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MercurySteam's New Next-Gen Title Isn't Coming To Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

No love for Nintendo

It has already been confirmed that Spanish studio MercurySteam is moving away from the Castlevania franchise once work is completed on Lords of Shadow 2, but producer Dave Cox has now announced that company's as-yet-unnamed new project won't be hitting the Wii U.

Speaking at a round table event attended by GameSpot, Cox delivered the disappointing news and refused to elaborate on why the decision was made.

A gulf in technological power could be to blame, as the title in question will be a resolutely next-gen affair. It's hitting Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and is "completely different" to the Gothic fantasy of Castlevania. Of course, the Wii U's low number of players could also be the reason.

MercurySteam's only Nintendo title to date was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate, which hit the 3DS last year. It met with mixed reviews, but we rather liked it.

What are your thoughts on this news? Were you hoping to play MercurySteam's next game, or do you see it as no great loss? As ever, let us know by leaving a comment below.


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Shiryu said:

...what is a man but a miserable pile of CASTLEVANIA ABSENCE! Y_Y



DreamOn said:

It's not castlevania and it's not coming to Wii U? Not much to say either way at this point. I suppose I could make a general comment about 3rd parties and WiiU here but nope!



Warbeard said:

It's only due to the low install base, everything else is BS - look how many developers were eager to make crappy ports for the Wii



PanurgeJr said:

I've played enough PS3 games to realize most developers want as much power as possible to save them the hassle of working. The Wii U can handle what they'd be throwing at it. I'd give developers a pass on the install base issues if they hadn't rushed to PS4 and the Bone before they were available a year after not rushing to Wii U so they could wait and see how it did.



yenly said:

seriously they have about the same install base as the other console their is not real reason to not put on the U. I bet this plays again the conspiracy (that I know believe in ) to boot out Nintendo from the industry by any mean.
You guys can see how many time the most financially proven company is qualified "DOOMED" while they have the most solvent business model and the other companies are close to bankrupt themselves on mistakes?



WebHead said:

Obvious: game probably wouldn't sell on Wii U due to the userbase/demographic.



ikki5 said:

well, it is kind of hard when even Nintendo seems to be not doing much for their own system. It's sad really, I used to defend Nintendo with my life pretty much but with back to back of disappointment with the VC and weekly downloads, I just don't know any more. I really hope they fire the people making the horrible decisions and get some new people in because it is killing me.



BigH88 said:

Can sites just stop posting these types of articles? Its not surprising anymore. This year is gonna be 1st party for Nintendo. They need to increase the install base. Then 3rd party support will come.



Ryno said:

Wonder what is the next classic franchise they are going to butcher?



djcaetano said:

Interesting. "I do not know if I will create a new a game. I do not know its name and even the producer and publisher company names, but I know for sure it will not run on Wii U". Great attitude.



rjejr said:

Considering you had to link their upcoming game - LoS2 - to PS b/c THAT* isn't coming out on the Wii U, no real reason to think their next game would, is there?

And before anybody asks - "Why would LoS2 come out on Wii U when the 1st game didn't?" - Batman, Mass Effect and Bayonneta say hello. AND the 3DS has a LoS game.

I do think it's worth mentioning when multiplat games don't come out on the Wii U so people can decide between PS4 or X1 for their other console. I wouldn't go as far as covering other consoles 1st party exclusives though.



Mahe said:

Good! Even with Wii U's lack of games, a lacklustre Mercurysteam production wouldn't help the situation at all. Wii U needs good games, which Mercurysteam can't deliver.



Peach64 said:

So many people seem to get mad at every article. People don't want to see charts, they don't want to see news. There's not really any games coming out to review, so how do the expect NLife to function?

Nobody can rationally, or logically have any problem with games skipping the Wii U. I know it sucks that these games won't be coming out on the console you enjoy, but you can't call ANYONE lazy, or stupid, when Wii U sales are what they are. So many third party releases are losing money, why would you, as a business person (which they all are, including Iwata and Reggie), give the go ahead to a Wii U release now? The risk/reward is just not worth it. There's a big chance it goes goes bad, and you're throwing away several million dollars, and a small chance your game will be a sales success and sell a couple of hundred thousand units.

I understand why people are upset, but there's no need to suddenly turn into school children and post comments like 'Yet another lazy/dumb developer'.



FineLerv said:

First Aliens now this? The list of non-Wii U games that I don't care about is growing bigger by the day!



Mahe said:

@Peach64 The issue will only matter when there are good games that Wii U doesn't have access to. For example, if Ducktales Remastered hadn't come to Wii U, that would have been a bigger loss than this.



Jaguar11891 said:

It's like Nintendo is stuck in limbo. Developers aren't making games because of the low install base and many people aren't playing because developers aren't making games for it.



3MonthBeef said:

MercurySteam and Michael Bay should get together for a round of drinks to discuss techniques on how best to ruin franchises.



audiobrainiac said:

I LOVED Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate, but if thats how they wanna be, screw 'em, that's fine. I don't need their crap.



Laxeybobby said:

Its a sad state of affairs when a Nintendo fan website, can only get daily news reports that are negative for Nintendo. Its the same news recycled with a different name of the game and developer/publisher.

