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Video: Just Look For The U On The Box, Nintendo's New Wii U Promotion Helpfully Suggests

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo finally gives the console the commercial it deserves

Nintendo itself will be the first to admit that it hasn't done the best job of communicating exactly what Wii U is all about, and that has led to confused costumers all over the globe. Is it a new system? Is it an add-on? Is it more powerful than the original Wii? These are all questions that, as Nintendo fans, we've all had to answer to some point.

Thankfully, it would appear that Nintendo of America has finally woken up to this issue and has released what has to be the most comprehensive promotional video for Wii U yet seen.

This "overview video" highlights all of the console's strengths, such as off-TV play, HD visuals, online play and on-demand video, and wraps it all up with some appealing, family-friendly footage. If anything is going to put across the appeal of the console to the average person, it's this.

It would appear that Nintendo has turned a corner with its video promotions — the recent commercial for Wii Fit U was similarly effective. What do you think of these new videos? Share your feelings by posting a comment below.

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Lunapplebloom said:

Wonderful! Now get the message out on National TV. This how it should have been like at launch.



Lil-Devil said:

more people need to realize the potential of this system. ive pretty much played them all,and really believe this to be my favorite console to date.its the perfect mix of new technology,retro gaming,multimedia i could go on and on. its just so good and have faith it will suceed..



Alucard83 said:

If Nintendo was smart they would've added blu ray player in it! People will buy it for it as well. They didn't want to pay for it. Well you can suck on it now. A console these days has to offer all! Nuff said



andreoni79 said:

2 minutes!!! if I consider my sister (she has 2 kids, one 3ds and a wii) as the typical "casual Nintendo customer", I know she'll never watch a commercial on the internet which is so long, and tv adv never last more than 30 seconds. It seems Nintendo did this just for our pleasure...



PinkSpider said:

A good advert but is it to little to late, also the xbox and ps4 adverts are a lot cooler.



Farmboy74 said:

They should have advertised the Wii U like this from day one, especially here in the UK. But to be honest it's now looking likely we're looking at GC numbers sales wise as PS4 & Xbox 1 have already eliminated the year head start Nintendo had.



AdanVC said:

Why it took an entire year for Nintendo to release something like this? This is exactly what it should be advertised since Wii U's day one! It finally uses the right words to notify casual people that this is an entirely new console-experience, and not just "and upgrade" from Wii like pasts cheesy commercials. It tells you the coolest features of Wii U such as off-tv play and Miiverse was mentioned almost like if it was the exclusive Facebook of Wii U, props for that. The coolest thing is how they mention also all the big games coming soon as well! (putting MK8 footage was an excellent idea). I'm so happy to see this, it means Nintendo is finally putting their stuff together with Wii U in a very smart and logical way.



andreoni79 said:

The big problem is: should they put this on TV at 4x speed, or should they shorten it and create another useless, confusing Wii U adv?



Kosmo said:

Finally... But, this should be split into parts and put on TV too.



ninlemon said:

I have played all three of the new consoles and Nintendo stands out Purley because of the new technology and all of the interactive gaming features it offers.



Inkling said:

You all wonder why there was a lack of Wii U titles early on this year, but really Nintendo were working on this!



fluggy said:

I don't understand this confusion nonsense!! As soon as the Wii U was announced as a "new console" - I knew it was a new console??!!? A 3 second advert with a Wii U pic and a voice saying "Wii U, the new console from Nintendo" would kinda say it all!!! Its not nearly as confusing as calling Xbox 3, Xbox One!



skywake said:

I don't know why everyone here is raving about this video. Seems like the sort of bland video you'd see playing on repeat in the back corner of a shop somewhere. It addresses all of the things every armchair analyst have been complaining about but it doesn't really excite.

They really, really shouldn't be putting this on air. Keep it for the stores and trade shows. At most take some of the ideas in this video and turn it into a series of ads with a similar theme. Bring back Non-Specific action figure or something. This video though? No, not on TV, keep it away.



ajcismo said:

I've never seen a major international company just completely screw up marketing and advertising the way Nintendo has these last few years. Zero production quality, its like they're so worried about turning a profit they're afraid to spend a little extra so these "ads" look like they were done by a high school A/V dept. They need some new blood at the top.



element187 said:

@PinkSpider completely different audiences... Ps4/xBone are wrestling over the 12-29 year old dudebro gamer. Nintendo is making its move towards family gaming, as they should.



Zach said:

Great ad. My prediction / hope is that they'll chop it up into 4 30 minute segments and air it nationally.



Mochtroid said:

Ah, so Nintendo has finally wised up and is now trying to straighten out the confusion between Wii and Wii U.

These are the kind of commercials we should have been seeing a year ago. But better late than never!



JaxonH said:

Disagree. Bluray was a nice incentive when it was a new technology and they cost $400 a pop separately, but it's 2014 now (well, in a week or so anyways). Everyone already has a bluray player, heck, probably 3 or 4, and if not, you can grab one for $30 and change at your local Walmart. It's no longer the selling point it was years ago. In fact, bluray is even becoming dated in favor of digital media now, which the Wii U DOES offer through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and Youtube.

It's like the PS4 and Xbox One not playing CD's. No one cares.



K-Gamer said:

The only commercial from them that would make me a proud Wii U owner, all the others made me feel too old.



JaxonH said:

I feel that while yes, Nintendo should target family gaming and multiplayer, their stronest suit is still core gaming, by far. Nintendo was made great because of their core, intense games and franchises, and I believe those games are the reason most of us are fans today. So advertising to that market is fine, of course, but it would be wise for them to equally advertise to gamers who want core games, you know, Pikmin, Mario, Smash, Donkey Kong Country, Zelda, Metroid, etc...

Most Nintendo's ads haven't showcased THAT side of the console, and that's always been Nintendo's strongest suit. It's like a star football player advertising his baseball pitching skills. Family gaming isn't what made Nintendo the icon it is today, it's their core games. And if they would advertise THOSE games more, I think they'd see results, ya know? Like, show all the awesome gameplay from their core games- make the system seem cool and fun rather than family friendly. That's my take anyways.



Razzle said:

If this ad doesn't work for you it's simply because you're not Nintendo's market for the WiiU. They are unashamedly a FAMILY focused game and hardware maker. This means that yes, there will be a few games to cater to the teenage boys and shoot-em-up loving fathers but it will not and never will be their focus. I want a family game machine and the WiiU is absolutely perfect, this advert shows this clearly. Sales for the WiiU will climb, it just takes families longer to move on from old hardware, but it will happen over the next few years big time.



