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Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure Won't Change Nintendo

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Console a "bad idea," but software-only rumors are ridiculous

As should be well known by now, plenty in the media have not looked favorably upon the Wii U's performance to date. Yet while some say Nintendo should throw in the towel when it comes to hardware or dive headlong into the new hotness of mobile games, Sam Byford on The Verge holds a different perspective.

While Byford doesn't argue that the Wii U can't be considered a failure, he sees no reason for the considered misstep to throw Nintendo off the current track of its plans. He cites Nintendo's considerable financial war chest earned through the vast successes of the original Wii and DS systems — further buoyed by the growing success of the 3DS — as reasons Nintendo can take a hit from the Wii U and continue running. Byford also quotes Jesse Divnich, Vice president of insights and analysis at Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, who appears to share Byford's sentiments:

The company is far from being at risk or in any type of trouble of having to transition to becoming a software-only company. They can and will thrive off of the success of the 3DS and reinvest the gained resources to improve their home console strategy going forward.

Byford also brings up Reggie Fils-Aime's recent interview regarding Nintendo's interest in mobile and tablet opportunities, and agrees with the NOA president that the company is at its best when taking advantage of its own unique hardware. That notion, however, has faltered so far with the Wii U's tablet, according to Byford, who believes it was made too much in response to competition and not with enough regard to maximizing its use--and even then, Nintendo isn't fully out of luck:

At this point, it’s clear that the Wii U was simply a bad idea. Nintendo found itself in the rare position of looking to competitors for inspiration, and launched a me-too system with nothing in the way of compelling software to set it apart. What’s Kyoto to do? In all likelihood, nothing. As Super Mario 3D World demonstrates, the Wii U is more than capable of delivering gorgeous experiences that hold their own against the next-gen systems — Nintendo’s simple, colorful art direction works in the company’s favor when compared to the endless war zones and zombies found on competing systems.

Nintendo, Byford says, will likely not win over the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 in terms of units sold, but can still function well within its own different set of parameters:

Nintendo certainly doesn’t have the same intentions to take over the living room as part of a broader ecosystem, and appears wholly unconcerned with market share. The GameCube — commonly thought of as a failure — quietly helped Nintendo turn a profit while Microsoft sank billions of dollars into the original Xbox, which only sold about 2 million more units worldwide than Nintendo’s diminutive console. And the Wii U may even make sense as an alternate system for those who want to play Mario Kart in HD as a palate cleanser between rounds of Battlefield.

Divnich also sees direct comparisons of the Wii U to Microsoft's and Sony's systems to be somewhat irrelevant, believing the company will continue going in whatever direction it wants to:

Nintendo isn’t one to go with the grain; they’ve built a successful company off of introducing hardware that revolutionizes the way we interact with game content. They may not win the living room this generation, but I wouldn’t count them out in the future.

Do you agree with Byford and Divnich regarding the Wii U and Nintendo's future path? Let us know below.


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Kicked2TheKirb said:

I agree... the 3DS is amazing! The wii u. ... hmmm not so much but its okay .. theyll get em next time. Next gen after wiiups4box1 Nintendo will deliver .. or else theyll lose me forever. Console wise. Im loving my 3DS so many great games and just when I thought zelda was the last possible awesomeness.... here comes Kirby and yoshi catching my eye... wow..



Warruz said:

I agree for the most part.Nintendo is a company focused on the long term, thats how they define success. What they are doing now is simply not suited for the current market, but as things change the strategy Nintendo is embarking on will shine.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

Almost fkrgot . ... super smash coming to 3DS and pheonix and attack of the titans... gosh theres so many reasons to own a 3DS ... pokemon, animal crossing, shin megami, luigis mansion2, etc..... why the wii u is trickling drip feeding one or two games a yr is beyond me.... I just dont get it. Why are they not working on 3rd party support.? How can they dominate handheld and be clueless in the living room?



Gerbwmu said:

I have to agree with their thoughts and the facts and figures.....but still to early to say failed and personally I love the tablet controller.....the gamepad to me is awesome.....but then again I loved the N64 controller too.



2Sang said:

This is what separates critics and trolls. I am very hard on nintendo, but I am real about the situation. I know nintendo will be around for a very long time, and will have at least another console after the wii u.



A01 said:

It took 5 consecutive hardware failures to force Sega into software only territory. Nintendo has so much more money than Sega ever had and the 3DS is printing money DS style. If the Wii U fails, Nintendo aren't in danger of needing to go software only for a very very very long time.

Wii U seems to be improving slowly in recent months. Sales are getting better. I hope Nintendo can turn it into a success. At this point, it could easily go the other way though.



kendorage said:

My stupid opinion chart:

Nes ...thrived
Wii u...survived(?)....I think so.

License and merchandising...profit
War chest reserves...profit
Wii u...revenue loss....3 out of 4 isn't bad.

Xbox one...going after hardcore adults
Ps4...going after hardcore adults
Steambox...going after hardcore adults
Wii u...going after anyone/everyone. There will be a market for them.

My crazy opinion/verdict- nintendo = not doomed.
(This was meant for mr pachter and ifans who routinely suggest nintendo give up consoles and portables and be 3rd party to apple)



purpleibby said:

Sorry, I just don't agree that wii u is a bad's a brilliant console, I think people are demanding conformity from nintendo and that's just not gonna happen. It's too early for this bs.....again it's too early!!!! The controller is brilliant, like the controller of the future.....the most advanced of all time yet easy to use and feels great.....I do agree about the consoles graphics capability being enough to compete......ninty has controllers you can add if you want to "dumb down" to what the other guys are stuck with.....but by all comparisons, the gamepad is incredible. They admit it isn't the graphics but say it would be better with a less advanced controller lol?!?!?



purpleibby said:

The main thing hurting the U is the bs bad info campaign....which is where nintendo doesn't compete being conservative and tight lipped as the company traditionally is. Slow game releases doesn't help either.



Swiket said:

After this generation, I would be alright if Nintendo decided to pour all their efforts into only one console at a time. Maybe some sort of console/handheld hybrid that combines the Wii U Gamepad and the 3DS.



Kirk said:

Well the console is doing terribly so far but all the software only talk is indeed junk.



Ryno said:

Hypothetically speaking, what is the number of sales the Wii U should have to be considered a success?



TruenoGT said:

The mass market just isn't that interested, but I think the Wii U is a brilliant console. Oh well, the mass market isn't known for it's taste. I agree that Nintendo will carve out it's own niche and be better for it. Don't chase the COD/Madden crowd Nintendo, keep doing what you're doing!



A01 said:


Depends whether you're defining success by units sold or profit.

If it's units, critics aren't going to be satisfied unless Nintendo sells more than PS4 and Xbox One combined, plus an extra 10 million for good measure. But realistically, I think anything better than the Gamecube, would be considered successful by most people.

If it's profit, nobody knows. We don't know how much of a loss Nintendo are making on the system at the moment, or when they'll start turning a profit on the hardware.

In my opinion a console is a success if it's profitable, no matter how many units are sold. N64 and Gamecube are successes to me.



rjejr said:

Sounded like a reasonable point to me. Im sitting on my couch typing on my 7" screen tablet with the Gamepad sitting next to me, the Gamepad is a nice controller but6t its not a tablet, but everybody wants to market it as one. And Im not a big fan of labeling the Wii U a failure yet. Possibly next year, or early 2015, but not yet.

And if Nintendo does make a new home console I hope its better integrated with its next handheld. I thought maybe Kirby fighting could get a Wii U app for multiplayer. Not the ehole Kirby game, just the fighting part. They really need to leverage the 3DS owners to get Wii Us. So far all I see are Wii owners getting 3DSs.

Where was Bwyonetta 2 today? I didnt expect X until next fall but Bayonetta 2 needs to be in the public conscious, that theres more than Kart and Brawl. Hyrule Warriors was nice but its just Link in a game. Im happy that Nintendo has a lot of color in their games,but a little variety wouldnt hurt. I hope Wii U is still getting Watch Dogs.



unrandomsam said:

They just need more resources so they can have a reasonable amount of games released on time. At the moment they seem to focus on either Wii U or 3DS to the detriment of the other. Even games that might not sell loads directly can sell consoles to people who otherwise wouldn't bother. (Who then buy a copy if the obvious 1st party games). Enough good stuff and anybody who likes games would get one.



MAN1AC said:

I hope it does to a certain extent. They have to change something if they want to be successful in the console market. It can't be Wii phenomenon or bust.



Technosphile said:

How is the Wii U a "failure"? Calling it that basically removes all credibility from this article.

