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Wii Sports Club: Golf Swings Onto the Wii U eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Available now and includes an extra retro-inspired course

Rumoured yesterday due to system maintenance targeting its app, Nintendo today used its Nintendo Direct broadcasts to confirm that Wii Sports Club: Golf is available right now in Europe and North America. When you log into the game (or download it for the first time) you should automatically receive a free 24-hour trial of the title, after which you can buy a day pass for £1.49 / €1.99 / $1.99 or a permanent club pass for £8.99 / €9.99 / $9.99.

The broadcast footage showed that, as expected, you place the GamePad on the floor and use it as a window, or sorts, when striking the ball — you can see the ball and its lie, and swing over the GamePad with a Wii Remote Plus. In terms of content there'll be some training games, while you can swing into the original nine-hole Wii Sports course or a new design based on a nine-hole course from Japan-only Famicom Disk System game Famicom Golf: U.S. Course, which itself was based on NES title GOLF. Local and online multiplayer will naturally be included as they were with the previous Wii Sports Club titles, and we'll bring you our review soon.

Nintendo of America has released a new trailer that includes the new Golf option, below. Will you be taking to the Links in this download?

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Stubborn_Monkey said:

Golf was my favourite back in Wii Sports, and it's nice to see that the use of the GamePad is actually relevant to the gameplay.

Still has got nothing on Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge, though.

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sinalefa said:

Well, at least it has 18 holes. It really should have included the Resort content as well.



ACK said:

So bummed it doesn't have the Resort course, at the very least. I actually really wanted some new holes, though... I suppose the retro course will have to suffice, for now.



NintyMan said:

I'll play the free trial, but I won't buy the full game for a while yet. Between Dr. Luigi, this, and NES Remix; I would rather get NES Remix for now.



WiiLovePeace said:

I've played a bit of the demo & it seems sorta dodgy. I dunno, I just remember both Wii Sports & Resort golf being more accurate than this. I was expecting it to be more fun but I'll still buy it & play it on occassion.



Stubborn_Monkey said:


That actually looks... I don't know how to describe it, but I certainly don't have the money it costs. Ah, golf, the sport of kings and bored executives...

...wait, actually, isn't chessboxing the sport of kings? Ah, no, it's the sport of crazy people (that's why several kings practiced it.).


A joke? No, Sir/Madam, I was dead serious in my statement. No game will ever transmit the thrill of putting like that one.



justinluey said:

I've still been playing Wii Sports (and Resort) golf. This new version is fantastic and worth every penny of the $9.99. The graphics look good, the new course layout is insane, and the Wii U gamepad adds a whole new dimension and depth to the gameplay. I will be sinking an insane amount of hours into this game.

Wii Sports Club Golf is so good it could sell systems. Nintendo needs to get this collection on disc soon, and promote the hell of the download codes at retail.



SetupDisk said:

The pad works great on a stand or table to adjust your shot so the clumsy don't have to worry about stepping on it.



Mrclaycoat said:

What Nintendo needs to do now is use this technology and grab up the Tiger Woods franchise now that EA has abandoned him and they'll have a huge system seller!



millarrp said:

I was hoping for the Wii Sports Resort course as well. Hopefully they will add if later...



SavoirFaire said:

@justinluey amen to getting this on disc. I hope that is the plan for late 2014.

Is putting the gamepad on the floor required? With young kids I am a bit reluctant to do that, simply because they may get excited playing and break something.



JaxonH said:

Well, considering the NES game the extra courses were taken from is decades old, it's probably fair to say the courses will be as good as new anyways, right?

I couldn't be happier they included an extra course and added Gamepad support- I really want to play this! Unfortunately, I JUST sent my Gamepad in to Nintendo for repair, so I can't access the eShop to buy the game. Or NES Remix. Or Sonic Lost World DLC...



ultraraichu said:

It weird, somehow the GamePad adds a new level of interest for me and that's one of my least played sports. Glad they have the 24 hour free pass again to see if I like it.

On a side note, is anyone else freaked the heck out that the older generation is beating the younger gen. in video games (around 0:50 in trailer)? They're getting better.



LavaTwilight said:

No Resort courses... but at least they didn't stiff us completely. Still, this leaves a possible future update for the Resort courses as well as a bonus 9 other holes. Imagine the possibilililities.

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