Mario-Man-Child said:

I think the confusion comes in with the demographic Nintendo are going after. They are not going after core gamers, they are going after families and non gamers and older people who originally bought Wii and haven't a clue about gaming. You don't see Sony having to make adds telling gamers, 'PS4 is a new system, it is different to PS3'. Sad really.
Casuals who originally bought Wii will not be splashing out $299.99 for a new system anytime soon, as far as they're concerned their is nothing wrong with their old system.



Noonch said:

It does seem a little late but I guess they can start aiming for the tax return crowd in the U.S. soon. I was discussing Wii U with my mom and she told me she thought it was a portable because of the gamepad and since her grandchildren had 3DS already they wouldnt need it.



JudgeMethos said:

Yeah, no one's gonna watch a 2 minute commercial but this is IT! Edit and put on actual television, Nintendo! This answers everything.



datamonkey said:

This is what should have been shown over a year ago!

Nintendo are so confusing. Why has this taken so long?!



Solid_Stannis said:

Well, Nintendo may well be guilty of hubris as far as sales expectations compared to advertising effort is concerned, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. They're actually learning from their mistakes. Mucho respecto.

(Of course, this is somewhat similar to what people said about the 3DS about a year and a half ago. Time will tell if the lesson sticks this time.)



JaxonH said:

@Falco @Razzle
Again, yes they are going after the "family" market (which is really them just going after parents buying the console for their kids for the most part, because it makes the parent think it's fun). But make no mistake gentlemen. Nintendo is and always has been more than that. Now, perhaps to a new gamer who's first experience with Nintendo was the Wii, perhaps to them it may seem like that's Nintendo's primary audience. But anyone who's been gaming Nintendo before the Wii knows that's not the case. It's just an additional market they're chasing.

Nintendo is more than family games and a few on the side for teenage boys and shoot-em-up loving fathers. Now yes, Nintendo is all "family FRIENDLY" games, but there's a difference. If family gaming was Nintendo's primary market, you wouldn't see games like Pikmin 3, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Ninja Gaiden 3 (which Nintendo co-published on Wii U), Wonderful 101, Zelda Windwaker HD, "Hyrule Warriors", Monolith Soft's X, SMT x Fire Emblem etc... all taking the front seat. Games with complexity and higher difficulty that do not appeal to casual gamers.

Nintendo is all about being family-friendly and non-offensive, and I love them for that. They know how to dress up a core game in a family-friendly package. I'm 29 years old, and still play Nintendo for the same reason I did 20 years ago- the games are highly challenging, complex and fun.

With that said, you are both right in as much that "family" gaming is now a major part of Nintendo's culture and offerings, it's just that it's not the primary focus. The primary focus is family-friendly core games, the second focus is family gaming. And it wasn't always this way- the family gaming only hit the scene 7 years ago with the Wii, and has continued into the 8th gen. It's evident Nintendo is using family gaming in addition to their core games to fill the gap left when Sony took a slice of the market.



biglee said:

Yes! Finally! Now trim it down so it's suitable for a TV spot and show it to the world! Seriously, like NOW!



Memeboy3 said:

gatorboi352 and pretty much other Over -serious people,Guys just Shut the Yahooo! up and enjoy that Nintendo now fixed their mistakes...
It's better late than never and let's hope 2014 is Wii U's year!



TingLz said:

Or better yet, start a marketing campaign that focuses on "Find the U on the box" in retailers where there's a demo. I think this could be a lot more effective than a simple commercial.



Socar said:

FINALLY an add that does it all!!!!! Now put it on channels Star Movies, Star World, National TV, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, FX, Comedy Central and Sports channels.



Memeboy3 said:

@Boxmonkey Oh wow, your comment is SO original..well try telling my comment right now to all the commentators on this comment section...



FJOJR said:

"Just look for the 'U' on the box". That really boils it down for people. Too bad it took more than a year for them to realize that. Also they forgot to mention backwards compatibility. I know a ton of people would jump ship knowing that it's the only console that offers it.



bronZfonZ said:

Family-oriented couch co-op games are a good selling point, especially since families can be somewhat detached with so many personal technologies like smartphones and tablets, so a simple marketing line would be something like "Families Wii-U-nite!"



RickyNGmr said:

Is really a great commercial... and to be honest, is like it has been conceive to cutting it into "stages" for TV. Each part is an advertisement of its own!! Thus, Nintendo could put each as a wave of advertising thru National TV. Example.. there's a show.. commercial break :Wii U commercial....etc repetitive commercial break with each part of that video! Finish each them with : just look for the U in the box! Jajaja
I can assure you everyone will gets in his minds: "GOTTA LOOK FOR THE U IN THE BOX". Jajaja



mr_nihilism said:

How many families of four or more actually all sit down and play a game? I've never experienced this phenomena. I can get my daughter to tag in, but that's as close as it gets to a "everybody in house sit down in front of the tv and start playing" as I can get.



LetsGoRetro said:


While I agree with you in the past, things HAVE changed. Here's my story:

I was the biggest gamer in the world from ages 5-17, which encompassed the NES, SNES & N64 generation. About a year into the Gamecube generation, I went through life experiences that caused me to "feel like i grew out of gaming", so i stopped until the very end of the Wii's lifecycle. It was approx. 10 years out of the loop.

When I decided to get back into gaming about a year and a half ago, it had become a solo venture, as the life changes i had made came with the result of losing touch with my gamer friends. So, naturally going to what I knew, I bought Nintendo's new system, Wii U.

Everyone I then ran into at work, parties, etc. that ha any interest in gaming started asking me"Why the HELL would you buy a Wii?? They're for kids" Utterly confused, I started searching out the old, hardcore franchises, only to find out, people were right.

That's not to say they're not fun, and that's not to say they're not deep gameplay experiences. And I am far from a dudebro gamer that needs blood and headshots (I don't play FPS or Racing, only RPG, platformers primarily, with some Mario kart and Smash mixed in)

But, every title I bought that my fellow Nintendo fans used to argue against the "kiddie, family company thing" only reinforced it. What I mean by all this is every single game is specifically designed to be loaded with cuteness. The characters and environmments are all bright and glossy. They have high pitched shrieks and cute faces. The characters like Toad, Kirby, DK are all cute. Luigi is silly and cugte when he's frightened. I just bought Rune factory 4 and every other sentence, they're making cute and exagerated faces with giant sweat pouring off.

