We do like a good tease here on Nintendo Life, as developers dangle an announcement in front of our noses before snatching it away, with a wink and cheeky smile all we have to go on. Jools Watsham — co-founder of Renegade Kid — knows that some like a little bit of mystery, and has given us a taster with confirmation that the studio will be making a notable announcement later this month.

It's a teaser, for sure, but has enough information to allow two things — comfort that it'll be a 3DS game, and speculation related to some well-regarded DS titles from the studio. Below is what Watsham has tweeted.

This may refer to Cult County, but that seems unlikely as it doesn't appear to be a typical FPS; you never know. Some fans are wondering whether it's a title following on from Moon on DS, too. What we do know, for Watsham told us himself recently, is that Renegade Kid will "have at least 2 or 3 new games released in 2014", also saying that there is indeed an "unannounced game".

So, let the speculation begin.

[via polygon.com]