The Wii U has been out for one year. No one is saying its an unbridled success, but using the word "failure" is just fishing for page hits. Which NintendoLife (and, in turn, me) gave them.



ikki5 said:

With the sales number the Wii U has been having though over the last few weeks are not really that bad, it could be better yes but so far, the sales have been increase week by week for the most part. Yeah they may peak but I doubt the Wii U will become this failed console. It will probably be one of these that survives the generations if it does not take off like the 3DS did.


Bayonetta I am assuming you'll see in a direct in January. They usually have one in January for the games coming for the next year so you may see it then.



Galenmereth said:

Having finally bought a Wii U, with the gamepad in hand, I have to admit: This feels like a next-gen console more than the "real" next-gen consoles, because it's actually different! The xbone and ps4 are just "more of the same", and the games I can get on them that I'm interested in, I'd rather get on PC. 60fps is important to me; Wii U delivers in 3D World (oh so gloriously), and my PC does that for "next-gen" games.

To me, Wii U is the actual next-gen console. I've been negative of Nintendo's online strategy around here lately (still not loving that part...), but man does this console feel awesome to use!



ricklongo said:

I really wish people who think "the 3DS is great, but not the Wii U" would ellaborate. Both are based on two screens, both are underpowered in comparison to the competition, both lack third-party support and rely on firs-party releases. So what's different?

That answer should be pretty obvious: the games library. So please don't go talking about the hardware. Hardware-wise, the Wii U offers more power whereas the 3DS offers portability. They both have tremendous pros as well as shortcomings. Don't make it seem like this is about anything other than Nintendo's slow catalogue of Wii U releases through this year, because that's precisely it. There isn't really an insurmountable hardware problem like some articles seem to suggest, and as of right now I wouldn't give up on the awesomeness that is double-screen gaming for anything.

Personally, I love my Wii U and my 3DS. I feel more comfortable with the former, because I enjoy playing on my flatscreen TV more than I enjoy looking at smaller 3DS screen. Just like the 3DS, the Wii U has tremendous potential if Nintendo plays it smart. It needs the kind of software overhaul the 3DS had to appeal to the masses, even though I personally can't complain about a lack of games right now (I'm finishing 3D World with Assassin's Creed IV and Monster Hunter waiting afterwards, so I don't think I'll lack stuff to play anytime soon). The big sales numbers in Japan these last few weeks are fantastic news, because it will mean more support from Japanese developers and more confidence on Nintendo's own part to keep improving the console's catalogue. It won't reach Wii sales, but the ball is really on Nintendo's court to make the Wii U a sizeable success for the next years.



CureDolly said:

WiiU failure? If were a race or a sporting event (as many people seem to think) maybe.

Since it's a business I don't think it will fail any more than GameCube failed.



Vee_Flames said:

Err... Wii U sold 74000 units in Japan last week, about 24000 more than the 3DS! The Wii U is a lovely console, and it is far from a failure. Give it time, folks!



Williaint said:

I won't agree Wii U is even near failing. It's following, almost exactly, the same path as the 3DS. At the beginning, people just thought it was a new DS with 3D... People still believe Wii U is a Wii with HD graphics and a tablet controller.
Sony and Microsoft have created an amazing media hype for their ABSOLUTE NEXT GEN consoles.

@rjejr Bayonnetta 2 is probably scheduled for mid-late summer (possibly to fill a gap between games), since this was a spring-direct, it makes sense to leave it out... I'm looking forward to WatchDogs, too... And there is no reason to just kill the Wii U version... it's a game that seems made for the G-pad.



Royalblues said:

All three systems are going to do well this console generation, leaving the industry just as healthy as it has been in the last 10 years.



Kmno said:

As much as I love Nintendo it is naive to think the Wii U is going the same path of the 3DS. It will not pick up like it, not saying it will be a complete failure but it will not get the same fate as the 3DS.



Socar said:

Atleast this guy has some good points into it. I myself have to get the Wii U to play the games for myself.



ledreppe said:

@Royalblues I've been saying that for months, but people say one system or the other is going to dominate, based off first week sales of PS4 & xbone. The weekly sales of those two systems nose dived in the second week.



V8_Ninja said:

This is probably the most level-headed analysis of Nintendo's current situation I've seen. Yeah, the Wii U isn't going to sell nearly what the PS4/Xbox One will (at least it appears that way right now), but calling this the death of Nintendo consoles/Nintendo itself is just stupid. Nintendo has got the 3DS, their Wii reserves, and a bunch of high-profile properties that still happen to produce really good games. Nintendo ain't going to be shutting its doors anytime soon.

Now, if Nintendo comes up in a distant third place this console cycle and yet again fails to challenge the competition from both a technical and sales perspective in the next cycle, then I see some major changes happening.



luckybreak said:

The wii u isn't a "bad" idea. Look at the ps4 and xbox one, games like assassins creed try to add a second screen experience, either through your tablet or ps vita, they obviously see at least some potential in the wii u tablet idea.

Maybe they should have had it interact with the 3DS instead of the game pad. I see their next console being a handheld/home console hybrid. Considering most things are going towards mobile.



MadAdam81 said:

Smartglass and Vita second screens wouldn't exist if not for gamepad - if it's so bad, why did Sony and MS rip it off?



aaronsullivan said:

@rjejr The next round of console and portable are going to be much more integrated if the combining of the hardware development teams into one building is any indication. My guess is that it will be all the same architecture so porting games between them a la Smash Bros. will be more like reformatting layouts and detail levels and clicking a different compile button than building each engine from scratch.

The timing is going to be weird though since 3DS came out so far ahead of Wii U...



aaronsullivan said:

The idea for Wii U is not bad, IMO, but we all have to admit that something went seriously wrong, right?



chiptoon said:

indeed. Success in business is not about competition. Its about sustainability first and profit second.

Plus, I don't think Wii U is a bad idea. I would rather play games on Wii U than on any other system. The marketing went wrong. And its unlikely to ever have the widespread appeal that analysts feel all products need. But numbers are not the measure of true success.



Megumi said:

The way I see it...3rd party developers are too scared/lazy to develop for the Wii U since its different. And Nintendo is just having trouble getting their own games out without delaying them all the time.



theBluntKnight said:

I think we can all agree that the WiiU hasn't been as successful as it could've been. There are many different reasons that have been speculated. I think it comes down to two things. It hasn't been marketed ideally, in a way continuing with the wii branding may have worked against it as initially people weren't sure if the WiiU was an addon or a peripheral as Nintendo focussed on the gamepad. Which is ironic given that as yet there hasn't been a mind blowing, major killer app that demonstrates what the gamepad can really do, something that makes it indispensable and makes people feel bad for doubting it's worth in the first place. I'm not saying it hasn't been used creatively, I'm saying there hasn't been a game that has used it to the extent that it redefines how we play games. There is still time as long as Nintendo continues to support the WiiU.

It looks like the direction Nintendo are heading is full convergence of handheld and console games. At best it could mean that the big N's next machine could replace the WiiU and 3DS in one fell swoop. Being able to leverage the dominance of the hand held market into the living room would seem to be the holy grail for Nintendo in a quest that began as early as the late nineties with the gameboy transfer pak for N64, and then into the GBA gamecube link. I don't think Nintendo merged their hardware divisions just for s***s and giggles. It would make sense for them to do it now, so early in the lifespan of the WiiU to allow them plenty of time to work thru the issues and plan something brilliant. And I think next gen would be a good time to drop the Wii branding, after Wii U it will have run it's course.



eaglebob345 said:

@Spakiness I doubt it. Even with this article that some people are saying has some "sense" is this trying to belittle Nintendo. They deem it a failure without even waiting for all three consoles to be out and about free from the launch hype. I would say that by next Christmas we will know for certain which console is a dud. I am casting my vote for the SPYbox One. I personally couldn't care less about specs and sales: I'll let the meat-heads play with their specs, pay their idiotic subscription fees, and have their FIFA's and CoD's. I'll take my X, my Mario Kart, and my Zelda and I will play them with free online features back by a MiiVerse full of true gamers.



ultimate321 said:

@kendorage dont forget that xbox actually voes for the casuak gamera, tbat is those whononly play cos , more generic shooters, racers and sports games. I love nintendo and think they have the beet exclusives but sonys the only one going for thr core gamers. Its a shame that in north america xbox is so popular.



