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Video: Lycra-Clad Promo Insists That Wii Fit U Is "Fitness That Fits"

Posted by Damien McFerran

Working up a sweat doesn't have to be that hard

Wii Fit U is available for download from the eShop right now, and aims to expand on the massive global success of Wii Fit and Wit Fit Plus. In order to spread the word and educate the masses, Nintendo has released a promotional video which illustrates how versatile the game is and shows the benefits of the Fit Meter.

The message is that Wii Fit U offers "fitness that fits", rather than the needless gimmicks offered by so many other fitness programs. It's certainly an effective piece of promotion, but time will tell if Wii Fit U is the secret weapon that Nintendo needs to get more Wii U consoles into homes in 2014. How have you been getting on with the free trial? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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WiiLovePeace said:

I bought the Fit Meter to unlock the trial & make my download of Wii Fit U last forever but I haven't even used the game since then... So lazy... -_-



Freakazoid said:

lol the martial arts part is so funny.
the fit meter is a really great motivation my girlfriend is always wearing hers and it works for her quite nicely



SMW said:

Now if only they'll stop annoying me about mirror mode every single day.



DESS-M-8 said:

Wii Fit U is amazing!!!
I'm 31 my son is 4, my girl is nearly 2. Me, my wife and our two children were ALL playing this game and it was FUN. My 19 month old girl loved it and was enthral led. She obviously wasn't playing the game, but grasped her her interaction was affecting what was happening on the tv. My son loved the games. My wife and I loves the enjoyable time with the kids.
This type of game is rare, and it is only achievable on the Wii U, at half the price of anything else on offer that doesn't even come close to what the Wii u is offering.
If Nintendo market this it WILL sell like you wouldn't believe. It was the first time the true vast potential of this console hit me (beyond it being my personal 1st choice format for my own gaming).
This game is brilliant. For £19.99 (price of a fit meter) it is an absolute bargain.
Not still got your Wii fit board? Second hand they're like £10-£12.
Cheap as can be.
Get playing with your family



rjejr said:

Wait, that was... good. How'd that happen?

Too bad they didn't release this in stores on disc sooner, could have been a seller this holiday. They should show this in theaters w/ rom-coms, too long for tv. This would actually be perfect if they could get it to play befoe Candy Crush on FB. "Hey moms, stop playing by yourself and messing around w/ candy, get yourselves in shape w/ some real gaming fun that the whole family can enjoy together."

I bought the Fit Meter for my wife for her birthday, but like @WiiLovePeace said, not so much since then.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm still enjoying it and still wearing my Fit Meter and syncing it daily. My partner hasn't been able to get to the gym like she used to so I'm turning her on to it as well!



Tuurtledove said:

It often seems there's a massive dilemma within the Nintendo Treehouse. As if they've got two separate advertising sectors each designing their own content. On the one team you have these stellar awareness campaigns such as the Youtube series "Play With Your Food". Alongside their WindWaker sandcastle sculpture and now this particular WiiFit commercial. And it's merely a shame Nintendo doesn't actively push these unique commercial(s) a little further and into the wider market



rjejr said:

On an advertising note - have seen the SM3DW commercial on tv several times - we're big Dragons and Pokemon fans. And the big screen in Target that's always showing GTAV ads is encased in a SM3DW frame. Now if Target would only have some Wii U in stock next to all the bright red Wii Mini boxes. Gotta go there to buy Lego after breakfast, maybe then.



LittleIrves said:

That line about moving your furniture back.... ouch, someone's taking a swipe at a certain Microsoft-owned camera controller.

That's it, put the gloves back on Nintendo! Come out fighting!



Chi said:

Love this program!
Motivating, highly personlisable,fun intense, healthy and cool as hell.



GamerGleek47 said:

Now THAT is a real commercial Good job Nintendo!! Like the Wii Fit Trainer would say: "Great! Keep it up!"



FiveDigitLP said:

Nice! It's smart how they're targeting moms with this ad. Now if they can just push this out there where people can actually see it.



element187 said:

@rjejr @WiiLovePeace I don't think its comprehensive enough to replace our normal exercise regiment, but me the wife just add it as a rotation. The days I dread the treadmill or elliptical, I load up Wii Fit U. The amount of calories you burn on Wii Fit U, leaves a lot to be desired, but two activities in particular will burn a s&$@ ton of calories in a short amount of time without realizing it. Golf and Squash.... And if you have OCD like me, you will refuse to stop replaying those activities until you get a score you are happy with.

I don't think Wii fit is something you can play everyday because you burn out on it fast. But adding it to other activities like yoga, walking, running, machines and weights it works as an alternative activity. Also any activity you practice day in and day out your muscles adapt to that movement and it stops being effective and you will burn less calories.

I just wish the yoga activity in Wii fit was a whole class instead of just practicing seperate moves. That's a missed opportunity by Nintendo.... Apparently a missed opportunity by every developer. I'm looking for a Wii game that's completely yoga and nothing more. and the only two I can find are rated so poorly and cost so much just for a used copy.



element187 said:

@rjejr I was at target yesterday and there was zero Wii U's. I hope that means it is selling. Normally my store has a full stock of them. It's either selling good or they refuse to carry more.



IronMan28 said:

I've seen this one on Hulu Plus for the past few weeks, it's a pretty informative one. I think the one really explaining what Wii U (and Wii Fit U) is is better, though.



marck13 said:

Great Game! Provides lots of fun alone and with friends. Using my Fit Meter daily, cool little thingy



FluttershyGuy said:

Lady in the blue tank top... Dat flank!!! 😳

Don't know if I'd get Wii Fit U, but anything that has potential to take Wii Us off of store shelves, I'm all for!



rjejr said:

@element187 - I'm hoping they sold out and haven't restocked. I really think Amazon not selling the Wii U directly hurts sales a bit, especially among Prime members. If Target stopped carrying it I think that might be a bigger blow.



Urbanhispanic said:

Hopefully this game will sell well BECAUSE of the fact that Nintendo is advertising it. Then they will see that when you ADVERTISE the Wii U and its games, the message will be out there.



Nico07 said:

I agree that this is great advertising and what Nintendo should have been doing with the Wii U from the start. It's funny, cool, and yet to the point. Great job!!



Nico07 said:

@bahooney Maybe, but she's not got exactly a Wii Fit U trainer physic. She's a mom in her mid to late thirties, which is probably the demographic they are looking for anyway. If they had some super attractive model they would probably encourage young males to play but turn off a lot of women from getting into it.



SuperEdoto said:

@element187 Someone should hire you to write fitness game reviews. This is exactly the information I look for, which a lot of other fitness game reviews seem to lack.

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