I said it yesterday following the Sega news. The Wii U is rapidly becoming a Niche Nintendo fan only console, a place where software will only be available via the e-shop. Where Indie Nintendo fan small developers provide the game releases along with the retro games of all the 80's to 90's consoles in one place.



Caryslan said:

Oh goodie, here comes all the comments about how Lords of Shadows sucks and Mercury Stream ruined a franchise..... Personally, I think Mercury Stream did a great job with Lord of Shadow, and I can't wait to see what they will do with Lords of Shadow 2. Its my second favorite game in the series after Symphony of the Night. What is so wrong with LOS? Besides the tired old "It plays like God of War" arguments or how is somehow magically does not feel like a Castlevania game.

I thought LOS was a great game, and in many ways is better even than GOW. I would love to see what these guys can do with their own IP.



AVahne said:

People seem to be confusing install base and audience. Even IF Wii U sold as much as the Wii, third-parties would still consider it a risk to develop certain types of games for it since the audience just isn't there for them.
This fact, combined with Wii U's lack of power, tell me that Nintendo is mostly on their own in the home console market. Of course, they'll be aided by indies, paid third party exclusives, and developers crazy enough to risk a sales failure in order to experiment, find a new audience within the Ninty fanbase, and/or push the limits of their skill to eek out the best visual results from Wii U's limited hardware. So it's not all bad.



Wolfgabe said:

@Peach64 Its because articles like this have been done to death countless times and they just attract trolls, doom sayers, and gloom mongers. What drives people like me nuts is they say its not coming to Wii U but they don't give any specific reason why. There are a lot of Castlevania fans out there who are not too fond of LoS from what I hear. We don't even know who is publishing the game anyway



Einherjar said:

@Peach64 The problem i have with such a company decision is that they never tried if the user base of the WiiU would buy any of their products.
Its the same with UbiSofts Rayman debacle. It would have launched completely on its own at a time of very few game releases on a console that had very little to offer. Many people thzat considered that title to be a must have at the time, skipped it because of other, maybe better options around its later release date. It basicly was a "no risk" deal while releasing it later, at a time with GTA V and many other options even on the WiiU itself was clearly the worse option.
With konami, they didnt even try. Its perfectly understandable for a company to drop its support for a console that costs them money instead of making any, waiting for a time in that the console is more popular or skipping it for good. But never dipping into it even once, not knowing how the fanbase would react to their products and not saying why that decision was made tells me a few things:

  • They jumped on the "skip WiiU" bandwagon just for the sake of it, because everyone has done it, making them essential one of the "stupid / lazy devs"
  • They really lack confidence in their own product and are not conviced of their own game that could very well be "the system seller" (unlikely, sure, but possible if done right)

If you want to catch fish, you first have to use some bait. If these companys want another system to profit from, they have to esteblish the buyer base on their own. Think of it: This generation, the WiiU will be the cheapest console to work on. Make some 2D Classicvanias / Metroidvanias for it. People love these and they wont really benefit from the new consoles power. Also, like is said, production costs are way cheaper, because you can "just go with standart HD game tech".
And if you have your audience, you can try casting the line and maybe you hit it big. Either way, you havent lost that much.
Look at Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance. A game entirely consisting of already made assets, music, graphics, sprites etc. Such a thing would be perfect to dip into a new console and potential new buyers range, just to test the waters. If it goes well, youve opened possibillities for larger projects. People will know that "Konami made a good CV game on the WiiU and there will probably be more"
But saying no flatout from the start IS lazy at best, especially without any good reason behind it.
But, like you said, whining and hating brings us nowhere. The only thing that works is to vote with our wallets. Buy game you like on the WiiU to support the system. Instead of running amok with pitchforks, just express that you would find a certain product much more attractive on the WiiU.
If devs only see a whining, complaining, cursing and downright hateful userbase, no one wil ever want to please them.



GraveLordXD said:

@Peach64 I completely agree with everything you had to say with the exception of the first part of your article because this right here shouldn't be considered news on this site also " how should we expect NLife to function?" I'd say just like push square functions because it seems to me that this site has more news articles on a daily basis than them so seems to me they have plenty to talk about over here even if they didn't with all the games of the 30 years of nintendo games I'm sure they could dig up more than enough to talk about but THIS right here isn't news at all its rather pointless
Want to know what I think @nintendolife? hmm well not much seeing as I have no idea what this game is even about because the only thing I know is that its from mercury steam and the only thing I know about them is they are responsible for the LoS games so unless you can enlighten me more about the subject there isn't much to discuss about this so called news article so what am I supposed to do with this little piece of information?



ultraraichu said:

I remember back in the 2000s developer would of take a stab at making multi-platform games for all consoles.
Even if one console have less power or install base, they would of been creative enough to make it work or any least take the risk.

2010s seems more like the copy and paste safety era to me with their reactions to different/ new experience.



GraveLordXD said:

@Wolfgabe exactly and we have no clue what its about who is publishing it we basically know nothing about it neither does Nlife so why even bother to post this? It serves no purpose whatsoever



Fink-Nottle said:

Glad it is not coming to Wii U, another uninteresting game that won't take up valuable space on the eShop. The space itself will serve several great games.



tanookisuit said:

If it's based on the Wii U hardware not taking kind to their gaming engine I understand. But understand if it's just a snub, I'm good not buying their products on the Playstation too as I'm not about financing immaturity.



hotlfusion said:

Nintendo is on it's own, that's the bottom line. Any unexpected third-party games are a bonus.

