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Satoru Iwata States That Nintendo Should "Abandon Old Assumptions" About Its Businesses

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hiroshi Yamauchi "would tell me to carry an air of confidence"

As anticipated, this week's Q3 financial results Investor Briefing from Satoru Iwata attracted plenty of attention. The moment that Nintendo drastically revised its sales and projections down in January was also the point when plenty of speculation and ideas on the company's future were shared. Perhaps predictably, Satoru Iwata highlighted that Nintendo would look into exploiting smart phones but still keep its primary focus on its own hardware and software. An improved focus on the GamePad, DS games on the Wii U Virtual Console and the mysterious "QOL" platform were also announced, so Nintendo is shifting focus in various respects — just perhaps not in the way all investors would desire.

Speaking to The Nikkei, Satoru Iwata highlighted that periods of evolution and change are not an unknown for Nintendo, and highlighted that the company's careful management in the boom years of Wii and DS have placed it in a strong position.

Nintendo has undergone continuous changes over years, moving from Hanafuda playing cards to video games, and offering newer systems like the Wii. But we've been preoccupied with a fixed idea of what a game should be like. The game industry is at a turning point amid new developments like the rise of smartphones.

...Mr. Yamauchi (former President Hiroshi Yamauchi) often said "Shitsui-taizen, Tokui-reizen," meaning that we should act regally when things are bad, and be calm when things are going well." Were he alive now, he would tell me to carry an air of confidence.

We built up cash reserves when earnings were strong. Because the entertainment industry ebbs and flows in wild swings, Mr. Yamauchi insisted it is vital to have deep pockets. Without savings, we could not have recovered from a single failure in game systems. Even now, we can afford many options because of our robust financial standing.

Some have been critical of the strategies outlined by Satoru Iwata, perhaps suggesting that they're not enough to bring Nintendo's fortunes back to previous levels. That's down to individual opinions, but the Nintendo President said the following when asked to specify, in brief terms, the primary strategy moving forward.

We'll change the way we sell products, by managing customer information via the Internet. We'll offer discounts to steady, regular customers. We'll cultivate emerging markets and launch new businesses in health and other areas. In an emerging country, you can expand the user base only after you offer a product line different from advanced economies in pricing.

We should abandon old assumptions about our businesses. We are considering M&As [mergers and acquisitions] as an option. For this reason, we'll step up share buybacks.

Are you pleased by Nintendo's policy of sticking to core parts of its business while seeking to evolve and improve in new areas? What do you think of these comments from Satoru Iwata? Let us know in the comments below.


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XavandSo said:

It's good to hear that Nintendo are finally jumping into the 21st century, in their own quirky manner. Sure, it's not the way we were expecting, but nonetheless, it's a step forward.



steamhare said:

They should really just leverage the e-shop more. A digital distribution platform on a closed platform should be a golden goose, if they just load it with games and remove the perceived risk.



MAB said:

I will keep Wii Uin' till the end yo... I'm not buying into the whole Playstation Crap Box thang again



rmeyer said:

They need to think bigger meaning mmo bigger with one of their major franchises



LtAldoRaine said:

Please. I mean,I think their games should mostly stay like they are,focused on gameplay instead of 10 hours of cutscenes,but there's a lot of things to get better. Like the online. Make a account based system,put online multiplayer on games like Super Mario 3D World. Hell,why not release enhanced versions of VC games? Imagine Super Smash Bros. Melee online. I mean,things like that wouldn't save the Wii U,but it sure would help. The other companies do all that and it works,it keeps the players happy.

And,I know this is actually a new Nintendo trademark,but please,stop with the endless tutorials and hand-holding. The first three hours or so of Mario & Luigi Dream Team are painful. And I don't have to say anything in that matter about Skyward Sword,do I?

You can do it Nintendo. I still believe in you.



Pod said:

The whole "Quality of Life" direction is certainly in line with abandoning assumptions.

It cuts what they do down to the essence of "putting a smile on people's faces", that Miyamoto has been concerned with through many years now.

I'm very curious to see what will follow.


I don't believe so, the user base has just been seriously fragmented.



rmeyer said:

@Guybrush20X6 only Blizzard actually made a good mmo. If you put 6 years and a lot of heart into an mmo it will turn out good and be successful. People don't play mmos anymore because wow is old now and nothing good came after but that industry is ripe.



