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Video: Nintendo Minute Chooses Its Top Games of the Year

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

All must have games

Over the past week we've shared a mini series of videos from "Nintendo Minute", a regular YouTube show from Nintendo of America. Its hosts have been shortlisting their favourite 3DS, eShop and Wii U games, and in the final part confirmed each other's top choices.

We should think only one guess is required to predict the Wii U game of the year for both presenters, though there was a little more of a surprise factor in the other two categories. Overall, we'd certainly support the view that all of the named games are must-haves.

Check it out below and let us know what you think of the choices.

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Blast said:

LOL what a nice video. I can't wait for 2014. The 3DS and Wii U are gonna get even better!!!!



2Sang said:

Almost everything good in 2013 was 3ds. Hoping Wii U catches on in 2014, and after this past direct, it looks like it might just be.



OptometristLime said:

Uhm adorable, especially the gal!
Some really genuine Nintendo enthusiasm, which is always refreshing.



Justaguest said:

I love the WiiU part. I bet that in their heads they were like "there really isnt anything else to choose from."



Pahvi said:

I'm starting to loathe the phrase "must have" in favour of "must play" for the inaccuracy present in the statement.



rmeyer said:

A link between worlds already won GOTY on several sites, just the best game I've played in a long time



Giggity55 said:

I really need to finish Fire Emblem. Too busy on Pokemon Y and Link Between Worlds though:)



Shambo said:

@SkywardLink98 ... But what if it ISN'T impossible? Imagine that...

The 3ds had a long and slow start, but I never even thought about getting rid of it. Here's hoping the Wii U will make a similar comeback. I used to work in a gameshop, and saw lots of weird, badly informed customers. Some even saying the PS2 slim model was actually the PS3. Funny detail: PS3 was already released for a while then. Or the 3DS was just a DS that could display 3d gameplay á la N64. Sure, since not a single DS game used polygons, right? And with a huge gap between launch titles and the next load of games, I'm quite positive more people will buy a Wii U as a 'secondary' console, especially when X, Mario Kart and Smash Bros arrive.



Inkling said:

My 3DS GOTY is Animal Crossing: New Leaf and my Wii U GOTY is Super Mario 3D World! Overall, Zelda and New Super Luigi U came close, but my GOTY of all platforms is... Super Mario 3D World!



Ryankf said:

My 3DS favorite of the year is A link between worlds, but i don't have a Wii U so



Sceptic said:

"shortlisting WiiU games". Now there's some involuntary humor.

Super Mario 3D World, huh? Touch choice.



blinkpunk02 said:

Surprised you haven't posted that LoZ won Gamespot's overall GOTY award. In a year with The Last Of Us and GTA V, that's pretty awesome. Took me 26 hours to beat it and I loved every minute. Awesome game.



ToxieDogg said:

What's with people thinking Super Mario 3D World is pretty much the only Wii U game that's been released this year worth thinking about? I didn't get on with it so much but there's been The Wonderful 101, and on top of that Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover, Sonic Lost World, Game & Wario, Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (which I've poured over 100 hours into playing online with friends now)...but then Mario launches and it's like none of these other games exist any more? Wow.

Mario's superb, but Monster Hunter 3, and probably Lego City Undercover would've been my picks.



misterquin said:

For Wii U, I personally would've chosen Pikmin 3. Loved thAt game so much. Though Mario 3D World deserves it more I guess.

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