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La-Mulana 2 Emerges Through a Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Meaty Wii U and 3DS stretch goals included

La-Mulana was one of the last high-quality titles to grace the WiiWare service, undergoing delays and various issues before eventually hitting the service worldwide — it was a success-story on PC, notably, becoming the first Japanese game to be 'greenlit' on Steam. There are a number of vocal fans of the title, so they're likely to be rather pleased to hear that a sequel is on the way, albeit only if its new Kickstarter campaign succeeds.

Development team Nigoro has teamed up with Playism Games, a Japanese publisher that will be assisting Nigoro with everything that isn't the core development — it seems to have done an excellent job with the fundraising page. The sequel will star a new protagonist, Lumisa Kosugi, though other characters may be playable, and Nigoro promises that the game won't be confusing — in terms of lore — for those new to the young franchise, but that there will be touches to please experienced fans.

At present the game isn't targeting release until December 2015, with only some snippets of footage included in the pitch. Its initial funding target is $200,000 for a PC version, but handheld and home console versions are included as stretch goals. Pending negotiation with platform holders, the pitch promises "a Vita or possibly a 3DS version" for $1,150,000, while the Wii U is the first system listed in a $1,650,000 tier. If those targets aren't ambitious enough, a Wii version is in a $2,350,000 goal, just behind a remake of the original at $2,400,000.

These are seriously lofty stretch goals, perhaps putting 3DS or Wii U versions in doubt, but check out the pitch video below and let us know what you think. We're pretty sure this game has an evil Pikachu in it...


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TobiasAmaranth said:

Ehhhh. Well, they can certainly dream. It's a good series but I'm not feeling those pricey stretch goals. shrugs



Laxeybobby said:

Well this is going to be a Steam only game as I cant see them ever raising the Million + for any other platform.



WiiLovePeace said:

Why you no cite me for sending this to you guys? Oh well, you whipped this out pretty quickly, I guess you were probably already writing it when I sent it to you

Anyway, I am sooooo pumped for La-Mulana 2! I love La-Mulana soooo much! Even though I haven't touched it in ages & never actually finished it. That game broke me as a gamer, I had to look up internet guides for help & it sorta took the fun of finding things on my own. That plus I just ended up being frustrated with not being able to find out where to go next & having a hard time keeping track of what I should do next. I'm hoping La-Mulana 2 is easier. This may be the first kickstarter I back, we'll see.



ReaperX30 said:

Love the first one even though I didn't play enough of it. A 3DS version would be pretty cool.



ReaperX30 said:

Well there you have it. I decided to back it no matter what system I get it on. I do hope they'll reach the 3DS stretch though.



Drake said:

Not particularly bothered by additional platforms (Since I'll play it on PC anyway), but I hope they at least manage to get enough for all the extra content ($800k).



Artwark said:

I like the original but only to an extent. I hope this game improves from the boring second half of the game and not as brutal as the original.



GraveLordXD said:

Loved the first, I'd get it if it came to consoles probably wouldn't get the steam version



BertoFlyingFox said:

Ehh, I'll wait for its official release to buy it normally. If it makes the WiiU stretch goal, I'll get it there, if not I'll get it for $2 in a steam sale like I did the first one. Didn't even like the game very much to tell you the truth.

...the main character is the only one that doesn't look Japanese at all, weird lol.



shigulicious said:

This news reminds me that I still have points on my wii shop. I wish I could transfer them. That would require next-gen technology however/sarcasm.



Morph said:

Not a chance this will make it to wii u, 3ds is best chance and that's pushing it.



ejamer said:

Loved the first game, and interested in backing... but it would need at least $500,000 to be of any use to me - and even then, I'd probably never play the game on PC. Fingers crossed for either a 3DS or Wii U release one day!



hiptanaka said:

I'm fine with playing this on PC. That's where I played the original. I'm just very glad they're making it at all.



Stu13 said:

Oh, man. The Wiiware version of the original is one of my favorites. I still get the itch to play it at least once a week. I am majorly bummed that the sequel coming to Wii U seems so unlikely. I'll just keep my fingers crossed for a 3DS release, I suppose.



Pod said:

They'll reach their base goal in a few days.

I'm pretty sure they could manage the stretch goals for consoles, but I'm glad to see they aren't making it a first priority. Most of the stretch goals until then are content related, as it should be.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I don't think they'll get enough to put it anywhere but on PC. Too bad, I'll pass if it doesn't reach Nintendo consoles.



ted-k said:

What are the chances this will come out on 3DS? I don't really do PC gaming, although if it's my only choice to play La Mulana 2 I might have to go for the PC version. I loved the original on wiiware.



ueI said:

I'm surprised the mac and linux ports are as high as $500,000. Even the enemy BESTIARY is a higher priority.
The ports listed here are misleading, btw. The $1,650,000 goal is "Wii U, PS4, or possibly even Xbox One. (platforms included are subject to negotiation)." The $2,350,000 goal is "Wii, PS3, or possibly Xbox 360. (platforms included are subject to negotiation)."



Pod said:

What you can do is pledge to help it get near the console versions, and then withdraw your pledge before the ending if it isn't reaching the goal.

That'd be helping helping yourself as much as helping them.



GeminiSaint said:

Well, it will require nothing short of divine intervention for those stretch goals to be reached. I guess my dreams of playing La Mulana 1 and/or 2 on my 3DS will stay exactly that. Dreams.



SetupDisk said:

I have it downloaded on Wiiware but i haven't gotten into it really yet. Good game but not one to drop and then pick up a few weeks later. I will probably end up starting it over and sticking to it.



Artie said:

I still don't understand why enjoy up or another company hasn't brought the original to anything other than pc and wiiware. But we have a million copies of cave story on everything. La Mulana is one of the best games made since the Super Nintendo.



Hortencio said:

The first was epic (beautiful blend of exploration, difficulty, and accessibility), but like #4 said, the cryptic clues and sometimes aimless searching got me off track and I ultimately never finished it. It is a great game that deserves a sequel, so if this gets kickstarted (with a +$10 from this guy), I will purchase again!



ShadJV said:

I want a Wii U version to come but I don't think enough people care about this game to back it...



SKTTR said:

"The best game since SNES." I like that one.
I get so much SNES vibes from La-Mulana.
I think I will pledge something down the road to raise the chances of a Wii U port happening.



ouroborous said:

word, lamulana1 was wicked hard, but soooooooo totally worth it. would love to see a 2nd game in the franchise. wouldnt hurt it was a wee bit more accessible to the general populace tho.



unrandomsam said:

@Unca_Lz Making loads of sprites is more expensive than using 3d models there is no real way to do it much faster which makes it expensive other than the 8 bit NES style ones.



MrL1193 said:

As much as I loved the first game, I don't think this series is known nearly well enough to draw that much funding. It's a real shame...



Pod said:

So in little over a day, they have half their initial goal.

If they keep this pace up, they'll reach the consoles stretch goal with over a week to spare.

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