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Video: Nintendo Releases A Handy Introduction to Setting Up Your 3DS Nintendo Network ID

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Three minutes of clean graphics and jaunty music

The latest major 3DS system update has arrived, bringing Miiverse, the Nintendo Network ID and shared eShop balances to the portable. There are various aspects to figure out, and we've put together a detailed guide for you.

In any case, if you want a snappy, quick introduction to get you started with a Nintendo Network ID on your 3DS, Nintendo UK has produced a rather useful video that'll get you through the basics. With clean presentation and a cheery piano jingle, it's a good option for an initial run-through of the update's major features and initial setup steps.

Check it out below.

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jpelgrom said:

Now, Nintendo, please don't forget to update existing games with Miiverse features!



sinalefa said:

It is usually Nintendo UK the one to come up with these useful things. It even cleared one of my doubts. That you can't use the same ID in two different 3DS systems.



rjejr said:

That video needed much less piano and more 28 yr. old tall thin brunette woman standing on the side of the screen slowly walking us thru all those steps.

1 thing I can add since my recent return and replace w/ my Wii U - all our Miis are kept at Nintnedo HQ synced up w/ our NNIDs. Our Wii U was returned w/o Miis and we had to set up our accounts as if it were a brand new Wii U - which it technically was - and upon entering our NNID our associated Miis magically appeared, they were NOT on the Wii U.

How this will work when we overwrite the kids 3DS Miis I really dont want to find out, but I'm hopeing for the best.



rjejr said:

The video did remind me that we have 2 Club Nintendo accounts that are linked, mine and my families. I only use the "family" account when my kids each get a copy of the same game - Mario Kart 7 and SM3DL come to mind - b/c you can only register 1 copy of the game per account. X + Y both worked w/ 1 account and they've been sharig Dream Team, and of course we only ever buy 1 copy of Wii U games - 1 thing home console swill always have over handhelds. Now if I can only remember the name and password.
Edit, found it in account info, now about that password.

BTW - Club Nintendo STILL hasnt updated the rewards that were supposed to update Sunday, then yesterday. Any minute now I suppose.



ericthecheese said:

Just my personal opinion, but Nintendo has some of the best music in their how-to videos, system menus, system apps, etc. And I also love the music they tend to pick out for the trailer sizzle videos.

@rjejr I suspect that Club Nintendo will be updated soon. They may be holding off a bit because over the network overload with the eShop, and know more people going on there for CN rewards would make it worse at the moment.



Megumi said:

And enable screenshots for all ghames, Nintendo! T.T
...You think emailing them about it will do anything? lol



HipsterDashie said:

What? What do you mean I can't register my NNID on more than one 3DS system!?

My Wii U ID will be going to my 3DS, but what am I meant to do with my 3DS XL and 2DS?



bofis said:

So when will they allow for cross-purchasing for titles available on both 3DS and WiiU?



Nntndo_1986 said:

@HipsterDashie I know right, you think they "just get it" when the news first came out. I have two 3ds' and for the life of me can't understand what's going on over there... Seriously I see them having 1983 PC's with monochrome screens and stuff. Whatever, I guess I ll flip a quarter to figure which one I activate. Of course I'll be in a car some day with the other 3DS and not be able to do anything with it. ....(I have hotspot before anyone laughs)



Unit_DTH said:

@Azooooz Still not working. Give me the same error code and tells me to reset my system if the problem persists. Come on!



Unit_DTH said:

@HipsterDashie You are supposed to hope that they eventually allow you to activate more than one 3DS/2DS for each NNID, which (according to the speed with which Nintendo implements things, new or old) could be sometime between now and 2999! Don't count on them allowing you to have a "family" style account, that allows you to use multiple consoles with the same NNID… since that would allow us to have a full on parental control setup and would negate the need for the NintendSA to keep us behaving like good little children, it would also allow us to purchase a game once and then use it multiple times for multiple devices. It is to make them more money in a way.



ikki5 said:

Just a heads up, doing this link will overwrite the Mii on your system. My old one is gone and the one for my Wii U took it's place. I assume if you choose your 3DS Mii, it will over write your Mii on your Wii U as well.

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