Rafie said:

@LtAldoRaine I've been saying that as well. Get Melee and games like Double Dash to the VC and add online to it. That would be INCREDIBLE!!!



AJ_Lethal said:

"we should act regally when things are bad, and be calm when things are going well."

Take notes, people.



FritzFrapp said:

Have to say that there's a gaming part of me that died a little with the briefing. It is clear that despite previously announcing that they'd been slow to note western trends, under Iwata there will be few moves to follow said trends. There will be no western expansion. No additional western studios. There will be no use of resources to attract western talent. Thus, there will be no western style games, despite these monopolizing the Top 10 charts year after year in western regions.

Under Iwata, Nintendo are actually going to become even more insular, even more Japan-centric, even more focused on 1st party. Those 1st party games will probably be great, but western gamers wanting FPSes and sports games will have to take their business elsewhere to satisfy those needs. Any M&A will almost inevitably be with a Japanese company.

I love that he's finally listened regarding the health and edutainment third pillar approach. However, I'm also concerned for poor old Miyamoto, now under huge pressure to come up with new ideas that show off the GamePad – something the entire software teams should have been doing from the beginning. Nintendo have obviously been overstretched for many years now, so I don’t understand the reticence to expand their studios appropriately.

We're finally getting proper accounts! With the next system…. Meanwhile Wii U and 3DS are going to walk a tightrope for a couple of years with major third-party support that is a barren as a brick – until that future system is released, probably sooner rather than later, and inevitably with the same proclamations from the Wii onwards that they won’t repeat their mistakes as with the GameCube and there will be no software droughts. I predict the next home console will be a very cheap, technically limited box for playing Mario games with VC as the focus. And why shouldn't it – after all, according to sales that's pretty much all Nintendo customers buy these days. Mario and old games.

Hold tight. It's going to be a bumpy ride!



Nintenjoe64 said:

I don't want them to abandon old assumptions if it means they become the same as the competition with their evil microtransaction boxes but I am sure he just meant "Please understand, I will say just about anything to stop you people moaning at me because I have lots of work to do and you people don't know what you are talking about".



MrGawain said:

Theres a lot of talk about business models and non wearable technology, but I'm betting a lot of Wii U gamers like me or have a possibility are wondering if were going to have more choice than to play DKTF... Watchdogs... MK8... Bayonetta 2... Smash Bros... Hyrule Warriors...X.

7 games is pretty slim pickings for 12 months, and I'm not that interested in 2. Seeing 'it's all about the games', would it not be a good idea for Ninty to at least ease some of our worries about the system. And that goes for the 3ds as well. Or have they abandoned the system for quick fixes with ports of ds games waffly comments about future hardware ideas?



DreamOn said:

I'm reading all this news and everything and presumably it's all the right things for the company at this juncture, but I think I need a Nintendo direct to feel addressed on the level I'm at which is the customer-follower level I suppose.

Otherwise, yay Iwata-San! lol



rjejr said:

"We should abandon old assumptions about our businesses. "

Doesn't it go against every fiber of his being and his country to basically say "abandon the old ways"? Good for him.

"But we've been preoccupied with a fixed idea of what a game should be like."

To me their problem isn't avoiding smart phones - all their games really are made for smartphones if you just alter the controls a little, racing games, side scrolling platformers, life sims - , it's HD movie like games. Halo, Uncharted, Beyond Two Souls, Oblivion, that they are missing out on. The reason people pay $1,000 for a tv and $500 for stereo surround sound systems. Their games don't translate well to the current home video game playing experience. Thats why it won't be long before even games like Assassins Creed and Batman don't go to their systems. I know a lot of people on here are fine w/o getting violent games or FPS (I dont play FPS myself, but I enjoy 3rd person action), but I think the lack of those types of games is hurting the Wii U a lot more than smartphones. 3DS is doing fine considering smartphones are everywhere, the Wii U is competing against the PS4 and X1 to be in the living room of people w/ very big flat screen tvs and 5.1 or 7.1 surround. Bayonetta 2 and X are those types of games, Zombie U also, but they are few and far between.