Skyward Sword? Got in touch with my old gamer friend and played it with him. At the part where you run into those 3 things in the forest you need to catch, almost awkwardly cute for 2 big guys like us to be sitting down playing.

Mario Kart? Everything's shiny and bright. Every character that gets hit yells out a silly sound. Smash? Bunch of cute things fighting each other.

My point is that 90 percent of what you buy on Nintendo systems, including the deep, hardcore experiences, are cosmetically tailored to be very attractive to kids and families, and this is what lots of the public that hates Nintendo doesn't like.

What's a good alternative? Final Fantasy 7, 9, heck probably most of them. Probably most ps1 and ps2 RPG's. Lots of em are very accessible to kids but very far from the cuteness of Nintendo titles that turns off the mainstream.

Nintendo got popular in the era where almost every gamer was a kid and they seem to be stuck in that style. But, weirdly, while they used to just naturally appeal to kids, they now go out of their way to, and that seems to be the difference.

Sorry for typing so much, if anyone even read this far, lol. But, as a gamer who both has the retro knowledge as well as also came into this generation fresh, the non-Nintendo group out there DOES have a point. I'll always buy Nintendo systems for my Zelda, MK, Smash & Metroid, but Nintendo could make some changes to appeal to more people.



Pokefanmum82 said:

I have been gaming since NES era and all I have ever bought is Nintendo systems. and they are probably all I will buy. I've played Halo and like it but I prefer Nintendo games. And what is wrong with cute? People buy things because they appeal to them all the time. nothing wrong with that at all. Nintendo isn't the only company who uses cute characters.



Gioku said:

@LetsGoRetro Just gonna say, I'm 17 years old and I love bright, glossy, fun, cute stuff! Kirby especially. I even have a Kirby T-Shirt! :3



JaxonH said:

I agree with most of your assessment, but there are a few things I'd like to point out.

For one, when you say "they were right, Wii U is for kids". That's simply not true. Yes, kids can enjoy it due to its family friendly nature, but the Wii U is not exclusively for kids. The fact most gamers nowadays thinks so just goes to show how uniformed they are and how shallow their judgement is. A game's aesthetics have nothing to do with the gameplay content. In fact, when it comes to actual gameplay content, Nintendo has some of the most advanced gaming in the market.

Most people form the opinion of "Nintendo is for kids" because that's what everyone tells them, and having never played Nintendo's core games, they just don't know any better. They see the family friendly artstyles and judge the book by its cover, never bothering to read a single page before forming the opinion, much less read it cover to cover first.

I think Nintendo's games have always been the way they are now, people just didn't notice it as much on the more primitive hardware. The artstyles are the same, the voices are the same, the general atmosphere of the games are still the same.

Take Pikmin and Pikmin 2, Zelda Windwaker, MarioKart Double Dash, Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, Smash Bros Melee and Fire Emblem Path of Radiance from the Gamecube era, notoriously Nintendo's most "hardcore" system. They're extremely comparable to Pikmin 3, Zelda Windwaker HD, MarioKart 8, Mario 3D World, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Smash Bros 4 and Fire Emblem Awakening. These games just SEEM more "kid-friendly" when matching them up against games that only focus on realism.

I play games for one reason and one reason only- how fun they are. I don't care what everyone else's uninformed opinions are (like the guys who asked you why you'd buy a Wii U, people who think you HAVE to play non-Nintendo games if you're not a kid), cause I know better. Yes, Nintendo games have a very colorful and non-offensive aesthetic, which some misconstrue as "for kids". But it's the content that determines the targeted age level. And there are many Nintendo games that could still make kids cry they're so tough. Most games on other platforms, despite having a "mature" aesthetic, have content targeted toward less skilled players. A classic case of hard games being represented by an "easy" look, and easy games being represented by a "hard" look.

Most people who are repulsed by Nintendo's colorful aesthetics (most mind you, not all) are those who are insecure in their maturity. It's like when a 15 year old is afraid to be seen in ToysRUs because everyone might think he's a "kid". But once you really grow up and mature you stop caring what people think. If you need to go to ToysRUs you go, because you're secure enough to not care. Same with Nintendo. Most teenagers and even guys in their early 20s want to intentionally distance themselves for fear of being seen as "not mature". Which is ironic, because if a person was REALLY mature, they wouldn't care about how others perceive them in the first place.

We can put labels on Nintendo, Sony and MS all day long. But at the end of the day all that "for kids" stuff, all that "for adults" stuff, all that "casual and mature" stuff is meaningless. There are only two kinds of games in the world. Those that are fun and those that are not. And Nintendo still makes the funnest games in the world. What else matters?

NOTE: I look at Nintendo games like Chess. Any age group can enjoy the game, whether 8 years old or 30. It's non-offensive and attracts a wide range of players. The rules are easy enough to learn that kids can enjoy it, but it's hard to master so even adults who play it for years are still learning and getting better. Not every game has to target just kids or just adults. Some games, like Chess and like most Nintendo core franchises, are fun for anyone. But for the record, I'm 29 years old, and I really appreciate the colorful appeal of Nintendo's games now that I'm a mature adult.



JesusAcHe said:

The solution is obvious. Split this into 3 commercials, just make sure all of them explains that the WiiU is a new console.
Every add begins with: "Successor to Wii, HD games blablá"
Then 1 for the Off TV play, one for Miiverse and Online, one for the best WiiU games and upcoming titles
And they all end with the Price and the "Look for the U on the box".



WhiteTrashGuy said:

@LetsGoRetro I understand what you're saying. I would like to see a more realistic look to Mario's clothes and especially to Zelda. Not over the top, like LOTR. I have been gaming since 83 and have owned almost every major games console so I know where you're coming from. I also miss the lack of good RPGs on Nintendo systems. But go out there and grab XENOBLADE CHRONICLES and THE LAST STORY. Go play TWILIGHT PRINCESS if you thought SKYWARD SWORD'S aesthetic was too cute. And pick up the METROID PRIME TRILOGY. All of these games are for the original Wii and will play on your WiiU. There are games I had to buy a 360 for, that is true, but the majority of my gaming is done with Nintendo systems. Their teams demand of themselves a polish in terms of gameplay, innovation, and design that no other company in the world can touch. That is why my Nintendo consoles will always be my #1 system and Sony and Microsoft (or SteamBox) will be my #2.



Matts14 said:

Seems like they took their advirtisment budget from last year and started to use it in the last few weeks. I've seen 3 advertisements for the wii u this week and I don't watch a lot of TV



jdarrell said:

The narrator sounds like he's saying Wii Sports Glove. Then it briefly shows someone putting a glove on for Golf...