ULTRA-64 said:

I love my Wii u , I think it will be just fine for power, innovation and future options of creativity. Off tv play in particular caught me off guard as being better than I hoped. I'll be curious to know figures for profits after year one on the 3 newbie consoles and judge them on that since non of the above pay bills, Sony lowered their rrp allot prior to launch and they've gotta be losing on hardware, throw in all the glitches on launch models of both and that will cost aswell. Companies need to make money to be a success, Nintendo do that, will the others????
Btw , my only Wii u playing options are very limited. I just broke my DVD /blu Ray player and I have a state of the art console yet find myself considering buying a ps3 just because my console lacks BASIC functionality. But that's me =)



xevious said:

I don't agree with the Wii U being a bad idea. Even tho it hasn't delivered a fraction of what it could do, the potential for completely new, innovative and fresh games is still there. In fact, I see more potential in the Wii U in terms of delivering innovative and fun software, than in the original Wii, which suffered from un-precise and tricky control scheme, that only Nintendo could handle.



Dave24 said:

"And the Wii U may even make sense as an alternate system for those who want to play Mario Kart in HD as a palate cleanser between rounds of Battlefield."
Haha, good one... They should say "plate cleanser between crashes in Battlefield" - now that would be closer to reality.
Still, Wii U had best games this year



Kolzig said:

I see in the somewhat near future Wii U going for 249€. That will be the day when the machines really start moving from shop shelves to homes.

I already have seen the amazing thing that in Finland where we have Europe's highest taxes, the prices have finally reached the standard set by Nintendo that is 299€ for all the sets, some shops still try to cheat and sell for 329€, but it's getting better.

Also now during Christmas I've seen some shops go for 279€ so the prices are really getting competitive considering the PS4 is priced 459-499€ here. Nintendo has the edge if they would just promote it more, the great games are coming as evidenced by the game of the year, Super Mario 3D World.

Also 3DS is so amazing, I'm more amazed with it every day. And the line up for next year is just blowing me away. If we can get the last Layton, Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, new Kirby, Yoshi's Island 3 during the first two quarters, the 3DS will dominate the market.



willsargent said:

This article typifies why people 'in the media' are working in the media and not designing and producing the most imaginative games on the planet. How dare this bozo acuse Ninendo of any kind of 'me to' hardware of software development - this company has both Sony and MS chasing their tails from top to bottom, outshining them on both fronts for many years. The 3DS XL is possibly the most exciting console I have ever owned (and I'm 43) and it's barely at the start of its lifecycle. So what if the Wi U is used as a trojan horse to keep brand nintendo gently in the mainstream while Sony and MS blow zillions securing exclusives for violent games aimed at spoilt 13 year-olds. I've never been interested in the Wii U, as I'm still working through a back catalogue of wii games (and DS!), but there's nothing wrong in a company having one world-leading product out of two is there?



Peach64 said:

Great article. This is how I've felt all along. I don't know how the Wii U will turn out, but all I keep saying is how bad it's doing now. It's nothing like the 3DS situation, as the Wii U is selling far, far worse. It's tracking behind the Gamecube and Dreamcast, so I think it's fair to say it's struggling without getting flamed. It doesn't matter how hard it flops though, Nintendo will keep going in the same direction. It's their biggest strength but at the same time their biggest weakness. They won't run out of money, but there is a risk they could end up like RIM and just be considered irrelevant like consumers.

People seriously need to get some perspective on sales figures from the last 15 years if they think the Wii U is doing the same as the 3DS, the PS3 or other slow starters. And they definitely need to check what record breaking sales figures are, because as well as the 3DS is doing right now, it's far from a record breaker. It's tracking behind not only the DS, but the PSP and GBA. I know people love the phrase 'printing money', but the 3DS is not THAT successful. It's pretty clear that smartphones are taking users away from handhelds, but people still get mad when they read that.



ninjalink said:

I totally agree, I see the wii u as it was 2yrs ago with the 3ds, a lack of great software equal less sales.The difference here though is we're talking about a home console with much bigger graphic power and grandeur game worlds than the 3ds. I loved the 3ds the first time I saw it at e3 I was blown away on how different it looked from the ds and the games they announced was must buys, then when it came out in march it was overshadowed by the release of the ipad2 and a lack of good games. Everyone was saying the system won't sell, its a failure and starting after that summer Mario 3d land,ocarina of time,star fox 64, Mario kart 7 and other games came out turned everything around. I loved my 3ds since it came out, its my favorite system of all time, 3d in my opinion is the best when it works well its super gorgeous, the second screen makes everything so simple to manage, I love the gyroscope when its done right,its other features brings creativity to its games, its fantastic and can't wait to see what else is coming for it in the horizon.

As for the wii u I see the same set up, they came in the hd era of their games and it took longer than they expected to release some great games,its deemed a failure and its not selling.I see the same turn happening with the Wii u after this summer. We already got some great hits after march like Lego city, Mario bros u and monster hunter, after the summer pikmin 3,wonderful 101,sonic lost world,wind waker, Mario 3d world, next Christmas Mario kart 8,hyrule warriors,donkey kong, smash bros. I'm sure the wii u "demise" will end in 2015 and will be one of the best selling consoles if they keep this up. I absolutely love my Wii u first time I saw it i was blown away, I have a ps3 and 360 and I love hd but i always wanted to experience the games that i grew up with in hd in other words Nintendo games. I like how the Wii was standard def and now that the Wii u is hd it gives off a fresh new look that hd did when the 360 and ps3 first came out, unfortunately i don't feel compelled to getting a ps4 or x1 cause the games look very alike from their previous consoles and doesn't feel as fresh, I am though interested in how MS is planning to use the kinect in games and the same thing for playstation and their AR tech.

Anyways i also love the features of the gamepad, everything i said about the 3ds features relates to the wii u as well, i think there is a lot of hidden potential with it, but so far its a great inventory, map, great to aim with, games look great on it, my favorite is when each screen has a different perspective, it feels like im playing a big ds The Wii was my favorite console of last gen and now the wii u is shaping up to be my favorite console of this new gen.Anyway no matter what happens I follow where ever my favorite series and genres of games go and most of them are on Nintendo or PlayStation platforms so I will buy wii u, 3ds and ps3 games and have a blast playing all of these fantastic games!!! Happy gaming and holidays everyone



eaglebob345 said:

@Peach64, if the PS3 can be pulled back from the brink of death, what's to say Nintendo can't do it? Also, what happened to the Vita, it doesn't even seem like Sony wants to care about it at all. Sony had a leg up over Nintendo, since PS1, and Microsoft, since PS2, but those leads were from PS1 and cds, PS2 and dvds, and PS3 with bluray. I am interested to see who will win out with just games, now. Microsoft had a lot of promise after stealing a large chunk of Sony's PS2 fanbase, but this generation they shot themselves in the foot multiple times. I think it will be Sony and Nintendo on top with Microsoft coming up the rear. Is it really that hard to have optimism for and faith in the most successful video game company in history?

Besides, if the Wii U is such a "bad idea", why are $ony and Micro$oft emphasizing that their machines have similar, but way less functional, features?



GuruOfGreatness said:

I know some have said that the Wii U will sell GameCube numbers (which to me, was a success, as they still sold around 25 million units, made a tidy little profit on it, and have some of the best games ever made on it), but I still personally see the Wii U selling between 30-40 million in it's lifetime. If it does, would this be considered a failure? If not, what figure justifies a failure? If PS3 sells 100 million in its lifetime, but PS4 only sells 75 million, is the PS4 considered a failure because it did not live up to its older brothers figures?

I just don't get all this console hatred. Can't we just all enjoy our consoles for what they are, and the games we have?

I have nothing against any console, but that still doesn't stop me from thinking the Wii U is the best, because it is the best for ME, not my neighbours, or my the people in the next village etc, but for me, and seeing as I'm the consumer with it, what I say or think when its my opinion counts. It does everything I want it to (except offer blu ray). I don't bad mouth the other consoles, so why must they bad mouth mine?

It's all about what you want, and what sort of lifestyle you have IMO. If you're a bachelor who doesn't care for colourful games or Nintendo franchise games, and you like horsepower and having the best in technology advancement, then you'd be stupid not to get a PS4.

If you have a family, and like motion sensor, voice control, and all the bells and whistles that technology offers to control your living room, but you also enjoy the more serious games and a HUGE online server too after your family have gone to bed, then you'd be stupid not to get an Xbox One.

If you like colourful, family friendly games that are designed for local play and not just online, games that when it comes to actual story and gameplay, may even be considered more original than its counterparts offerings, a free online service as opposed to £40 a year, and being able to play some of the biggest games of the year such as Call Of Duty, Assasins Creed, Batman etc, as WELL as the timeless Nintendo franchises all on one console, but yet due to a lack of horsepower, be prepared to sacrifice a select few games that might not make it (like Battlefield 4), then you'd be stupid not to get a Wii U.

