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Weirdness: Donkey Kong And Other NES Classics Can Now Be Played On Your Wedding Cake

Posted by Christopher Costabile

Perfect for a gorilla-suited groom

If you've ever dreamed of smothering the face of your brand new spouse with a giant slice of virtual dirt from the game Dig Dug, now is your chance. An entertainment company out of New Jersey, USA named POSH Entertainment has figured out how to make you lose even more of your hard earned coins by getting married, as it's begun marketing a series of wedding cakes that feature classic video games projected onto the surface. The games are fully playable, as the company uses a projector to illuminate the cake from top to bottom with video game goodness, as if it was the world's tastiest, tiered TV screen.

Since wedding cakes tend to be tall, multi-level constructions, so far the majority of games used for these fancy feasts of sprites and icing have been retro NES titles that employ a multi-level style of gameplay, such as Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, and Ice Climber. One outlier, however, is Sonic the Hedgehog, a game that moves from beginning to end about as fast as your marriage will if you actually decide to serve one of these things.

But in all seriousness, think of how many friends and family members would be willing to shower you with lavish wedding gifts once you tell them they'll get to play their favourite video game on an enormous cake at the reception. Just in case your new bride or groom does decide to video-cake that lovely face of yours, don't be caught off guard — simply include these SNES soap bar cartridges in your gift registry and use them to scrub off the layers of frosting afterwards.

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Volmun said:

the IceClimbers one werked best imo DK looked ok and sonic just made me feal a bit ill with haw it was scoped like that still clever a idear



NES_64 said:

Donkey Kong 3D with Isometric graphics right there, come on Nintendo do it!



Gioku said:

...someday, when I get married... my cake will play Dig-Dug... or else there will be no wedding...



Capt_N said:

Yep,... that's my home state for ya, a little off, but not a bad state overall. One thing I'm truly proud of, when Jan & Dean sang Surf City, they were referring to NJ's Surf City, not the one on the West Coast. The only questionable thing about that was when the Beach Boys wrote it, if they were thinking of the east Surf City, but I digress like Tom Nook.

Anyway, it's an interesting concept, though I'm not sure video (of any kind) projected on cake (wedding cakes included), is niche, or at least, more appropriately to say, I'm not so sure exactly how niche, or non-niche it actually is. Nonetheless, I can see people using this service. I'm sure if it catches on, there will be copy-cat services, or similar services, anyway.

Though, the ability to discern that as the Super Mario World main overworld theme, in a commercial for this service/commercial use, puzzles me as to how they are using it legally? If at all? Commercial use. & it's distinguishably the SMW main overworld, albeit slightly remixed.

Regardless, I think if I ever get married, any fancy music/services/etc. will be made by my request, & money, but for the bride's enjoyment, as opposed to mine. Probably as fancy as I'd go would be this theme, for post making her officially mine, by kissing the bride. Edit: That's one of my favorite Mario themes; the full version from "Lost Levels".



WaxxyOne said:

So............. you project light onto a white wedding cake and I'm supposed to be impressed?



Darkness3131 said:

I feel like I would be so excited to play pac-man on my cake that the wedding would pale in comparison



TheRealThanos said:

I can only imagine the long line of all the angry family members wanting to eat some cake but not being able to because 'someone' wants to finish the level on his/her video game wedding cake...
@WaxxyOne Maybe not impressive, but still nice and some effort has to go into aligning the levels of the game with the levels of the cake and also in wrapping the picture around the cake and making it fit in such a way that it's playable. You can clearly see from the video that some games don't work that well. Personally I didn't like Sonic and the Rubiks' cube 'game'. (if it even was a game, same as the Microsoft pipeline screen saver that was shown)



chewytapeworm said:

Awesome, but way out of my price range.

I'm getting married in a few months and I've attained a Female Boo and a Chain Chomp in a top hat to adorn the top of my cake. Nowhere near as interactive, but pretty cool nonetheless!

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