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Wii U Version Of How To Survive Will Be Reanimated Next Year

Posted by Damien McFerran

Zombie title launched on other formats in October

Remember How to Survive, the zombie-infused action title which hit Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Windows in October? The game was due to see release on the Wii U eShop as well, but we've heard nothing about it since then.

Thankfully, publisher 505 Games hasn't totally forgotten about the proposed port, and has confirmed to Nintendo Everything that the Wii U edition is still in development and will see release in 2014.

The game is billed as a survival horror, but it actually shares more similarities with RPGs like Diablo. The game's Metacritic score is currently hovering around the 69 mark, which would indicate that the game has met with some divided reviews.

However, if you're still interested in the prospect of a Wii U version, you can watch our friends over at Eurogamer playing some of the Xbox Live version below.

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element187 said:

69/100 ?

When games review 7/10, it is usually the online multiplayer that keeps the game engaging...... That's absent on the Wii U version. It's going to be hard to pick this up. Online multiplayer adds tons of replay value for a title that might not be "ZOMG this is so awesome"



MAB said:

More like held back then cancelled next year... It's not like we will miss out on much anyway



Buduski said:

@erv , install base, it sucks that Wii U owners tend to get lazy ports but reality is that developers and publishers are in it to make money, and not many Wii U owners are putting there money where there mouth is, quick example would be how every body is always crying for new IP's but don't buy them when they release like what happened with Wonderful 101 (Amazing game BTW)



Emblem said:

Saw this on steam last week for 40% off and still didn't pick it up. They need to add some Wii u features or something or no one's going to bother.



plunkettmonster said:

My biggest problem with this game is its delay, the more the delay the less I want to buy this title. Nintendo is in the process of releasing a number of first party titles that I would rather spend my money on than a game I keep hearing is barely worth playing anyway. If they cancelled it or brought it out I doubt many would care at this point.



Lord said:

With no online and a full wii u retail price ths is 'dead' before it even starts.



ULTRA-64 said:

@X-Factor cheers for that, helped out.
I for one will pick this up if it ever makes it out, I love zombie games and this , if done right could be a good game unlike anything out on Wii u so far, cheap and fun enough to keep me going till the next vaguely adult game to come out. Even if it's rubbish I still want it on Wii u so we can at least claim some parity with LAST gen!!



Mattiator said:

Hey, as we all remember, the Wii U got the best version of Aliens: Colonial Marines (no release at all).



Luna-Harmony said:

Very cool i have the demo on ps3 but wont get the game now untill the wiiu version comes out. It's a great little game plays well online coop.



element187 said:

@Luna-Harmony Wii U version doesn't have online coop. The online coop sounds like the most redeeming part of this game and Wii U owners wont be getting it. So its a wonder why they would even release it without that feature.

I wonder if they figure Nintendo fans are used to having games without online that we wouldn't even notice.... The difference is NIntendo's singleplayer or local multiplayer experiences are so over the top that we don't miss online play too much (would love to have online coop for SM3DW, but at the same time I'm not losing sleep over it because how f'n great the game is)... but this zombie title doesn't seem to be on the level to be acceptable without online mode.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Obviously the Wii U version is going to take longer because its a stronger system and thus will be better than all the other versions.



GamerJunkie said:

@Blue_Yoshi Except a Wii U is nowhere close to as strong as a PC and no it won't be the better version either lol.

It just takes longer because they know WIi U has the lowest playerbase and least money to be made on it.



n057828 said:

Come mid next year the 3rd paties will be back. Its called lets support next gen BUT id say the hype will slow for them come 03/14!



ULTRA-64 said:

@element187 whilst I agree that it's getting old seeing Wii u games light on features included on other consoles. In this case, I can live without online, just so long as local co-op is included??
I would have picked up splinter cell and res evil by now if they had local co-op options but nothing =( I hate having a bad internet connection.....

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