There are 3 new choices out there, just pick what is best for you, enjoy the hell out of it, and don't bad mouth someone elses decision if it happens to be different to yours. We all have the same hobby at the end of the day..............GAMING!!!



eaglebob345 said:

@GuruOfGreatness It is just that Nintendo has the best overall package, yet because of failed business deals (EA) and self entitled third parties (Bethesda) Nintendo gets a lot of hate from uninformed, usually dudebro type, gamers and video game companies. Also, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Wii U lacking horsepower, think about it: Batman: Arkham Origins made it onto the Vita and the 3DS. Basically the same game, only, one looks better because it is in HD. Wii U is HD. It is clearly not as powerful as P$4/XB$X1, but it is a very capable system. Third parties are following EA into oblivion and they don't even know it yet.
These companies are just run by jerks. They will try to flame anyone, whether it is Nintendo or Sony. Every hater out there knows if the Wii U did not get abandoned by third parties and was a hit, like it was set to be, they would be tripping over each other to put their games on the Wii U.

Also, I have been saying this for years:



sadsack777 said:

sick of the haters do they not under stand ppl keeps saying sony xbox doing better. fine we know that. but lets see ,Nintendo is a true ( arcade video game consoles )that caters for all tastes think about it sony@xbox are realy new to the game Nintendo as been around for a long time and will be around when iam. gone and my kids will grow up to see Nintendo still there were it is ment to be don't for get Mario franchise as been around for a long time and is still well know in the world



GuruOfGreatness said:

@eaglebob345 I realise that the Wii U is a very capable system, and in some way, shape or form that I have no idea about because I don't really understand, follow nor care about horsepower/specs, it MAY even have some advantages over its competition, but, it is safe to realise that compared to its competitors, on paper at the very least, that it is the weakest one. Certainly doesn't make it the worst though. All I was getting at in the differences between the 3, is that there are people out there who do care about the most horsepower and best specs, I'm just not one of them. I don't care about having the latest phones and stuff like that. I was offered an iPhone 4, or an iPhone 4S for £17 extra coz it had a faster processor. I barely even know what that means, let alone am I prepared to pay extra for something like that. Some people will though, and some will notice the difference. Again, I'm not one of them lol.



Fazermint said:

Failure is not synonymous with not being #1. As long as the console generates a positive income and there are enough games for the those who do like the console, it is no failure. Were N64 and Gamecube failures? Nah. Neither will Wii U be.

Too bad the media spews unprofessional and uninformed opinions.



MikeLove said:


Both those consoles were 'failures' in the sense that for many consumers those were either the last Nintendo home consoles they purchased (due to them missing out on major 3rd party titles) or they were skipped entirely (as sales prove) because they lacked major features that attracted gamers at that time (CD/DVD).



Fazermint said:

@FutureAlphaMale You may say "in the sense that", but you can't change the definition of failure on a whim to make it suit your arguments. This is not really directed at you, but at people in general. You have a valid point, and I'm not out to disprove it, but I think the "failure" of N64 and GC had little impact on the reception of the Wii.



Andander said:

I am absolutely convinced that the Wii U within a year will be a console that everyone wants. The games are there already and more quality experiences coming. Do all the bad publicity for the Wii U, it will end up as winners. Their quality and gameplay will pay off in the end. In a world where profits in the short term is more important than quality, Nintendo has understood better. The game is ready when it's ready attitude, I appreciate it.



Kingface said:

Great article. Somebody who actually gets it, although I would give the Wii U just a teeny bit of a bigger chance of doing a bit better overtime sales-wise than most expect, but we'll see.



timp29 said:

I can't say I've been wow'ed by the tablet controller. I think they should package the Wii U pro controller with the console and sell the tablet controller as a peripheral.

Possibly knock another $50 off the console and increase its market penetration. However, I'm pretty sure Nintendo is just biding it's time thinking 'when SSB and MK8 arrive... Wii U will print money'



Dogpigfish said:

The Wii U negativity is pure propaganda created by the twins. The Wii U is a huge success and is not in any shape or form a failed illusion. This is no longer a cheap console like Wii, which is why it isn't selling as much. The problem is rising taxes and family budgets. You can't deny the charm of a Nintendo console and people will buy this thing. Dumb, misleading articles are what get clicks. I've played all three new consoles and the Wii U remains more accessible. Making a console that's easier to develop and blow ram on is not the future; quality always counts. I'm still unhappy that the twins rehashed their old consoles and didn't shake anything up; more of the same boring stuff. A missed opportunity. We'll see if oculis rift and steam box can join Nintendo, while the two boring systems fade away.



rjejr said:

@ricklongo - ""the 3DS is great, but not the Wii U""

For me it's always been about the competition. The 3DS has the poorly selling Vita and nothing from MS. The Wii U has Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, X1 and PS4. We live in a world of comparisons, the 3DS trounces the competition, the Wii U not so much



rjejr said:

@aaronsullivan - "The timing is going to be weird though since 3DS came out so far ahead of Wii U..."

I'm not too worried. The Vita came out 2 years before PS4 but Sony is marketing the Vita as a remote PS4 player.

A few month sago I posted that the 3DS was in need of an update. Nobody else thought so, it just came out. Then BOOM, 2DS. Nintendo is really slow w/ their home console updates - Wii hardly budged for 5 years while Xbox360 and PS3 kept morphing. Handhelds are much different though.
DS phat, DS lite, DSi, DS XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS. I'm guessing by next Christmas - or spring 2015 - we have a 3DS XL w/ a 2nd thumbstick. And that one should have whatever chip is syncing the Gamepad lag free to the Wii U. Christmas 2015 the DS U. A standalone tablet that plays 3DS games and doubles as a Gamepad.

Consider this - where is the 2nd Gamepad play for the Wii U? Why sell a $100 Gamepad separately when you can add Wii U support to the 2DS? The 2DS really should have had HDMI out - who is taking that big ugly thing out of their house? And it doens't do 3D anyway so it might as help hook up to the tv.

"combining of the hardware development teams into one building "

I didn't know about that. They really need to do something to get 3DS owners to buy a Wii U. SSB on the 3DS is not helping sell Wii Us.



rbmoura85 said:

We havent seen anything yet ...Nintendo is doing a lot oficial things that they arent showing us...wheres miyamoto first person game? Wheres starfox, metroid , the next true 3d mario , sucessor to galaxy ? People are just getting ahead with their conclusions ...they might be right , but it is too soon to tell



rjejr said:

@Williaint - "And there is no reason to just kill the Wii U version... it's a game that seems made for the G-pad."

I know, it seems that way, but have you ever seen the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs making really good use of the Gamepad like it should? It worries me that a game that takes place on a mans phone wasn't showcased as having that screen on the Gamepad. The 4 or 5 extra months should let them make it really impressive, but since X1 and PS4 combined have already outsold the Wii U, well if I were a developer I might not even bother w/ the Wii U version as 90% of the audience for that game will own either a PS4 or X1, or PS3 or Xbox360. Wii U will make up a very small portion of that games sales.

And if they gimp the multiplayer experience - which seems like a major part of that game - single player mixing w/ constant online multiplayer - well Nintendo doesn't play well online. Can you imagine this happening on a Nintendo console?

Check out the list of platforms at the 1:30 mark - everything EXCEPT Wii U. Coincidence?



Kiokothepirate said:

I really like my Wii U, I find its hardware capabilities perfectly acceptable and while I was sort of turned off by the tablet controller at first, I have grown to appreciate it. It's not my favorite controller by any means, but it works. My only complaint about the Wii U is the same complaint a lot of people have, there's just a poor selection of games out there. I'd be playing the system a lot more if there were more games that interested me. If Nintendo could somehow find a way to pull third party companies back in I think the Wii U could live out its life with a reasonable amount of success.

Of course, given the Wii U's sub par performance thus far, I wonder what Nintendo's next home console will be like? I'm sure they will once again try to design something that challenges the status quo of gaming, which is something I welcome, but to be honest I would love it if Nintendo released something that blew Sony and Microsoft out of the water as far as hardware capability is concerned.



rjejr said:

@rbmoura85 - "the next true 3d mario , sucessor to galaxy"

I'm pretty sure it's SM3DW. It was made by the same people. If they do make Galaxy 3 it will take at least another 2 years, those games don't happen overnight.