NES Power Glove required for Wii Golf confirmed.
(I'm joking)



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@WhiteTrashGuy Realism is the worst thing in the world. It ruins originality, so no. I would prefer they come up with new art styles and textures for their clothing than what we see in this world. I play games to ESCAPE this world.



LetsGoRetro said:


I enjoyed reading that (serious, not sarcasm). It seems we agree on as many, if not more, points than we disagree. Having just turned 30 3 days ago, we're also the same age, essentially.

I would just ask you to look at it from a slightly different angle. What actually makes something considered "kiddie"? When you say that although something is cosmetically kiddie, it does not automatically have to be, I agree, but I also feel that because something is deep in gameplay, it's not inherently "not kiddie".

The assumption that complex gameplay is automatically not aimed at a younger crowd is just as incorrect as the assumption that kiddie graphics is automatically aimed at only younger crowds. (Starting to hate the word "kiddie", lol)

I guess, for me, the argument "well, although it's bright pink and cute and silly, it's not for kids, because if you play it, you will see there's a lot to it" doesn't work. When I was a kid, i handed very complex games.

So, the question becomes, what is it, that makes it... childish? Well, let's look at a car. Take 2 cars that have incredible interiors, tons of features, totally suped up engines, etc etc. Now lets paint one pink and one black. Which is now catering to females, and which to males? Does it matter what's under the hood?

The aesthetic is what defines that to a large degree. Should people be able to see past the cosmetic to see how deep a game is? Heck, I sure can. Is someone wrong if they can't? No, why would they be. Some grown men don't like playing super cute things, and there's nothing wrong with that.

While I agree that Nintendo's experiences are some of the deepest and funnest, their kid reputatiion is well deserved, as they make a point to make the majority of what you're looking at cater more to a younger than older crowd. And whether or not a game is fun doesn't change that. Neither does it's depth.

Metroid Prime is literally the only Nintendo series I can think of that falls outsixde of what I'm saying. And that's only a few games. When people say "If you think it's kiddie, play..." and list 5 games, it doesn't outweigh the 120 that are. Every system has every type of game, the difference is the majority of it's focus.



Laxeybobby said:

@faustcoolio I agree with you: In regards to boosting sales over the festive period, which I believe Nintendo stated they were banking on, a few sayings come to mind "Too Little Too Late!" - "Close the Stable door after the horse has bolted"
Maybe if this advert is put across national TV, Europe, UK and USA they may benefit from a few extra sales during the January Sale period..



LetsGoRetro said:


I forgot to address 1 of your points that i really liked, and agreed with. Yes, Nintendo has always made similar kinds of games. In this medium's infancy, when nintendo and sega reigned supreme, it was very much a niche, youth hoby.

And while "niche" is no longer true, Nintendo is still making the same exact games as when it was exclusively, for the most part, for the younger crowd. So what does that mean? They're still making games cfor a younger crowd.

You can argue for game quality all you want, and I'll be right there next to youj on the same side of the fence screaming along with you. But the fact is, Nintendo does primarily make "kiddie" games, for the sole reason they dress up their incredible gameplay experiences to be tailored to kids.

When Sony and Microsoft started presenting different kind of content, people said "oh wait, it can be like this? Well this is more my tastes", which, probably not coincidentally, was around the time gaming grew from a niche youth hobby to a mainstream hobby for all.



JaxonH said:

Point well taken.

But there are way more than just 5 games, much more. Take Super Mario 3D World as a classic example. The game doesn't go out of its way to look "mature", but the absence of a mature aesthetic does not automatically default to a "kiddie" aesthetic. It's just a neutral, cheerful, colorful aesthetic, nothing more and nothing less. Same for Mario Kart 8, same for Smash Bros 4, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, New Super Mario Bros U, etc...

So that's where I disagree. The absence of a mature look doesn't automatically default to being a kiddie look, just like abstract art isn't a "kiddie" version of realism. Now, it may prove true that a large majority of kids take to that aethetic, but likewise, so do a lot of adults.

A neutral, colorful and fun aesthetic (this is just my opinion, mind you) is less "kiddie" in my eyes than an uber-realistic game with excessive profanity, violence and sex. Quite the opposite. Reason being, only "kids" are immature enough to want to feel mature by playing intentionally "mature" themed games. Truly mature adults like ourselves don't have the need to feel mature by only playing games that come across with a mature aesthetic.

But the more important question I have is this: If a game is truly fun, and you have the best time of your life playing it, why does it matter one way or the other who the game was targeted at? Let's say you're right, for the sake of argument. Ok, so Nintendo markets its games to kids. How does that change your enjoyment of the game?

It's like candy. One could say candy is marketed to kids, but many adults enjoy it regardless. So much so that more adults enjoy candy than kids. That's how one could view Nintendo. Regardless of who the INTENDED market is, the fact remains that adults are a majority of their customers.

Good post btw, you make your argument well.



LetsGoRetro said:


To clarify mine and @JaxonH discussion, we weren't debating whether or not there were a few games outside of the criteria I was listing. I'm very familiar with the awesomeness that is Nintendo. I've beaten 13 of the 17 zelda games, barring the 2 ds ones and the 2 four swords games.

My stance was that Nintendo's reputation is well deserved and correct because of what the majority of the system caters to. For every Twilight Princess there's 30 fluffy cute games, whether quality titles like a kirby epic yarn, or trash like a party babies.

Every system has every kind of games, it's having a lot that makes the difference. Xenoblade Chronicles looks great on that shelf, but when I have to browse past 45 yellow, orange and pink cases to see it, I can't think anything but that this is a kid's gaming section.



JaxonH said:

On that subject though, I really feel it's the 3rd party kid's games (the games that genuinely are for young kids, like Scribblenauts, Ben10 Omniverse, or Monster High 13 Wishes) that truly give the Nintendo brand that image. If 1st party games were separated, I think you'd find most of them to not fit exclusively in the "kid's game" camp. But when suffocated by scores of games that are so obviously geared toward kids, I can see how that comes off to someone.

I myself, when browsing Wii U selection, am horrified whenever they surround truly great 1st party classics like Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 and Zelda Windwaker HD with the likes of Smurfs 2, Family Party 30 Great Games and Rabbids Land. It demeans the integrity of Nintendo's software and can indeed give the impression that Nintendo's games are on the same level.

