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Video: The Latest Bravely Default Trailer Sets the Tone

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

RPG goodness is at hand

Earlier today we were pleased to share the news that a Bravely Default sequel has been confirmed for 3DS, yet we shouldn't forget that gamers outside of Japan are still waiting for the original to arrive. The wait will be over for European 3DS owners this week with a 6th December release, while the North American iteration arrives on 7th February 2014.

It's certainly been on our radar since rave reports and news of strong sales emerged from Japan in 2012, and Nintendo UK has produced a new pre-launch video to emphasize just why we should be rather excited. This RPG from Square Enix has earned some praise beyond the hype, of course, with our own Bravely Default review awarding a 9/10. In some senses it delivers elements of what we'd expect of an RPG, yet it's a new IP that introduces new ideas and reinvigorates established practices.

In any case, those interested should certainly check out the video below. It shows plenty of gameplay, emphasizes cool features such as the inclusion of the Japanese voice track and, most importantly, has some awesome background music.

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Windy said:

How awesome is that trailer? This looks to try and knock off Shin Megami IV as my favorite RPG on 3ds. I can't wait for the ride. I will buckle up and just soak it all in



Zemus-DJ said:

Don't get me wrong, I loved the "4 heros of light" and I'll he getting this as well! But idk....dragon quest VII....where you be? Rocket Slime coming? The revamps of Terry's wonderland and there other one?.....come ob SE I'd love them all!! But most of all DQVII that game was EPIC back in the day!!



Zemus-DJ said:

Btw....Final Fantasy VII 3DS!! The 3DS is the cheapest to make for of the next gen.....I would bust a nut ^.^ DOooooooo IT!!



Great_Gonzalez said:

I can't wait till friday sorry my american friends hehe
Wish we could get some adverts for this on tv though!



ikki5 said:

STOP!!!! I need to wait until February

I just can't resist watching



Expa0 said:

I'm pretty hyped for this game, so much in fact that I went and bought a 3DS XL just so can I can enjoy this in maximum quality.

I could just start the game in December 6th, but I'm saving it for Xmas.



HappyMaskedGuy said:

This went from being an obscure game just outside of my periphery vision to an absolute must buy. And I'll bet that it becomes a very valuable game for collectors over time.

The true FF.



MAN1AC said:

I can't wait to get my hands on this game. February seems so far away



triforcepower73 said:

Europeans are always complaining about how North Americans get everything before them(which is not true). Now it's our turn to complain.



mudmask said:

This has always seemed like a return to what made the Final Fantasy series great, almost a return to the original formula just under a different franchise. I think that's sort of a great way to keep the spirit of a genre going for a company, but I would love to see final fantasy return to this sort of strategy and exploration oriented game, rather than what it's become. I mean... this LOOKS like Final Fantasy to me. If I was transported into the future from the mid 90's I would think that this was the future of the franchise.

Side note... I'd love to see the FFIV sequel released on the 3DS instead of just on the iOS exclusively.



sinalefa said:

I really dont mind waiting until February. I am actually happy this is getting localized to begin with. Hopefully the NA version also keeps the Japanese voices.



R_Champ said:


I'd feel more assured if you didn't add the "hehe" at the end there...T_T. Well, at least we have a release date at all. Xenoblade was "no plans at this time" for a LONG time.



Windy said:

@mudmask I'm pretty sure this game was going to be called Final Fantasy ..….well just my spider senses kicking in really. But somebody in the top brass at square decided hey let's start a new franchise with the FF battle formula. Just my guess. But its real similar and really not a bad thing at all. I'm kinda looking at it like Final Fantasy for the 3ds. It would be interesting to know if I was right. Really I don't care we get a great game out of it.



JaxonH said:

I haven't been THIS excited for a 3DS game since Fire Emblem Awakening. And from the looks of it, it's going to be just as satisfyingly epic, and that's no small feat. Fire Emblem Awakening is regarded by many (including myself) as the best game on the Nintendo 3DS handheld.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Gimme gimme gimme that lovely turn-based menu battle system in more JRPG's please!!!!!! I don't mind action styled RPG's, but good old turn and menu based combat has been getting the cold shoulder lately. I'm not saying it's better, as that comes down to preferece and opinion, but it does allow for a more tactical approach. I enjoyed "The Four Heroes of Light" quite a bit, and I have a feeling this is going to be a lot better than that even.



MasterWario said:

I hope the cover art stays like that; so much better than the other ones.

Honestly though, the game looks amazing!



Kolzig said:

Definitely getting this one at some point. Most likely not before Christmas though...
Squenix did a great job with this one, love the dual audio.



andreoni79 said:

@triforcepower73 "Europeans are always complaining [...] Now it's our turn to complain." Ok, US get BD tomorrow for $ 62 / Collector's Edition for $ 136 (EU prices) and EU will wait till February and pay € 30 / CE for € 40 (US prices). Are you in?



Windy said:

@letsplay just like the Wii… the Wii-U will see very few RPG's. My main reason I haven't bought a Wii-U and really frustrating at that. I don't intend on going through that frustration again like I did waiting for the Wii to get good RPG's. In the end Xenoblade, last Story and Zelda were worth the wait. But the Wii and Wii-U both are thin on RPG's. I wish things were different



Shambo said:

After working tonight, I may just stay up to get my deluxe edition preorder tomorrow morning!



Shambo said:

@triforcepower73 waiting is not that bad, you get it in the end. Tomorrow I'll finally start playing Scribblenauts Unlimited on Wii U.
Worse is NOT getting it. I only just got Baten Kaitos Origins on Gamecube. The first one was released here, but Origins... Nope. I have quite a few NTSC Cube games we never got in PAL...



Justaguest said:

I gotta figure this one out.. to me it is going all out on one monster and then die cause you have to rest



Windy said:

I started going through Four Heroes of Light again to get ready for this. Im in the 3rd town right now. I'm getting real excited for this

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