And why would they make a single player game If SM3DW sells well and gets all the accolades? Nintendo makes money selling Wiimotes and other controllers also. Maybe SM3DW2 will need a 2nd $100 Gamepad. Nintendo thrives on multiplayer experiences, I think you have a long wait - if ever - before SMG3. I'ld personally really like 1, but I'm not waiting for one.



Fillytase said:

I agree with those saying the Wii U isn't a "failure"--nor is it a "bad idea," imo. I really, really enjoy the console and love having reasons to turn it on... still need more of them, though. 2014 seems like it will be better, maybe. The Wii U isn't doing poorly because it was a "bad idea"--its name is an exercise in brand confusion, they have marketed it poorly, and they've continued to focus so heavily on the 3DS that it is just now, a year into its life, escaping from a games drought.



james_squared said:

Regardless of the sales for the Wii U, it is important to remember that the technologies and innovations developed by producing the Wii U and its related software titles may provide benefit to Nintendo in the future.



eaglebob345 said:

@GuruOfGreatness I wasn't saying that you were talking about the specs of the console as if you knew about them, I don't either. I was just saying that everything is scalable, which was reinforced by Capcom with RE5, and that people buy into that Nintendo hate, when Nintendo is the only one of those companies that is not trying to thoroughly screw their customers, yet they receive a lot of hate. I am surprised that the meatheads, dudebros, and mainstream gaming media have let Microsoft and the DRM blow over, as well as Sony's hidden DRM that they allow third parties, but, then again, they are trying to find any excuse to doom NIntendo again.



eaglebob345 said:

@Mary_Yati Hopefully Nintendo learned to never trust those back stabbing idiots again. I was looking forward to Bioshock Infinite and would have loved a Mass Effect Trilogy. The third parties know they screwed up, which is evident in the fact that they are trying to doom NIntendo for the fall of the Wii U, when they were equally at fault. I want to know what their excuses will be to keep bringing games to PS4 and XB1 even though their install bases are also tiny, and why when they do make cross-generation multiplatform games they still skip the Wii U. I would think that these turd parties were tired of shoving their own feet in their mouths by now, but I guess not.



GuruOfGreatness said:

Well, I agree with what you are saying, in your defense of Nintendo as a company (and trust me, I agree 100%, as I do genuinely feel that Nintendo are the only company out there that aren't JUST in it for the money, and genuinely love what they do) and in what you say about Sony and Microsoft, I just don't like to be as outspoken as some people on the subject, maybe even like yourself (and I really don't mean that as an insult). I just like to see the positives in the things I enjoy, and though I will pick Nintendo and their hardware and software over the other two any day of the week, I'm not in a position to give major attacks or opinions on them, because I still enjoy their product (not that I own a PS4 or Xbox One yet, and I sold my 360 and PS3), just not in the same capacity as I do Nintendos, not even close.



Unit_DTH said:

@Gerbwmu I think off-TV play is a huge thing. I haven't touched my PS4 in about 2 weeks because I don't want to have to sit in a room away from my family being completely anti-social, I asked for a Vita for Christmas… so maybe I will play it with the 2nd screen option. With the gamepad I can play games and take breaks in the midst of my family as they are doing other things and I can still interact with them while playing my games. The gamepad is brilliant, if for no other reason than it makes the beautiful games that a home console delivers, portable - to a degree.



rmeyer said:

I actually think the Wii U will dominate the market. I think it needs a price cut but families are more interested in Nintendo than Sony or Microsoft. Sony survives on 3rd party games and Microsoft completely blew it with the one. They aren't doing as well as the Wii U did at launch and I don't see why people think the other consoles won't suffer the same slowdown fate. Can Destiny and elder scrolls keep people interested in 2014? Even when they come out late in the year.



eaglebob345 said:

@GuruOfGreatness It's actually a few things that changed my outlook on the gaming industry. I used to be just as hyped for Sony's offering as I am for Nintendo's, but they became greedy for money just like Microsoft. The $600 starting price of the PS3 pushed me away from buying one, even though I loved the PS2. I do, however, plan on picking up a PS3 within the next year. The overpricing of Vita memory cards and non backwards compatibility with the disc based games pushed me away from buying one, as I was looking forward to playing birth by sleep on it. Last, but not least, the PS4 pushed me away with mandatory subscription fees and their push towards boring played out FPS games like Microsoft.

I have a rather large bugdet for video games, getting 2-3 games per year, but I don't see any justification for me to buy a system made too expensive because of accessories (Vita, PS4, XB 1), Initial Price Tag (PS3), or with mandatory subscription fees for online play (PS4, Xbox 360, XBox 1) and not have any money left to play games. I wish that circumstances with the other two were different, I would gladly get a PS4 without all that added garbage that they want to charge extra for, but Wii U is all I will need this gen along with my 3DS, I won't miss sports games or FPS games as I don't play either type.



bobbypaycheque said:

Wii U will do fine. Once the software is there people will buy it. Will it do huge numbers? Probably not, but Nintendo will still profit off of it in the end.



Rect_Pola said:

Let's see, Wii U fizzled at launch (the name did not help) and the value of their year long head start is sound to the critics, it's on shaky ground against a market sodden with the shiny and new (and do bear in mind how some of that critical appeal is due to the competition not really impressing)

I wouldn't decry the pad as me-too-ism, but I will accuse them of not having a solid idea of what do with it.

The Wii U is not going to die anytime soon, but the question is whether or not it'll meander through, or gradually build a powerful brand.



Nintend0ro said:

I wish Nintendo were more serious about hardware like the other two are. So far my Wii U is being used when the other two can't be. I just hope Ninty went the powerhouse way instead of second screen. With a one year head start they would have blown MS and Sony away sales wise. Everybody knows that powerful systems get their attention these days ( I mean look how well are PS4 and XO selling). Anyway, no matter what will happen to Wii U, I hope Nintendo will learn from their mistakes and sooner or later will release a monster system that will attract third parties and sell like hotcakes.



ricklongo said:

@Peach64 "People seriously need to get some perspective on sales figures from the last 15 years if they think the Wii U is doing the same as the 3DS, the PS3 or other slow starters."

Just saw this article:

Granted, it talks about the Japanese market specifically. But it is further proof that there isn't an "unsurmountable hardware problem" to overcome, and the console certainly isn't "doomed to failure". If the Wii U keeps its pace, it will perform admirably in its homeland, which should be an indication that yes, the same could happen in the West if Nintendo plays its cards right.



GuruOfGreatness said:

@eaglebob345 I get that. As a matter of fact, I pre ordered a PS4 back in June, but, as time went on, and (me not being high on specs and all that stuff too didn't help), and all I kept learning about the PS4 was that it just sounded like a roided up PS3, with very few games I actually wanted, I began to wonder. Then I realised I wasn't actually excited like I should be. I was more excited about all the upcoming Wii U games. Then I realised that the only games that would interest me on the PS4 were Killzone 4 and, to a lesser extent Battlefield 4. So what do I do with a £350 console when I'm done with the one or two games I would be interested in are completed? Nothing. I'm left with a very expensive blu ray player. Then the real straw that broke the camels back for me was when I learned that I would have to pay the stupid online subscription fee yearly. So, I went down to my local GAME in October and cancelled the entire pre order, much to their disbelief and disgust. My reasoning? Because everything , from Mario and Zelda, to Call Of Duty and Assasins Creed is right here on the Wii U for me. My Mother and Brother then even offered to get me a PS4 for Christmas a couple of weeks ago, which I nearly gave in to, but again, realised, that whomever it is that pays for it, a PS4 or Xbox One would just be wasted on me right now. Maybe not in a year or two, but for now, it truly would just be my unused console if I owned one.



electrolite77 said:

Good article. The controller is a silly idea, trying to be innovative for the sake of it and not really justifying itself. Meanwhile the Wii U has a struggle on it's hands. But going third party makes absolutely no sense for Nintendo. It would require a huge change to the company for dubious gain considering what they would lose in licensing fees, hardware sales and accessory sales. Anyone who recommends Nintendo go third party isn't thinking about it enough



joeb1kenobi said:

WiiU will be just fine. Nintendo will continue to build the WiiU library and in mid-late 2014 they will announce the GamePad plus tablet (specs/release date TBD). It will be a fully functional gamepad that will work at home or on the go. People will be skeptical that nintendo is "stepping on the toes of the 3DS" but nintendo will remind us that it is normal in modern society for people to carry more than 1 portable device and we should just be happy that we can play SM3DW, MarioKart 8, SSB, etc on the subway, bus, road trip, lunch break and so on....then i woke up and remembered i had to go to work. Awesome dream though!



