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Video: Wii Fit Trainer Is Captivating In This Funky Animated Music Clip

Posted by Liam Doolan

One gamer’s love of the Wii Fit Trainer

Inspired by the Bruno Mars song Treasure, Hidden Block has put together a new music video titled "Lovely Wii Fit Trainer."

The animated clip follows the story of a Nintendo gamer's infatuation with the Wii Fit Trainer who stars as one of the playable characters in the upcoming Super Smash Bros.* for the Wii U and 3DS.

Notable cameos include Mega Man, Sakurai and Iwata, alongside many other Nintendo and Smash Bros. references. Watch the clip below and let us know if you're as excited about using the Wii Fit Trainer as this guy is.

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User Comments (31)



Volmun said:

@NoPLo his photo was on the PC - Well that was intresting lol the singing was ferly nice better than alot of stuff out there also got a laff or two out of me lol



Kaze_Memaryu said:

It's okay, but even this cover version can't cover the lame original's background music - so that's a no.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Wow... So not woth an article! There's something about that animation that screams cheap, but with that music, ugh, made me cringe



Rafie said:

@allav866 Please NOT SLENDERMAN! NOOOOOOOO!! scared in my closet right now

Nah but seriously that vid was AWESOME!! Too funny!



yuwarite said:

Her and the male one look like they're reanimated corpses. Not attractive, imo.



themac2001 said:

@yuwarite or Slendy. BTW, i love the Wii FIt Trainers, so kudos to them
Y'know, i watched this video before it went viral. Love me. Respect me. Praise me.

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