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Ace Attorney Collection Coming To Japanese 3DS Consoles This April

Posted by Damien McFerran

The first three adventures in one handy package

Capcom is releasing a special Ace Attorney collection for the 3DS which contains the first three games in the best-selling series.

While the 3DS console's unique screen will be used to give each game a sense of depth, they will remain effectively unchanged from a graphical perspective. English language options will be present — just as they were in the original Japanese releases — which means those of you lucky enough to own a Japanese 3DS console can import this collection and still understand what's going on.

The collection will hit Japanese stores on April 17th priced at 3,990 yen, and the cover art will be drawn by Tatsurou Iwamoto, who worked on the original titles. A limited edition version will also be made available at the same time.

Called Gyakuten Saiban in its native Japan but better known in the west as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the courtroom drama series started on the Game Boy Advance before being ported to the DS. The franchise has since moved to the 3DS, with the last game being Dual Destinies. Wright has also starred in a crossover game with the one and only Professor Layton.

There's no word yet on if this package will come to the west, but we'll keep our ears to the ground on your behalf. Would you be willing to pick this up if so? Share your thoughts with a comment.


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User Comments (58)



Deathgaze said:

No brainer. If it gets a physical release, Capcom can kindly shut up and take my money.



AlexSora89 said:

Good to hear - it's nice to know the 3DS will start getting "3D remasters" akin to the HD compilation released on consoles (remakes such as Ocarina Of Time 3D do not count in this case). Now I'll wait for the "Sonic Advance Trilogy 3D" I've been hoping for.



WYLD-WOO said:

HOLD IT!!! I will really like you again Capcom, if you bring this to the EU. I will even forget and promise to never use the silly made up `r` after the `C` and before the `a` in your company name again.



SilentHunter382 said:

oh please let this come to EU. I have only played the first game (which I traded in a few years ago) and want to play the others.



Kyloctopus said:

I was thinking of getting the IOS version. I guess the 3DS version is more convenient.



alLabouTandroiD said:

If i don't like the artwork i wouldn't mind if it only came to the eShop.
But i'm hoping we'll get a juicy limited edition too.



Jorzha said:

I have all the ace attorney games myself, but this could be a good starting point for new fans if it gets relised outside of japan.



WiiLovePeace said:

Oh man! I was looking forward to new adventures with Pheonix Wright & friends... Dual Destinies + DLC was soooo good! But I guess I'll take this, it's been so long since I played the first 3 games, it'll be like whole new cases. & 3 games in one package sounds soooo good! Even if I still own all 3 haha. Let's go Pheonix Wright rerelease to Australia please!



SMW said:

How about an Edgeworth collection? So I can finally play Edgeworth 2?




PrincessEevee9 said:

Well this is a step in the right direction. However if this gets ported before Monster Hunter 4 I'll be annoyed.



Porky said:

You people do realize that this is getting released on the 3DS with its low volume while DSI XL plays these games with really high volume so.. I still would only play my 3 Phoenix Wright cartridges on DSI XL .

If this does get released elsewhere and you didn't get the copies from before then I suppose this would be ideal to get. I would get this myself to support the franchise. However, I was hoping for a remake of graphics from Dual Destinies. Seeing Godot in 3D would be awesome!!



Bass_X0 said:

If it gets released at retail in America, how about including Dual Destinies on the same cartridge even though its not on the Japanese version?



therube said:

they've released these three games on GBA, DS, Wii, and iOS already- if not on other platforms I'm not up on. a slight coat of 3D paint and no other changes does not an enticing package make.

I'd be more interested in a theoretical Volume 2- with Ace Attorney 4, and Investigations 1 and 2. Those have never been ported, and the last has never been localized in English. That I'd buy.



Warruz said:

Was really hoping they would bring all the older games to DD graphics. Also where is the android release of the collection? Its on Ios in JP and English and on android only in JP , whats the deal with that?



Yasume said:

No graphical improvements? No reason to get excited then. Don't know why you all get pumped up over this. The games have been ported left and right in the past 10 years.



ShadJV said:

Huh. That's great and all, I love the series, but I have those three titles on iOS and on WiiWare. Even if this comes to the US, I can't justify spending $30+ on this when I already have such easy access to the games. Still, if it helps bring in new players, maybe the larger audience can justify more entries in the series, so I suppose this is good. Unfortunately, Capcom won't make any money off of me here, here's hoping they localize MH4, I'll buy the heck out of that.



allav866 said:

I'll be more tempted to get Dual Destinies if they release this in the west. I hope they can also release a collection of the other games, like the Apollo Justice and Ace Attorney Investigations games.



DarkEdi said:

I was tempting to download the wiiware versions but i can wait a bit more and see if this collections come to west too.



Haxonberik said:

Insta-buy if it comes to the west, I have waited long enough to get into this series.



ToxieDogg said:

Still got my original DS carts (along with Apollo Justice and Miles Edgeworth) but I'll be tempted if this comes to the West. Easily one of my favourite series of games ever, just recently finished Dual Destines and the DLC case, loved it



soma said:

Just when I was just thinking which to buy for my first Ace Attorney game! If they release this in America I'll be getting it.



MeWario said:

Ok, super keen for this! Ace Attorney is one series I'd love to get into!



technotreegrass said:

Physical cart in NA is a MUST HAVE. But I probably would break down and buy a bigger SD card if I really had to. I WANT THESE GAMES.



BigDaddysPizza said:

I could really use an upgrade from the Wii Ware Ace Attorney to the 3DS compilation. C'mon Capcom, let's see it come over here!



RaymanFan2 said:

Since there's no translation necessary, I would think that this should get localised.



ecco6t9 said:

I do hope this is the start of more GBA and DS games receiving the 3D treatment.

Kinda like HD editions of console games.



readypembroke said:

@Kyloctopus It's not bad, if you tilt the iPhone up and down, it "has" two screens like on the DS or you can go for one whole big screen sideways. The first game is free for a bit then you have to pay after.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Really really really hope this shows in the USA really want to get into this series and this seems like the prefect way to get into Ace Attorney!!!!!!!



BulbasaurusRex said:

Oooo, goody! After I enjoyed the demo of Dual Destinies, I managed to find a used copy of the first game on DS and am really enjoying it too. This collection is perfect for me, as I was going to skip the Apollo Justice and Miles Edgeworth entries in the series, anyway.



TravisTouchdown said:

Despite owning all 3 games, if this came included with the encyclopedia that the west missed out on then I'd be happy to double dip. Otherwise, regretfully I'd have to pass.



Blue_Yoshi said:

@AlexSora89 I'd cry if they did that. Battle and Pinball Party would also be a must. At least Pinball Party since its release coincided with the first two by having the Tiny Chao Garden.



TradeMark said:

If it's a physical copy when (if) it comes to the states, I'll gladly pick this up. I have the Wiiware versions, but I just love having an actual cart and case for my games, especially for a series I love so much.



Windy said:

I hope this gets ported. There are many more games from the DS that could use the same treatment as well.



ollietaro said:

I'd only get this if it has Dual Destinies -level graphics and updates. A simple port is not enough.



Henmii said:

I have never played a Phoenix Wright game before, so I say to this package: Europe please!

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