JaxonH said:

Ok, but here's where you're wrong. Since when has Nintendo consoles ever been a mainstay for 3rd party support? Unless you're living in some alternate dimension, cause the fact is Nintendo consoles have been primarily 1st party (with a few exceptions) since the pass of the 16-bit era. If you want 3rd parties, buy a 3rd party machine (PS or Xbox). That's all they specialize in. You buy a Wii U for exclusives, and Wii U is bringing them in spades (but just for the record, even the 3rd party argument is bunk- Wii U has received more AAA multiplats in its first year than the N64, Gamecube, or Wii received their entire lifespans, we're talkin the most core 3rd party support any Nintendo console has ever received since the 16-bit era, and all within just one year, even DESPITE the drought!)

Another thing, you're wrong about drip feeding software. WAY off the mark. Have you been out of the loop for the last 6 months, hiding under a rock or something? Wii U had more top-notch releases (not total releases in general, but the number of amazing must-have games that have launched) since August than all other consoles COMBINED. Easily. It's almost as if you're stating your case based on information from last February. Things have changed. Wii U now has one of the most compelling year one libraries I've ever seen, with numerous games,(great games, mind you) still coming.

Despite the Wii U not selling well, it's actually a fantastic console, with even more fantastic games. I know the media and the internet has been drilling "Wii U sucks, Wii U has no games" into everyone's heads for months on end, but it's time for people to take a second look, because that information is no longer valid.



TheRealThanos said:

Strange things, some of you are saying, hmmm?
To correct a few mistakes and errors in judgment:
The GamePad is NOT a tablet. For it to be a tablet it needs to be able to operate on its own WITHOUT the Wii U switched on, which it can not because it doesn't have that kind of processor and it is only meant for sending and receiving signals and streaming content. Also, it has a resistive touch screen as opposed to the capacitive touch screen most commonly found in tablets. That and the stylus should actually give you a clear picture of what the GamePad (and effectively the entire Wii U) actually is: it is both an evolution of the original Wii and a convergence/synergy of the Wii and the DS, hence the EXACT same touch screen (albeit in 480p) and stylus controls with tactile controls to make it a full blown controller with DS capabilities, NOT a copy of a tablet. The Wii U is a giant, detached DS. It is NOT inspired by or based upon the iPad. They'd wish...
People really need to stop saying 'tablet controller' because it's both pathetic and getting real old, real fast.
And it's a great example of being influenced by media, because lot's of non-gaming/non-Nintendo sites keep using that label too...
Nintendo being third: Nintendo isn't third and never will be, because they aren't IN the console race, because they don't care. They care about making their own plans, plotting their own course regardless of what the other two make of it. So they do not need to compete or challenge the other two. Nintendo does what Nintendo will, like it or leave it.
Using the 3DS as a controller: No, no, no. And going back from a nice crisp, reasonably large screen to a handheld? I mean I love my 3DS XL, but besides the much lower resolution all but destroying off TV play for anything but eShop/Virtual console titles there's also the problem with not everybody having a handheld, which is EXACTLY the same problem the Xbox One and PS4 will run into, although I'm willing to bet a month's pay that between the two of them, Microsoft will win the second screen contest (if it ever becomes one) because almost everybody has a smart phone or a tablet, so SmartGlass is a way better option than PS4/Vita. And a LOT cheaper too...
Brings me to the other point of people continuously making the crazy and irritating statement that Nintendo should (have) ditch(ed) the GamePad, with some of you also stating that they should do that in favor of a more powerful console. That's a big NO again. Why? Nintendo made the hardware like that on purpose and they know EXACTLY what they want to do with it, and to that end it is made powerful enough (and decent third party efforts like Need for Speed Most Wanted show that off perfectly fine) and if you forget about the (for Nintendo) non-existent battle of the consoles for one moment, you might even appreciate that it's vastly superior to the original Wii, so for Nintendo this IS a huge leap and DEFINITELY next gen, another thing some of you don't seem to be able to get right.
Taking away the GamePad and making it optional, will completely nullify what makes the console but also Nintendo's plans unique, because the GamePad is integral to defining the uniqueness of the console, and do not let recent weak efforts of making practically no use of the thing make you think otherwise, it'll pick up speed in the end. And if they ditched it then they would be in even worse trouble because being less powerful in that scenario would create the situation of there being next to no reason to buy one at all. (save for the die-hards)
If it's just you not liking the GamePad, well just say so, but please don't confuse your opinion with an actual fact because it's not. Just say that you think it is useless, stupid, not good or whatever you think of it, not that it IS.
And buy one of the other consoles instead if it really is that big of an issue to you...
Brings me to the Wii U failing and/or the N64/GameCube failing. If the Wii U is going to 'fail' like the GameCube did, then it will make Nintendo a VERY healthy profit and making money translates to success in my book any day of the week. 'But they didn't sell more than Microsoft or Sony, so they lost, right?' No, doofus, they aren't IN the race, remember? That's just the media talking and wanting to push them into that box so they can be more easily defined by what a 'console competitor' should be, but Nintendo does not and will not comply to that, for all intents and purposes, Western (il)logic.
Granted, they seem to have real troubles getting the Wii U message out, but if they can keep up the recent sales improvements, they might still get it right.
Because of the hardware being so old/weak the third parties are ignoring the Wii U. (this one both makes me laugh the hardest but also saddens me to no end if you truly do believe that) I'm definitely not Reggie's biggest fan, but the man does have a point in saying that software drives sales. The REAL reason that third parties are leaving/staying away is MONEY, plain and simple. Because of the low installed base they cannot make enough money with bringing their AAA titles to the Wii U, just look at recent sales of big titles, it is truly awful. If Wii U starts selling and starts to have a bigger impact on market penetration, then the third parties will be tripping over each other to be the first to publish their tired and endless series of sports games and shooters for Nintendo's 'wonderful' console, because that is EXACTLY what they will be calling it, sucking up to Nintendo and finally making good on promises broken so blatantly earlier in the Wii U's life. (looking at you, EA)
Hell, even if it was only twice as powerful as the Wii, but was selling like hotcakes, they would definitely bring their titles to it. Which is exactly what happened to the Wii, and it wasn't just EA. The Call of Duty series may not have looked all that good on Wii, but practically all games were on it, and as most of us know there were alternate versions of EA's sports and racing games.

In closing, the Wii U is a great console, the GamePad is a great and integral part of the (modest) success that I definitely believe is still to come, once Nintendo gets its marketing campaign in the right direction.
The other two WILL experience a sales dip pretty soon, and power is NOT the main focus. It is like going for a girl only for the looks, to find out later on that she's dumb as a donkey's behind and you will very soon be bored with her. The new HD twins are now the must have items because they are advertised as such by mass media and the companies themselves, and of course because they have more games (would that by any chance mean that software actually does sell hardware? Oh, the shocks... )
And rest assured that Nintendo will come up with something totally strange and quirky again next time. Both for their next home console and the next handheld. And around the time that this will take place, you can also be sure that once again people (or rather: idiots) will rush to be the first to cry out 'Nintendo is definitely doomed this generation'... >sigh<...

/end of rant

Sorry to all believers of TL; DR (or rather to the people who were actually nice enough to read the whole thing) but I just had to get that of my chest...



JaxonH said:

Actually the gamepad is the best thing since sliced bread as far as I'm concerned. What's NOT to like about it? It adds to the experience. Certainly doesn't take anything away, but it almost always has something extra it can bring to the table. I don't see how that, in any way, shape or form, is a bad idea.

Contrary to popular belief, Nintendo did not just add a second screen on a whim, or just to be different. No, the gamepad was a carefully calculated move that's been in the works for 3 decades. It was just a matter of time.

Nintendo's first handheld was dual screen- the Game & Watch series of handhelds. That's where the dual screen experience was born.

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations of the time, we wouldn't see the return of 2 screens working in tandem until the 6th generation, when Nintendo added GBA connectivity to the Gamecube, allowing games like Zelda: Four Swords Adventures to be played with a "gamepad" of sorts, albeit in a more primative form. But the spirit of what they were trying to accomplish was the same as that of the Wii U. Same experience.

Nintendo would then propel dual screen mechanics into the limelight with the launch of the Nintendo DS (Dual Screen), which would go on to sell over 150 million units, a truly staggering number. The handheld's success validated the demand for such an experience, and served as a giant sandbox for developers to experiment in and see what new kinds of games they could create.