I really wish Zelda would look like Skyrim (look like, not play like), but I know its going to look like Windwaker. Which is fine - for the 3DS - but not so much a home system.

Where's the greatness that was Star Wars on the Gamecube? Imagine that TGS game unveiling in widescreen 1080p w/ surround sound. Now THAT would have sold Wii U.



Bizzyb said:

@Frapp How in the world did you come to that conclusion?? He just said they are CHANGING the way they do business and make assumptions AND that they would focus MORE on western trends, etc.

I'm sorry but were you expecting major announcements of Western Studio partnerships and games in development at this INVESTORS BREIFING?!?

Geez, Calm down mate...the sky isn't falling.



jayclayx said:

everybody here keep saying what nintendo should do in order to maintain the ship afloat and many others are complain about nintendo should remain conservative because its singularity but the fact is that the times are constantly changes, you can't remain the same over the years ignoring the tendency in the market and all this Iwata statements are congruent for what the company needs nowadays in order to survive without compete with sony and microsoft with brute force



ikki5 said:


hm.... I don't know about Blizzard making the only good MMO. Runescape is an MMO that used to be as massive if not larger. MapleStory was another hugly popular MMO. However they have seen better days now mind you but WoW is more going the same way. WoW is not what it used to be.



Bizzyb said:

@MrGawain Absolutely. There's a time and place to announce all of their 2014 retail games.
But yes, overall it may be even less than 2013 when all's said and done, OR it may be even more. We don't know yet. We don't know of every 1st party game Sony or MS is releasing this year either. Quite frankly there's more 2014 games that interest me on Wii U than on any other platform

That said, there will also be an explosion of indie games on the eshop this year as well.



WaveGhoul said:

Me neither. Time well wasted. It just boggles my mind how great those flashy little twins are selling when they practically have no games at the moment to back up their BS. heck, 1080p isn't even standard for either console and the same goes for 60 frames per second. disappointing...

It's the same ol' SonyBox ride once again. I got off pretty quick with the XBOX 360 and PS3. the two worst consoles i've ever owned. Should of spent the money on a PS1 + games instead. I don't fit in with the masses that get off on these uninsprired kindergarten easy realistic 3D interactive movies. I want 2D platformers damnit or some clever use of motion controls. Enter ze' wii.

I despise most western games and i hate how popular they've come and how they're eating up the industry..
Thank goody the Big N is still Japan-centric.



steamhare said:

The Xbox one sales seem to be dropping VERY sharply,

PS4 is definitely holding on though, especially since it hasn't hit in Japan. Which is especially weird, since I think its tiny game library has even less to justify the systems purchase than the Bone.



LostHeaven said:

He did tackle what should me the immediate, top priority for Nintendo: share buyback!



Mahe said:

Hiroshi Yamauchi would tell Iwata that he's being an idiot - or at least being seen as one.



Mahe said:

@steamhare People have more confidence in PS4 than Wii U or Xbone. Best of all, it doesn't come with a Gamepad or a Kinect!



whateverman said:

@rjejr this is odd. Some how games that don't make use of the color spectrum are better for flatscreens? Im sorry but nothing, and i mean nothing, has looked better of me 60" than pikman 3. If people don't like or can't appreciate the art style of Nintendo games then there are plenty of games whose sole purpose is to look as close to a military factory as possible



Rafie said:

@WaveBoy LOL Man why are you riding the other 2 so hard? This has nothing to do with them. I'm not going to attack your opinion of them, but sheesh man. The Wii U needs some work here. I'm talking adding better things to the console, not changing it completely. There's a reason, even without games (although they have only been out 2 months), that they are selling like hotcakes. You sound bitter my friend. Amanda will be waiting for you. I promise!



Doctor_Pancakes said:

@Mahe the game pad is great... The Kinetic is and always has been awful lol
All PS4 did was add a pointless touch thing, a goofy light and a speaker which they stole from Nintendo in how it works with games. Also I still can't get over how cheap they feel every time I pick it up. Same with the XBone controller, I guess after getting used to a luxury like the Game pad everything feels cheap. I still think the PS3> PS4 in the controller department though...



