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Weirdness: This Chinese School Has an Enormous Mario Mural on its Building

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The lessons probably aren't as awesome

We often see examples of Nintendo culture and its brands appearing in fairly unlikely places and forms, and this is another example that undoubtedly qualifies. It's an enormous New Super Mario Bros. — it suits the later series in terms of design — mural on the side of a Chinese school building; as you'll be able to see in the various images below, it's a sizeable piece of work.

The elementary school in question is in Shenzhen, with Japanese outlet NariNari reporting that it's popular with locals due to its cute characters. As for the school, it's apparently putting a great deal of effort in anime and manga education, though Mario is — of course --actually a video game character. It's also an interesting choice as Nintendo games have typically only been available on spin-offs plug-and-play consoles such as the company's own iQue machine or on unofficial devices; China is now lifting its ban on video game consoles, albeit with various conditions applied.

In any case, check out the images below and let us know what you think. There is one significant error, meanwhile, so see if you can spot it.


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Magikarp3 said:

Back when I visited China, my 12 year old cousin was playing a non-translated version of Super Mario 64 DS. He was stuck on the Bowser boss where you had to spin him around since he couldn't understand the English instructions, so I beat the boss for him and looked like a total baller XD

Good to see these kids have a little fun, judging by how tough the Chinese schooling system can be



NintyMan said:

Red Luigi aside, this is realy cool, especially for a country like China. It shows that Nintendo can resonate in there.



SheldonRandoms said:

Luigi obliviously got the power star, and when you get the power star, your clothes also change color. Since this isn't animated, they just took a screenshot of Luigi and pasted him up there. I heard they did that because they wanted Luigi to be more super without anybody knowing it.



Sparx said:

I didn't notice it was Luigi and thought the error was that there were power ups on the blocks while they were still question mark blocks xD



FilmerNgameR said:

This reminds me when there was a super Mario bros. pep rally in my high school. It was pretty cool seeing all of the Mario decorations.



Henmii said:

Look, it's a pirate game! Lol!

But seriously, that's a pretty nice mural!



Randomname19 said:

Red Luigi reminded me of that time were Luigi was hypnotized to make him believe that he was Mario.

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