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Video: Let This Pikmin 3 DLC Trailer Give You That Festive Feeling

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Plus see the new stages in action

We shouldn't forget that, despite the fact it was released in a particularly quiet spell for the Wii U and games market as a whole, Pikmin 3 is a top-notch game; lest we forget, it had been in demand for a number of years. It's also a relatively rare instance — though there are other examples — of Nintendo being rather active with DLC, releasing three additional packs.

The most recent, and highest priced, is certainly the most substantial and arguably most interesting of them all. There are eight new challenges set in all-new locations, and Nintendo's now published a new trailer that shows us these areas in greater detail; they look both intriguing and tricky. A software update will be needed to buy this DLC, but those that go to the trouble to apply the update will be treated to a free festive stage, which looks perfectly suited to the Holiday season.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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sinalefa said:

I am really getting behind getting these DLC packs. At least now that I beat 3D World I can give the Pikmin some time.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Anyone who likes Pikmin but is on the fence about getting this, just hear this: One of the new DLC levels is a re-visit of The Forest Navel! It's so awesome!



ricklongo said:

The Christmas-themed level has got my attention, but I'm not really a DLC kind of guy, to be honest; I don't like spending extra cash in a game I already paid full retail price for. So I probably won't get this.



rjejr said:

DL this on Monday when it released.

For those interested: this 3rd DLC is $4.99, not $1.99 like the first 2. The levels are about 468mb and the update that you have to do first is about 200mb. The levels won't work w/o the update, I know, I tried. Not on purpose, it just worked out that way.



EarthboundBenjy said:

The Christmas level is given free, you just need to run the update. But I had no qualms with paying for the whole thing because I'm such a Pikmin fanatic.



Emblem said:

Been playing these new levels, quite a challenge and very fun, i can fully recommend them to anyone who has the game.

The DLC has double the amount of levels than the previous one and they are all new worlds not reshuffles of maps.

AFAIK you get two levels free with the update (1 treasure & 1 battle).



Jonas87 said:

In general, I would agree with you, but Nintendo seems to get how DLC should work. I have always hated day one DLC which always makes the retail version seem gimped from the beginning, but I have loved how Nintendo has been using DLC to extend the playability of games that have been on the market for several months already. Both NSLU and Pikmin DLC are prime examples of how it should be done!



GN004Nadleeh said:

soooooooooo i have not gotten this game yet, can anyone tell me if the purple or white pikmin are in these dlc levels along with the new flying and rock types? oh how i wish to have 7 different types of pikmin all at once



aaronsullivan said:

These have seriously added value to the game. I haven't gotten the latest yet, but I've enjoyed the ones I have bought.



Cevan said:

Will I still receive the Christmas level and previous free DLC courses if I get Pikmin 3 after the update is released?



HAL9000 said:

The DLC is quite the challenge and all the environments have a unique twist to them that add in a new dimension to each stage. It is definitely worth it.



SchamMan89 said:

I didn't expect it, but Pikmin 3 might be my favorite game of the year. That or Fire Emblem Awakening.



Funny_Moblin said:

This is great and all, but I just wish Nintendo would make new levels for Bingo Battle...just imagine playing Bingo Battle with all these new gameplay mechanics they make for the DLC, and the 2D areas too.



Morph said:

I love christmas levels, makes me think back to christmas nights, i mights have to dust off my saturn now



PinkSpider said:

It's a shame I feel this game isn't getting it the love it deserves. It's such a great game, give me Pikmin over any generic first person shooter anyday



Tsurii said:

@GamerZackX yup. they were also already in the main game and if you're plaing bingo battle one of the players gets to play with them against Alph (and brittany iirc)



ThumperUK said:

I just hope Nintendo has a team created even more DLC levels. I used to think DLC was just a way of deceiving gamers into buying content which could have been included in the original game, but loving these new levels, and the prices are really reasonable too. I just hope more people buy Pikmin3 when console sales increase, so we might get Pikmin4 (in 2030 probably)



TreesenHauser said:

I keep seeing my Wii U downloaded an update for Pikmin 3, but I haven't bothered popping it in lately. Perhaps I'll do that today!



rjejr said:

Just got an email from Gamestop offering me "up to" $30 to trade in Pikmin 3. If it weren't for this DLC I would take them up on that offer, but my kids have really been enjoying the extra missions.



QBertFarnsworth said:

I wish these levels would have made it into the mission modes of the game. I love the game, but all three Pikmin games have been very nature-oriented in their environments, so to be in a factory setting or Christmas tree would have been a nice change of pace for a level or two.



WanderingPB said:

My son and I are tackling this latest Pikmin DLC like krazy!!!

@rjejr Gamestop offered me a similar deal with NSMBU but i prefer to keep all my games. They're like trophies that i can enjoy and replay whenever i want and the funny thing is that my son shares the same sentiment LOL!

@sinalefa im still trying to finish Champion's Road in SM3DW but am taking Pikmin breaks so i dont break my gamepad! I cant stop thinking about how i can improve my platforming skills its driving me krazy and i love it LOL!



kokirii said:

Do you have to finish the main game in order to play these extra stages like the Christmas-themed stage?



sinalefa said:


TBH, I haven't beaten that level either, and sometimes I hate spending half an hour trying and barely advancing through it, so it stopped being a priority for me.



JaxonH said:

Can I just say how much I love this game! It's been a couple months since I beat it, but I have been keeping up with the DLC packs, buying them as they release. If it wasn't for such a packed shelf of games, I would have been playing them already.

I don't think people realize it yet, but 10 years from now this game is going to be looked back upon as one of the all-time classics. Just marvelous I say.



WanderingPB said:

@sinalefa trust me i absolutely understand Champions Road is like a Nintendo ROM HACK! Just when i thought i was a Mario veteran but this level humbled me immediatey…

But in my old age ive learned to be more patient with difficult stages so i take Pikmin breaks or jus play at another day but the challenge is extremely satisfying especially as i make progress kinda like Wonderful 101 once u get ur groove the way u play flows smooth an i truly love the challenge!

Also SM3DW demands me to 100% the whole game LOL! I havent felt this way since Super Mario 64! Good luck on ur road of champions



Genesaur said:

This game is just so much fun to watch. I love letting my brother or whomever play while I relax and backseat drive their progress.



Aozz said:

i herd that olimar was in pikmin 3 still gonna enjoy the game whenever i get the money to buy it

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