Dual screen gaming was then solidified with the launch of Nintendo 3DS, proving once and for all that the concept of two screens was here to stay. Fortunately for Nintendo, technology had advanced quite a bit since the Gamecube era, and what was once a limited niche experience could now become a reality for home consoles. Streaming technology had reached a point at which Nintendo could develop a wireless second screen controller, virtually lag free....the Gamepad. Thus, the Wii U was finally born.

So as you can see, this console's premise was not designed on some fleeting desire to conform, on the contrary, this console was 30 years in the making.



TheRealThanos said:

@JaxonH FINALLY, a truth seer. I salute you.
And to think that it really isn't THAT hard. Nintendo almost always brings part of their previous technology back in some form or other in a new console/handheld. If you backtrack all of them it is quite easy to find out for yourself.
Man, between you and me it's like we each wrote part of a two chapter school essay, because what we said in our respective comments complements the others' quite nicely. Reading it all is going to be a real chore to some...



JaxonH said:

I'm drowning in Wii U games. Haven't even opened about 12 of them, still wrapped in cellphane on my shelf. Here's a list of some of the games I have that you might be interested in:

New Super Mario Bros U (platforming bliss, 'nuff said)
Nintendoland (Metroid, Zelda, Pikmin and Donkey Kong games are money)
New Super Luigi U (more challenging than NSMBU, recommended for experienced platforming gamers only)
Wii Sports Club (online play is underrated, definitely worth a purchase)
Zelda: The Windwaker HD (a true classic, all Wii U owners should have this game)
Pikmin 3 (+ DLC, which is fantastic btw!)
The Wonderful 101 (a truly addictive, challenging gem of a game, 2nd half is exponentially better than 1st half of game)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (best video game ever made)
Super Mario 3D World (as good as MH3U, tied for best game)
Lego City Undercover (excellent humor adults will catch on to)
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (seriously good game, extremely technical combat like W101 has)
Sonic Lost World (controls have slight learning curve, once mastered the game is really fun)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution (fantastic with gamepad)
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (playable with Wiimote/Nunchuk as well)
Call of Duty: Ghosts (playable with Wiimote/Nunchuk as well)
Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (rivals Mario Kart, really great game)
Need For Speed: Most Wanted U (I don't even like realistic racing games, and I like this one)
Darksiders 2 (really excellent game, and excellent gamepad use)
Mass Effect 3 (20 min comic fills you in on events of first two games, lets player make choices)
Injustice: Gods Among Us (great story mode)
ZombiU (a worthy game for the current price, much better than given credit for)
Splinter Cell Blacklist (really amazing with gamepad)
Rayman Legends (definitely buy this game, superb with gamepad)
Assassin's Creed 3 (a fun game, and interesting time in American history, Tyranny of George Washington DLC on eShop)
Assassin's Creed 4 (much better than expected, a definite buy)
Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition (a must-buy for any Wii U owner)
Batman Arkham City: Origins (better than expected, definitely a great game)
Resident Evil: Revelations HD (preferred on 3DS, but either way it's a great game)

eShop Games

Super Mario World
Mega Man
Mega Man2
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 4
Mega Man X
Super Metroid
Super Mario Bros
NES Remix
The Cave



JaxonH said:

Ya I read yours immediately after posting, and thought "wow, anyone who reads both those posts is definitely going to have some food for thought lol"
It's the 1-2 combo of reality and truth!



TheRealThanos said:

@JaxonH That or a brain freeze, lol. Better get ready for the tl;dr's...
Far be it from me to pretend to have a crystal ball, but most of it is indeed backtracking and using simple logic trying not to let the media and/or masses influence you to see what actually makes the most sense.
Fact is (obviously) separate from opinion, so if you REALLY are objective, anyone should come to pretty much the same conclusion, regardless of what he or she thinks about it personally.



QuickSilver88 said:


I have really been thining the same thing....handheld/console convergence is the future and a future Nintendo could dominate. Vita was supposed to have hdmi out and then whiffed on it and now is tryin Vita TV....the key is one device design. I though a slimmed down gamepad sized handheld and then an vita tv sized box U keep connect to your hdmi and usb devices. Come in range and the portable links with the box and streams content to your hdtv....who wouldn't want that?



QuickSilver88 said:

I like a lot of this article and see it as more reasonable than a lot of analysts. Were I disagree is with Nintendo just copying to do something new and the design as a failure. Are we really ready to give up on two screen gaming so quickly? After barely a year and no great software examples are we calling it bunk? I hope not because I actually like dual screen gaming and I and others have put forth many great game ideas so eventually devs will make them. So the question is will we have dual screen gaming in the future as a norm....if so then WiiU will be seen as a pioneer despite its sales performance.



eaglebob345 said:

@JaxonH @TheRealThanos You guys are channeling some great insight and thought. I took a different money and game centric look on the systems up above you guys, if you want to check it out. I'm still trying to figure out why so many third party companies are acting the way they are. I thought they would want everyone to experience their games, no matter what system they own. Some of them are set to burn a large chunk of their fans, even more than they already have, doing what their doing. (talking about Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision, Capcom, etc.) I wish we could go back to the days when games were about fun not graphics.
Also, I was actually surprised at how many people on a variety of different sites, like MyNintendoNews, don't know or care about the truth with Nintendo and the Gamecube. I told them many times about the profit Nintendo made from that "failure", but all anyone seems to care about anymore are graphics and sales comparisons.



TheRealThanos said:

@eaglebob345 Thanx, you had some good points too, but in the end all we can do is share views, Nintendo will just go it's own way no matter what.
As for the third parties: it IS a money thing, profit is key first and foremost. I've been operating in business 2 business IT related sales and marketing for 15 years now and that is one thing that I experience first hand every day, and I can relate that to this too, because it doesn't matter what business you're in, they all have to use sales and marketing in some way. There could be some additional reasons of course, but there are no spooky ulterior motives, it's just business, but then again, what American doesn't like a good conspiracy theory?
And as far as the GameCube is concerned: I wish they would transfer 0,5 percent of the profit of that 'failure' to my bank account. Would make a great saving for a rainy day...

And as for making a point on web sites concerning the actual truth: try explaining to ignorant/stubborn people and kids that are too young to actually know why Nintendo isn't going to 'do a Sega' and why that situation was entirely different. That's a lost cause before you even start to try. The Wii U/Sega Dreamcast comparison does seem to be somewhat of a 'fan' favorite, though...
I even linked to the official G4TV documentary about the history and downfall of the Sega Dreamcast as a reference in a comment once. A documentary that consists of interviews with industry insiders AND former members of staff from Sega at that moment in time! And still people were trying to convince me otherwise. Sometimes the internet truly is a cesspool of idiots and useless characters. People that in real life have no voice or life to speak of and use the comment sections of websites to mouth off their biased idiocies where in real life they wouldn't even dare to begin with... (YouTube comes to mind)
Oops.... started ranting again, but you'll probably get my point, so...



eaglebob345 said:

@TheRealThanos I get what you're saying. It's funny you mentioned youtube because I just went through the comments on Gamespot's GOTY video. Those are some biased comments for a perfect example. I'll never understand why those people believe that their opinions are all matter. It makes me wonder if they know how childish they sound.



TheRealThanos said:

@eaglebob345 Exactly. I really do love YouTube and how it is sometimes able to take over my evening with some unexpected and cool videos, but there are times when I somehow get persuaded to browse through the comments underneath them and besides enormous amounts of illiteracy I see death threats, racism, plain ignorance and idiocy. People that, like I said would never do so in real life, or on second thought may be the same kind of people walking into a school campus with a semi-automatic rifle. Yeah, you gotta love the 21st century...



rbmoura85 said:

@rjerj its not is a very generic game that das a lot in comom with lhe "new" series doesnt have the level of investment found in galaxy , i have been playing galaxy recently and the diference is huge ... 3d world is just another "new super mario " in 3d



TheRealThanos said:

@rbmoura85 The guys' call sign is @rjejr not @rjerj, so he didn't get your message. And you're wrong. Super Mario 3D World has much more in common with Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine than with the limited 2D platformer Mario's. There are literally lots of levels and references that pay tribute to those games incorporated into 3D World. (the slides, the water level pictured at the top of this article, the flipping panel sections etc. etc.)
Have some video comparisons:
Did you even play the game?
Super Mario Galaxy is an entirely different series that went off the beaten path, and should therefore NOT be used as a comparison.
Super Mario 3D World is a great and true full-on 3D Mario game and I really don't get where all the hate is coming from, just because it has some of the same visual styles as the 3DS game.



electrolite77 said:


I really hope it wasn't thirty years in the making, because that would mean Nintendo have spent that time building up to a console they don't know how to use. Off TV Play is great, an absolute marvel, but beyond that there's very little justification for the Gamepad.

