameCube classic Eternal Darkness ensured that it received plenty of attention when it was initially announced, but after more than one failed crowd-funding campaign the project is currently in limbo.

However, developer Precursor is refusing to throw in the towel just yet. On the official forums, the following message has been posted:

We’ll be continuing to upgrade and keep the forums running and we’re taking a look at where the SOTE project is at, potential options and directions for the future as well as going over lessons learned from the campaigns.

We very much intend to keep the project alive and get back to production but please understand that there probably won’t be any major news or update for a while yet. We've got a lot of work ahead to understand the options available to us going forward and to do the best thing by the game.

Following the failure of last year's Kickstarter campaigns, Precursor's Denis Dyack — former Silicon Knights head — insisted that the project was "just resting". The development of the game has been plagued with problems, including the arrest of Precursor founder Ken McCulloch for possession of child pornography. Whether or not it can truly rise from the dead and return to production remains to be seen.


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MAB said:

If it's a Wii U game that Nintendo needs to get behind and help fund... This is the game



Tsurii said:

"as well as going over lessons learned from the campaigns." uhm, "we need too much money to finance it through crowdfunding"?
I was really, really looking forward to this game, but by now I'm not interested in it anymore, simply because they don't seem to realize, that it's impossible for them to get money without a big company funding them. And let's be honest: who would do this? Nintendo and Sony would most likely try to get exclusivity rights and because of that either of the fanbases would stop supporting the game and that's going to be even more expensive for them and other big publisher like Ubisoft and even EA would never fund it, their own IPs have to be expensive enough for them already, just judging from what Ubi put into Watch_Dogs already.



Marshi said:

Woh woh woh,i refuse to support a company founded by some who enjoys child pornography. Not to mention a project headed by someone who cant take it when his previous projects flop. Just let it die already. But nintendo,pull your finger out and flash your wallet so we can get eternal darkness on eshop!



whodatninja said:

Haha, this continuing train wreck is PRICELESS! They should just do an HD port of the original for the E-shop and call it a day.



SphericalCrusher said:

I am a huge Eternal Darkness fan, and would love any type of sequel, spiritual or not. Maybe they can pull this off!



Razzle said:

Most truly promising games seem to go alright with Kickstarter. This one failed big time, probably for the right reasons.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Nintendo need to protect their ED legacy and I think allowing SOTE (I remember when SOTE was an N64 game) to be made on other platforms could be a mistake. Sony or MS could probably hype the franchises up to the levels I feel it deserves but I would still prefer it to be a proper Nintendo franchise. I think they should buy the developer talent of precursor but supervise the production to ensure it's as good as the original.

I think they should re-release ED for £10 or less on Wii U eshop or HD remake the original and allow for DLC chapters of 'The Tome of Eternal Darkness'.



Rezalack said:

@Nintenjoe64 I agree, I think they should just give the team the money they were asking for in a Kickstarter and tell them that it's a Nintendo Exclusive. Forget the chapter release stuff, too, make it a full retail game.



Shambo said:

This 'no news' is actually pretty good news. It's not dead yet. And I'm still hoping they'll pull it of. But I said this before and I'll say it again: make an HD remake of the first one, first. That game is already perfect, and a visual update would guarantee I'd buy it again. While doing so, they can learn more about the game. And with Nintendo's supervision and funding in return for exclusivity, and of course a physical release (take note, please), I'd call this a winner, even with all the negativity around it. Eternal Darkness was, and still is, one of my favourite games ever. One of the few I completed over 15 times.
So, step 1: HD remake, step 2: exclusive, physical release of a Nintendo supervised 'spiritual successor'. Step 3 is obvious.
Edit: exclusivity because otherwise Nintendo would never supervise it, and without their supervision, it would probably end up like most modern 'horror' games... That's very bad for true horror fans, obviously. True horror fans will probably agree.



Sir_Deadly said:

Nintendo should be funding this! This was one game that showed what kinda power the system had in it and the story seemed to emerge the player in the game. It looked awesome with a great story. Its a shame it never got funded . hopefully it will someday



Midayle said:

As much as I would like to see a finished version of Shadow of the Eternal, I also fear it. This game could have the quality of Eternal Darkness or it could have the quality of Too Human. I would rather not have this game see the light of day, then to see another failed project of Denis Dyack.



jakysnakydx said:

Herein is the problem with Western mentality. No one individual is allowed to make a mistake. President Iwata with the flagging Wii U, Denis Dyack with Too Human. One mistake and burn them at the stake. Mistakes are obviously evidence, that their aoul has no more value. Mistakes, people are the method by which we grow and it is through mistakes that we see the path to greatness. What else has led to more achievement in this entire world and its vast histkry more than trial and error ans yet we ceaselessly punish those whonsee to try. Its of no wonder we sit and perish bedore attempting to succeed the way our peers sacrifice us for the thought of attempting. .



Vermithrax said:

@Midayle if it sucks, who cares? It's worth a try. I loved Eternal Darkness and everyone deserves a second shot. Not many in any entertainment industry have perfect track records.



Vermithrax said:

@Marshi I got your reply in my email but the moderators deleted it. Of course you should "feel strongly" against child porn. Hopefully we all do. My point was that it is inherently wrong to condemn the whole team for one creep. It's not like they supported what he was doing or even knew about it. I'm sure everyone in his life, including his family, was surprised and devastated. The team got rid of him immediately but unfortunately, people like you, want to hold everyone accountable for the actions of what one creep does in his spare time. I hope you never get judged for something one of your friends does. It's completely unfair but in a world of no second chances and unfounded accountability I guess that makes sense to some people.



Marshi said:

@Vermithrax I admit its a weird logic I use but its one I use none the less. Its the fact that its his company. I wont support anything by someone like that. If it was just another worker that was apprehended then I would agree with you. But the founder? No sale. Like I say its a weird logic.
Plus,its just a game! If a leader of a political party I support was arrested thats also diferent,because that party was around long before the person was.



Vermithrax said:

@Marshi of course it's your logic, and one you are entitled to, but I don't think it's as black and white as you make it out to be. It was a small group of people who got together to form a game company and he got arrested. It's not he has shares in the company. With your logic we should not support NASA because they knowingly employed NAZI's. I don't think it's right, in principal, to hold innocent people accountable for the actions of one creep. They did all the right things to distance themselves from him after the accusations came to light. Like I said, you're entitled to feel that way, but I wish you would employ empathy for those around him that were affected instead of condemnation.



Nico07 said:

I liked Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube, and will pick this up if ever it is released on the Wii U. I still think Nintendo should back it as an exclusive, but maybe not that many people were into the original. As for the team member that was convicted of child porn, obviously he needs help and it became big news during one of the failed funding attempts. I know some have strong feelings about not supporting his firm because of that, but he was one guy and his team probably had no idea what he was into. I really doubt any of the game content would reflect his own personal sexual deviation to the norm.

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