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Video: Family Gamer TV Is Putting Wii Fit U Through Its Paces This Christmas

Posted by Andy Robertson

Fight the flab

With Christmas approaching and the excess that goes with celebrating the season appropriately, our thoughts will soon be turning to reclaiming our former vigour. Don’t worry though — Wii Fit U is at hand, and what’s more you can try it for free for a month (up to January 31st). If you like it you can then get the full game by just buying (and syncing) the Fit Meter at retail.

But is Wii Fit U really a good way to get (and stay) in shape this festive season or is it just a video game novelty? Family Gamer TV is putting it to the test in a series of videos that will track progress with the program in the different Fitness, Balance, Muscle and Yoga activities.

In particular, the videos will focus on looking closely at what the Fit Meter and GamePad offer over and above Wii Fit (and Wii Fit Plus) on the Wii. While reviews dipped into the experience, Family Gamer TV wants to get a real world view of how good the game is at improving fitness in the medium to long term.

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As you can see from the first video the scene is set for a meteoric rise to health (and press ups).

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Nintenjoe64 said:

I was halfway through a body transformation video using only Wii Fit Plus (and a little running and football) and then I took a break to wait for Wii Fit U, then my laptop broke with all my pics. I will post the link when it's done.



rjejr said:

Andy, are you doing or have you done a "Best Family Games for the Holidays" list?

I know your kids have played Sklyanders, Knack, SM3DW, and the Wonderbook games recently, probably Disney and Lego Marvel as well, but I don't recall you making a Top 5 list or anything.

Do you ever ask your kids what they WANT to play?

And if you want to avoid playing favorites between the systems maybe you could make separate lists for X1/360, PS3/4 and Wii/U? Though I'ld be fine w/ a 30 second video of your kids just shouting out what they want for Christmas the most and least

Would seem like a waste if your kids spend so much time playing video games but not let them voice their recommendations for other kids. So much of the gaming press is focused on the well known FPS, family games hardly ever get a fair shake.

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