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Pokémon Winter Regional Championships Mark First Use of X & Y in Series Competition

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Blowing across the U.S. this month

Think you've put enough [hundreds of] hours into Pokémon X & Y to take other trainers on in a sanctioned tournament? Many players in the United States will soon have the chance to find out as the Pokémon Winter Regional Championships become the first to introduce the new generation into their events.

The Pokémon Winter Regional Championships will be held in five different cities and over two days at each location. Only one day of each event will feature a tournament with the video games, while both days will host play with the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The cities hosting events this month are:

Doswell, VA: 11th-12th January, Meadow Event Park Exhibition Hall (video game on 12th January)
St. Charles, MO: 18th-19th January, St. Charles Convention Center (video game on 18th January)
Long Beach, CA: 18th-19th January, Long Beach Convention Center (video game on 19th January)
Salem, OR: 18th-19th January, Oregon State Fair and Expo Center (video game on 19th January)
Orlando, FL: 25th-26th January, International Palms Resort (video game on 26th January)

All events will be open to the public. To compete, you must bring your own copy of X or Y to use in your own 3DS or 2DS system, or a legal deck for the TCG. Tournaments are set up in a way that everyone will continue to play in all rounds until the finals are determined. Winners will receive booster packs, trophies, and possible travel allowances to continue pursuing the championship at later events; more information on each event can be found on the Pokémon website.

Is anyone out there thinking of heading to a championship event? Any tips from those who've played in the past? Let us know below!


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Obito_Sigma said:

My goodness, I can't even win one in every four battles I have on Competitive Battling. Sometimes I would find this complete new player that I could win a match against, and sometimes I find these other new players who woop me using all legendaries that they find during gameplay, obviously using a Mega Mewtwo Y.



Gioku said:

Yeah but the bank still isn't out --

wait wait wait there's one in SALEM???
That's only a 30 minute drive from here...!



Haxonberik said:

How about you release the Pokemon Bank before that? Even if you pretend to let players use Kalos pokemon only (which I dont really know but is possible), having old pokemon to breed moves can be an advantage that people with japanese pokemon could have.



GalacticMario28 said:

I've thought for a while that it could be fun to participate in one of these tournaments, even if I get destroyed in the first match, but they never hold one anywhere near where I live, and I'm not about to spend money on a plane ticket just for a video game event.



Gioku said:

I can go to the Pokémon Championships, guys!
I can go to the Pokémon Championships!!!
...I'll probably get my butt handed to me, but... I wanna go just because it's so close!'d be silly for me not to go, really...

Think of the StreetPass...!



TwoSmoove said:

Will be heading to the one in VA. Haven't had time to make a team yet. I'm looking towards streetpasses just as much as the battles.



Crimzonlogic said:

Woah, I live in LB, I can take the bus down the street to this! Do I need points or something to enter? Or do I just show up with a game and a pokemon team ready to battle?

Edit: Is it going to be single or double battles or what? I can't find any more info on it. I've never been to anything like this, so I don't know what to do. If anyone can give me more information, I would appreciate it!



Gridatttack said:

Remember, you wont be able to use pokes that dont have the kalos mark (blue pentagon)

Or so ive heard



Royalblues said:

I guess I'll try to make my monsters ready for when the competition comes around to my area. The tedious part of Pokemon is making them ready for competitive.



Bender said:

Well. I know it's unrelated, but it is pokemon... I put up a Zygarde on GTS and put Latios as what I want, am I being rediculous or is there someone out there willing to make that trade? xD I know there's a lot of crap on GTS like people begging for mew or Jirachi or a lot of other ones not circulating.. But lots of Latios' are out there they just want impossible to obtain mons...

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