I accept that. So no surprise on my side. I will just like to mention that Wii U has the largest userbase of the next-gen consoles so that's not really an excuse for developers not to make games for it.

They just rather not.



Cia said:

Everyone who still claims that Wii U is doomed, should take part in WSA (World Stupidity Awards).



hngdmn said:

I don't care. Except for the part about MS not working on Castlevania anymore. Maybe now we can get some decent 2D games.



Caryslan said:

@Faron I don't think the Wii U is doomed, but its also not in the clear either. In less than two months, the PS4 and Xbox One's numbers are very close to the numbers the Wii U has gained in a year. Currently, the PS4 sits at 4.2 Million, the Xbox One is about 3 million, and the Wii U is at 5.2 Million.

The Wii U has been doing better in recent months, but it is not out of the woods yet. I don't think the Wii U is doomed, but I think it could be destined to be like the Gamecube. A system that sits in third-place, is somewhat successful, and gets some third-part support along with strong Nintendo support.



K-Gamer said:

@GuitarAnthony I can agree, only third party titles I care about next year is Watch Dogs, and maybe Project Cars. I could wish for Infamous, but that's not even third party.



unrandomsam said:

@K-Gamer Unless they decided to change it then Watchdogs is 30fps across all systems. (Perhaps the PC will have a dual video card workaround). And as it is Ubisoft then the least bad version is all you could hope for. (Look at the DS version of Rayman for a good example of Ubisoft's support for its none primary platforms).



sadsack777 said:

lets go to the play ground again its not Nintendo its the 3rd partys that carnt be donkey making there game to fit Nintendo because it takes to long to make for them its realy easy to make a game that's got lots of mem and power that's what they say sorry I don't think so its down to hard work
Please watch the profanity — TBD



GraveLordXD said:

@hngdmn this is exactly what I was thinking hell I'd even take games like curse of darkness over the mercury steam ones so far
Now LoS 2 believe it or not kinda sorta has my attention because I just recently watched some gameplay and it seems so far that it isn't as much the god of war clone as the first one was and they have an option to turn off the qtes thankfully, I know it still may not be the castlevania I ultimately want but hopefully it won't be a complete ripoff of gow at least I hope



XFsWorld said:

Only about 3 third party titles I'm interested getting this year: Watch Dogs, Amazing Spider Man 2, and Project Cars. So far.



GraveLordXD said:

I'd like to see what this developer is made of this "next" game may prove them. Who knows they might ripoff another stale game like cod or something but I would like to see what they can do because technology LoS was a good game just not original at all
I understand games ultimately pull ideas from other games but LoS gameplay wise had absolutely no identity it was Gow with a castlevania skin



PokeTune said:

"Whatever. We don't need 3rd parties anyway!" ~ Nintendo fanboys around the world.



Xaessya said:

I don't think this would really matter much if they make more of an effort to release more Nintendo exclusives like a new Star Fox U, Metroid U, F-Zero U, Golden Sun U, Mario Strikers U, Fatal Frame U, Pokemon U and The Conduit U.

Although all not with U in their title...



RedRocBoy said:

It really sucks to see many people who don't have the facts underestimate the Wii U. Nintendo made console that could go for the long haul. It's a very powerful console and we have only had glimpses of it's true power. The install base base BS is played out how Wii U's would warrant these developers to start make real competent games and not ridiculously watered downs ports for the system. The Wii U is in no way shape are form doomed. Nintendo said it themselves that they have third party companies helping them with more unannounced games. It's a said day in the video game community when we care more about how a game looks and many consoles are being sold then how a game plays and if your having a great experience with a game. Don't get me wrong I love oretty games but I think that's the advantage of being a Nintendo gamer you learn to appreciate the experience not just how many pixels are shaders a games. But I do wish Nintendo would just buy exclusive rights to certain games. They could reboot Crystal Chronicales get another studio to remake The Twin Snakes using the Fox Engine, get Capcom to make some exclusive Resident Evil games. It's so much they could do and I bet it's a lot that they are doing but we just don't know it yet.



kolz said:

LOL not kiddy-ish enough is what that means. No huge heads with goofy smiles. Ah well there is another 98789378973876483o983290 mario games coming out.



RedRocBoy said:

@Tsuzura Holy Christ YESSSSS!!!!!!! This needs to happen. If they put some marketing behind those games that could be an easy 10-15 mill. ( I'm just dreaming out loud )



jrob23 said:

Developers can't be bothered to make games due to the low install base and gamepad. They don't feel the effort is going to be rewarded. It sucks because every once in a while a multi plat is decent. But that is extremely rare. We all knew what we were getting when we bought a Wii U. Enjoy their stellar 1st party games and anything else is icing on the cake. If you must play these games, buy a PC or PS4/Xbone. Problem solved.



Macarony64 said:

And the only ame that I care and is not coming is kingdom hearts the rest I don't care unless it is a Contra game



RedRocBoy said:

@jrob23 What if don't wanna spend an additional 4 or 5 hundred just to play Kingdom Hearts are FF15( I still I'm gonna buy a PS4 though just saying. Just no time soon.) That's a lot of money to spend on 3rd party games. Gonna sticking with Nintendo for forseeable future.



jrob23 said:

@RedRocBoy that's the choice we consumers have to make. We want our biggest bang for the buck. You have options. You can get the stellar first party games and scant multi plats and 3rd party by buying a Wii U. You can get all that Xbox and Sony can provide with some great exclusives, lots of multi plats..but ZERO Nintendo games. Or you if you can afford it, you get multiple consoles or a PC on top of whatever you choose.