Fingeldor said:

I'm excited to see what Nintendo can do. I feel fortunate to be a Nintendo fan who owns a 3DS and Wii U right now - both are great systems! In fact, I think the 3DS is the best console (handheld or otherwise) I've ever owned. I'm proud to back the underdog and don't have much interest in murder simulators on the other consoles. Good luck, Nintendo! =)



thanos316 said:

nintendo was behind the curve on the cartride vs disc. then it went its own way with the wii. some things are hit and miss. before the wii came out nintendo had a code name of "revolution" and if they would have named the wii u the revolution then i think things would be a little better. nintendo has to listen to devs also and work with devs. the 3ds has a lot of dev support. nintendo can still help the wii u go big. the wii u isn't dead at all, it just needs a boost in software. the pad isn't a weakness, its the wii u's biggest strength..



thanos316 said:

also advertising. tv spots, online spots. smash bros is a killer app. spend some money on advertising and you will reap the rewards.



allduhype said:

Nintendo has such a huge back catalog of games. I don't understand why they aren't rereleasing tons of them over the virtual console while new games are in development. How hard is it to put an old game from like the gamecube era up on the vc? Make them crazy cheap and create some huge buzz for the wii u that way. Stop putting like 1 up a week and release like 10 a month. That would be a huge step in the right direction for nintendo.



Chi said:

Why isn't Nintendo releasing old ARCADE titless onthe VC?
Arcade Punch Out, Arcade DK 3.
They have tons of 'em and now they have the hardware to handle them!



Goginho said:

Keep ye head up high. Don't be ashamed of aynthing. They'd like to see that. They're waiting for that, so don't give them what they want. Show pride, even in tough times. That goes for anything and anyone in life. If you're in an environment where you feel insecure or unvalued or w/e, embrace it, and watch the haters be surprised and envy your approach.

You know, just because it's 5-0, you're down, it's the 80th minute, doesn't mean you should lose your composure and start walking and carelessly giving the ball away. No, you keep on running, giving it your all, proudly representing your crest, despite knowing that the game is lost. This shows character. Giving up before the end shows that you truly deserve to be ridiculed, and that the fans leaving prematurely have a justified reason to. The fans leaving while you still decide to fight till the end will be back. There is always next game, the return match, next season...etc..

Walk it out. Whatever happens happens. Sufferers are the ones that grow to become stronger. The ones that have everything served to them live unfulfilled.



AlexSora89 said:

Seriously though, check out the look on Iwata's eyes in the pic at the top of the article. It's freaking baddonkey.
Please watch the profanity — TBD

[EDIT: Didn't know "bad(donkey)" could count as profanity. Sorry, people.]



beingvasey said:

To me, the biggest bit from that is the mergers & acquisitions question. They would never merge with someone (I don't think), but what companies would they be interested in acquiring?



NintyMan said:

This doesn't sound bad to me. It was very smart of Nintendo to put money back even during times of prosperity.



Bliquid said:

So they want new people to fidelize.
What about fans and their legitimate requests( like unified acconts and purchases, elimination of region lock, steadier VC stream and bringing more consoles to mentioned VC)?



sadsack777 said:

Iwata we trust .you so please keep the Nintendo gameing like its ment to be pure games with lots of fun peace to Nintendo fans



Frank90 said:

I don't know if people realize how awesome Iwata is.
I trust in his words and vision.
Nintendo is a huge part of my life, since my kid days, and to me it's Nintendo or NOTHING!



alLabouTandroiD said:

I wonder if people will really care about if they have a Nintendo fitness device or some other no-name one. Of course it all depends on what exactly they release and how unique it is but you always have to keep in mind the copycats are right behind you all the time.



datamonkey said:

I'm a bit concerned about this whole new "health" business. Will it end up detracting from their game business? If it's hugely successful then maybe it will...

Also M&A? No thanks, keep yourself to yourself Nintendo!



