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Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financial Results, Ignores Calls To Resign

Posted by Damien McFerran

No management shake-up expected

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has taken responsibility for the poor financial results posted earlier today but has insisted that he will remain in charge in order to steer the Japanese company through these testing times.

Nintendo's latest report reveals that it expects to sell less Wii U and 3DS consoles by the end of the financial year. Wii U's estimated sales are down from 9 million to 2.8 million, and the 3DS is down from 18 million to 13.5 million. As a result, the company now expects to make a loss this year.

Despite the bad news, Iwata has stated that "There will be no major management shake-up in the short term".

According to a Nikkei report (translated by a poster on NeoGAF), the following message has been communicated by the Nintendo president:

Iwata was quoted at the press conference today saying that he feels responsibility for the poor business performance at Nintendo, and he is sorry to all shareholders. He says the most important thing is to reinvigorate Nintendo's business as quickly as possible. He will not resign, but stay in office to carry that through.

Do you think that Iwata's time has come, or is he the perfect man to get Nintendo out of this mess and onto better things? What possible plan could he have to "reinvigorate" Nintendo's business? Share a comment below to tell us.


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Kaze_Memaryu said:

Yeah, that's how you do it! If you mess up, correct it! I'm glad to see that Iwata won't run away from his responsibilities. It shows how much effort he puts into his work, even if it doesn't always work out.



erv said:

I like Iwata. He’s been great so far, the success of the wii was under his management, as well as the great 3ds which is very successful, so it’s only fair to allow him to set things up properly in terms of profitable results. Aren’t the stacks of cash in the bank mostly his doing anyways?



DarkSplatoonLink said:

Yeah Iwata is awesome. He's done a lot of great things too. All the talk of resignation is just getting annoying. I agree with the comments above me.



Sean_Aaron said:

I think he deserves more time to sort things out - unless he doesn't deserve any credit for the success of Wii/DS?



SanderEvers said:

He has something awesome up his sleeve. And it's going to blow Sony en MS out of the market.



Goginho said:

I like Iwata, he should not resign, and people should not want him to resign (or w/e, go ahead). Iwata's a pretty cool figure.



sonicfan1373 said:

But can't shareholders just fire him? I hope he stays though (or at the very least not replaced with some suit or software-only radical), because I do not want to play Nintendo games on buttonless single screened devices and I do not want Nintendo's talent to be axed.



GuSolarFlare said:

that's how you do it! go Iwata!!! only real man the the resposibility instead of just running away.



MetroidChaser said:

It's sad that the Wii U doesn't sell well. I've bought mine recently and I'm having fun with it.



Spoony_Tech said:

The problem is the Wii and ds sold itself! They thought the same would happen for the current gen but that didn't happen and now they're left with advertising the Wii U a year late and with heavy competition! Games sell systems and advertising. Word of mouth can only go so far!



BF-Medic said:

Wish him all the best of luck. I think they will have set the ship straight (and earn money again) by the end of FY 2014.



Tritonus said:

They really really should do a new Nintendo Direct ASAP and announce some games! Show Zelda U! Metroid, anything!

I also like Iwata, but they do need to change things up a bit.

1. Put out MORE Wii U games. Heck, buy up some developers and outsource the games if you have to. Retro, Monolith, Next Level Games and Platinum is not enough. Nintendo is sitting on a huge pile of cash, time to spend some!
3. Account System for Games - We really do need this as it's holding back people from buying stuff on the eShop
4. Do a software update that fixes various issues, such as load times between screens.
5. Release the damn VC Library!
6. Go back to being present on E3 - this really makes a difference for industry buzz.



Tritonus said:

@WebHead Agreed. An executive replacement should only happen coinciding with the announcement of the next gen console, which shouldn't be for another couple of years.



Collz said:

Lets face it, the WiiU is nearly dead, I dont know anyone else who owns one,
People just dont get it, they think a WiiU is an add on for the original Wii
The PS4 & XBONE are far superior consoles, more powerful, more storage, blu ray capable & (dare I say it) "cooler"
I wish Nintendo had chosen another name other than WiiU & avoided the gamepad (which could have been an optional extra maybe?)
The online features are disappointing too, they dont even compare with an xbox 360 from 7 years ago!
Sad times.



-KwB- said:

I like Iwata so good for him, he had monstrous sales with Wii and DS under his term, not everything can go as smooth as ever ..



DreamOn said:

@Damo Funny, before I saw this article I was just reflecting on your pair of articles last year on this very topic.

Iwata is once again in some people's crosshairs as a solution to Nintendo's losses I see. I say keep him! lol



TJGamer said:

This is why I love Iwata, he DIRECTLLYT took charge.
Funny enough, Donkey Kong might have to save Nintendo again,
aka 1981 Arcade Donkey Kong - 2014 DK Country: Tropical Freeze.



ajcismo said:

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Nothing is going to change. He needs to resign.



Mk_II said:

Firing Iwata wont solve anything. And the majority of shares are held by the Yamauchi family so the shareholders won't revolt and force him out either.



FullbringIchigo said:

I hope they are not going to abandon the WiiU yet it has so much potential they just need to sell it to the third partys better and do an agressive ad campain and also cut the price a bit and inclued a pro controller in the box



Einherjar said:

@Collz I can pretty much turn your statement upside down. I just know people who own, use and love their WiiU, some even went out to buy one after the Xbone / PS4 launch, because these consoles are less than atractive.
Their game lineup is, dare i say it, even more disappointing and stellar than that of the WiiU, at least the gamepad IS a new invention, both other consoles have nothing new in store, more power doesnt mean better games and storage space isnt an argument at all.
From what i see, its basicly the polar opposite with the people i hang around and know. No one of my friends ever considered buying one of the new consoles and instead went with a WiiU and no one regretted that decision since

@topic The last thing nintendo would have needed in a time like this would be a complete shakeup and rearrangement in their management department. Sure, some things definitly need to change, but causing aditional ruckus makes it all worse. Accept that it doesnt run as smooth as it could, analyse the issues, correct them.
Not every problem is solved by behading people and axing entire studios the EA way. Sometimes, it just needs the people who are responsible for the hickups to realise them and work on a solution.

@ajcismo Well, such a practice makes companys like EA insanely rich at the moment. Doing the same thing over and over, even repeating the same mistakes (e.g. Always online DRM) and noone seems to care The problem here is the peoples lookout on the company, not the actions they are actually taking if you ask me.



Savino said:

Iwata is a great spokesperson, but I agree with Pachter, he is a terrible CEO!



NintyMan said:

I love Iwata as a caring and honest President and I wish him good luck for learning from his mistakes. He has the personality and charm that many corporate leaders simply don't have. Simply waving a corporate wand to whisk off an old business leader with a new one isn't going to solve anything. I don't think that's how Japanese business works. So many forget that this is the same man who led the wildly successful eras of DS and Wii.



Memeboy3 said:

Go Iwata!
I know you'd never Give up on Nintendo...I hope you support them to success in this future..
Dat Bravery...



ultraraichu said:

Mad respect to Iwata. Not many business (and political) people take responsibility for their actions or stay long enough to fix it.

Granted he earn my respect ever since he and some other higher ups took a pay cut with the 3ds price drop. Takes a big man to take a blow to the wallet, especially when they're in charge.



hotlfusion said:

Iwata has done a horrible job with the wii u. I cannot support him for that reason.
Great guy and everything but this is business. He will be remembered for two things as it stands.
1) Presiding over the outstanding sales performance of DS and the Wii.
2) Managing the company during the first series of losses in generations, if not in it's entire history.



DreamOn said:

Iwata's Lessons from bananas #1: When life gives you rotten bananas, break out granny's banana bread recipe.

#2: Never break from the bunch!
#3: DK loves bananas. There's no reason he can't "Kong-Pow" WiiU sales.
#3: If Sony takes the lead, remember you can throw bananas forward!
#4: Stare long enough at bananas, and people will oddly like you more and "understand".
#5: To reinvigorate Nintendo... we really just need more bananas.



Guybrush20X6 said:


I'm pretty sure Nintendo was making loses back when it was making hanafuda cards and sales slumped forcing them to branch out. Love hotels anyone?



8bitforever said:

We all like Iwata but the truth is they aren't doing the things they need to do. Their account system stinks compared to Sony and MS. I have a WiiU, 3DS, PS Vita, and PS3. Sony has the account system nailed and it is fantastic as I will buy digital from them before Nintendo because theirs is still tied to the darn hardware. I love Nintendo and always will but they have to get with the times. If they cannot bring out a home console that competes with Sony and MS they will not make it in the console business. I dare say the PS Vita is years beyond the 3DS in graphics, etc. Nintendo just got lucky that they have had such good support for it. With Playstation Now coming and the ability to stream PS3 and more to your PS Vita it makes Sony look even better. I truly believe this is their last chance to turn it around or they will be stuck to just making handhelds (not a bad thing) going forward. I doubt we will see another Nintendo home console after this because by then Sony and MS will have such a hold on that market that there won't be room for Nintendo to come in. History has proven that after the SNES, Nintendo just hasn't made good home consoles that are as powerful as everyone else. Not sure why this keeps happening but they have hit a dead end this time. People aren't going to keep supporting them after this failed system. For me personally, I won't buy another home console, only handhelds because that is where they shine.



Wolfgabe said:

This is what I like about Iwata. He isn't afraid to admit when he screws up and he tries to fix his mistakes.



