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Video: Nintendo Serves Up Another Batch of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf Adverts

Posted by Lewis Childs


Over the past couple of months Nintendo has released a number of TV commercials featuring tennis legends Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. Unsurprisingly, Wii Sports Club: Tennis was one of the first games to be promoted in the series of adverts, which saw Agassi get beaten at his own game by a little girl.

The latest batch of trailers starring the couple have recently been uploaded onto Nintendo UK’s YouTube channel. The videos, which can be viewed below, focus on Wii Fit U’s newest features, the Fit Meter, Wii Party U and finally Wii Karaoke U, where the neighbours seem to be making a bit of a ‘racquet’.

Check them out and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.



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Artwark said:




OorWullie said:

Plan D - Find those old scripts,get on the phone to Ant & Dec and/or Chris Tarrant's agents and try and get them on board.If they can't / won't do it then try either Lenny Henry or Andre & Steffi,preferably Lenny though,hes funnier.Get them in asap and lets pump those adverts like its the glory days of 07/08 all over again.Its bulletproof!



doctor_doak said:

Well now, this is surely the turning point for the Wii U's fortunes! I wonder what it's going to take for Nintendo to pitch their 'gaming' system to actual 'gamers'...

A dinosaur invasion of Tokyo??? Or El Nino, perhaps??



MAB said:

This is good because they aren't trying to sell WiiU to the deranged angry basement dwelling MicroSony fanboys... It is a system for normal everyday human beings like the MAB



Nintenjoe64 said:

@OorWullie I think the Redknapps playing Mario Kart 8 or Nintendoland would be pretty good. Maybe they need to upgrade to the Beckhams....



JesusAcHe said:

I loved the old ad where Agazzi gets owned by the Little girl. I found it hilarious, so even if they don't say "the WiiU is the newest Nintendo console (bla bla) Moms might see this comercial, go to a Gamestop and ask for that "White thingy Agazzi was playing" (not that there aren't tech savyy moms). So any ad for the WiiU is helping, even if t's just a Little bit.



element187 said:

I don't care what you all say, Agassi is still a bada--. Tennis hasn't been as interesting since he retired



dAvecaster said:

Yay for adverts! Not sure if it will help much though.Here's hoping. At a glance, some of it looked quite similar to wii. However, I do like that the wii fit thing has a, ever so tiny, resemblance to the Dreamcast VMU



ThumperUK said:

Has anyone actually seen these adverts on 'real' television? It is pointless releasing these 'ads' on Youtube as the only people to watch them are Nintendo owners & fans, who will already either have a WiiU or be on their list for one.

Basics of advertising again here for Nintendo UK. Mind you, they've probably spent the entire £10 advertising budget.



justinluey said:

These commercials might not explain all the benefits/features of the Wii U, but they sure make it look like fun.



yokokazuo said:

@ThumperUK I saw the one where Agassi gets beaten by a little girl in Canada a few times so they do appear to be advertising it here at least.



UberHund said:

It seems weird that they're mixing two different karaoke games in the advert, some of the shots (and the trial) are for Karaoke U while the Gamepad interface shot is of Sing Sound I think. Fun adverts though, and they're nice and short so shouldn't irritate too much.

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