I will never buy a gaming PC. So that leaves me with a choice of either PS4 or Xbone to go with my Wii U. Having bought, played, and sold a PS4, I can attest to its improvement and value as a console over the PS3. However, it had zero games I wanted to play right now and no 3d blu ray playback. I played Forza a little on Xbone and was very impressed. But no way I am spending $500 plus on a console with very little else that excites me. So I will wait patiently for a reason I MUST own one or the other.
The Wii U and 3ds have me busier than I really need to be so I am not hurting for even more games.

In my opinion, I'd rather get Nintendo games and some 3rd party games (though I rarely buy them-I do have Arkham City and ZombiU in my lineup and want to play Deus Ex, Splinter Cell, Rayman, NFSMW) than ZERO Nintendo and a bunch of watered down ports. But that is because I feel the others focus too much on fps and online games, things I am not interested in. PS4 seems like the early favorite to be my other console.



TheRealThanos said:


'Nobody can rationally, or logically have any problem with games skipping the Wii U. I know it sucks that these games won't be coming out on the console you enjoy'

Actually I can, and I will. Either you mean something entirely different than I'm making from it, or you seem to say that it is okay that titles are skipping the Wii U. I think we can ALL agree that titles skipping the Wii U is a thing that needs to stop, or the situation is only going to get worse. Even if they are titles that not everybody is interested in, they STILL need to come to Nintendo's console to broaden it's library and it's appeal.
If I read you wrong, please forget I said anything. I've been on edge lately, since so many people seem to be missing the point once again and the bad news is unfortunately starting to overwhelm the good news again, of late.
@Everyone I'm pulling out my giant BS card and calling it.
People that are convinced that this is a "lack of horsepower" issue need to get a new set of brains. I'll debunk that BS in a bit, so let's get it on...
The ONLY important and factual reason is them being afraid that they are not going to make enough money considering the low installed base of the Wii U. It's a money thing, plain and simple. Demographic could be a reason, but I think that is only partially true, since more than once Nintendo fans and console owners have been vocal about wanting third party titles on their system of choice, and you can bet your *ss that word gets around to both Nintendo and developers outside of their inner circle so we are heard, except Nintendo's lack of effort isn't very helpful. They need to step up and have to court third parties more seriously, as in "like their lives depended upon it".
Of course you would buy a certain console for certain kinds of games, but people buying a Wii U just for Pikmin and Mario are a definite minority.
If you people would care to take a little walk back in time with me, when new game engines were announced: Unreal engine 4, CryEngine 3, Frostbyte, Unity, and so on. From ALL engines, ONLY EA's Frostbyte is SUPPOSEDLY not compatible with Wii U. They said it was mainly because their engine is CPU heavy and the Wii U's CPU wouldn't be able to handle it. Now we all know by now that EA is full of it, so I dare to strongly dispute that, seeing as it is possible to scale Frostbyte to run on mere smart phones, which should immediately set off alarms and make people wonder if EA has completely lost it this time.
Unreal 4 was officially reported running on Wii U, although not smoothly with all bells and whistles switched on, but if you turned some effects off, it ran just fine. And also keep in mind that it ran on Wii U dev kit v3, while currently new and improved Wii U dev kits are v5 or maybe even v6. Same goes for CryEngine 3, which was even confirmed by CryTek's CEO, and those are the main three contenders. All other engines are either custom built for a specific game, or are smaller, such as Unity.
And most important, besides the facts now mentioned, ALL engines are scalable, so you could just adapt it to the power that is available on the platform your working on. Yet another reason why horsepower is BS..
That covers the technical part of why "the Wii U is not powerful enough" deserves my giant BS card. It is just NOT true, PERIOD.
Retro Studios will come back some day with a new Metroid running on their custom built engine and show what Wii U is capable of and the same goes for Monolith (X) and Slightly Mad Studios (Project CARS), which is already confirmed by themselves.
Now looking at the money issue, it is not just what they would be able to earn from a Wii U version, it is also the cost of development on a different platform. The current edition of the other two is now closer than ever to a PC, so porting is very user friendly for developers. Not so on the Wii U, and then there is the GamePad integration, so they might have to come up with a use for that, or at least incorporate Off TV Play. Couple that with the Wii U's different architecture and it becomes more and more clear as to why developers keep on skipping the Wii U as an option for their future titles.
Maybe they should just start being honest and just speak openly about the lack of support from buyers and maybe even Nintendo and that might just be an added incentive for people to talk with their wallets and make the Wii U's installed base grow to a more respectable size so we CAN get all these third party offerings...
Now here's hoping no more people prefer BS cookies to the truth.
Nuff said...



darklinkinfinite said:

I just assume any game announced is not coming to the Wii U instead of hoping it is until I see an article like this.