AdanVC said:

Hiroshi Yamauchi was an insanely wise man. He was the true definition of a visionary, and thanks to that, Nintendo can enjoy of having "Deep pockets" in savings... that means: BUYING/ACQUIRING GAME STUDIOS!! Just imagine, they acquire Japanese Studios like Capcom, Platinum Games, even Square-Enix (a man can dream right?) so they can develop games from dead franchises like F-Zero, Starfox, Earthbound, etc. and Western Studios so they can develop new and original IP's! and Nintendo's own studios can focus entirely on their big franchises like Mario, Zelda, Kirby, etc and create the coolest games from each franchise for Wii U... Wow, THEY REALLY should start doing that, fortunately, Iwata is practically telling us just that so let's hope this plans can develop soon.



mamp said:

Not trying to be rude but I'm seriously wondering if I missed something. It feels like all I've heard is different ways Nintendo plans on making money but it feels like I haven't heard how Nintendo plans on saving the Wii U and making it more appealing to more people.



Kid_A said:

Nintendo HAS to know they'd make a fortune putting games on iOS devices. I know nothing about business, but I genuinely don't see how putting out, for example, a $0.99 Mario runner on iPhone wouldn't make them millions of dollars and increase Wii U/3DS interest and customer awareness by a billion percent. Even a port of NES Remix to iPhone would cause an absolute explosion of Nintendo interest. All iPhone games have advertisements. If they put a game on iPhone and pumped it with a few ads for Wii U...I just don't see the downside.



LoveSugoi said:

I like everything I read here. Especially the part about acquisition, I'd like to know what Japanese (and possibly Western) studios they're looking at. Now let's see some action.



AJWolfTill said:

So true, whilst I am interested in all angles of the company, they have been so busy with addressing their shareholders that they have been rather quiet on the customer front. Sure we got Mario Kart 8 release dates and DS roms on the Wii U but none of this has yet been shown off 'directly'. Considering we had at least one Direct every month last year it's troubling they haven't done one recently in light of all the negative news.



Sceptic said:

Hiroshi Yamauchi would tell you to fall on your sword.

He certainly has been carrying a lot of air this past year. Not sure it's one of confidence though.

I mean, they can't even manage a unified account system and now they're building their strategy on something they don't even have up and running yet?



Caryslan said:

@WaveBoy As much as I love my Wii, I still think the PS3 is a really good system that gets alot of unfair hate. Yes, the PS3 has western franchises, but it also has a great selection of JRPGs, Japanese-style games, and it library covers a very wide array of genres. Plus, it helped me rediscover some classic games from the past like the Vs games, Wonder Boy, The Simpsons and X-Men arcade, and tons of other great games I had forgotten about.

Let me ask something, if you think the Wii is a great system, why do you dislike the PS3 so badly? There are tons of JRPGs, Platformer games, and a vast array of genres on the PS3. My point is, the PS3 has alot more than "Western Games" on it. Its pretty much the home of Japanese third-party development for consoles this generation.

I love my Wii, but I think the PS3 is just as good, if not better.

I'm not bashing you, but why do you not like the PS3? I mean, if you loved a game like Xenoblade, then the JRPGs alone should make the PS3 appealing to you.



rmeyer said:

@64supermario I'd rather they stick with their own ips. I think a Metroid Prime mmo would amazing. And I think Retro wants to outdo themselves again. Even looking at the latest Donkey Kong they just put so much heart into their games.



SphericalCrusher said:

Would love to know more about their plans for a purchase, etc. SEGA? Capcom? Who knows. But I am excited for the future of Nintendo!



WaveGhoul said:


The PS3's retail releases are mainly 3D games that &boast dual analog controls. I'm not a big fan of Dual analog to begin with(Wii pointer controls are far superior and natural for aiming which is just one example of the many) nor am i big fan of tradtionally controlled 3D video games anymore with a few teeny tiny selections such as Super Mario.

I can't think of many 2D PS3 retail sidescrollers either, other than a lot of the 30fps based junk they have on the PSN like the castle of illusion remake, giene sisters, trine 2 ect....Still, it's got some pretty neat stuff, like you pointed out > TMNT II: The Arcade Game, The Simpons, X-men ect ect.

For moizy' these days, it's either pure 2D retro, modern 2D, or 3D with some sort of innovative motion control scheme attached to it(ala Zack & Wiki, Elebits, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, RE4: Wii Edition, ect ect)

I owned both the PS3 & XBOX 360 and i quickly grew bored with both of them. I don't like owning multiple consoles during a generation anymore either, it's too overwhelming and costly considering we live in a giant massive video game Jungle



Capt_N said:

"We'll change the way we sell products, by managing customer information via the Internet. ...We'll offer discounts to steady, regular customers. We are considering M&As [mergers and acquisitions] as an option. For this reason, we'll step up share buybacks."

