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Genius Sonority Has Something "Challenging" In Store For Fans In 2014

Posted by Damien McFerran

Denpa Men studio working on new software this year

Genius Sonority has revealed in an interview with 4Gamer that it is hard at work on new content for 2014, and that it could prove to be quite a stern test for players.

The Japanese company — famous for its Denpa Men series — isn't able to give a name to this new project yet, but president Manabu Yamana did say this:

We are hoping to release some software in 2014. I can’t say a title yet, but it is likely to be quite challenging in its content. Thank you for your time.

Yamana has previously stated that his company is interested in developing for the Wii U, and that the direction of the Denpa Men series could change due to poor sales in the west.

Could this title be a Wii U release, or is it a totally new offering for the 3DS? Sound off with your own guess in the comments section below.


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3dcaleb said:

i hated denpa men so im glad it will be something totally different. but i know it was a well made game so when they say it will be a tough game i think it will be something cool. hopefully for the 3ds.



andreoni79 said:

I hope it's something involving streetpass, now that it's finally working... It would be great to fight with Miis!



Spoony_Tech said:

I bought Denpa Men 2 but with so many good to great games out last year i never got around to playing it. I wanted to show my support either way because i liked the first one so much! Really interested in what this project it!!



Gold said:

There's a demo for both, so if you haven't tried it, play the demo first.
Denpa Men 1 was meh to me after I played 2. Denpa Men 2 was so nostalgic to me because of the World Map looking like Dragon Quest 2. After playing the 2nd for a couple of hours, I knew I had to beat the first one before getting any farther in the second.



sinalefa said:


I did not know the second one had a demo. I played the demo of the first one. Haven't bought any but I would probably pick the second one. The fact that EOIV is discounted this week may push me to buy this one. I really don't want to see them going the CING way.



Prof_Clayton said:

Their games have just been too expensive for me to buy with extra eShop funds; but not attractive enough to buy a new card to get. ">__>
If this has challenge I'll bite; most games lack very difficult challenge today. Hopefully its not just Denpa Men 3 with a hard mode.



Shambo said:

Denpa Men was awesome, I hope it'll be something like that, without the different wifi signals required or something. And for Wii U! A dungeon crawling turn-based RPG is always welcome.



RR529 said:

It won't be Denpa Men 3, since they already made that (it's only out in Japan right now, though).

I wonder what it'll be.



Bryon15 said:

I'd rather have a new Pokemon Colosseum as well. It's been too long. We didn't even get a console battling game for gen 5. And gen 6 is already out.



mamp said:

Bought both Denpa Men games, they were fun but idk the games are pretty DQ but lighter and simpler and no story. They can get pretty boring quickly.



Windy said:

@mamp To be honest I like the Denpamen 2 more than I like the current demo of Bravely Default. Talk about snooze fest. I sure hope the full version of Bravely Default is better than it's demo. The Millenium Girl Demo and game just seem so much better. I'm a little disappointed But will still be getting the full version

ducks the pot shots



Dpullam said:

I actually quite enjoyed my time with The Denpa Men 2. It certainly doesn't skimp on content since I spent over 55 hours on one playthrough, but I hope the next one gets a bit more polish!



KiwiPanda said:

I have the original Denpa Men but never finished it; the signal thing was just especially annoying to me for some reason. I'd absolutely love a new Orre game-- I've been dreaming of an announcement for years and considering a new era's going to be around for over two and half years (ish?), the time's coming that one should be released. People would prefer that much more than some Rumble Blast.

That said... I wouldn't consider the Orre series "challenging" at all, it's just Pokemon. I'd say this is going to be a new game for Wii U... and from someone who has only bought one thing in the Wii U eShop, a new Genius Sonority franchise would likely prompt a buy from me.

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