TheRealThanos said:

@LDXD I hear ya, but I will keep on doing this until others tire first, and they will. I have an UNLIMITED stack of BS cards and every time some tool spouts something without actually using his brain, I will call it. And I will do so as long as I feel the need to. I don't want to make converts, I just want to make people think for themselves, because they should be perfectly capable of doing so. It's just that media and other sources get in the way so much faster in this digital age, and I suspect that a lot of them get influenced by that to a degree. Some more than others, but once a few of them start crying wolf, we pretty soon (and in retrospect; for no reason at all) start preparing for a whole pack of wolves that is never going to arrive...



TheRealThanos said:

@RedRocBoy Yeah, was just kidding. But thanks for the compliment. There actually are quite a few people on here with their head screwed on the right way, unfortunately they aren't always online or in the same topic, so you will need to find that out for yourself. Most of it is just: keep breathing, use logical thinking, keep track of old news to be able to compare to current news. Hence all the debunking. And not to forget the most recurring error of them all: people confusing their opinion with fact, stating that something IS, instead of "I think/feel that"...
If you like this way of thinking, I can heartily recommend you taking a look at ReviewTech USA's YouTube channel. The guys' name is Rich and he reviews just about anything to do with computers, consoles and smart phones, and he has a stack of BS cards that may even be bigger than mine...



hYdeks said:

Probably not hard to figure out why it's not coming to Wii U. They probably felt there isn't enough user base on the system, or there isn't enough demand to put a M rated game on a Nintendo system, considering most of the games that sell on a Nintendo system are for younger people, teens, and family, I can kinda understand why it wouldn't show up on the system.

That being said, I agree with anyone that says that Nintendo needs to grab these games and get them on there Wii U, cause the amount of games not showing up on Wii U is starting to be alot, and it's hard to get people into a system when there is always news of games not coming to the system, but are coming to PS4 and Xbox One, or even older systems like PS3 and 360.



Steveovig said:

It's probably for the best, in terms of their best interests. This thing wouldn't sell, much like almost everything else on the console. When 1st party games aren't selling well, you know things are in trouble.



HollowGrapeJ said:

I'm pretty sure that by now most Nintendo fans who actually even play this stuff would have another system. But that's still no excuse for it to not come out on Wii U. Third parties can make great games, too. Developers need to start taking chances before saying that it won't sell. Imagine if the Wii U had literally every third party game as PS4 and X1 plus their own amazing first party. People would be all over it.



hYdeks said:

@Superstick I would like to agree with you, BUT the playstation fans and xbox fans would just complain the game isn't coming to their system of choice and probably boycott the games for coming out on a Nintendo system.Good example of this is whats happening with Platinum and Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive.
So basicly, I figure people will hate on Nintendo no matter if Nintendo did get the games or not, and most people interested in this game (Lords of Shadows 2) would probably never want to touch a Nintendo product, just cause they view it as the "kiddie" game machine



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Oh boy, people bash MercurySteam yet again for not copying Symphony of the Silly. Get creative, seriously. They brought a lot of atmosphere to the games, and I for one appreciate the effort they put into the LoS games instead of whining like a spoiled kid who wanted more presents for his birthday.



GraveLordXD said:

@yenly "they have the same install base as the other console" I suppose you mean the ps4? In which case the ps4 did that rather quickly in fact it broke records they are thinking that by the time the game comes out the install base will be where it needs to be for them to make a reasonable profit
I'm sure they are lerie about the Wii Us future because at the rate its going it may not pass GameCube sales and with how much it cost to develop games now its probably not worth it
@everyone this type of thing isn't good news not only for the Wii u but the future of the industry quit being haters fanboys blah blah blah and open your eyes!!



GraveLordXD said:

@Kaze_Memaryu getting creative is something I'd like to see mercury steam do! They brought atmosphere but completely forgot to bring the gameplay they almost copied and pasted the gameplay from gow to a tee. That is my biggest problem and BTW LoS isn't
even in the same league as sotn



RedRocBoy said:

@TheRealThanos Oh yeah man been subbed for like a year love Rich. And I love that he has two Wii U's like he said if he didn't like the console he would have taken it back like he did his X Box1. Oh yeah I'm definitely a user of my own brain. LOL It's good to see others who see things for what they really are and don't follow the crowd.



TheRealThanos said:

@RedRocBoy Ah, like minds then...
All this fuss about something that is actually nothing. Men and their toys, huh?
I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:
"The console wars are like boobs: Microsoft and Sony fight over which ones look the nicest, and Nintendo's are the most fun to play with."



TheRealThanos said:

@LDXD That isn't Rich's quote. I actually came up with this version myself, then when I started to use it on multiple sites I got an angry PM on another forum from some guy saying that I stole his quote, even thought he said "t*ts" and "who's look the nicest" or "look better" or something. Later on I also found the quote on NeoGaf and a few other sites. Oh well, with millions of people on an equal amount of websites, you're bound to have a similar idea some time...



TwilightAngel said:

well nintendo is on there own now the third party support is leaving the wiiu they better have games that are amazing that is not smash bros or mario kart that will save the wiiu, they should stop thinking that and bring back the series that made them famous like metriod you know what make a new metriod game and the wiiu will sell alot. if they do that thats on them if they mess up then they wont get hurt the fans will.



Tysamu said:

I like how all these devs that refuse to give a reason as towards why they won't bring their games to the Wii U. Like as though they're too coward to give a reason



Doma said:

@Tsusasi Why a troll? Nothing about this situation is unforeseen or inexplicable.