Collz said:

Maybe we move in different circles then, but I can tell you this, I have 3 sons (aged 5, 7, 9) not one of their friends at school has a WiiU, they mostly have xbox 360 & PS3's (& they all have Ipads) they play Minecraft, FIFA 14 & Terraria, they play together online & use xbox party chat or if they are not gaming they are watching youtube videos on the Ipad.
None of them seem remotely interested in WiiU & their parents havent got a clue either.
Nintendo with its outdated account system & online functionality is becoming more & more irrelevant.
This is a serious problem for the future of Nintendo & its home console ambitions.



ajcismo said:

EA has lost 6 of its executives over the last month and is the Most Hated Company in America 2 years running. But I do understand your point, and none of us like seeing a nice guy like Mr.Iwata in such a tough spot. But hes been making the same mistakes over and over again.



Socar said:

Finally the comments are saying something nice to Iwata. I respect him and always will. This man is capable to manage Nintendo and so it shall be!



SphericalCrusher said:

I don't want Iwata going anywhere. As others have said, mistakes have been made, and he can correct them. The media is vicious (not you guys of course) but he just needs to stay strong and get everything back going. I believe he can do it.



M0rdresh said:

I don't think the resignation of Satoru Iwata isn't going to do any good, I hope they are now going for a lessons learned approach and turn-around the momentum.



Einherjar said:

@Collz At that age, all i cared about were Legos...
But like i said, its just what i am seeing around me and my friends, nothing more, nothing less.
What it tells me is, that these problems are not universa, but based on personal taste.

@ajcismo I didnt meant to compare the whole company to EA But EA usually just fires a person ones he made a mistake or even closes down entire studios once their games dont reach their unreal selling goals. SOmetimes, you just need to make errors to learn from them and come out stronger in the end. And you learn best from your own mistakes.



rjejr said:

I can't see Iwata resigning, why should he? I know the numbers say he should, but put yourself in that position of power, why voluntarily resign? Let them fire you and get yourself a big golden parachute like that Yahoo CEO is going to get after a year of incompetency.

Somebody needs to go though. 9m - 2.8m. That's like telling your parents you studied hard, projected you'ld get a 100 on the test, but you came home w/ a 32. Anybody here ever come home w/ a 32% on a test and have their parents tell them - keep up the good work? Even the 3DS projection was off by 30%. How do those people keep their jobs?



Tysamu said:

If Iwata would put as much focus on the U as he did the 3DS, made good commercials for it like the 3DS, as well as ensure that third parties actually respect the it and put more munny into the games that do bring to the system then maybe the U would be doing better. I feel as though they've been ignoring or at least putting the U aside ever since the, I'd say, mid-part of spring. I just wish they'd exploit the U's potential a bit more like ZombiU and NintendoLand.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

"please unda stan" game take longer to make than we originally antic cipaterd .
man they should get someone younger or with a drive and dream for nintendo... this crap is getting old. improve 3rd party relations and get some games out. games everyone wants to play... not saying they have to be mature rated to be good... but would it hurt to have some dark or slightly gory stuff in SOME of the games?
most kids i know play crap like COD so why not bring a little more edgy games like METROID or .... wait for it... prepare yourself .......... An all new Game! *GASP! i know ... I know .... shocking right? ...... naaaah they're gonna make chibi robo. this is why the gaming industry is frustrated and mocking Nintendo.



idork99 said:

Although gaming is as popular as ever, all this reveals to me is that the dedicative gaming systems is a smaller market than it was six years ago. Times have changed drastically and the numbers will not be as they were before. Still, Iwata leaving Nintendo would be counterproductive. He has a lot of knowledge of the industry and his resignation would not benefit Nintendo.

With that said, I can't wait until MK8! Hoping Nintendo has a stellar 2014!



Great_Gonzalez said:

If it wasn't for Iwata's strong resistance the shareholders would've turned Nintendo into a 3rd party by now he is holding out for all our sakes! I hope he can make Nintendo turn this corner though



Kicked2TheKirb said:

@DestinyMan I really think the DS and Wii Sucked so hard... i mean compared to every Nintendo Console and handheld before them... they were the worse in my opinion.. But the 3DS is now the best imo ... i hope i can make that same statement about the Wii U soon



Tysamu said:

@Collz I can see that you're one of those thatdont value new, different, and innovation to an industry that should always have it.

Though it is truth in some areas and Nintendo should learn from how they've operated with the 3DS to save the U. It's got much potential from my view point because I consistently thought about how games would play, especially RPGs, with an additional screen



Kicked2TheKirb said:

@8bitforever Wow.... I agree wholeheartedly. I'm a huge fan of Nintendo but I haven't been all that impressed with their consoles for years. in fact the 3DS made me realize that.. i'm loving the 3DS which is funny cuz i hated the DS with a passion. as much as i hated the wii. there were only 3 games i remember liking on the wii. twilight princess Mario Galaxy 1, and Excite Truck.
thats it....
This Wii U just sits there... its sad.

I agree about the VC.. they need an account system... i've boycotted buying games digitally from them because of it... i didn't know it was tied to the hardware until i found out online... sucks.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

@Collz Very true. ... they're supposedly marketing to kids but... i'll tell you. most kids in the US don't want a wii u... it's nintendo fans from the early days that want a wii u.... and even they don't want it... so?..... maybe that should be a clue to you Nintendo... shake up



AyeHaley said:

I like Iwata...but they've really messed up under his management. Lets hope he can rectify it! (crossing fingers)



ToniK said:

This is not about one man. Maybe the world around us has just changed and all people want is cinematic and forgettable nonsense. I hope not but sometimes it definitely seems like it. Sigh....



XCWarrior said:

It's time to go for Iwata. In the city where I live, we had a mayor for 28 years. First 20 were great, the last 8 we've seen lots of businesses leave, and he hasn't brought many back in. Not shockingly, he was voted out of office. It was time to go.

It's time for Iwata to go. And whoever does their sales projections, because they are out of touch with reality that the market will (likely) not be like 2008 again.



TheAdza said:

The great Nintendo problem. Not enough 3rd party support. Great 1st party games, spread too thin between handheld and home consoles. The solution without backing out of either market is simple. The next cycle of hardware from Nintendo should be a true hybrid of handheld and home console. How they can do it I have no idea. Perhaps they could go the PS4 + Vita way except that the hardware inside should be identical, so games will work either at home or on the go, but it may be slightly cost prohibitive. Or perhaps it could be the opposite of what the Wii U does, with all hardware inside the next Gamepad like handheld device, and another device attached to a TV that merely streams what is playing on the pad back to the TV. It would be cheaper than the first option, but would also i think be more limited in what could be done hardware wise with graphics and sound etc.

In any case, going this route could be their saviour. All releases will be for the "one" console family. We could finally have our pokemon on the big screen at home as well as on the go. Streetpass would still be a thing. Second screen gaming could still be thing. Going to a friends place to play Nintendo? Take your 4DS Gamepad to hook up the main system. True two or more player 2nd screen gaming. The 1st party devs could focus on creating one Mario, one Mario kart, one LoZ, and various other franchises for one console instead of two, so many more 1st party games would get released and the software droughts would lessen. If 3rd parties were still not keen on joining up with Nintendo for yet another generation, it wouldn't seem so bad with so much 1st party software being released. Now obviously some games will be better suited to home or handheld use, some adjusting will have to be made, but ultimately it will be up to the consumer to decide. How good would it be to be able to buy SM3DW on disc, pop it into the home console, and if you want to take it on the go with you, you could just download it onto the handheld and away you go.

As it is though, Nintendo will just have to ride out the Wii U's lacklustre performance. I still love my Wii U, but it's still the potential it has that I like more than what it actually does. The graphics can be quite good, but I'm not going to buy a 3rd party game on Wii U that is worse graphically than PS3 or XBox 360. I never expected it to be on par with the new consoles, but I expected it to be better than last gen. It's quite pricey for what it is. Miiverse is great but it's sooooo slow. Miiverse on the 3DS is so gimped i wouldn't miss it if it went. It's unusable to me. Switching between games and the home screen is still slow on the Wii U. I should be able so chat with friends, even video chat friends on the Gamepad while I play a game. No instant messaging that doesn't require switching out of the game to Miiverse. It should just pop up on the TV of Gamepad. Still no 2nd Gamepad option. It won't ever come because it would tax the outdated hardware too much and games will look horrible. 32gb internal storage? What is with that? There are soooooo many games I would get if the hard drive space was just automatically there. I shouldn't have to go out and buy yet another add on. It should just be included in the box. So many many mistakes, so many limitations, still no proper account system for gods sake. It's a shamble. And you know, I can put up with a lot of stuff, but I'm not the one Nintendo need to convince to buy their systems. It's everyone else, who can just go out and buy another system that runs rings around them with hardware, graphics, 3rd party games, social networks and online stuff, larger hard drives etc. They don't get the Nintendo exclusive games of course, but they have their own big hitting franchises, and to get a next gen system for not much more than a Wii U, that can do all the things it can't, it's very enticing.

So like I say, ride out the Wii U for another 2 years, make the next console a true handheld home console hybrid, have a ton of 1st party titles coming that won't be stretched too thin between two consoles, have hardware on par or better than xb1/ps4, a proper account system, and if it succeeds then the 3rd parties will come back too. It might be a big gamble, but I don't think Nintendo will survive another slow to take off handheld AND another home console that will inevitably do the same. If what they say is their business, selling hardware and then make megatons of money selling their software in that closed environment, I truly believe that having only one console to concentrate on will help a lot with their core business. Think about software that is released for both of these systems now, like Pokemon XY, 3D World, luigi's mansion 2, Pikmin 3, Scribblenauts, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed 4, Mario Kart, Fire Emblem, Bravely Default, Sonic Lost World, Paper Mario, Mario Party, Lego City Undercover to name just a few really excellent games released on both 3DS and Wii U. If those games were on a console that was just on two years old that would be a killer system.