They need to realize their customer base; who they are, & cater to them. That, would be most of us here, I believe.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I'm definitely excited to see what Nintendo evolves into in the next 3-4 years. The only thing I could hope becomes reality is the ability to boost the WiiU's signal to anywhere in your house.



JaxonH said:


It was stated in a previous article that Nintendo traditionally releases 15 games per year per console. You only know about those 7 games, and one of them is not made by Nintendo. So you know of 6. Even in 2013, Nintendo released twice that for the Wii U, DESPITE the post launch drought. So I think it's fair to assume that if Nintendo can muster 12+ games last year, they'll certainly muster around 15 this year- possibly more seeing as they're doing their best to sustain the platform.

The only major releases 3DS saw last year from Nintendo was Fire Emblem Awakening, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, DKC Returns 3D, Animal Crossing, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Pokemon X/Y, Zelda Link Between Worlds and Mario Party Island Tour. 8 games, and yet everyone and their mother has claimed 2013 to be an excellent year for 3DS releases. So, it's not all about the quantity, it's about the quality. Better to see 5 amazing, gotta-buy-day-one games all year, than 50 mediocre, I'll-catch-em-in-the-bargain-bin games.

We probably know of less than half the games Nintendo has planned for Wii U this year. But even so, just the games we know about right now, those 7 you listed, rivals the top 8 games 3DS saw last year, and that was a year for the history books for 3DS. So EVEN IF those 7 were all we got, it could still prove to be a momentus year for Wii U owners. Still, half the games we got last year for Wii U, we didn't know about when the year began. Some came in Directs, some came by way of E3. And so it will go this year.



Rect_Pola said:

I'm hopeful. Admission of willingness to change is huge from Nintendo, who has been severely hampered in their traditions, desire for control, and refusal to so much as consider a truly foreign shift in the industry. It happened before with discs, and it's happened just now with their late (and in some degrees, clunkily reserved) entry into online.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@Kid_A I don't know about Nintendo making a fortune creating iOS ports of their exclusives... that's debatable. But the main reason why they won't do it is because they'd be cannibalizing their business. Nintendo's ecosystem, in many ways, is closed while containing a healthy number of exclusive titles that gamers literally can't get anywhere else. The day they put Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, Zelda, etc. on anything other than Nintendo hardware is the day they lose a very integral part of what differentiates them from other competitors.



tanookisuit said:

Hopefully their tactics going forward as as cut and dry as he said in relation to offering loyal customers good deals and breaks to incite more buys with them versus elsewhere. But also the M&A racket, that can do them a world of good if they truly are willing to throw hundreds of millions around in cash and stock options to come out the owner of some major hitter 3rd party studio(s.) By sucking solid talent into the fold and then keeping their materials on a Nintendo based system primarily, and then perhaps teaser games and apps that are secondary in nature to tablets it could really help a rebound of sorts in the years going forward.

As to the immediate nature of things, bribes, good fat bribes getting third party games exclusive or ported to beef up the Wii U library would be excellent. Also moving to appease the best they can third parties after throwing them under the bus during development of the Wii U to get a few games would be wise, cut license fees, free or near free dev kits, true honesty in what things can be done instead of holding back so they can look the best. Little things like that could go a hell of a long way to get some friends again which they need. The hardware itself is far from trash but the lack of third party warm and fuzzies along with physical support is really screwing their pooch. I could hit on the lack of advertising outside of last Christmas but that's beating a dead horse and stating the obvious.



DarkKirby said:

I hope "Abandon Old Assumptions" About Its Businesses means they are going to change their minds on extreme anti consumer measures to "combat piracy" like tied to console digital purchases and region lock which Nintendo has increased while other console companies have dropped stuff like region lock entirely and have had account based digital purchases for years.

Nintendo says they are going to lose up their iron grip on their IPs and have more merchandise but I'll have to see it to be believe it (where is my Gardevoir plush?).