@LDXD It does interest me to see how well the WiiU performs and why. The system was set-up for failure, and it amuses me to see people thinking that was caused by anyone other than Nintendo.



GraveLordXD said:

@Doma I don't see Nintendo giving up on it do you? I don't see Nintendo going bankrupt over it do you?
Until either of those two things happen I wouldn't consider it a failure
If that's what you do for amusement it makes me wonder what exactly do you game on with all the free time to worry about what nintendo fans think about a system you obviously don't care for



Doma said:

@LDXD Dooming their home consoles to irrelevancy may as well be the same as giving up. Nintendo flailing on with the WiiU only bothers me because it means there will be less games coming to the 3ds.



hcfwesker said:

Are we seriously going to see articles like these when a game (not even in development yet) is not coming to WiiU. WE GET IT, WiiU is only guaranteed Nintendo game at this point .... You don't see Sony/Xbox sites making articles, "Surprise ... Nintendo is making a new mario/zelda game, but it won't be coming to PS4/XBone".



TheRealThanos said:

@Urbanhispanic You're welcome.
@Doma With all due respect, but how exactly is the Wii U "set-up for failure"? And please be so kind as to leave the power issue out of it, since that has already been dealt with 36 comments ago. Sure, like I have said before, Nintendo has problems getting their marketing right, and they really need to do something about the third party debacle, but the Wii U is not "set-up for failure". I'll even do you one better: even though it actually did in the end, not even the Virtual Boy was set up to fail, no console (or handheld for that matter) ever is, especially not one from Nintendo, and not because they're that good, but because they need to since it's their core business.



GraveLordXD said:

@Doma funny you think that way I don't remember the original Xbox being doomed to irrelevancy selling only around 22 million in 5 years
So I take it its all over for nintendo the fat lady has sung
I'm pretty sure Sony gonna be just fine even though the vitas been selling horribly ever since its been out by your logic all three major gaming companies should be doomed into irrelevancy



Doma said:

@TheRealThanos As of now, all of Nintendo's issues has to do with their deep-seeded and stubborn management tendencies (i can't be bothered to go into detail). They never seem to learn from past mistakes - With each new console their situation gets worse.



GraveLordXD said:

@Doma now that I can agree with but we can't be certain about that
This also leads me to believe nintendo doesn't really care about 3rd party as many would like to think



TheRealThanos said:

@Doma Ah, so we agree more or less. Not saying that it will change this time around, but it IS something that they can change, so no need for all the final doom and gloom and so on, methinks?
A thing that we might also take into consideration is that there is a distinct difference in perception between Western and Asian people, so the same goes for how they manage companies. You might look at Sony for comparison but contrary to popular belief they are WAY more "Westernized" than Nintendo is, so what we see as stubborn or high-horse like behavior, may be something entirely different. If anything, Iwata always comes across as very friendly and humble, and don't even mention Miyamoto...
No fan of the GameCube & Wii then?



Doma said:

@TheRealThanos "No fan of the GameCube & Wii then?"

There were games i loved on the Cube (Smash, RE4, Paper Mario, Prime series, Fire Emblem). It was actually the first system i bought that gen, and that controller was perfection. But unlike the 64, it wasn't so great for quality/fresh content overall. PS2's game selection beckoned me in the end.

I bought the Wii early on too, but i kinda regretted it because of the whole audience shift. Had less worthwhile games than the Cube imo.



nungi said:

I think it's a good game.think it should or was rated at 7 or 8 so it's not bad wanted to get it at launch think ill pic it up.guess everybody in today's world could do better give them a likle love but since they cutting Nintendo port because of some mixed fealings is a bunch of crap make a good game it will sell like water and most people don't make a lot of moni too support every game that comes out for every console and developers don't have the moni to and time to pay staff to make the best out of their resources



TheRealThanos said:

@Doma Depends on what you like, I guess. For me the obvious choices are the larger first party titles and next to that most JRPG's and some other entertaining, often times quirky and maybe sometimes even wrongly underrated titles come to mind like Zack & Wiki, Excite Truck, The House of the Dead Overkill, Battalion Wars Wii, Overlord Dark Legend, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Metroid Prime trilogy, Dead Space Extraction, Need for Speed NITRO, A Boy and His Blob, Endless Ocean 1 & 2, A Shadow’s Tale, The Kore Gang - Outvasion from Inner Earth, Monster Hunter Tri, Red Steel 2, Okami, Mad World, Klonoa, SSX Blur, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, One Piece Unlimited Cruise 1 & 2, The Conduit 1 & 2, Wing Island, and so on. I could probably name some more, but I'll stop here. It's hard to imagine that between all those games and game types there is hardly anything that would fit someone's taste, unless of course you have a very specific taste...



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@LDXD It was definitely creative for a Castlevania game. There has never been a fast-paced combo fighting system to begin with in the Castlevania series (with the exception of Judgement, which is an actual 3D fighter), and LoS introduced a simplistic combat system that still allowed for extensive exploits and a lot of speed - something barely any Castlevania games managed to provide in themselves.
Also, the plot is for the very first time more meaningful than 'kill Dracula, go home'. Rebooting the story was one of the best choices they could do, since the rules of IGA's story narrowed down the possibilities severely.