This is my personal dream for Nintendo, but knowing them they will have something totally unexpected coming next. I just hope it's not as big a flop as the Wii U has been thus far.



MrGawain said:

I actually think Iwata is one of the reasons Nintendo is so special. He hold the line of quality for Nintendo's own output and shows the magic on the Nintendo Direct. It's about profit, but without comprimising on quality.

Hope he stays to get the momentum rolling. At some point.



Rect_Pola said:

"Reinvigorate"? For Nintendo, that means, do what they've been doing harder than ever; laugh it up like Wario when it works, and be "sorry" when it doesn't. Their efforts to move forward in the digital front has been commendable, but it also showcases how long they spent ignoring it because they didn't want to change. Did they ever confirm if your purchases would be backed up or are we all still screwed if our systems fail. And too much of their battle doctrine revolves around holding on to absolute control of the situation.



Tritonus said:

I honestly think people are being too hard on Wii. Sure it had many shovelware waggle games, but you could easily ignore those. Graphics, yeah it was the worst of that generation, but the 1st party titles still looked great - albeit very dated by the end of the generation.

It had so many fantastic games! and superior control for FPS and actions games where you had to aim, I may be in the minority here, but dual stick analog fps really doesn't do it for me - it's like being a robot where the chunky controls take you out of the immersion. You can't hit anything! Even the games agree with this, as they have extreme "auto-aim" support to make up for the poor controls of dual analogue. What the hell is an FPS if you don't need aim skill?

Also, Pikmin Wiimote controls! So good.

I think the thing that is hurting Nintendo the most is their continued resistance to online, region locking and an account system. Those things go a long way to provide a seamless user experience.

I hope Nintendo never goes third party. I am one of those people that really think that the Wii Remote and GamePad is a good thing... Wii Remote controls for Pikmin and FPS's are just so much better! I hope Metroid will launch with Wii remote control support, despite them probably wanting to promote the gamepad.



ricklongo said:

Iwata an important trait, and that is the vision to not follow the usual nonsense spewed by market analysts. He constantly says he works looking 10, 20 years in the future. Now he has to show that he truly means that by stepping up Nintendo's game.



Interneto said:

Time for him to leave... At least that has been my opinion in the past months.

Great achievements for sure (Wii/DS) but Nintendo could benefit with new fresh air.



Morph said:

I cant see any quotes calling for him to resign?

Anyway why should he, under his watch nintendo have released wii (nintendo's most successful home console ever), ds (nintendo's most successful handheld ever), 3ds (well on its way to being a very successful handheld) and wii u which admittedly hasnt gone to plan. Let's see what can be done to rectify it first, 1 poorly performing console out of 4 doesn't make him unsuitable as president does it?



N64ever said:

He's definitely not like American CEOs who just take the cash and run. The plan should be to have more realistic sale projections and stay away from competing with the other two consoles so when sales beat the low sale predictions the shareholders will keep their mouths shut.
But they also need to embrace the steam like system and have virtual console games work on the 3DS and Wii U and allow you to still share a virtual console game on the Wii u with another user on the system. Just charge a small additional license fee for it. and also start a vigorous strategy to get the virtual console market full of nintendo's amazing library of games. And why not make a deal with Microsoft to get the old rare games on the virtual console as well. I feel uncomfortable saying that but we could use some of that 90s charm in our virtual console for Wii U.
Nintendo has hit rough seas before they just need to switch up course a little and not expect to be a constant big seller and enjoy what they get.



Tysamu said:

@TheAdza You made a good point with your third paragraph. A lot potential with the second screen and they just squander it



9th_Sage said:

I'd personally be very unhappy if Iwata resigned. Very seldom to I look at the CEO of a company and say to myself "I like that guy".



MysticX said:

@SanderEvers Well, he'd better hurry up and come out with his... whatever he has up his sleeve a bit quickly then, Iwata missed the boat big time on getting third-party developers on board (Something that needs to be part of developing the console), the current Pokébank-debacle isn't doing Nintendo's reputation much good (It's symptomatic of Nintendo's all-round weak online systems), Nintendo needs good news to get people to think positive thoughts when they hear the name "Nintendo" again, and asking for forgiveness over everything isn't doing that, nor will setting lower sales projections and posting a "Mario with party hat"-picture on facebook when they manage to reach them



marck13 said:

Great post, totally agree with you.

Iwata is a genuine figure and he very well deserves time to get in better numbers again.
Another thought..Maaan, Zelda U must be AWESOME.. because I believe that's where so much resources gets swallowed.



ikki5 said:

really, I think he can actually do a good job but the problem here is... all he is doing is just talk now, no action. We still do not have Mario 3 in NA, He talked about improvements on the Wii U VC or the VC in general however that is still yet to be seen.... in fact, it has actually gotten worse since that announcement he made. He said they were going to improve their marketing... which they have.... but really haven't. Then there is the 3rd party support... That has been falling almost at terminal velocity... So he really needs to just stop talking and start action on his statements instead of giving us an empty announcement.



GamecubeMan said:

This is the second time he has taken responsibility like this. I get the feeling 2014 will be a better year for Nintendo sales wise but if there was a short coming it is really nice that he is willing to take the blame.



plunkettmonster said:

@Einherjar i have sons 5 and 7 and all they care about is playing Mario, Luigi, Pikmin and the other Nintendo classics on the Wii U and on the 3DS. They have friends with Wii U's and their parents get the difference between the wii and the Wii U, and it is cool. People in the states get it and love it, I think by this time next year we will be praising Nintendo and wondering what
's wrong with MS and Sony. nd



TheAdrock said:

Time for new CEO. Nintendo has been far too complacent since the original Wii. They sat on their thumbs and counted the money rolling in from the Wii. Many years too late to the HD party. Innovate or die.

EDIT: Castle Clash (Supercell) advertises more than Nintendo. And they make more profit than Nintendo too. That's all you need to know that N is stuck in their "comfortable rut" and not innovating in gaming.



plunkettmonster said:

Iwata should stay. He should get until the end of the year to show Nintendo and its current gen consoles can make money.



unrandomsam said:

How the hell are they going to make a loss ? (Unless they need to pay off some type of fixed costs to do with either the Wii U or 3DS hardware). They don't have hardly any staff don't spend loads of marketing. Have had some runaway successes.



XFsWorld said:

@Collz um the WiiU needs that GamePad. Who would buy a multi-platform game on WiiU with less power? The GamePad gives people reasons to get the WiiU versions because of the GamePad, and off-tv is a cool feature. Sells would have beeen even worst without the GamePad.



Eatpower said:

@Kaze_Memaryu You've pretty much nailed on the head what I wanted to say. Rather him run away from this, he is trying to correct the problem and regain momentum for the Wii U



Einherjar said:

@plunkettmonster We may not praise them, but like you said, both scenarios exist: SOme people love it and some dont like it. And thats basicly the way its supposed to be. Why would we need 3 major consoles if everybody would just like one of it
The hate, disbeleave etc towards the WiiU is just ballooned up beyond normal proportions. Its "in" to complain about things and nintendo is the easiest target. Hating against MS can be justified because of their shady schemes before their 180° turn or their spreading nickname for their new console, the NSA Box. But generally, hating against these tw o consoles is regarded as "hating against tha future dude". The most flak the WiiU recieves is because its "not the same as the others" and in a market situation where copy and paste jobs are basicly the norm, its an easy target.
Im not saying that everything regarding nintendo is peahy and rosy, far from it, but it never distracted me one bit from the main and only reason i ought that system for: To enjoy its games.



Yorumi said:

I always find it a little funny in these articles how so many comenters focus on one single thing that for sake of discussion I'll grant he did wrong, and ignore any and all successes. I'm curious how many of you have never ever ever ever been wrong once in your entire life?



Nintenjoe64 said:

@ajcismo Except they aren't doing the same thing over and over again and that is what shoots them in the foot. Sony have never really done much special in gaming except upping the specs every 7 years, copying the competition's innovations and buying and closing studios.

Should Arsenal have sacked Arsene Wenger for their trophyless seasons or were they right to hold on to him as they are now top of the league with a good squad and are even more financially secure due to his conservative spending?



Rafie said:

The man has way more success than he has failures. He needs to stay. Iwata-san has the gamers in mind when he makes software and hardware. This situation is just a step backwards, not an all out failure.

I think Nintendo should also implement more fan input to make the experience that much better. If anything, I want the online to be on par with the others....amongst other things. Iwata is a good CEO and should keep his job. Nintendo Of America is another story. -_-



sonicfan1373 said:


Sony has done one important thing...ADVERTISING. It is amazing how the PS4 went from being a mediocre upgrade when it was revealed in February to a must have gadget by launch.



MikeLove said:


What few mistakes I've made in my life (one or two, tops) had no negative impacts whatsoever on a multi-billion corporation that I was in charge of running, and for which I was held accountable for.

Sorry, but your cute little anecdote doesn't apply to this situation.



bizcuthammer said:

Nintendo's failures aren't all on Iwata. Its on the entire philosophy of the company. The way they continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over is troubling, but Miyamoto and Yamauchi quoted the same philosophy Iwata does, which is this whole idea that Nintendo makes whatever it wants to make rather than compete with what others are doing. The problem is that when they do that, they run the risk that NO ONE WANTS WHAT THEY WANT TO MAKE! This is what is happening to Wii U. People want a high powered, third party supported, traditional control schemed next gen console. Nintendo did NOT make one of those in Wii U. Therefore, only Nintendo fans are buying it.

