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Boost in GAME Retail Sales Suggest a Potential Stock Market Return

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Specialist retailer back in the, erm, game

GAME, the UK retailer with some limited presence in Europe, has reported that sales in its stores for last year increased by 90%, with its online sales jumping 213%. There was also, predictably, a major boost in the closing weeks of last year with the arrival of PS4 and Xbox One, while major contributors on the software front were Grand Theft Auto V and FIFA 14.

A rumoured return to the stock market would be a surprise, especially as the company's administration and near-disappearance was only in 2012. Nevertheless, an expected second year of profits make that a rumour, and the continued presence of a specialist games retailer — even if not all experienced gamers are fans — on the high street is a positive for the wider industry. While not cited as a major contributor when referencing major Holiday sales, we shouldn't forget that the 3DS family of systems — and its major game releases — will have likely played a notable role in the retailer's yearly results, with the portable being the highest-selling dedicated games system in the UK in 2013.

GAME has also been pro-active in selling download content, including eShop cards for both funds and individual games, a priority for the business. From a Nintendo perspective, high street visibility through retailers such as GAME — which admittedly gives more shelf-space, generally, to the 3DS than Wii U right now — is valuable, as is the continued support of eShop products.

It'll be interesting to see how retailers throughout Europe and North America have performed over the whole of 2013, with so many high profile releases that potentially boosted sales. In the case of GAME, it appears to be in a strong position for the immediate future.


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AJWolfTill said:

Whilst the prices don't tend to be low enough for impulse buying, my girlfriend and I always make sure to browse through what's available just in case there are any rare finds or sales on. Going to highstreets just wouldn't be worth it if I didn't have stores like this to dip into.
On an unrelated note, why was I so convinced there would be a Direct today? XD



Peach64 said:

They only got bailed out because the investors could see how much money they'd make with the new consoles launched. Nothing has changed about how they are run. New games in there are usually about 20% higher than amazon or ShopTo, while pretty much all their pre-owned stuff is more expensive than new copies go for online.



datamonkey said:

In most GAME's at the moment, Wii U gets about 3 feet x 3 feet of shelf space. Not good!



Nintenjoe64 said:

I normally avoid game unless I'm pre-ordering a console because they charge full RRP but they've got loads of tempting offers at the moment. I picked up Injustice for £13 brand new and was tempted by AC4 for £25 and pretty much any launch game for £10.



Morph said:

The prices in game are abysmal, i cant remember the last time i bought anything from them, grainger games is cheaper on the highstreet and the likes of amazon, zavvi, shopto are far cheaper online.

Im struggling to think of one redeeming feature of game,. Its a shop i walk into from time to time and always come out empty handed



CrimsonMoonMist said:

They actually begun importing DS, Vita and PS3 titles at my local GAME,
it's actually really neat since, with shipping costs, their offerings are usually just as good, just without the wait.

They've also been selling third-hand accessories for older video-game systems, which I appreciate.



Nintenjoe64 said:

This is only of use to a small minority of Wii U gamers but GAME are selling off all the official headsets for Wii U. The cheapest £5.99, Turtle Beach £12, Kunai £20 and Black Ops 2 is only £15 new in store. I know CoD isn't for everyone but for that price it shouldn't be ignored. It's not a great CoD game but it's pretty decent and the best multiplayer shooter on Wii U. I would even say it is less laggy online than on other systems but I've not played too much on the others.



Luna-Harmony said:

Boooooo coycot they ripped people off with mario 3d world pre-orders and did not send bonus's not only that but ever game they ship goes in a vac-silver packing bag and gets squashed or damaged when comes.
the phone line does not have a human or not understand what your saying.
They take 3weeks to get back to an email as well.



norwichred said:

@luna-harmony tha lack of bonuses with mario 3D world preorders was down to nintendo not GAME. The bonuses were sent out separately 24hrs after the game. If you didn't get yours tweet them.....



tom_q said:

I completely forgot that I never received my 3d World preorder bonus, what was it even supposed to be? I am annoyed now.



Sean_Aaron said:

I don't set foot in a store unless my kid is trading in some DS games (hasn't happened for months), but I've bought most of my download codes from them because they're cheaper than the eShop itself.

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