Also, their "protect the children" and "family friendly" policies like intentional prevention of communication between players, removing messaging services for people sending "inappropriate" messages THAT REQUIRED FRIEND CODES TO BEGIN WITH, censorship, actively enforcing their "for kids" reputation, is not helping their business, and has not for years.



Excep7ional said:

I agree with you. It's a struggle focusing on multiple consoles at once, lol. I grew up with Sony and Nintendo so I love both, so it's really hard to choose which one I want to invest my money towards. As of right now though, I have to say Sony might be getting most of my money thanks to the awesome games the Vita will be getting this year but that might change.



Ren said:

there's a lot of vague promises being made with him right now, but I'll wait and see if it turns to action. This is not some exciting development, it's just talk. Remember all the claims about this robust new online system before the WiiU came out? We all know how that turned out.



rjejr said:

@whateverman - I'm not a big fan of brown either, Ild be more than happy w/ a SkywardSword color scheme over Twilight Princess which was very brown and green. Lets face it Hyrule is a very boring place. Pikmin 3 would be good but the world seemed kind of claustrophobic. Starfox Adventure had a very colorful planet. Delfino plaza would be a nice place for link to visit. I just think Zelda is the game that should have the hands down best graphics on a Nintendo system. I think SSBB, SMG 1 and 2 and DKC, maybe MHTri, Xenoblade Chronicles and Metroid Prime 3 would jump to mind for people when asked the best looking games on Wii before either of the Zelda ones, and I think thats wrong and a wasted opportunity.

I was so excited to see that bird in the garden demo when Wii U was first shown, Ild love to see Link fishing in there. Or riding his horse around. Nintendo made that photorealistic demo to show what the Wii U can do. Why bother if they're only going to make 2D side scrollers? If Monolith can make X Nintendo should be able to make THE Zelda game that makes Wii U a must buy for all gamers.



IceClimbers said:

During the investor briefing Iwata stated that it is Nintendo's plan for the NNIDs to no longer be hardware-tied. When that comes is another story though.

Anyway, as for the M&A, there are some major 3rd parties that are struggling right now due to the unstable and self-destructing nature on the MS/Sony market that they should buy out. Namely Capcom and Square Enix. Capcom will be up on the chopping block here soon anyway, so they might as well buy them so that vital IPs like Mega Man, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, etc are part of Nintendo's collection. Square Enix is depending on FFXV and KH3 for survival - if those two games don't sell well enough for them to make profit, then they will crash and burn.

Oh, and buy Sega-Sammy! Having Sega's goldmine of IPs (Bayonetta included!) would benefit them greatly. Plus they'd get Atlus, so its a win-win.



MAB said:

SEGA obviously doesn't need to be bought by anyone because they're making truckloads of cash and buying developers themselves



Nomad said:

@MAB SEGA needs to pull their finger out and bring back all those great IP's that made them legendary back in the day.



Tritonus said:

@beingvasey I'm surprised no one is talking about this as well. This to me it the most interesting part.

Now we just have to wait and see what companies they want to acquire, game developers or tech developers. Maybe both. But I hope it'll be people like platinum, and upcoming indie devs..

They need to "outsource" the mature games that they desperately need to change their image from "kiddie" to "for everyone".

@IceClimbers Ah I see that SOME people are talking about it

Yeah, Capcom, Square Enix and Sega are good options, if only for the IP as their talented developers are long gone. Also I would say Platinum, Comcept (Might no. 9), Atlus...

As for western developers... any ideas?

Maybe they should enter a partnership with LEGO to get exclusive LEGO games for Nintendo consoles, and exclusive LEGO / Nintendo toys... Really, could you imagine anything more perfect than a Mario, Zelda or Pokemon LEGO series? Maybe they should just do a Smash series



Slapshot said:

Nintendo is a toy company that makes extremely high quality, unadulterated video games that are fit for all ages and on hardware that's easily attainable (install price) for the mainstream market; it's Nintendo's bread and butter, so to speak.

The one thing that I'm not seeing is Nintendo's bread and butter being a central focus any longer and that's quite worrying, in my opinion.