But I agree, LoS and SotN really are a different league - LoS at least doesn't suck.



GraveLordXD said:

@Kaze_Memaryu but the thing is it completely copied combat from another game even the way you earn skills
Thing is castlvania shouldn't have copied any game it should have did its own thing take dark souls for example(my personal modern day castlevania) love it or hate it the combat was fresh something new and IMO phenomenal nothing else is like it
I'm hoping that LoS 2 doesn't copy gow as much and from what I've seen it looks like they may have made enough changes to make it stand apart from it
And you are right LoS doesn't suck but when I played it I didn't feel like I was really playing a castlevania game as much as just a gow with a castlevania skin
Every other castlevania I've played at least to me felt like castlevania
Lol I thought sotn was awesome still do as I type this I'm actually playing it, you made me pause my game to respond shame on you
BTW are you planing on picking up LoS 2?
Edit: stupid spell checker! Sorry if you kept getting my same response I had to correct my spelling a few times from auto correct



GraveLordXD said:

@Kaze_Memaryu I guess my only real major gripe would be the gameplay and that's a big part of the game
I did enjoy the story and the art style as well
The music was great at time though I wish there was more of it Belmont's theme was nothing short of epic and also vampire killer in the music box was a very nice surprise




Keep publishing these stories to remind Nintendo that the lack of third-party support actually is something Nintendo fans care about. Most of all I miss Take2 and Rockstar games on Wii U.



Peach64 said:

@TheRealThanos I agree with you entirely. There is nothing wrong with the power capability of the Wii U. First party games like Super Mario 3D World are already showing this. If a game is made ground up for the console, it can be fantastic. The problem is the third parties don't have that luxury. Retro and Monolith don't have to worry about wether the sales their games get at the end will cover all their costs of the 2-3 years developing it. Nintendo will be happy for the project to take a loss as it boosts their console which in turn makes them more money. When 3rd parties have to give their royalties to Nintendo, it's partly paying the way for Nintendo's games.

Third parties have to look at each project, and even each port to see if it will make money. Wii U is built very differently to the others, so ports take longer, which means they cost more. They can see the sales figures of other third party games and see that maybe 4 out of 5 are not making enough money to cover the cost of that port. So are they stupid or lazy for saying no? That's my problem here. Or people saying 'they should take a loss in order to boost Wii U sales so their next game might sell more', when in reality the losses on that first game could put them out of business. Why take the risk when the chance if success is is small and the reward pretty tiny.



banacheck said:

That issue come and gone all of 2014 bigger games like MGS Ground Zeroes or The Witcher and meny more, you already know there not coming to the Wii U.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@LDXD Well, I can't deny SotN its revolution, I give it as much. But that's also the problem: SotN spoiled gamers and the Castlevania fanbase dramatically. Now expectations for new Castlevania games always go through the roof, and everything is compared to SotN, which IGA actually said isn't supposed to become a gameplay staple.
The basic combat mechanic of LoS is still just hack'n'slash, but MercurySteam managed to make it much deeper than most other games of the genre by emphasizing on freedom instead of the repeating combo strings. But that's what some people ignore in favor of shallow comparison.

As it stands currently, I won't be getting LoS2, though. I'm in the middle of selling my X360, so I won't have the chance to play it.

And lastly, I'd like to aplogize to you, @LDXD for overreacting on your response. Wasn't really fair to do what I complain about: bashing a game for what it is...



GraveLordXD said:

@Peach64 "the Wii U is built very differently to the others which means ports take longer, cost more "
This is what I'm thinking is one of the main problems with why 3rd party support is so bad and how much games cost now to develop
Nintendo really should have designed a console that was easier to work with



GraveLordXD said:

@Kaze_Memaryu oh that's no problem no worries
I guess I'm so critical with castlevania because I love the series so much and LoS could have been amazing if they would have changed a few things
Metroid other m is like that with me too because I don't hate it but when I play it I'm thinking wow this game has so much potential if only they would have did things a little differently



TheRealThanos said:

@Peach64 Yep, i agree with you too (also with your original comment): said developers are not stupid, and not lazy, for the most part. Bigger studios should be able to take a blow or two, but the question is indeed if they are willing to take the chance. And also take into account that even if the Wii U would be easier to port to they would still (at this moment in time) have too small of an installed base. I'm afraid you also have a point with the risk of potentially putting some studios out of business. Just look at what has happened over the years with smaller studios publishing a game through everybody's favorite game giant EA and subsequently seeing them being liquidated or entirely disbanded because their game didn't meet sales figures. Like I said: it's a money thing and some people tend to forget that the games industry is a business, same as any other, so unfortunately quite a few things will go against the wishes of the gaming crowd...



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@LDXD Understandable. Nobody likes seeing their favourite series become repetitive/unoriginal. And Other M is quite an example, yeah.



gatorboi352 said:

@TheRealThanos ""The console wars are like boobs: Microsoft and Sony fight over which ones look the nicest, and Nintendo's are the most fun to play with.""

Never understood this quote. I have fun playing with all boobs!