There were plenty of other mistakes, such as huge software droughts, a terrible name brand that still sounds embarassingly bad and confuses casual consumers, and bare bones marketing, as well as other things Iwata will be saying 'please understand' about... But at the end of the day, until Nintendo changes its big picture philosophy, they'll continue to lose out to the competition.

Nintendo's great first party games aren't enough anymore, obviously. Mario 3D World didnt come close to the sales of major third party titles on other consoles, despite high review scores from every media outlet. If Mario can't do it, I don't know what can.

Wii U failed guys. Its not a possibility anymore, its a reality. It sucks, but Nintendo has no one to blame but themselves. They can do one of two things now: learn from their mistakes and change their strategy, or continue to fail by being stubborn and refusing to adapt.



Smug43 said:

Iawats's BIGGEST and probably single failure is the ability to ramp up HD developement during the Wii era.. they are easily two calendar years behind.. that is a MASSIVE mis step. It's why so many games were pushed back.. remember the "launch window" They also don't have enough titles in dev for the Wii U. The U itself is FAR FAR from a mistake other than it doesn't speak easily to the "casuals" It has more to do with so many disruptive technologies who happens to be in the same space as Nintendo. This is absolutely CRUSHING Nintendo. They will ride it out, pump out incredible games and people will still call for his resignation.. Why, because he is passionate about creating amazing games? Some people never cease to amaze me but in the end if it's about your stock in Nintendo, you need to understand the climate of the market and it's surroundings. Wii U is an incredible piece of technology.



Lance168 said:

Some ways that Iwata could Reinvigorate Nintendo:
•Star Fox And Metroid Releases
•Mario Galaxy 3
•Reumagine(it's a rumor that Nintendo will 'Reumagine' N64 games and remake them)
•Zelda Wii U with the art style of the Zelda game that was the best selling
•Pokemon Snap U(Wii U Gamepad=camera)
•New Super Mario Bros 3(make it a remake of SMB3 for NES with new stuff)
•Majoras Mask 3D(seriously)
•Get third-party's on Wii U(Konami,EA and a lot more)

That's what I think Iwata might do. Reply what you think he will do.



Yorumi said:

@sonicfan1373 I'm going to copy a response I made in another article cause it applies:

"A lot of companies are using advertising to basically control people. I've seen a number of games use a massive advertising budget, suddenly become popular, and virtually no one playing the game can even tell you what they like about the game without regurgitating the advertising.

Two very good examples of this are skyrim and ff14. People now pretend like for all history elder scrolls games have always been huge, but they wern't. They were tiny little niche games. To a lesser extent with oblivion, and mostly with skyrim they plaster their logo everywhere and paid for some 10/10 reviews and suddenly out of the blue the entire gaming world are long time elder scrolls fans. Same deal with ff14, it's an mmo, and ffxi was never anywhere near the popularity of single player FF games, sure the name helps but again plaster advertising everywhere, dumb the game down and now everyone is a long time ff online fan.

Sadly if you ask most of the people what they actually like about these games they'll just call you a troll and insult you till the thread gets locked. I'm not saying nintendo shouldn't advertise, they should for sure, but most of the armchair ceo's want advertising like the other companies do. Advertising that's designed to control people, and sort of trick them into buying something rather than sell it on it's own merits."

I do think nintendo needs to advertise more, I just don't want to see the kind of manipulative marketing practices you see coming from so much of the game industry. There's just nothing quite like buying something are realizing 95% of the marketing was total BS designed to hype up a junk game.



ajcismo said:

Not doing the same thing? Seriously? No advertising year after year, software gaps year after year, consumers screaming at the top of their lungs for a better digital distribution system year after year, Iwata appologizing for losses 3 years in a row... Its time we take the Mario colored glasses off and realize that change might be a good thing.



plunkettmonster said:

@Einherjar Enjoy the games, that is why I love Nintendo because the games are enjoyable. I grew up with Nintendo from the NES all the way up to tje Wii U, now I didn't own them all my two favorite systems are the Gamecube and Wii U. I have enjoyed Nintendo all along the way and I am passing that love to my sons in hopes that they view gaming as a fun pastime and not as a serious business. Unfortunately it is a business for Nintendo but they have proven time and time again to be able to overcome the odds and gain respect and cash in the process. A new article out on IGN this morning highlights why the Wii U can flop and Nintendo will still survive so no worries from me. I am lookingg forward to some great fun filled games to be released this year from Nintendo.



2Sang said:

I don't blame Iwata, I blame whoever thought that a gamepad would instantly win them this gen. Seriously, I haven't seen anything this incompetent since the game boy printer.



Fazermint said:

What good would Iwata resigning do, other than shatter the thin ice the Wii U is currently walking on?



Nintenjoe64 said:

@sonicfan1373 yeah but I think (hope) Iwata realised in 2012 that Wii U wasn't ready and refused to spend on advertising, either that or just thought that the gaming media would do the advertising for them.

I disagree about the Sony reveal. I thought it was the most pre-hyped and post-hyped product I have ever seen. I remember laughing at iPad 2 or 3 fans who got excited over a new USB port being revealed but the IGN stream for the Sony reveal was worse. People were believing promises like 'no load times again ever'

@Smug43 I agree, I can't believe they didn't know it would be much tougher to develop in HD when every other publisher got stung by it last gen!

@Yorumi I totally agree. When I see the sorts of games my nephew plays I get depressed because he has literally no intention of playing them properly but feels compelled to buy all the expansions and/or play through them with a guide (Sim City, Skyrim).

@ajcismo They have nothing to advertise on the Wii U front and none of this is new or unique to Iwata. Their software support has been like this for 20 years and have had ups and downs with commercial success but Iwata brought their biggest successes. They are the only one to try to do something different with their games when they could be pumping out annual sequels to their big games instead.



lacaras4 said:

I'd give him another year before calling for him to step down, Iwata has fixed his messes before, lets hope he can do it again...



KingofSaiyans said:

I don't think the issue lies so much on the system but rather how Nintendo chose to market it. I feel they need to appeal to the core gamer just as much as the family gamer. Strike a balance. Core gamers are loyal, casual gamers flock to anything anyone else is playing no matter how terrible the games or console can be



Tsurii said:

@Kaze_Memaryu This
Nothing else. Iwata cut his own paycheck just to ensure that he doesn't need to fire anyone in the company. He's taking all of this dead serious and I'd even say he's more passionate about his post as CEO than even Sakurai or Miyamoto as developers. He's definitely doing a great job. I doubt that anyone else could do it as good as him actually and imho he earned a "second chance" with Wii U. I know that the next year will be better in terms of sales (the games this year already were pretty dang good if you ask me) and if anyone's able to push the Wii U it's Iwata - he'd already proven this with 3DS



Porpoise said:

First, Hiroshi Yamauchi, gave all his Retirement money to a cancer treatment center, and now this? I'm starting to think anyone who is the CEO of Nintendo is heroic!



TruenoGT said:

If the only way for Nintendo to be successful is to react by shedding Iwata and conforming to stale consumer expectations, then there's no longer a Nintendo IMO... I only hope Iwata and the gang can find a way to re-capture the mass consumers imagination. Nintendo is at it's best when they do something innovative and unexpected, and while the Wii U hasn't won over enough fans, every toy can't be "Tickle Me Elmo". The entertainment market is fickle, and if your business is dependent on blockbuster after blockbuster, you're in for a bad time... you need to take the long view. I think Nintendo gets this and as such knows not every creation can be a hit, and as such doesn't over react to failure.

To those who say better marketing is the answer, better marketing doesn't fix development delays, a weakening Japanese 3rd party development scene and hardware disparities. All of which has led to less games for Wii U and less interest from gamers who generally aren't affected by marketing hype anyway. If many gamers don't even want a gaming system, why would anyone else?

Regarding what they'll do, I believe they're already working to mitigate this by their recent move to merge the handheld and console development teams. The groundwork is being laid for their next assault, but I don't think we'll see the fruits for a long while. It's impractical for Nintendo to develop a whole suite of software for both a handheld and console (both of which increasingly more costly to develop for) simultaneously. Nintendo understood this reality was coming more than anyone, but addressing this is going to be a slow process... the shareholders clearly understand this reality.



ajcismo said:

You're right about software support, thats been going on forever. I do disagree about the nothing to advertise however. The usual example is McDonalds, they advertise a ton despite the fact they're McDonalds and they shouldn't need to. But they do anyways, constantly reminding the consumer. Marketing 101. I had to ask my buddy whos into soccer about your Arsenal refference since I'm in NA and don't follow at all. Its is the same here with firing an American football coach after not making the playoffs one year.



Yorumi said:

@TruenoGT I don't think they necessarily need to recapture the mass market. I'm not saying I wouldn't be happy if the wiiU turned around, or their next system 5 years from now and was the most popular system on the market. A company doesn't need to be on top to be successful. Sales do need to pick up yes, I just think it's far to easy to fall into the trap of thinking it has to be number 1 or nothing at all.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@bizcuthammer That's exactly the kind of mindset that slowly destroys gaming. Sony and Microsoft only do the same: avertise with numbers and making PC's instead of gaming devices. They even have to rely on non-gaming services just to keep up nowadays, instead of coming up with new experiences they just treat gamers like idiots (Egoraptor knows it), and this in turn attracts pretentious idiots to gaming. Sadly, those also seem to be the majority, and yet they have no sense of quality gaming - they only look for famous titles and pseudo-hardcore lamefests.
Saying Nintendo did it wrong can be turned around easily. Sony and Microsoft started the downfall by competing with the PC, which was possibly the worst decision since the development of E.T. in the 80's.