Bliquid said:

@IceClimbers : Don't know about Capcom, they are indeed reaching the bottom, but Square Enix is not, as you say, dependent on the success of FF XV and KH 3.
They are making boatloads of money with their extortionate price policies on mobile games ( hence the heavy focus on that market)
Plus, after being a hell-deep hole in their pockets, now FF XIV ARR is slowly but steadily gaining momentum.
As of October 2013, it had 1.5 millions active accounts, who payed for the game plus 10 bucks each month.
I'm not sure SE will be there to be sold yet.
But Capcom yes, it has lost everything. Evidently, ripping off people with criminal DLC policies has made them not to be trusted.
Would it be a great purchase for Nintendo? Maybe, not surely.



azg said:

At this point nothing will save Wii U . Lets be realistic here. Good thing is Nintendo tries to change. I wish them good luck.



StarDust4Ever said:

Capcom and Sega would be awesome if they merged with Nintendo. Kanomi, Square would be good buys as well. As far as Sega goes, they've had a good relationship with Nintendo ever since they gave up console manufacturing. Rather than buy Sega outright, a 50/50 merger between Nintendo and Sega would be ideal. I still reminisce of the Genesis/SNES glory days. They would become known as Nintendo-Sega, just like Square-Enix or Namco-Bandai. Speaking of Namco, they would be another great company to team up with: just look at their back catalog of classic arcade games. Pacman, anyone? Whakka, Whakka...

Oh and Nintendo, piece of advice: reboots of old franchises are good, but be creative. Mario needs to branch out into more than just endless 3D / NSMB games. Ditto for DK series. You're putting too much emphasis on 2D platforming. Branch out a little. I'd love to see a new 3D Kirby or DK.



TechnoEA said:

Square Enix would never be bought by Nintendo, if anything they would be bought by Sony. Not sure if people noticed this but SE tends to release most of their stuff on PS systems. They have a relationship with Sony, Nintendo is more of the friend that they occasionally hang out with.

Capcom would commit financial suicide by going first party, seeing as most of their sales come from multi-plat games not exclusives.

I predicted this would happen a long time ago, you can't ride Mario all time. They need to take charge. Times change, no one is saying you have to be like Sony or MS but at least try to appeal to fans and gamers.



Excep7ional said:

If Capcom were to be purchased by Nintendo, that would be tragic for me. Honestly, the only kind of games I care about from Capcom at this point are their Fighting games as that's my favorite genre in general. Seeing them make only Fighters for Nintendo consoles would be a huge blow to the Fighting game community. Capcom made an awesome game for Nintendo called Tatusnoko vs Capcom, and people literally loved it. The mechanics were awesome and it was one of the most balanced games at that time, but nobody played it and the competitive scene died almost instantly because nobody wanted the Wii. Capcom is best Multiplat anyway.



Superryanworld said:

@WaveBoy 360&ps3 worst consoles you've ever owned?I love my 3ds and wii u but you've got to be kidding me.Those two systems have nearly a decade of great games first and third party.Im not a huge fps guy,but I probably had only a third of the games on my original wii versus the two worst systems ever made,mainly because only the first party wii games and vc games caught my attention.If you think ps3 and 360 where crap,then I suggest reading the last eight years of game informer, and you might be surprised how many awesome games where on both systems.



paniccoffee said:

Abandoning old assumptions with regards to piracy such as region locking would probably help, as well as easily re-downloading all purchases from an account. I certainly hope the quality of games doesn't go down with this new direction that seem to be wanting to do everything and be everywhere.

Also abandoning the culture typecasting that certain games are only for Japan and alienating the rest of the world that are willing to pay for those games would probably increase profits. You never listen to your fan base, that's an attitude you or your shareholders should abandon as well.



GN004Nadleeh said:

nowhere did he say 'we will finally listen to customers and give them what they want' nintendo likes to play parent and choose for us



IceClimbers said:

@TechnoEA Sony can't afford to buy Square Enix. Honestly, the only reason why Nintendo would ever buy Square Enix is for Dragon Quest, not Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. Although it'd be interesting to see what Monolith Soft has to say about the possibility.

Also, Capcom is already financially dead. Nintendo buying them would save them and their IP. Plus, total Mega Man reboot.

@Tritonus Sega owns Atlus, so that would be part of the package if Nintendo buys Sega.

Can't think of any western developers they could buy. All I can think of is Japanese developers. Mistwalker, Next Level Games, Level 5, etc.

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