That is the real threat to Nintendo as far as chasing experienced gamers (I like the term "experienced", it more accurately reflects the segment of gamers we often refer to ourselves as and gamers on other systems). 3rd party trash dilutes the quality of the library, and inaccurately reflects what the console has to offer.

We saw it with the Wii. Nintendo Wii left a bad taste in many gamers' mouths because there were few core games, and even they were drowned out by shovelware/party games/kid's games. My long-time gamer friend told me he sold his Wii because he thought there was nothing good on it- he didn't even know about Donkey Kong Country Returns or Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, and never played Twillight Princess or Skyward Sword! He never heard of Xenoblade! Once I told him, he went out and bought a Wii U, as well as a chunk of the Wii backlog he missed out on.

Nintendo is partly to blame for this by allowing too much shovelware onto their platform, but it's also retailers- they showcase the garbage and don't stock the gems. Oh well, it is what it is. All I know is I love me some Nintendo games! Cheers to that eh...



Senario said:

After actually having a chance to use off tv play all day yesterday I have to say as a Wii U owner since launch, that game pad is very useful even when not used for a second screen for inventory and such like the 3DS.

Glad this is out there



CaptOlimar30 said:

This ad really does cover all of the bases that leave people so confused about the Wii U. Hopefully they can get this message across to a better audience than NintendoLife and people who seek out commercials on the internet though because I don't think that's the audience that needs to know this info. But I'm sure they'll manage, they at least understand most of their shortcomings at this point and with this ad and the last Nintendo Direct I have more faith than ever.



LetsGoRetro said:


Thank you, as do you. This is kind of a hard side of the argument to hold up as i actually am on your side on 90 percent of what you say, and for whatever reason have decided to play devil's advocate to show why other people would think this way.

I, too, only care for how fun the game is and think Nintendo is THE premier quality software developer. In fact, right now, sm3dw, sonic lost world, link between worlds and ocarina of time 3d are taking up the vast bulk of my playing time. Killzone on ps4? Its my first FPS and i keep telling myself "youll get into it" after 20 minute play sessions.

I take that back, it's my 2nd fps as goldeneye 007 was one of my favorite games as a kid. The only others I remember being around were the doom and wolfensteins whch my friend played constantly and i never liked. Goldeneye 007 hooked me, though. Ah, that old Rare magic.

The only thing we seem to disagree on is that the little details really add up to a childlike experience to me, no matter how good. Personally? I love being taken back to childhood experiences, so i love it. To me, Nintendo's childish nature is one of it's greatest strengths. It fulfills a gaming need the other companies don't.

I actually used to think the same about sm3dw. My dad comes over to watch the Patriots every Sunday. I was playing it when he did 3 weeks ago and he said "You still play this kid stuff?" He's always been anti videogame, so my assumption was that he meant video games.

As I started to ask him what made them childish, he differentiated between what he saw me playing the previous week (killzone for ps4) and then went on a tangent while laughing, pointing out "everything is bright and shiny" "it looks like a bunch of toys on screen" "they have voices you hear in kid's cartoons" "im playing as a girl in a pink dress" "the enemies are smiling"

It was a pretty eye opening experience coming from someone who didn't even know it was a mario, or Nintendo game. We, as gamers, don't consider Nintendo a kid company because we have those deep gameplay experiences in the back of our mind. But to many, many people looking on, what Nintendo creates could be very easily considered to be for children.

As far as what you listed, for nsmbu, you dont consider it's bright, shiny, toylike appearance kiddie? Or the fact that youre playing as silly little toads with puffy hats? Or that your enemies are little smiley and sad face goombas cutely waddling around?

Or DKC:TF, a gme where you play as a monkey jumping on the heads of penguin pirates?

The gameplay is deep, and great, but i think us Nintendo fans have been blinded by what we grew up with when we (i used to, too) can look at a bright, shiny game filled with talking animals who constantly shriek, giggle and cry and ask "what's kiddie about this?"

Is it good? No, it's great. Is it fun? You bet it is. Are we right in our "The gaming masses are just ignorant and we know the real truth that it's not kiddie!" Well, i no longer think we are. We are right that it is a quality experience, but they are also right that it is a kid's game. The difference comes down to whether or not you are interested in playing a kid's game. Luckily, i am



JaxonH said:

That was a really good comment. It's hard to refute anything you've said actually. I'll post back after I've pondered this for a bit lol...



Senario said:

@LetsGoRetro Sounds like you need better friends if they judge your nintendo gaming interests as kiddy. Just saying, good friends won't unfairly judge you based on something like that. I also went through a third party and sony/ms phase in gaming during the PS3 and 360 era. I sometiems played Wii games as well. What I will say is that your assessment of those games being inherently better is simply wrong because while I felt invested in the story the game felt more like a chore and not a fun past time you could dump days into.



LetsGoRetro said:


HAHA, this is definitely one of the best talks I've ever had about the subject on the internet. Completely respectful, both sides having intelligent, and well-said, points. All over a "kiddie" topic, like video games!

But where your argument will always be better than mine is this: These games are damn fun, so let's play them!



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - No time to comment on all of that, and I mostly just agree anyway - but I think you are way off on everybody owning 3 or 4 blu ray players. 1 maybe, but its a big holiday gift this year. I do think the switch to streaming makes them seem like outdated tech, and I dont think adding it would have helped Wii U sales, but blu ray players themselves I bet are 1 of the biggest selling holiday gifts this season. Like you said, $50, so they make a good gift.

As for Wii U Ive commented several times on here that I thought the U was too small, it looks like an asterik, which makes it look like a Wii add on. A big bold U, maybe in a brighter color, might have made the Wii U a bit more obvious yhat its the sewuel, the 2, not an accessory.



gatorboi352 said:

Im getting really tired of Nintendo pushing this whole 'entire family playing together' approach. I know zero families that play videogames together, and im sure the same goes for many of you. These arent board games.

Like it or not, the Wii U is a dual analog core system in design, with an identity crisis clinging to the motion gaming phenomenon Wii branding. Throw in a pinch of consumer irrelevancy among non-Nintendo enthusiasts and the Wii U problems become painfully evident. Its a system trying to be a jack of all trades while ending up being a master of none.



JaxonH said:

So I think it comes down to our definition of what a kid's game is. And I think I've figured it out, so here's my take.

When someone says a game is a "kid's game", it is naturally inferred that the game should only be enjoyed by a person of a certain age. It implies that the game is inherently focused on what kid's enjoy, and does not take anything else into consideration. The game is primarily FOR kids, like a G-Rated cartoon movie.