And to clarify: competing doesn't mean to copy each other and wait for success - it's about making a good product all with their own intentions, ideas, and power. Sony and Microsoft prove their inability to utilize their own strengths by constantly copying each other in copying PC's. It's not about gaming anymore, it's only about numbers, and that will end gaming soon if it doesn't stop.



OliverAdam said:

Iwata isn't staying because he wants to save your precious Nintendo, he's staying to save his own donkey. Nintendo is a stern company, and if he fled now, he would be in serious trouble. Plus i doubt he could ever get a position that serves him as well money wise. This is the market he (arguably) knows. What else could he possibly be the CEO of? A 3rd party developer? That doesn't bring in the same $$$
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Nintenjoe64 said:

@ajcismo I don't doubt that they could do much better if they spent anywhere near Sony/MS amounts on marketing (in fact they pretty much did that for the Wii and DS to great success) but they think it is too risky and unnecessary because they say they believe their software sells itself. It will mean that at the end of the gen they aren't much worse off as long as they can break even and keep all their talent. I'd rather know Nintendo was going to be a long term niche product line rather than one of three standard gaming machines.

The Arsenal analogy is pretty close. They've sat on millions of cash and watched their rivals build better squads, steal their best players and win all the trophies for 8 years. The fans were divided because some think the past successes (an unbeaten run of 49 league games including one whole season unbeaten) need to be remembered and others think they need to spend and change their manager to compete. Now they're in the best financial position, are top of the league and have the same manager who knows the club better than anyone. Wii U may well be a blemish on Iwata's Nintendo career but who would be better to steer them to their next success?



Platypus101 said:

@Collz I see the same with my nephew and his buddies... Although, they all stated they would like the new Kart and Smash Bros games when they come out! so I guess Software does make a difference I want one of the other two consoles (haven't decided which) but their game line up is (as Einherjar stated "less than stellar"... So I'm biding my time with those two (mainly due to price and lack of games).



ajcismo said:

Ahh... Much like my beloved Packers. Always draft the talent and barely make a squeek in free agency. Another 1st round exit in the playoffs this year.
Yeah, I fear that Nintendo will be just like the PSBox clones someday too, which is why when they do what little advertising they do at least its not dudebro heavy. And you might be right about not spending the money simply to not spend it. Personally I feel its a huge mistake, especially here in the States where attention spans are seconds long.



IRNBRU115 said:

I think he's a great manager, and I can't imagine Nintendo without him, to me (who only became a Nintendo fan playing wii and DS) he is up there with Yamauchi. I love the Nintendo directs and he directed the Wii and DS, turned the 3DS around and I don't doubt his capacity to do the same with wii u. Despite the fact that the wii u is an a deeper hole than the 3DS ever was. I think the only reason the Wii u isn't selling is because everyone is buying a 3DS! Unless you are like me, who loves local multiplayer, that's why I got it in the first place!



GalacticMario28 said:

I see no reason for Iwata to step down right now. The Wii U's sales have been disappointing so far, but there are so many big-name games coming in 2014 that it's too early to say that Iwata's way of running the company will cause the Wii U to fail. If the Wii U is still struggling by the end of this year, then it may be time for Iwata to step down.



thanos316 said:

this is year two for the wii u. but its not dead yet. year one was ruff and i blame that on nintendo. better marketing would have been good. better name to separate it from the wii. i don't believe that people mistake it as just an add on to the wii, but you have to differentiate it a bit. the game pad is good i bet. big titles takes time to come out. they should have put that wii money into r&d. but like i said they have indie devs on their side, and they just need that one hit to get the wii u name out there. A $5 game can go a long way as we have seen in this time. 2 months ago it was the ps4 and xbone. now its the steam machines. the wii u name has to get out there, and get people talking. big games yes will help and more advertising. so iwata shouldn't step down.. not at all



theberrage said:

He is sorry to all shareholders? How about sorry to fans and customers who have supported your business by buying your products throughout the years. Despite what the army of fanboys will say, the Wii U has been an epic failure and an embarrassment due to lack of quality software. Take the VC for instance, >99% of VC releases have already been released for Wii. That's not even trying. Take care of your customers and you will take care of your shareholders (whom appear to be Iwata's greatest concern).



kyuubikid213 said:

Basically, I don't understand anything.

The Wii U is an excellent console and has a great variety of games, Nintendo titles, online multiplayer outings, big-name third party titles, backwards compatibility, a unique controller, and a bunch more. I keep hearing complaints about "no games" and "no one wanting Nintendo games"

No games? The system has 216 games as of October 17 (according to Wikipedia) compared to the competition's 180 and 102 along with the COMPLETE Wii library.

Don't like Nintendo games? 139 of those are multiplatform! And they include great titles like Arkham City, Darksiders, Call of Duty, and Mass Effect! There are even console exclusive titles that aren't "Nintendo" games like ZombiU, Wonderful 101, and Lego City.

What makes it even more frustrating is that the best selling games on both the One and PS4 are CoD: Ghosts and Assassin's Creed IV! Games available on the 360 and PS3! Most of the initial sales are from hardcore fans upgrading, so most of the 4 million PS4 sales came from people who had a PS3 and didn't need to upgrade to the new system and drop $470+!

And I've not heard anything good about the launch titles on the PS4 or One. The only good things I hear about any of those games is that they show off the graphical power of the system. Knack was awful, Ryse is boring, Killzone is more of the same, Forza could be better... The Wii U launch lineup? Mario U was fresh! Multiplatforms benefited greatly from the GamePad or off-TV play!

Then the Wii U name being too confusing? Nonsense! There's a different letter on there! Wii U ! In this world of smartphones and tablets, it would only take two seconds to look up the difference. I highly doubt so many people just thought it was a DS with 3D as well. But a name like Xbox One isn't confusing at all when we already have an XBOX 1!!

I'll stop here before I go on ranting, but this turn that gaming is taking is getting more and more annoying. Without Nintendo, there simply wouldn't be gaming like there is today if it was here at all. Gaming was dying. No one was taking game consoles seriously. Atari, Colecovision, Intellevision, all of those were merely phases that were going the way of the dodo. And then Nintendo strikes up a deal with the makers of that Teddy Ruxbin thing and gets gaming back into the mainstream. Without that, Sony wouldn't have gone to gaming. Microsoft wouldn't have gone to gaming. We'd either not have gaming at all or be generations behind where we are now.

Okay. Rant over. I'm done.



ElkinFencer10 said:

A company is more than one man, even the man at the top. A lot of Nintendo's problems are Iwata's responsibility, but he alone is not to blame for the company's misfortunes. The Wii U was a gamble that didn't pay off, but that doesn't mean that it was a bad gamble. I think the system was a good idea, but the way the industry is right now isn't the right environment for brilliant ideas. Right now, all most gamers want is powerful hardware and and integrated online network, and I'll fully admit that Nintendo screwed the pooch in a BIG way on the latter. The processing power, though? It shouldn't matter, and in a generation or two, I don't think it will, but for the moment, that's almost all that matters, and Nintendo didn't take that into account. That doesn't mean that the Wii U was a bad idea, just that the demand for hardware strength should have been taken into account during the planning phase.

Iwata is right, I think, to stay on right now. He's not a bad leader for the company, and both he and the company will learn from these admittedly painful mistakes. The shareholders are hurting and we customers are hurting, but Nintendo gamers have one trait that Sony gamers often don't and Microsoft gamers almost universally lack - brand loyalty. Those of us who truly love Nintendo for doing precisely what it's doing - being different no matter what the flavor of the week is - will continue to support the company.

The Wii U is not a bad system, and it's not without its great games. Does it have enough for 14 months of shelf life? Absolutely not, and I'll not deny that. Were there a LOT of mistakes made in the system's design, advertising, and launch date decision? Absolutely. It should have been more powerful to compete with the PS4 and XBone, they should have held it back a year or two so that more powerful hardware could be added for a lower MRSP, they should have been working on more first party titles to get the system off the ground, and they should have done more earlier on to try to woo third party companies to the system. The console is not doomed, though. The Wii U will not outsell this generation's Playstation or Xbox, but that doesn't mean that it will fail at the end of the day. It's off to a very rough start, but I firmly believe that Nintendo will turn things around and break even at the end of the generation.



ElkinFencer10 said:

A company is more than one man, even the man at the top. A lot of Nintendo's problems are Iwata's responsibility, but he alone is not to blame for the company's misfortunes. The Wii U was a gamble that didn't pay off, but that doesn't mean that it was a bad gamble. I think the system was a good idea, but the way the industry is right now isn't the right environment for brilliant ideas. Right now, all most gamers want is powerful hardware and and integrated online network, and I'll fully admit that Nintendo screwed the pooch in a BIG way on the latter. The processing power, though? It shouldn't matter, and in a generation or two, I don't think it will, but for the moment, that's almost all that matters, and Nintendo didn't take that into account. That doesn't mean that the Wii U was a bad idea, just that the demand for hardware strength should have been taken into account during the planning phase.

Iwata is right, I think, to stay on right now. He's not a bad leader for the company, and both he and the company will learn from these admittedly painful mistakes. The shareholders are hurting and we customers are hurting, but Nintendo gamers have one trait that Sony gamers often don't and Microsoft gamers almost universally lack - brand loyalty. Those of us who truly love Nintendo for doing precisely what it's doing - being different no matter what the flavor of the week is - will continue to support the company.

