There's a lot of Nintendo-related doom and gloom floating around at the moment — some of which we feel it is our duty to report — but today we've got a little bit of positive news. The Financial Post has stated what we knew all along: Nintendo's two systems are the best option for prospective buyers this holiday season.

In the piece, it is argued that the PS4 and Xbox One are so alike and share so many third-party titles that they are effectively fighting each other, but Nintendo is "forging its own path" and is "all about exclusive content" which can't be experienced elsewhere.

The Post then goes on to claim that lack of third-party support doesn't matter, as Nintendo's library of titles is so strong — and there's more on the way in 2014:

After a tumultuous and somewhat wonky year of generational transition, everything is settling back to the way it should be: Nintendo once again has the least powerful yet most affordable current-generation system on the market – and some truly great exclusive games to go with it – while Microsoft and Sony are left to battle one another on other fronts, including graphics, steep pricing, and blockbuster M-rated software.

It may have taken a little longer than Nintendo would have liked for it to get there, but Wii U is now a completely valid option for families looking for an affordable living room console. You can buy one with confidence.

While we'd certainly like to see a bit more third-party software on the Wii U, the points made here hold water — people buy Nintendo systems for Nintendo games, and in Super Mario 3D World, the Wii U has the best game on any system this Christmas. And let's not forget the 3DS, which the Post claims is "the best platform for exclusives, period".

It's about time we saw a positive perspective on Nintendo outside of the gaming press, but do you agree with The Financial Post's assessment of Wii U and 3DS? Let us know by leaving a comment below.