Games falling into this category would then need to showcase a childish aesthetic, childish dialogue, childish learning curves, simplistic gameplay, and humor that children would typically find funny.

Following that criteria, I could agree that games like Game & Wario are indeed kid's games. The game has childish humor like farting and what have you, with a very cartoonish aesthetic, very simple learning curve and gameplay. The party and fitness games too.

But where the core Nintendo games stand apart, is that they don't fit the criteria for simple learning curves and/or simplistic gameplay. I know we played hard games as kids, but honestly, I don't think Nintendo had any age group in mind with the NES. I think they just threw it out there and waited to see who'd bite, which turned out to be mostly kids (although my dad was the one who first showed me Super Mario Bros).

I know we typically think kids' games can be challenging, but times have changed. Virtually zero games genuinely targeted at children are even remotely challenging. And that is perhaps where our thought gets railroaded. Nintendo games' robust gameplay and advanced mechanics are what separate them from the "real" kids games.

That's the best I got. Now, to address this other gentleman above me...



TechnoEA said:


Realism isn't the worst thing to happen in the world of gaming. It's realism mixed with lack of immersion and creativity that's the issue.

You can play realism games and still know it's a game if it has elements that are fantasy like. When I play games like inFamous, I know full well that none of the things that are happening are remotely real. Or final fantasy 14 etc.



JaxonH said:

You raise a fair point, and I share many of the same sentiments. I would however, argue that Wii U is a master in the trade of great games, bar none. And that, arguably, is the best trade to master. I favor the Gamecube as the greatest Nintendo library ever conceived (and many would agree I think). But I believe, based on the games we've see in just the first year, that Wii U will put the Gamecube to shame when its' library is fulfilled 5 years from now, and that's really saying something.

Plus it's the first home console to finally bring dual-screen gaming into the mix, a standard I've grown accustomed to over the years. It just wouldn't be Nintendo without that 2nd screen, and I feel like I'm missing something every time I turn on my Vita or PS4.



JaxonH said:

I'm just going off of my own experiences, and in my household there are, let me see, five total. One for each bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the basement lounge. I do recognize not everyone will have 5 bluray players, but chances are most people at least have one for the TV which they'll connect the Wii U to (usually consoles connect to the primary household television, which is the first TV a bluray player is usually connected to- and since the tech has been around for almost 10 years, I assume most people have one by now), which was the point I was trying to make.



gatorboi352 said:

@JaxonH i hear you, but just like you referenced the GCN (which I was about to do as well) it doesnt matter how good the games are when perception has become reality. GCN had Resident Evil 4 exclusively for 9 months for goodness sake! 21 million consoles sold. Irrelevancy is a consoles death sentence and Wii U appears to be headed towards the same fate. Granted, the games will be AMAZING as they always are on Nintendo systems. But when so few people are experiencing them it really is disheartening.

The silver lining is that Nintendo's next console should blow us all out of the water again, just like Wii did after the GCNs failures.



JaxonH said:

By the way, I went through the EXACT SAME THING with Killzone Shadowfall. Actually, I went through it first with Killzone Mercenaries on Vita, which my brother had somewhat convinced me would be great (he's a big Sony fanatic, though he does love Nintendo too). Big letdown.

But I went ahead and bought Shadowfall hoping it would be different on PS4, but no. I just don't like that game. Matter of fact, I don't really like FPS games except for one. And I know I'll get some ridicule for this, but I really enjoy Call of Duty games. I really do. I thought the campaign in Black Ops 2 for Wii U was an excellent experience, and the first hour of Ghosts has impressed me as well. Not sure what it is, but that's the only FPS I can get into (though I did also play GoldenEye 64, who didn't right?)



gatorboi352 said:

"usually consoles connect to the primary household television, which is the first TV a bluray player is usually connected to"

Actually, id argue in my experiences that Nintendo branded consoles are typically not connected to the primary TV in the household but rather relegated to a secondary play room or childs bedroom. Dad tends to hook his PlayStation or Xbox up to the big living room set, especially the PS3 with its bluray playing abilities. Thats just been my experience with people i know though.



gatorboi352 said:

@JaxonH call of duty with pointer controls is hands down the definitive FPS experience to me. Dual analog players dont stand a chance in MP versus me!



Dogpigfish said:

Bravo, this was a good commercial. A little late, but a great start to a new generation.



LetsGoRetro said:


After playing Skyward Sword with that friend, he popped in the new COD he just bought (I believe MW3) and I played it for an hour, and to be honest, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I think what it is, for me, is that skillwise, i stink at fps games, so a game like Killzone that requires a ton of stealth is hard for me. Its like, take 1 wrong step, youre seen, and get shot from all sides, auto death. That's quite a daunting task for someone who feels like an old man playing these games ("theres too many buttons! 2 joysticks???") whereas cod just kinda felt like a fun shooter that was more forgiving of my mistakes. My experiences are only of a beginner in the first 2 levels.



LetsGoRetro said:


Thanks, man!

I agree about the family thing. I don't think too many families sit down and play the games as they show in the commercials. I'm sure some do, but it's curious that Nintendo does this in every commercial. it might be more effective to show a group of kids in a sleepover or something. I know that was my childhood in a nutshell...



gatorboi352 said:

@LetsGoRetro try Call of Duty on Wii U with wiimote pointer controls. Youll never go back to dual analog and may even find a new appreciation for the genre!



LetsGoRetro said:


I agree. Personally, I feel Square has done one of the best jobs in the industry when it comes to walking the childish/mature and realism/fantasy lines.

I'm a group of human beings walking around a world with towns, villages, castles, etc. There usually 1 or more love stories, as well as stories of friendship, betrayal redemption, etc. These are all things that will hook a gamer who likes realism.

But peppered into that world of towns and mountains are dragons, and monsters. Mixed in with the stories of love and betrayal are magic spells. And the graphics have a "real enough" sense about them mixed in with the fantasy.

Square is one of the few companies that can compete with Nintendo's catalog of content, in my opinion. And while I rank them my #2 company of al time behind Nintendo, they are head and shoulders above them in appealing to multiple crowds, for the reasons i listed above.



Luigi789 said:

the price isn't that much as compared to the other 2 consoles i think this commercial is exactly what Wii U needs but i agree it is a bit too long just do parts and should it worldwide and don't just show this in kids programs like disney channel show it in more channels like what sony and microsoft are doing



Luigi789 said:

@simonsaysno yea Wii U is my favorite console as well and i tried ps4 and xbox one , Wii U just has better games and a better experience than the other 2 imo i hope nintendo can make the Wii U a successor



bngrybt said:

Some people are just stupid. They will always think it's just a tablet for the Wii.



