News - 2013, Week 19

Sunday12th May 2013

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Monday6th May 2013

  • News Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for May

    The fresh batch brings giant, talking, castle-impaling swords

    It’s that time when Club Nintendo’s North American branch clears its shelf and refreshes its selection of downloadable rewards. Mario’s first foray into the RPG realm is up for the taking on the Wii Shop — which can also be redeemed via the Wii Mode on Wii U — as is a...

  • Talking Point The Wii U Virtual Console Has Started, But Not With a Bang

    Oh for the days of that Revolution reveal

    The Wii U Virtual Console is well and truly up and running, which its greatest supporters will say is a more-than-welcome boost of old-school goodies to fill out the Wii U lineup, and the greatest cynics may say it's another example of Nintendo mastering the art of selling very old rope. Based on the...

  • Feature Animal Crossing: New Leaf Has Atrocious Fish Puns

    Nibbling away at good taste

    This is the first part of our man Jon's personal Animal Crossing: New Leaf diary, which is part of a Nintendo-organised "Mayor Program". You can read all about how we came to be involved in this article, where we also explain our reasoning for participating. With that out of the way, we hope you enjoy this first despatch...

  • Nintendo Download 9th May 2013 (Europe)

    Moving Minis, an adventurous starship, a commando, retro goodies and more

    It may be a Bank Holiday in some parts, but the European Nintendo Download waits for no-one, with this week's update being a fairly meaty offering featuring every current platform. We have some high-profile arrivals on the 3DS eShop, an assortment of retro treats and even a...

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    Wii U eShop / SNES

    Review Mario's Super Picross

    The in-game tutorial, the greatest puzzle

    The early batch of Wii U Virtual Console games have followed a bit of a trend, in that they serve up familiar retro goodies with a few Wii U specific extras. For Europeans there's been the extra treat of getting these classics in their 60Hz variety, but in the case of Mario's Super Picross the treat is...

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    3DS eShop

    Review BearShark

    Jumping the Shark

    The Nintendo Video service on 3DS has played host to a number of original series since its inception, including CollegeHumor's BearShark. These 3D animated comedic shorts tell the story of a rather unlucky man named Steve, doomed to be forever hunted by the most fearsome predators of both the land (Bear) and sea (Shark). The show's...

  • News Violent Video Games Blamed for Knife Attack in Scotland

    14-year old viciously assaulted after "an argument about Xbox games"

    Violent video games are getting more bad rep this week, after a senior Scottish Police officer blamed them for a recent knife attack in Clydebank. The perpetrator — who is only 13 years old and apparently already a father — is reported to have slashed the throat of a 14-year...

  • News Abandoned Pixel Perfect Punch-Out!! Book Has a Knockout Ending With Mike Tyson

    Public release failed due to licensing issues

    While we cover a fair share of Kickstarter development fundraisers, one that's worth a mention is the Pixel Perfect: Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! book project, which was to raise money to enable public distribution for a limited run of 200 copies. The book itself was finished, an unofficial encyclopedia for...

  • Weirdness Legend of Zelda's Triforce Gets Carved Into A Japanese Tombstone

    A Link to the Afterlife

    It's not uncommon for people to have poignant messages carved into their headstones when they eventually shake off their mortal coil, but you've got to go a long way to beat the legendary Triforce when it comes to tributes to the dead. According to Twitter user mahosyouzyo, when a relative passed away she was asked to create...

  • Rumour Nintendo Helping Developers to Convert Smartphone Games to Wii U

    A smart idea, or a bit phoned in?

    As a new financial year picks up steam, and with Nintendo no doubt co-ordinating efforts ahead of a major Wii U marketing push in the coming months, we're likely to see a variety of initiatives to assist the home console. One that's being reported by the media in Japan is that Nintendo's providing developers with...

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    Review Armageddon Operation Dragon

    Armageddon outta here

    The year is 2037 and there's an asteroid as large as the moon headed directly for Earth. Since there is no weapon known to man that is powerful enough to eradicate such a massive rock, salvation can only be achieved by harvesting an all powerful energy that resides outside of the solar system. No need to call Bruce Willis,...

  • News Mega Man FPS "Polarized Opinions" Within Capcom As Well

    Maverick Hunter divided opinion internally

    Recently we reported on Maverick Hunter, Capcom's abandoned Mega Man first-person shooter. The game — which was developed by former Retro staffers at Armature — was eventually cancelled following Keiji Inafune's departure from the company where he made his name. Since then, there's been a lot of...

  • News C-Wars Developers Officially Approved for 3DS, Stretch Goal in Sight

    Wii U target needs a late surge

    We've already told you a little bit about C-Wars, the pixel-based, roguelike tower defence mashup currently fundraising on kickstarter, with a positive being that the promising title has rather attainable stretch goals to make the leap from PC to 3DS and Wii U. One of those goals is definitely in sight as it...

  • News Super Ubi Land Is Set For A Name Change

    Notion Games reveals Ubisoft has been in touch

    Notion Games is bringing Super Ubi Land to the Wii U eShop in the near future, with the help of Maestro Interactive Games. However, though it will eventually find itself in the eShop, it's likely it won't be going by the name Super Ubi Land as it seems Ubisoft has taken issue with it. Notion Games...

  • News Watch_Dogs Enables Players To Connect To The Game Via Their Mobile Phone

    Connectivity is "a core pillar"

    Ubisoft's upcoming title Watch_Dogs sees you take control of Aiden Pearce as he wanders around the streets of Chicago, hacking into all kinds of devices and connecting with a plethora of electronics. It seems that this connectivity is something Ubisoft wants to build more on as the company has revealed in a YouTube...

  • Video Check Out This Footage For Swords & Soldiers 3D On The 3DS eShop

    Slash your sword into the port's first trailer

    CIRCLE Entertainment's port of strategy title Swords & Soldiers has received its first trailer for the 3DS eShop this week. Originally developed by Ronimo Games for WiiWare back in 2009, the title looks to have made the transition to 3D rather well, with the touch screen being used in place of...

  • News Mutant Mudds Deluxe in Final Preparations for eShop Submission

    Planned for submission to Nintendo of America this week

    Mutant Mudds Deluxe, the Wii U eShop expansion of popular 3DS namesake Mutant Mudds, is getting increasingly closer to its arrival on the platform. That should be good news for fans of the original, as not only will it include the main levels and free "Granny" DLC, but also spruced up HD...