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Weirdness: Super Mario 64 Corruptions Yield Hilarious and/or Terrifying Results

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Where is your Luigi now?

Every now and then, it doesn't hurt to remember that the video game worlds and characters we love are really little more than bits of data, pieced and strung together to compose the beauty and fun we see before us. And there's no better way to appreciate that said data is so well organized than witnessing the abominations that are possible when it gets nudged askew.

YouTube account vinesauce has posted a collection of Super Mario 64 corruptions, the latest example of glitched out wonkiness to make the rounds. Check out the video below for an N64 sideshow including psychedelic colours, unnaturally stretched appendages, and Peach starting to Hulk out:

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The majority of the corruptions shown in the video — if not all — were replicated on ROMs using a special program; naughty, we know. You can also get similar effects by moving the game cartridge while your console is on, but both methods could cause various types of trouble and frankly give us the willies.

Have you ever had glitches like this happen to you during normal play? Let us know below.


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Dark-Luigi said:

Ah Mario 64, one of the best Mario games,no, games period, ever created. It's so popular that people these days can glitch the game, cheat, hack, make bloopers, and more. I love that game so much.



Gioku said:

The graphics in this game were hard on my eyes in the first place, but now... haha! I'm so glad 3D graphics look better now, haha! The video was great too... such amazing glitches!

...infinite lower lip...




NintyMan said:

The mutated Mario heads at the beginning and at 2:48 are the funniest/scariest. The Whomp's Fortress painting was pretty wild as well. Too bad there wasn't a mutated Bowser.



Falchion said:

I have had this happen with flaky nes games and it is a nightmare because then i am afraid my game doesnt work... Most of the time after a few more tries it does work normally



Megumi said:

Never had any glitches in this game before...only thing I know how to do if it even can be called a the raping bully thing in the lava level. xD



mystman12 said:

I really enjoy ROM corrupting. In fact I was corrupting DKC3 about an hour ago. It's so fun because anything can happen. It can range from hilarious to cool to nightmare fuel. One corruption I had made the main menu music sound like hard metal music, and another one I had made the music echoey, which sounded really cool, and another one I have makes the intro filled with weird popping sounds and screeches, then a static sound comes in and gets louder and never stops.



Samurai_Goroh said:

Creepy... This is not just a corrupted ROM, it's corrupted my childhood memories. Cannot unsee...



TheGZeus said:

@linktothepichu I played bits and pieces at friends' houses and in stores.
Didn't appeal to me. Most of that generation fell off my radar, and I still haven't seen anything for the N64 that makes me want the system.



LegendaryQ said:

Oh hey look it's Vinesauce. Just an FYI, the vinesauce account is actually just a highlights account for a game stream by the same name.



Haxonberik said:

My goodness, if I would have played such a glitched copy of Mario 64 as a kid, I would have been so traumatized I would have never played another video game again.



Jaz007 said:

That was hilarious, great article, great. That was the best part of my day.



WiiLovePeace said:

Wayyyyyy too much funny! I gotta share this with my best friend & watch more! The guy's comments make the video even more hilarious!



SurferClock said:

Oh my sides hurt! Super Mario 64 is one of my favorite games of ALL TIME, and yet, I have never encountered this level of glitchiness. This could only be the work of a Glitch Gremlin!



Artwark said:

One of my favorite games of all time, being glitched out????? not cool man



idork99 said:

Never. But that's because I never try to take out a cart while I'm playing and have the power on. I read the manuals before playing



WaxxyOne said:

It really shouldn't shock anyone that you can cause some seriously messed up stuff to happen just by changing memory location values randomly. It's the digital equivalent of giving someone a lobotomy... weird stuff is going to result every time, and of course when the game is 3D, a lot of it is going to revolve around incorrectly placed textures, vertices and character skeletons.

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