Nomad said:

The only thing that is going to sell the Wii U is games. And right now this is where the a Wii U is struggling. The 3DS is a good example. You don't see Nintendo trying to explain the 3DS to casuals. It's selling like hotcakes because of its great library of games. All the Wii U needs is more games. Families and casuals already know that Nintendo games are geared towards them.
Another example is the PS3 and the Vita. The former sold great because it has lots of great games, whereas the latter isn't selling well because of its lack of great games. Nintendo needs more games, especially from 3rd parties. Like I said, people already know Nintendo is a good option for families. Nintendo should return its focus back on the core gamer.



dumedum said:

@Alucard83 yeah no one cares about blu ray. Its obsolete like dvd. Why would anyone waste money on that. Blockbuster went bankrupt for a reason. Some countries never had any adoption of blu ray. People watch movies on a thing called the internet.



Alshain01 said:

I like how the women were the ones pushing the kids off the TV for sports. Way to break the stereotypes Nintendo!



Nomad said:

@JaxonH your right, there's some misperception that Nintendo's games are for kids because of their aesthetics. The fact is, a lot of Nintendo's games are too complex for most kids to get through without help. I don't know of many kids that could finish a Zelda game with its complex dungeons or some of the harder platforming stages of Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong without help. Graphically these games may appear to be for kids, but their gameplay is for core gamers. Personally I don't think Nintendo games look kiddie as some people do. Just because a game doesn't have realistic graphics doesn't make it a kiddie game, there are more art styles then just one.



Revolution909 said:

Its about freaking time! This is a good straight to the point message, its good that it used gamers of all age.



FineLerv said:

@LetsGoRetro I would say Nintendo makes games that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. They're the PIXAR of gaming.

And just as twelve year old boys think they're two cool for PIXAR movies, so too do they think they're too cool for Nintendo. Maturity, though, is about not caring about the superficial layers, and realising that substance comes from the depth found below the surface.

I usually buy all the consoles (because when you're 35 you get to do that kind of thing) They're all my toys. When I want something with no substance, I'll play GTA. When I want deep gameplay, I'll play Mario. Which, incidentally, I did with my 6 year old niece the other day. She can't get past anything more than a few levels. If that's a kids game, it fails miserably as one.



LetsGoRetro said:


If you read the entirety of @JaxonH and I's conversation, you'll see the points your raising have all been addressed and analyzed from numerous angles, quite in depth (if you didn't, i don't blame you, he and I sure can type a lot!) I don't disagree with what you're saying, but how you've worded your response does te d to make me think you maybe skimmed the conversations VS read them in depth.

I'm a 30 year old owner of all systems, as well, with Nintendo being my personal favorite.



WaveBoy said:

Pretty darn bland, more suitable for a doctors office actually.
The Wii U commercials are pure garbage compared to the 3DS's....It's almost like these commercials are being created by two different companies. One being the 'Soccer mom' corporation(Wii U) and the other by NINTENDO(3DS)



Luigi789 said:

When i played Oot when i was a kid i never beat it until i got older so yea Zelda isn't a kiddy game lol



LetsGoRetro said:


Sorry, in rereading my own post, it sounded almost dismissive or your comment. It wasn't meant to. So, let me give a detailed response as to my opinion of your statement.

Your quote is: "Maturity, though, is about not caring about the superficial layers, and realizing that depth comes from the layers found beneath the surface"

If you did happen to read the entirety of mine and Jaxon's conversation, you might remember I stressed the point of "Just as something looking kiddie doesn't automatically make it kiddie, something having depth doesn't automatically make it non-kiddie".

Let's take Game A: Party Babies and Game B: Super Mario 3D World. Both are bright, colorful, cheery. Game A has very shallow gameplay whereas B has deep gameplay. So now we're to the point of "What makes something chilidish vs mature?" Your argument suggests that because I can do a lot with my characters, find lots of secret paths, replay the levels, etc. that that places it in a category of "not being kiddie". Well... Why?

Is it because the assumption is that kids can't handle as much? I sure could handle the abovementioned game depth as a kid. So, just as you can ask "Why do the graphics have to suggest it's childish?" I can ask "Why does the game having depth have to suggest it's not?"

So, again, what makes something kiddie? In my opinion, it's the developers intentionally including things for the purpose of appealing to kids. Like colorful, shiny, toylike graphics. Characters in bright, puffy, silly costumes High pitched, goofy, silly, zany voice acting. Talking animals. These are all things included in cartoons because bright colors, high pitched voices, etc gra children's attention.

Your general argument is that the depth and quality of the experience negates that, however I beg to differ. Take your favorite shirt and paint it pink and purple. It WILL look more feminine despite te quality of the fabric, design, etc. Why? Pink and purple afre known to be feminine colors, just as all the things listed above are known to hook children's interest.

I feel it's time for Nintendo fans to stop denying the childish nature of the experiences that we enjoy. We need to embrace that that is WHY we like it. This matters because we go and get defensive when people call what we like childish, but the fact is, they're right. But, so what if it is? We can still lke it. But, that doesn't change that it is!

Game B is just as kiddie as Game A, it's just a higher quality, deeper, better experience. I truly feel Nintendo gamers that deny the games are childish are uncomfortable with the fact that they are. They don't want to admit they like something geared towards kids. My stance is "Yes, it's a kid's game, and it's freaking awesome, so I'm going to play it til I'm 70", and not "Yes, it is a game about talking animals grunting and farting and jumping on each other, but as you can see, it's geared towarfds adults because it's a deep game with an incredible physics engine"

Mario is a game about an Italian plumber who jups on the heads of turtles and smiling, waddling floppy foot goombas, trying to save a pink princess from a giant spiky shelled lizard. It is for kids. And that's okay.



FineLerv said:

@LetsGoRetro in answer to your implication : "Yes! I have been following the conversation in its entirety! It doesn't mean I'm satisfied with all the arguments posed, though!" Thank you very much for engaging in thoughtful discussion, though, and not allowing this to descend into typical Internet diatribe!

To clarify, by superficial I mean the literal definition, "surface level", without negative connotation. And, as such I still argue that it is not what should be the deciding factor in determining the maturity level of a game.

Depth does not mean freedom of exploration. I just came off playing more than 70 hours of Assassin's Creed 3 on Wii U, a game with almost limitless freedom - with all the substance of high school student's creative writing assignment! There isn't any complexities in the story or in the actions I can take as a player. It's shallow and I love it.