The Wii U is not a bad system, and it's not without its great games. Does it have enough for 14 months of shelf life? Absolutely not, and I'll not deny that. Were there a LOT of mistakes made in the system's design, advertising, and launch date decision? Absolutely. It should have been more powerful to compete with the PS4 and XBone, they should have held it back a year or two so that more powerful hardware could be added for a lower MRSP, they should have been working on more first party titles to get the system off the ground, and they should have done more earlier on to try to woo third party companies to the system. The console is not doomed, though. The Wii U will not outsell this generation's Playstation or Xbox, but that doesn't mean that it will fail at the end of the day. It's off to a very rough start, but I firmly believe that Nintendo will turn things around and break even at the end of the generation.



odd69 said:

bring more eshope games, better gmes and more games, its been a year how many times do i have to voice my opinion on this, if the wiiu is a failure its the lack of software,

If you guys think that there is plenty of games for the system you are sadly mistaken, i mean good games too not multiplatform or first party titles



Doma said:

I'm pretty sure Iwata would sooner take this company to the grave before resigning. He seems to think of himself as integral to Nintendo, as a whole.



the_beaver said:

I don't want him to resign! Not yet, that the games are finally starting to come. I like Iwata being the CEO of the company. But there are still many things that must be done in order to achieve what he aims to. Like, for instance, advertising the console (yeah, that could serve), or improving the online infrastructure. Or, say, stop delaying the games so often...
But I like the WiiU. I see a bright future ahead, if the things are done correctly.
With that said, if the situation in 1 year time is as dark as it is now, then we could start considering other possibilities...



Turbo857 said:


Really? People are still complaining about the Wii U name. For the last time, it ain't the name, it was abysmal marketing during its first year on the market. Xbox One is by far the stupidest console name I've ever heard for a successor than the Wii U. But Microsoft just markets better (and spends more $) than Nintendo so people knew what it was on day one. Nintendo has stepped it up this holiday season but they need to do this throughout the year.

And no they shouldn't have made the Gamepad an add-on because you'd see even less developers trying to use its fullest potential. Blueray players are so cheap now anyway I could care less if a Nintendo console can play Bluerays. More and more people are streaming video and movies nowadays so I don't understand the critique.

Online features are disappointing? It is significantly a better experience than the Wii and it is still very unique in comparison with it's direct competitors.

Doesn't it have many games that offer mulitplayer online? Yes. Does it work with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, YouTube? Yes. Does it have an internet browser? Yes. You're really gonna take points away from the Wii U just because it doesn't have HBO Go?

And what about Miiverse and TVii? How is Nintendo's online capabilities inferior to the competition and prior generation when NO console current or past offers anything comparable to a FREE Miiverse experience?

Oh I forgot, the PS4 has integration with Facebook? No thanks, I rather talk to gamers about games, not let my non-gamer friends know what I'm playing.

All Nintendo needs to do is advertise, release games, maybe invest in more development studios and slash the price of the deluxe to $250.



MeddlingIdiot said:

Why do some people think that firing Iwata will be an overnight fix for Nintendo's dismal sales? It's not going to help Nintendo release more games, or even rush a new console out the gate. Iwata knows the situation better than anybody and if he wants to carry on as president of Nintendo, then I think we should respect that.



Drewroxsox said:

Sorry other Nintendo fans but, running a business isn't about how likable a CEO is. It's about doing what's best for the company, and if that means that Iwata has to step down, then so be it. He's out of touch with what video game consumers want, and the longer he's the head of Nintendo, the longer the company will continue to suffer because ultimately, he makes the final decisions on what Nintendo does next. When the Wii U was revealed, Iwata said that Nintendo would try to capture the hardcore gamers again but if that was true, they would have dropped the Wii name. Games are constantly being delayed and there's almost no 3rd party support, and Iwata just says "please understand". Give me a break. Nintendo is stuck in the past and will stay there until they get fresh blood running things.



Yorumi said:

Something I'm curious about, so many people seem to want nintendo to become another ms/sony, why? There's already a ms/sony in the market why should everyone be exactly the same, making the same games, that all run on the same systems?



Einherjar said:

@plunkettmonster Thats also what i love the most about nintendo. They never went "full serious business" with their systems. I always was and still is all fun and games.
Whenever someone says that nintendo needs to "go with the times" my inner child cringes a little. "The WiiU has no gameplay uploading feature" get yourself a good capture card and you have that feature for pretty much every system you own. And the PC will always be the best alternative when it comes to video editing. "But the WiiU has no general (voice) chat option" Get yourself a wireless headset and you have that feature for pretty much any console that has internet connection. Invite your friends to a skype group call or set u a team speak server and again, you have a much better and more relieable option for that.
If you really want a certain something, theres always a way to get it. If you, on the other hand, are too lazy to even look for a solution and want everything delivered on a solver platter, well, thats your problem



Onett said:

@Andrewroxsox You're absolutely right.
Releasing a more powerful console under a new name would've solved all of their problems. 3rd party developers wouldn't feel like they would have to make sacrifices developing on their console and core gamers can get all of the same games they would normally get on other consoles all while enjoying the splendor of Nintendo games.



Minotaurgamer said:

Very noble from him,but he is not the whole problem. There are others in there that have much if not more blame to have. like Miyamoto

3D on the 3DS? Miyamoto's idea
Put someone that doesn't like zelda in charge of zelda? miyamoto's idea
Conectivity over internet? miyamoto's fault
No 2D Mario for almost 20 years because he just didnt want to do it even if it was demand for? yup, miyamoto
Waste money and time making pikmin 3, A GAME NOBODY BUYS AND GIVES A DAMN FOR, over other more important games? miyamoto-san of course.
the awful, awful N64, Gamecube and wii u controler design? miyamoto's
Give preference to 3D Mario over 2D Mario, making the former better even though it sell less and makin the former mediocrely even though is the one with highest demand for? Miyamoto.
Making games drag in development because the guy doesnt want to give control to other people? yup he is the one to blame.

He has been only making bad decisions for the last 15 years and they keep rewarding him. it's ridiculous. He has more blame to have than iwata. They were going to retire him. why they didn't?! This guy cannot continue this generation and beyond. yes he had good ideas and made great games BEFORE but now he is a huge boulder in the road.



Yorumi said:

@Onett worked so well for the GC didn't it? And is the wiiU too expensive or not, people complain about the price and then want to beef up the system, that costs money, want to buy a $500 wiiU?



MysticX said:

@Yorumi Well, for one thing people will buy those games, and a console to play them on, if a console (let's say the WiiU) doesn't have those games, that amounts to a lot of reasons for people to buy another console instead, and the last thing any new console needs is a lot of reasons NOT to buy it.



Onett said:

@Yorumi Well, people "say" they don't want to buy a $500 dollar console but they do. The PS4 is not only about to surpass the Wii U's sales, but it hasn't even been on the market as long either.
@MysticX Exactly. Nintendo isn't doing anything wrong on the software side of things. Their problem resides in console hardware and how it turns off graphics nazi's and 3rd party developers.



khululy said:

@minotaurgamer, lol nintentroll.
3D on the 3DS? Miyamoto's idea -Thing is selling like hotcakes... very bad idea
Put someone that doesn't like zelda in charge of zelda? miyamoto's idea
Conectivity over internet? miyamoto's fault - Putting someone in charge of zelda games that doesn't like them can cause for innovation to transform zelda into a game he might like to play himself.
No 2D Mario for almost 20 years because he just didnt want to do it even if it was demand for? yup, miyamoto - Does a Geometrical dimension define Mario?
Waste money and time making pikmin 3, A GAME NOBODY BUYS AND GIVES A DAMN FOR, over other more important games? miyamoto-san of course. - Actually people wanted it but not the blood hungry bromasses.
the awful, awful N64, Gamecube and wii u controler design? miyamoto's. -Granted the wiimote could've been better but there was nothing wrong with the N64 it was a bit experimental and the gamecube has still the best face button layout any console has ever seen.
Give preference to 3D Mario over 2D Mario, making the former better even though it sell less and makin the former mediocrely even though is the one with highest demand for? Miyamoto. Again with the 2D get over it polygons have been a thing since the 80's man.
Making games drag in development because the guy doesnt want to give control to other people? yup he is the one to blame. That strategy never did Apple any harm...



MikeLove said:


Corporations and sports organizations fire bosses/coaches all the time when things go south or are stagnating. Nintendo has been spinning its wheels for years, it's time for someone else to take the wheel and see what they can do.



MJKOP said:

Bottom line, I love my Wii U, bought it the day 3D World was released & I'm still playing that game, I've two still to play when I'm done with Mario, I intend to get DK when it's released then there's a quality back catalogue to catch up on. So I'm delighted with my purchase, I have no idea how they intend to change things but I can't wait to find out, either way I'm gonna enjoy my console. Good luck Iwata, I hope you can pull it off



Yorumi said:

@MysticX that's kind of what I'm getting at though. Do people want the wiiU to sell better because they like nintendo and want more people to like their games? Or do they want it to sell better just so they can claim victory in some console war?

Again I understand the business side of things but what real value do people who don't like nintendo have? It's been pointed out that at various times nintendo has had everything the armchair experts say will instantly make them win and it doesn't.

Lets also keep some other things in mind here. Sony nor microsoft didn't win last gen. The wii beat the pants off of them and it was only in the last year or so that they even managed to catch up to some extent. They did this with minimal 3rd party support and a spectacularly underpowered console. The very thing all the armchair experts are saying they're doing so wrong won them last gen, and ironically the things they say nintendo should be doing didn't win last gen.

I want to see nintendo keep making great games, I have quite a few wiiU games already and love them. Considering how slow the games have come in in the past for consoles that's quite an accomplishment. I don't care how much they sell as long as it keeps them in business. And so from the perspective of making great games I like, and getting 3rd party games on their system I like they're doing great.

I've seen far to many times the same arguments. "oh for x genre we need to convince the people who don't like the genre to play the game." And then the genre is never the same again and the original fans are thrown under the bus, hated, despised, and insulted away.