TheRealThanos said:

@gatorboi352 Really? It's not that difficult to understand. Nintendo's are real and the other two's are silicone. I HATE plastic/fake boobs (should only be used in case of medical necessity, not to upgrade cup size to unnatural proportions) and if you pronounce "silicone" it makes me think of silly console.
Of course they aren't, but besides the obvious upgrade in graphics, it's essentially just more of the same. Nintendo has some work to do indeed, but at least they keep trying to do something different, so they dare to take risks. As we all know that doesn't always pay off or work out the way you hope, but they do show that even in this day and age it's possible. In the end it will probably sell reasonably well (along the lines of GameCube) and Nintendo will then be able to make a healthy profit off of it.
And perhaps stating the obvious, but contrary to popular belief (or rather idiotic media) Nintendo (both according to themselves and to people that know/understand) isn't in the console race, so they just focus on offering a fun experience and the other two are literally hacking into each other telling people which of them has the most beautiful games, and best experience overall. Hence them fighting over the same target audience and Nintendo offering the most fun. In short: just replace "ones look the nicest" with "console has the best graphics", and "are" with "console is", and you're good to go...



unrandomsam said:

@TheRealThanos That is a really poor analogy. Anyway I see it as a body upgrade. (I know people who have and they never have to wear a bra. I would go for upgrades as well if they were available for stuff that I want. Better grip / Reduced fatigue. Not up to me what other people do but I know I wouldn't want to mess around to the extent that seems to be expected of women.)

Nintendo is just the same anyway the last new things they did were Luigi's Mansion / Animal Crossing / Pikmin and that was ages ago the rest has been same old stuff.



BinaryFragger said:


The problem is 3rd-party devs HAVE taken chances in the past and failed miserably. Take Madworld for the Wii, for example. It was a fantastic game that received excellent reviews yet it sold very poorly (about 700,000 copies). Same thing with GTA: Chinatown Wars for the DS, a highly-rated game that sold so poorly they ported it to the PSP to help make up for their losses.
People say they want 3rd-party games (especially more mature titles) but then nobody buys them.



TheRealThanos said:

@unrandomsam I don't want to stray too much from the topic, but which part exactly is poor, could you please elaborate? Also consider that it was just meant as a bit of fun, a pun if you like. Not something to be analyzed to death, so the joke is now well and truly ruined. Must be an American thing then, since at least some of my countrymen seemed to be able to laugh about it... Guess that's what happens when a joke has to be explained, and then we're all of a sudden talking about the real deal. But since you brought it up: the fact that in 9 out of 10 cases it is indeed no more than a body upgrade is EXACTLY what bothers me about it.
Especially the average sizes that girls/women think are natural because of all the BS that the media are feeding them, I think we might better call it a body downgrade...
Let me put it this way: if a woman is doing a handstand and the twins are still pointing straight at you, that's just plain wrong, and I couldn't give a rat's *ss about anyone who does think that it is beautiful. I think it is disrespectful to a woman's natural form and that's why I said it should only be used in case of a medical necessity, such as breast cancer or other causes of removal/mutilation. I can imagine that, as a woman, you would want to get it fixed then, but not just to blow them up to X-rated sizes purely for cosmetic reasons, and not having to wear a bra is the worst reason I've heard so far. (besides "I did it for my boyfriend/husband")
As for Nintendo games also being the same, I was more referring to the hardware/ways to play, NOT the games themselves. ALL game genres across ALL systems are basically the same all the time and will remain the same. They just keep looking better with every generation and they add things to it, but the core remains similar, hence the genre they're in. "Platformers be platformers" et all...



TheRealThanos said:

@BinaryFragger That low sales figure might also have something to do with the fact that a large part of the target audience for the games you mentioned is handy enough to have modded his Wii or buy a DS smart card. So a lot of people worldwide actually did play these kind of games, they just didn't pay for it...



Onelife1luv1kng said:

A lot of games are skipping the Wii u but I have my faith in Nintendo to back it up with Wii u exclusives....because a lot of these miss opportunities is drawing Wii u fans towards other consoles...I'm here loyal to the Wii u at least for this year, but they need to get on the roll and start releasing games and advertising a lot more, yes Mario 3d world was great now drop another classic and stay in the running that way other franchise developers will start supporting the Wii u as well



unrandomsam said:

@TheRealThanos So you are saying you would rather a woman have physical discomfort doing that should they choose to than not ? (Male or Female if there is some way to decrease discomfort I am fine with it - that it looks nicer to me is a bonus).



TheRealThanos said:

@unrandomsam Huh? What? Physical discomfort doing what? My comment was meant pro woman, not against. I'll try to rephrase: I think that putting silicone in your body is mutilation and if men want their partner to do it, that is insulting and degrading. Media pushes women to be perfect, so a lot of them think it is normal to have it done. And unfortunately it is that same damn media that makes men also think it is normal or even beautiful.(come to think of it: for men it will, in most cases, probably be XXX media that makes them think so, or at the very least makes them accept it as normal or standard) Now if you had an accident or a disease and you lost a breast, I could imagine that a woman would feel incomplete and a restorative operation would be able to help them. All other reasons to have silicones implanted will more than likely have more to do with psychological than physical discomfort. The latter to me means pain/irritated skin or something like that. And you don't experience physical pain from having small breasts (or small anything for that matter). That is all between the ears. And besides that you should also have to wonder about the fact that more and more women worldwide are having this surgery undone/reversed and going back to their natural selves. The effect of these materials on bodies in the long run is also still heavily debated.

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