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Renegade Kid Teases Announcement for "FPS Lovers and 3DS Owners"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Engage speculation mode

We do like a good tease here on Nintendo Life, as developers dangle an announcement in front of our noses before snatching it away, with a wink and cheeky smile all we have to go on. Jools Watsham — co-founder of Renegade Kid — knows that some like a little bit of mystery, and has given us a taster with confirmation that the studio will be making a notable announcement later this month.

It's a teaser, for sure, but has enough information to allow two things — comfort that it'll be a 3DS game, and speculation related to some well-regarded DS titles from the studio. Below is what Watsham has tweeted.

This may refer to Cult County, but that seems unlikely as it doesn't appear to be a typical FPS; you never know. Some fans are wondering whether it's a title following on from Moon on DS, too. What we do know, for Watsham told us himself recently, is that Renegade Kid will "have at least 2 or 3 new games released in 2014", also saying that there is indeed an "unannounced game".

So, let the speculation begin.


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sinalefa said:

This is from an interview Thomas made on March, 2013:

NL: Do you have a rough release window?

JW: Early 2014.

So yep, it seems to be Cult County. Sorry that I dont know how to paste links here, but looking for Cult County or clicking on the link near the end of the article should show the link to the original interview.



daveh30 said:

Didn't that studio do the Dementium games on DS as well? I enjoyed those, wouldn't mind seeing a 3rd one. Sequel to Moon would be great too!



ThomasBW84 said:

@sinalefa Yeah, that's a fair shout. I always thought Cult County was a more survival-horror type thing, but it's certainly a real possibility.

I wouldn't mind if that was it, to be honest, I'm intrigued to see more of it.



ACK said:

Just make sure it's 60fps. No 'effing around here, Renegade. ATV Wild Ride did not instill confidence.



sinalefa said:


Since I never had a DS, then Renegade Kid to me is little more than Mutant Mudds. I dont remember hearing about their FPS games, and I agree that this one looks interesting. According to your interview, it seems they want an episodic release.



Prof_Clayton said:

I'm not a huge FPS fan... but if they manage to announce something great I'll be sure to watch.



KarateKid1234 said:

From my speculation, (JUST FAN SPECULATION, DOESN'T MEAN IT'S TRUE.) there could be a Nintendo Direct coming up REALLY soon, and this MIGHT just be announced throughout it. Also, more speculation. The Nintendo Direct might be the 6th as Masahiro Sakurai is coming back with SSB Pic of the Day on the 6th, and as usual, an SSB character gets announced in a Nintendo Direct. What i'm saying is that there's a chance of a Character TBA on the 6th if there is a direct.



rayword45 said:

I still want a multiplayer FPS with four separate control types

Metroid Prime: Hunters-type
Kid Icarus: Uprising-type (basically the above with flick motion)
Face Buttons to aim (lmfao)
Circle Pad Pro to aim

Then we can see which one is the best once and for all



Link41x said:

I am shocked that Activision hasn't released a CoD on 3DS considering how many were on DS....



MAB said:

Cool, Cult County is the only 3DS game I have been looking forward to since it was announced... Hopefully we get a remake of Dementium 1 + 2 and Moon with CPP support (that thing is hidden amongst the dust and cobwebs)



Royalblues said:

Wish the 3DS had a second analog pad that I didn't have to buy. That would make FPS games a lot more playable. The Ratchet and Clank game on the PSP suffered slightly because of the lack of a second analog control pad.



Obito_Sigma said:

I'm not a real big fan of FPS's. I watched a Let's Play of Bioshock Infintie by YOGSCAST Rythian, and I didn't find anything interesting. I played COD online with a friend, I just got my donkey kicked no matter how long I played and just gave up. It was stupid.

The only FPSs that amazed me were Doom, Wolfenstein, Time Splitters, and 007. I hope that this one catches my attention and heads the same direction that the listed franchises have. A factor that leads me to this opinion is probably that every good FPS is usually everyone's favorite game and puts it above every other game that ever existed. (besided Dota or WoW, as I have seen from the comments of Youtube) Props to you guys, and good luck!



Memeboy3 said:

3DS: Hey Wii U! I'm getting a new FPS on my Game library!
Wii U: Woah! That's awesome! Do i get anything out of it?
3DS: ''...''
Wii U: OH COME ON!!!



Detective_TeeJay said:

Ugh, every time I read the word "cheeky" I flinch a bit. I just...never hear anybody say that. And I see the word crop up on this site fairly often. XD



mamp said:

I hope it's not cult county it was supposed to be a horror game right? I don't want another FPS/horror combo they just never work out. Too much focus on the shooting and not enough focus on the horror. And I hope the game supports Circle Pad Pro it only makes the gameplay better (well for those who don't like using the touch screen). As for the other games I wonder what they may be hope they're cool.



WaveBoy said:

I enjoy playing FPS's on the DS because of the stylus controls. Here's hoping for a Dementium 3!



3dcaleb said:

moon was awesome but a new fps would be cool too. and it better use the cpp.



C-Olimar said:

@Link41x I think it's because the developer changed. I think maybe N-Space was behind the CoD DS games, but they stopped making them and I guess Activision didn't see the value in finding a new one.
It's a shame, since the CoD games on DS were underrated imo.



AJWolfTill said:

Not sure why everyone is expecting sequels to franchises which never really took off sales wise. It seems far more likely that this is something new.



element187 said:

I can't say I like these announcements of announcements very much... It's like those meetings to discuss future meetings. If you working a massive corporation, you know exactly how silly and pointless those are.



Shambo said:

Oh god, Cult County or Dementium 3? I want both to happen! Dementium is one of my favourite portable series ever!



ReaperX30 said:

Any FPS would be cool but I'm really waiting for Cult County. A Dementium 3 would also be sweet. I just hope it's not a futuristic shooter. I want something creepy or maybe urban military would be nice.



brandonbwii said:

I read somewhere that Cult County will lean more to survival horror, limited ammo, etc. More like Dementium: The Ward than Dementium 2.



Ralizah said:

A FPS on a one-analog-stick handheld? No thanks. I still don't like the idea of having to buy an extra accessory to play games like Cult County or MH3U comfortably. And Metroid Prime Hunters showed me just uncomfortable it would be to play a FPS on a non-dual stick handheld.



Windy said:

I'm not a fan of FPS games but might buy it from Renegade Kid to just support! Who knows maybe it will change the way I look at FPS games



ToniK said:

I loved Dementium 1, 2 and Moon so anything related would be great. Has anyone else thought about the problematic crosshair on 3DS? It probably won't work since you see it doubled if you look at your enemy and vice versa. Maybe laser sight or something would work or just melee weapons like in those Cult County screenshots.

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