So do we want nintendo to do well by convincing more people to like fun games, or do we want them to do well to win some meaningless console war?



MeddlingIdiot said:

@JohnRedcorn I see your point but the difference is sports coaches can make immediate changes. It's a lot harder to bring in changes when you have a new-ish product on the market, especially one that you hoped would have a 5-6 lifespan. People hope for change when a new political leader is brought in, but they usually end up wading through the mess and red tape the previous leader had left in place, instead of actually enforcing changes for the better.



triforcepower73 said:

@Collz #38 So some kids, who don't know what gaming is(outside of what they see is violent and "cool" and therefore play because they wanna feel older rather than just simply be kids), at your sons' school don't care about the company that is the reason their beloved Minecraft and CoD even exist? Duh, they're stupid kids.



MikeLove said:


Sports are different though too, I agree, because a new coach can get immediate results in a few weeks. When changing the guy at the top of a company (especially one that has product development cycles measured in years) it will take AT LEAST 6-8 months to see real changes.

But just because it takes longer to see the change, if any, it doesn't mean that it shouldn't be done to at least shake things up.



Andrew_Cook said:

For anyone calling to Iwata to resign, I have to ask: who should they put in charge to replace him? What plan can they put in place without him that will immediately increase Wii U sales to 3DS levels? What do a few lean years mean in the face of all Iwata's success? As someone said over on GoNintendo, this isn't sports where you freak out and fire the head coach after one bad season. This short-sighted take the money and run Western capitalist approach to business is helping nobody.



MysticX said:

@Yorumi The value that people who don't like Nintendo (The damn heretics!) have is that they pay for their WiiU's, which helps Nintendo in the whole "staying in business"-thing, heck, any console is better off with a wider assortment of games available on it, the Wii was a "Right place at the right time"-case, a casual-friendly console right at the advent of mass casual gaming, said casual gamers are now flinging birds around on their phones, the more dedicated gamers are the market that will still be here a few years from now, and since Nintendo can't produce games fast enough to make for a decent release schedule on their own, they need to get third-party support and fast.



MikeLove said:


This is business. This is reality. Of course they can't hire a new boss and instantly increase Wii-U/3DS sales. That would be a childish belief.
They can however put someone new at the top, someone with new ideas (releasing VC titles more frequently and in larger numbers? Price changing? Focusing on online gameplay? Etc) who can change the culture of the company and look for new revenue streams.

Nintendo has been stumbling for years now, with all their projected sales numbers being waaaaayyy off the mark. This isn't based on something that's only a recent happening, the Wii/Nintendo brand has been losing steam since 2010 or so.



ColdingLight said:

Why are alot of you prasing Iwata? This terrible news. I think he's being completely unfair on the 3ds front. The damned console dominated Japan and has been the most sold console in the US and EU territories for months and it still under preformed? I'm sorry, but that's when you know someones expectations are way to damn high. Another blow to the gut is that there won't be any Shake up in management? And he's not stepping down in the future?...This is awful dude. And then some devine miracle happens and he somehow manages to sell the Wii U at a profit and you guys will give him credit for rectifying his mistakes... He should not be givin credits for fixing his mistakes. He should be giving credit for avoiding mistakes. Which he has failed to do. "Sigh" I see another grim year for Nintendo...



DerpSandwich said:

"I'm sorry everyone. The Wii U isn't doing so well. As a change in strategy, we're going to make a lot of games to put on the system. We'll start developing them now, so judging by our usual development times they should be ready in about 2018. Hey, how could we have known that we needed games on our system and not just Wii Fit and Mario? No one could have known that." --Iwata



Yorumi said:

@MysticX it all depends on what they have to do to get those people though, and keep in mind they have quite a few of the games they supposedly love so much. Would it be a good thing to spend another $200 on the console for power that's not even really utilized most of the time?

And what would convince 3rd parties anyway? They've had powerful consoles, that didn't convince them, they've had high sales, that doesn't work so what is it? Basically they have to become non nintendo to convince them at this point. That wouldn't be good.

Yes they need to sell consoles but that doesn't mean they need to be in first place. Popularity is a fickle and fleeting thing, sony came off the success of the ps2, then launched the ps3 to disaster, and only managed to improve things in the last couple years. They still lost in popularity to nintendo the previous gen's 3rd place. Similarily nintendo came off the huge success of the snes and made the low selling n64, losing bad to the upstart sony's ps1. They've been "sure" for years sony's portable division is going to beat nintendo and so far their last attempt has been nothing short of an abject disaster.

If the wiiU isn't number one it doesn't make it bad, because look at how many great n64 and gc games we got. I think there's more value in pleasing the market you have than pandering to the one you don't.



khululy said:

@ Andrew_Cook, AMEN!!!
The only lack of "succes" is in the eyes of greedy share holder who couldn't give a crap about the quality of the games.



Dogpigfish said:

Well Iwata still has two months to figure it out. If he blows it again then we call it a hat trick. Saying he's sorry doesn't matter. Stepping down when you know your ideas haven't worked is honorable. He did some good things for Nintendo, but the time has come to let someone else run the company who can return it back to profitability, plain and simple. Your opinions of Iwata don't matter when he is putting the brand at risk. He did some good things, but his ideas are simply not working. The management team needs to change.



Erock said:

I bought Nintendo stock because I believed in Nintendo. The stock has fallen over 150% the past few years & 17% today alone. That's usually the mark of a CEO on the way out. I like Iwata, but he really needs to go immediately.



Mario-Man-Child said:

I admire the fact he won't release Nintendo games on rival systems and I hope that is always the way with whoever is president of Nintendo.
I think his vision is wrong, the company needs to be brought back to the way it used to be. If he can totally change the company's approach he will stay, if he can't he's out.



MuchoMochi said:

I love that everyone here immediately becomes the most intelligent and well versed business analyst who knows exactly what Nintendo should do to make the Wii U a success when an article about sales pops up. Maybe you guys should apply for Iwata's job! In all seriousness no, I don't think Iwata should resign, not in the middle of a console generation. Sales have improved during the holidays. Just bring out good games and the Wii U shale survive, albeit not as successful as the wii. That's just my opinion though, I don't know anything about running a billion dollar company, none of us do. I just play video games.



turnmebackwards said:

Nintendo's answer to poor sales Wii U mini coming to a store near you soon..... Along with - 3DS XL Light coming soon....



unrandomsam said:

@IlovedemRPGS If they are so far off what they need to break even they really are screwed. Just looking at the numbers they would need twice as many to be ok. They have basically mothballed the 3DS for the time being.



AVahne said:

Hey Iwata, get Evolve onto Wii U, then maybe more people will the appeal of asynchronous multiplayer. Just throwing that out there. Seriously, I'm not the only person who thinks that game would be perfect on Wii U am I?



Rin-go said:

@Yorumi #129
I don't get it either.
What I like about the Wii U is that it is the way it is. I don't want them to sell out to some everchanging trends for a few more sales that might never happen. Like you said in another comment, it's better to cater to the audience they have than to go after an audience who probably won't be convinced anyway.
I think it is their strong point that they offer a different experience to the other consoles.



Lord said:

All I want as a wii u owner is
1)for them to release more of thier ip catalogue (eg metroid, starfox, f-zero).
2)sort out the vc and release....
3)add voice chat to thier ip's (kart)
4)a little less mario
5)more jap releases (eg dragon quest x )
6)tvii for Europe



creative92 said:

You can't just quit during the "hard" times, that would be irresponsible.

Plus he's like the only CEO that actually plays and uses the products he sells. That is very important to the creative process in the development for gaming systems.



JusticeDragon said:

Some of this do not make sense in my opinion the share holders should be greatful to him because of the success of th Wii/DS



Vann said:

I don't think Iwata should leave, but I certainly think its time for some changes. I don't want to be pessimist but I can't think of a scenario where the WiiU leaves the profit to keep supporting it. Don't get me wrong, I really like the system and I'm sure Nintendo can create great experiences with it, but its certainly far behind the new consoles (which would mean little to none third party support).
Nintendo should continue supporting the 3ds, and either try to reach next gen level or simply stick with portables next time (We all loved the n64 and the GC, but their sales weren't outstanding. Those generations were saved single-handed by the portables).
I actually would love to see a Hybrid of both (a Portable console with HDMI ports for console-like experience).
For now, I believe there's not a lot Nintendo can do to win this battle, but to withstand the hard times and comeback with an amazing piece of hardware (again, a Hybrid sound great, and that would mean no more branching games between two systems, just one nintendo console).
Either way, I highly doubt Nintendo will hang the gloves with the WiiU, and although that's honorable, it feels as fighting a battle already lost.
I love Nintendo (3DS is my favorite console of all time), and i really hope for the company to get out of this bad streak .



banacheck said:


People were believing promises like 'no load times again ever'

I get the feeling you haven't got a clue what they meant by that and it's not what you think, thay where talking about in-game loading times. Take AC3 as an example, it was a open world game until you stepped onto the ship and than it would start loading. Or Skyrim as you went from city to city it would have loading times in-game, getting rid of them loading times is not make believe.



2Sang said:

Iwata screwed up, but his successes with the Wii and DS are proof he needs to stay. The Wii U is a flop, and Iwata is allowed to make a mistake every now and again, so long as next gen isn't a failure like the wii u.



BinaryFragger said:

"Gaming was dying. No one was taking game consoles seriously. Atari, Colecovision, Intellevision, all of those were merely phases that were going the way of the dodo."

The video game crash only affected North America, and only consoles; PC gaming was still going strong. North American gamers stopped buying consoles because (1) Atari started releasing tons of shovelware and (2) PCs were finally becoming affordable. The Apple II and Commodore 64 were flying off store shelves at the time, and what were people doing with these computers? Playing games, of course.
Nintendo revitalized the North American console market, not video games in general.