By contrast, Mario 3D World, while derivative, has incredible complexity when you assess it's gameplay. There is depth in exploring and investing in it's mechanics. Assess it on an aesthetic level and it's easily dismissed as childish. But, it often speaks to gamers on a deeper level than a more stereotypically "mature" game does.

Ultimately, what's so mature about the storyline in Gears of War, Hali or Call of Dury? Game stories are not Lolita. They deal with fantasy subjects and are B-grade at best. And that's fine. Their depth and art lie elsewhere.



Alienfish said:

@JaxonH While I would agree that completely digital is where things are going, the real seller is having everything in one box. That's what Alucard83 is saying. Bluray would also have been a key way to differentiate Wii U from Wii since everyone knows that Wii doesn't even play DVD's ('less you gotz the Homebrew). If you can say 'yeah' every time someone asks: "Does it have _____." then you have a product everyone will want to buy. I don't hate my Wii U, but it could have definitely been better, and people do watch Bluray when they want ultra premium.



rbmoura85 said:

This comercial comes now because only now the wiiu has all this games and services available , duh



WhiteTrashGuy said:

@ LetsGoRetro I understand what you are saying and it's nice to see someone recognize the great gameplay of KIRBY'S EPIC YARN. I can't fault Nintendo for being a system the whole family can play games on. And quality titles to boot. The PS2 had just as many shovel-ware titles as the Wii because those systems each had the highest installed bases if their respective generations. I've had friends complain of the same thing in regards of shopping for games for their Nintendo system. In a perfect world gaming stores and departments would have their games organized by genre and not by system.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - You have 5 blu-ray players? I feel certain there are more households w/ 1 blu ray player than 5. I bet there are more households w/ zero blu ray players than 5 also.

I know this article is a year old, but I doubt that since last Nov 73% of Us households have gone out and purchased 5 blu ray players. As of last year only 27% of US households owner 1 or more blu ray players.

You are much more atypical than typical in your blu ray ownership.



JaxonH said:

Yes, I thought I'd said that in my last post...? Maybe not. And you're right, most people probably don't own 5. But all it takes is 1 to make Wii U having one built in a waste. Bluray has been out almost a decade. Most people have at least one by now, just like most people have a cell phone now. In fact, over 27% of Americans owned a standalone Bluray player a year and a half ago. So you can probably notch that up to 1 out of every 3 by now. Not to mention 80 million PS3's that are Bluray players, and other multi-purpose devices that include Bluray. So let's say roughly 1 out of every 2 Americans own at least one device that plays Blurays.

Most blurays get connected to the household's main TV, which is the same TV most Wii U's will get connected to. So even if there is a percentage of Wii U owners who would genuinely benefit from it (and I recognize there are some), it would be a needless added expense for the vast majority.

What people should understand is that added features mean added cost. Which means you wouldn't have paid $350 for your Wii U, you'd probably have paid $375, or $325 now. I know that extra $25 sounds good if you don't own a Bluray, but again, most people do own one and probably won't want to pay that extra $25 when they've already got a perfectly good Bluray player that's sitting next to the Wii U.

In any case, Nintendo has not once ever added CD, DVD or Bluray support in their home consoles. They keep it strictly gaming. They add Netflix and YouTube and all that because it doesn't add cost to them or the customer. That's how they've been able to sell $100 Gamecubes, $150 Wii's, $100 Wii Minis and $300 Wii U's. There's a consequence for every decision, and an added cost for every non-gaming related feature. I think Nintendo feels it's more important to keep the price as low as possible than to bulk up the price with nifty extras thrown in that a large share of customers won't need or won't want to pay extra for.

Even if just half of Wii U customers own a bluray already, that added cost of the feature threatens the sale to that 50%, because they might decide the price is just over what they're willing to pay. Economics 101=> the higher the price, the lower the quantity demanded. When looking at things from a macro level, that's going to cost them quite a bit. Even a 3% loss in sales would equate to 100,000 less Wii U owners right now, or 3 million dollars revenue (plus the revenue lost through software and digital sales of those 100,000 people, which is the real money maker).



Gamer83 said:

I still can't believe people, ones far more intelligent than myself, couldn't figure out the difference between a Wii and a Wii U, or going back before that, DS and 3DS yet they have no problem telling the difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox One? And then there's Sony, which makes it easy just going in numerical order but, Wii to Wii U seems pretty obvious also. At least Nintendo of America is finally doing something though this should've happened sooner.



MadAdam81 said:

Key points: New technology, successor to Wii, full HD, unique experiences can't find anywhere else, gamepad, off TV, Nintendo fun and look for the U. I'm sure you can squeeze that into 2 different TV adverts, but would have been best at the start of December.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - I agree w/ you, adding blu ray wouldnt have helped Wii U Sales. For every person who might have bought 1 due to blu ray 1 more wouldn't have due to the price increase. I just think cheap stand alone blu ray players are being sold and that market isn't maxed out yet.

So, days later and I finally get around to watching it. Didnt really like it .I didnt like that guys voice for some reason. To rational, not emotional enough. Like he was trying to sell me a pair of pliers to fix my car.

And like somebody way above said - a new power glove? - is that somebodies idea of a joke?

There is a lot of useful info in there - HD, online, off tv, and fun - but too many negatives for me - the voice, showing the Gamepad in a bedroom and a kitchen but the signal doesnt really go very far. Day late and a dollar short.



TheAdrock said:

... 3 days before Christmas. Clearly not in a hurry to sell this console, eh? Yeah, brilliant PR dept you've got there Nintendo.

I fear Nintendo will be Sega within the decade.



soundcircus said:

Another lame looking video from nintendo.
They should have had it in the video. What is the point of saying oh yeah this is our new HD console, yet still show annoying looking people using the wii remote and looking like every other nintendo advertisement!?!
People will still be confused after watching this.
They should not have used the Wii branding on this console in the first place, and not used the Wii remote and just kept with a 'normal' controller... The pro controller along with the tablet.



WaxxyOne said:

This is a good effort to show the differences and gives the great games the spotlight they deserve, showing just enough footage for people to get the idea and want to head online to look up more info. I think it's also important to show the Wiimotes in use to clearly show that this is still a Nintendo console and your existing controllers can be used. I don't care so much about the lack of the pro controller because it's an optional accessory and would probably remind people too much of an Xbox controller. Nintendo is the company that wants to stand apart and show people how they're different, not create unwanted comparisons between them and their competitor's hardware.

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