BinaryFragger said:

I have mixed feelings about this. Nintendo took HUGE risks with the DS and the Wii, and it paid off. Remember when Nintendo were calling the DS their "third pillar" of gaming? Even they had doubts about its potential.
Then came the Wii. Wow, what a home run that was. The fact that Nintendo convinced millions of people who don't play video games to spend a couple hundred bucks on a console is simply amazing.
Gaming consoles are generally bought by people who really like games. You don't hear people say "I don't play games but I'll get a PlayStation or Xbox... maybe I'll like it". But people did just that with the Wii. The problem is, that strategy can only work once. The Wii came out before iPhones, iPads and Android devices and it really was the only way to play casual games. Those same casual gamers who bought Wiis are no longer interested in consoles; they've moved on. Then you have the hardcore gamers, who generally ignore Nintendo's products (and consoles in general, as they tend to prefer PC gaming). I think Nintendo was hoping the Wii's insane popularity would continue with the Wii U, but it was a gamble that failed.



Shy_Guy said:

I think Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros will save him,but for how long who knows. I'll give him this year if Nintendo doesn't turn around.



Skyfox2000 said:

What Nintendo Needs To Do is
1. Better ADVERTISIEING Quit Marketing to Family's Who Cares About Family Gaming. Market to the Hardcore Market Advertise Games Like W101, MH3U, Pikmin 3.
2. Better Third Party Support.
3. A Nintendo Tablet
4. Cross Platform Play With the 3DS



Nintenjoe64 said:

Games without in-game loading existed already even in the disc era. PS4's level loading and installation times are as bad as Wii U's (based on 2 games I've played) or at least seemed as bad. The only time the PS4's loading impresses me is resuming games from standby.



raith said:


Yeah, that sums it up. They live in their bubble, and it looks like it's popped one too many times. Iwata shouldn't leave Nintendo, but he should step down as CEO. Perhaps Arakawa could take over. He took a tremendous amount of initiative while he was President of NOA back in the 90's.



DualWielding said:

Iwata needs to go, as a consumer I want to see him go because I dont' think we'll ever get things like region free or account system as long as he is there. However form a business perspective he has proven incompetent. He was the one who made the ridiculous sales projection. That means that he either has completely loss touch with reality and really expected to sell 9 million Wii U or he doesn't understand business at all and thought announcing extravagant projections you have no chance of meeting is a sound business strategy. In either case he doesn't seem fit for the job



Yoshis_VGM said:

For all of you wanting Iwata to resign: stop and think for a moment. Iwata resigning/being fired will NOT magically solve all of Nintendo's problems. They will still be there once he leaves, and they will still be there once a new person takes charge and they could get worse if management changes at this point. Kicking Iwata out is not going to change anything, so I say keep him around. 2014 has lots of potential for the Wii U, let's just see how it goes.

To all the people saying the Wii U will doom Nintendo: they're currently sitting on a massive pile of cash that has accumulated from the huge success of the Wii, DS, and the ongoing success of the 3DS. The Wii U will most certainly NOT doom Nintendo.

Take these two accounts into consideration before going on an Iwata manhunt and calling doom and gloom.



Steveovig said:

Of course he won't want to step down, he's the head of the company, which is in a state of disarray right now.



TwilightOniAngel said:

okay i admire this guy for not leaving nintendo when there struggling but he cant keep saying sorry if he wants to help the wiiu market better bring the games that made nintendo famous hand thats going to save them.If he doesn't well his time has come to leave and put someone who listens and not be stubborn cause the wiiu or nintendo cant survive another year without help.



Jllanos22 said:

If Nintendo needs more sales then its time to do what nintendo fans want. Starting by taking down the region lock, bring back old nintendo games like F-zero and star fox or a FF crystal chronicle and do whatever it takes to get third party games. Bring games like MH frontier(wii u)and 4 (3ds), Dragon Quest X, we are still waiting for X and a metroid game in HD, give us a release date for SSB, u got bayonetta for May and that's to far away why not march. It would be perfect lineup. DK now on February, bayonetta in march and mario kart 8 and watch dogs in April. Nintendo can comeback!!! The 3ds it's ok! Time to focus on the wii u!



retro_player_22 said:

The problem is not Iwata, the problem is Reggie. Nintendo is doing just fine in Japan and Asia, it's Reggie that failed Nintendo in NA. Not bringing Japanese must have titles to NA last gen and still pretend that they are doing the best for consumer is what's killing Wii U over here. I suggest NOA replaced Reggie with a new president who is able to support and market the Wii U better.



Williaint said:

Relevant satirical quote I made from The Walrus and the Carpenter.
(With Apologies to Lewis Carrol)

Relevant satirical quote I made from The Walrus and the Carpenter.
(With Apologies to Lewis Carrol)

The time has come," the Reggie said,
"To speak of all our probs,
And find a better president--
And clear up all these sobs.
To catch a fairy — with a net,
Then resurrect Steve Jobs."

I don't believe that kicking out Iwata, or Reggie will make a the huge difference everyone is wishing for.
Yaumachi would probably have kept Nintendo Further out of this Online "race".

As far as purchasing more third Parties, I think Sega would be the best choice for Nintendo to go with. They're pretty close, already.



Henmii said:

If he stepped down, who would replace him?! Miyamoto? Nah, he has lost the plot! Aonuma? If so, he can't work on Zelda's anymore!

Shibata could be a nice fit, but he runs Nintendo Europe!

What I mean to say is: I don't know who is suitable to replace him! Things could get worse! And replacing a person is not enough: Their whole attitude has to change!

Maybe it's time for a charismatic Japanese 30 something guy who speaks pretty good English and understands what gamers across the globe want (not just Mario, Mario, Mario, but also other franchises, good difficulty and cutting edge graphics)!



Sceptic said:

He doesn't need to step down, someone needs to put the cuffs on this guy. Even the doomsday analysts put them at almost twice that. They've been deliberately misleading the market while hoping for a miracle.



WaveBoy said:

I couldn't care less if Iwata the mono tone nut cracker postured' dropped out......We need another Howard Phillips. Anyways, why do I get the idea that gamers in their 30's now for the most part don't really care about this type of NintenNews? I'm at a point know where the word 'whatever' basically sinks in. Besides, it's iwata....It's not like Miyamoto is retiring or anything.



mamp said:

"Please understand" Iwata you keep messing up over and over again. I think Nintendo would benefit with someone younger, who's ambitious and understands today's current market better than you do. Clearly you do not learn from your mistakes as this article shows Nintendo needs to change in order to adjust to the current market and the first change should start with you, "I apologize for your inconvenience."



Pod said:

Nintendo has no history of simply forcing the president off his position just because they're going through hard times.

I'm sure It's possible to turn the Wii U into a success, but it will take a lot more of that energetic advertisement we used to see for the Wii and DS.



Wolfo said:

Just take better hardware decisions to the next console to make it more a "must have" instead a "secondary", "complementary" "optional" console to hardcore gamers.



banacheck said:


Based off the games I've got and have downloaded I know for a fact it's faster than any console I've played on to date and that includes the Wii U as I have a Wii U. I was able to download resogun and within 2 mins I was playing it as it was still downloading, but at the moment not all the games out have had there files sorted to be able to do that. But all the newest games like Driveclub, watch dogs etc will be doing that.also you don't need to wait for a game to instal before you can start playing it, you start playing it after a 1 min or 2.



unrandomsam said:

@Henmii Do most people want good difficulty ? (Most of the stuff that seems to sell well on other systems is really easy and mostly cutscene not game).



Henmii said:

To my knowledge Howard Phillips was just a guy who said what Nintendo told him! In other words: We need someone straight from Nintendo Japan!

It's like Reggie vs Iwata: I don't care what Reggie says, he's just a simple spokesperson for the American Market! But when Iwata says something (or even better, some of the developers) it's official! That's how I feel anyway!


I agree about the cutscenes, but I guess Nintendo games are the easiest in the business! I may be wrong though! However, I noticed that Nintendo not only makes very easy games, but recently they also make very short levels (Mario 3D world, A link between worlds)! A worrying trend!



kereke12 said:

He shouldn't resign, he the one who made Nintendo not crash. In 2006. At least he's not like Square-Enix Former CEO. He doing a fine job running Nintendo. All he needs to do is fix Nintendo and bring Nintendo back to the top! Like it once was.



Squashy said:

Iwata is brilliant and I totally believe in him to sort things out! I'm not saying he hasn't made any mistakes but we all do, anybody who thinks he should resign should be ashamed of themselves, in fact the very notion makes me gag like I'm doing the eating trial on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

@Artwark #40 Well said sir!

@Henmii "Miyamoto? Nah, he has lost the plot!" Wash your dirty mouth!



sonicfan1373 said:


I agree with you about unethically manipulative advertising, but I am just talking about showing the Wii U console and gamepad and talking about some of the features of the system and the games. I think the Wii U is a great system and they should show how the Gamepad works in conjunction with the console, how it can make certain tasks like browsing on your TV easier, its game library, and how it is backward compatible. I am not asking Nintendo to make an obnoxious "It's a New Day" ad like Sony did for PS4 (one of the most mind numbingly insulting ads of all time if you ask me).



Henmii said:

"Wash your dirty mouth!"

I may have sounded a bit harsh on Miyamoto, but I'll explain: I think he isn't the hero anymore! He really doesn't understand that gamers want more then just Mario, and that they want some difficulty in their games! And that they despise handholding! Miyamoto only cares about Mario and the casual/non-gamers nowadays! A shame!

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