If this was a long term vision the GC-GBA link up wouldn't have withered on the vine of pointlessness and consumer indifference. The Wii U would have been out the door with a Wii Sports-style showcase for what it could do rather than what we've had so far I.e. ZombiU, a couple of multiplayer games and some neat extras in Lego City and Deus Ex that the games could have survived without. If Nintendo have spent thirty years building up to the Wii U I'm very worried that they're running out of ideas.

The way I see it is Nintendo are deliberately trying to differentiate their machines from the competition by leveraging existing technology. Sometimes it will work in terms of encouraging new ideas and catch fire with the mass market e.g. dual screens and especially the Touchscreen on DS, the Wiimote. Other times it won't e.g. Wii U or the 3D effect on 3DS (I'd argue it's sold because of its games library rather than 3D) at which point the self-proclaimed 'innovators' just look like they've unsuccessfully tried to jump on a moving bandwagon.

Thankfully with the 3DS, it's original USP doesn't add so much to the price that it becomes prohibitive and they were able to shift the emphasis onto the games (and release a 2D version) in time to make it a success but Nintendo would have been as well selling a separate Off TV Play module for Wii U and lowered the consoles price.

It isn't a criticism of Nintendo,. When you take gambles rather than following the crowd, some you win some you lose. As long as their standard of games remains high, they can ride the wave whether they find themselves on the crest or not.



TheRealThanos said:

@electrolite77 Following a crowd makes someone a loser or a person unable to think for himself by definition, unless you're following a crowd running away from danger, just about the only exception...
There's some broader reading possible in JaxonH's comments (intentional or not) as well as in Nintendo's motives and he does have a point. As I wrote in my comments: Nintendo nearly always lets some part of their previous technology or ideas return in the next console. Sometimes it's parts that weren't even used in the original hardware (the GameCube had a 3D chip) and sometimes it is indeed a concept that is laid to rest for some years and then picked up again, and so is the whole dual screen concept, so he does have a point there.
They are indeed innovators because they don't just go like 'hey, let's triple the amount of power and graphics'. They also try to look at new ways of gaming, and aren't afraid to fail when doing so, because in that aspect you are correct: if you gamble you can both win or lose.
And that is why Nintendo is the only surviving video game manufacturer that is truly unique. Sega was the other one, but they had crappy management that did their hardware department in.
But consider this: they must be on to something most of the time, because the only true failure as of yet in all these years has been the Virtual Boy. It's way too soon to condemn the Wii U to the same fate as well...



LittleIrves said:

My only question about this article: How is the Wii U a "me-too" console? The GamePad is not an attempt by Nintendo at tapping into the tablet market. It's an extension of ideas they've been toying with for over a decade, long before the iPad existed. So it bugs me when people say it's just some tablet wannabe.

Also: I think the controller is warranted if for nothing else than Miiverse. The ability to draw and interact directly with other players has been more enjoyable than I'd ever expected. You couldn't do that with a standard controller (unless you wanted to type using a buttons and draw using a joystick).



JaxonH said:

Ok, I'll respond to your points in the order you laid them out.

First, the Wii U's dual screen concept is tried and true, proven as a valuable asset through multiple iterations of past and current hardware, so there is no need for the Wii U to "justify" it's gamepad. It was justified before the console ever launched.

If one ever wants to see the potential of 2 screens, they need look no further than the DS library, the 3DS library, the GBA/GC compatible games, and to a small extent thus far, the Wii U library itself. Games like Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Fire Emblem Awakening, Pikmin 3, Fractured Soul, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, ZombiU, Zelda Four Swords, Zelda Windwaker HD, Zelda Link Between Worlds, SMT 4, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on. So we need not debate the value of a second screen. That's been established.

As for the GBA/GC connectivity "withering on the vine to pointlessless", that's simply not true. Given the install base of the Gamecube, of which only so many gamers ALSO owned a GBA, there was a very small pool of gamers able to utilize the connectivity. And there were very few games which allowed it. It wasn't launched to shaked the heavens- at the time it was simply a cool little "extra" some games offered which spiced up the gameplay and foreshadowed things to come in the future. But of those that owned both a GC and GBA, quite a few had link cables (they were bundled with Four Swords, which sold fairly decent on the Cube all things considered).

You argue that IF Wii U was a calculated move, it would have launched with more games that utilized the gamepad for more than off-TV play. Well, it did actually. I mean, how many games do you think usually launch with new consoles? Judging by history, not many. And of Nintendo's 2 first party launch titles, one used the gamepad extremely well (Nintendoland) and the other used it to a creative extent (NSMBU Boost Mode) in addition to off-TV play. There were also quite a few multiplats utilizing it well, including ZombiU, Batman Arkham City, Darksiders 2 and Mass Effect 3 to name a few. And of the games Nintendo has released since the drought, Game & Wario used it well, Pikmin 3 used it well, Wonderful 101 used it well and Zelda Windwaker HD used it well. The only games that HAVEN'T used it for much has been New Super Luigi U and Super Mario 3D World (although for the type of game it is, it uses it well enough).

But here's something you need to consider: JUST BECAUSE there is a second screen, it doesn't mean every game has to have it shoehorned in to demonstrate its purpose as some revolutionary new idea. If you look at the DS and 3DS, there are quite a few games that wouldn't be possible without a 2nd screen, and even more that might be possible, but would be a much less streamlined experience on one screen. Others don't really use it at all. The second screen is a TOOL, not a prerequisite for every new title. Some games will naturally utilize the tool as needed, others won't. Point is, the tool is there for developers to use as they see fit. Not every game will have some revolutionary gamepad use, just as not every 3DS game has some revolutionary 2nd screen use. But it's there for the games they need it for.

It's like the shoulder button- it was a bold new concept that is now integral to any gaming controller. But not all games will use it. Would you criticize a game for not using the new "R" and "L" buttons simply because they're there? Of course not. Use them when needed, ignore them when not. Same for the analogue. Some games STILL are played best with a D-pad. Best tool for the job. The important thing is, their existence surely sees new games using them across a spectrum of time. Same thing applies for the gamepad.

Now, I will concede that quite a few games on the way from Nintendo aren't using the gamepad for much more than off-TV play (for example, not using it for a rear view mirror in Mario Kart 8 is a missed opportunity for sure). But it's not just there for Nintendo. It's there for ANY developer who has a game they feel would benefit from its use, and we're seeing it used quite a bit with 3rd party titles, like Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell Blacklist. If you feel, however, that Nintendo should shoehorn the gamepad in games just for the sake of using it more, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it (though I would remind you of what happened to most Wii games when the motion mechanic was shoehorned into every game just for the sake of utilizing that tool). With that being said, I'm confident that there are just as many games on the way that WILL see a unique use of the second screen as there are games that won't.

In any case, games not using the gamepad well is not a Wii U issue, that's a software issue. So criticizing the hardware for the shortcomings of software isn't exactly fair. The tool is there, and that tool has been proven for many years as a valuable asset in gaming, so I don't see the logic in criticizing the dual screen mechanic that 150 million gamers bought into with the DS, 40 million with the 3DS, and countless others via Game & Watch and GBA/GC connectivity, not to mention the 4 million so far with the Wii U (AND Nintendo's own competitors like Sony via PS4/Vita and Microsoft via Xbox One/Smartglass, and the customers of those respective companies)



JaxonH said:

We understand the sales perfectly, it's just that, we don't care. Horrible sales has never hindered my ability to enjoy a console. I don't care if Wii U never sells another console from now til 9th gen, Nintendo will keep the games coming. So what does it matter? If it flops commercially, it flops commercially... oh well. Better luck next time. Isn't gonna stop me from enjoying it as my favorite console I've ever owned in the meantime.



JaxonH said:

I've never even played that game, but watching that vid brings me good vibes! Ah, those were the days indeed. Gamecube era rocked, it really did. Back when games were still all about fun and not being "mature", Hollywood-style set pieces with excessive profanity and using God's name in vein. Back when games weren't all about 40 million dollar development costs and famous voice actors.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy quite a few big budget AAA games, but not for any of the reasons listed above, which seem to be a prerequisite for these younger kids to even look at a game nowadays.

I own pretty much every Gamcecube game worth owning, and it cost me a small fortune off eBay now that the GC collector's craze is in full force. But I prize that platform and collection- there's just so many iconic games for Gamecube side by side on my shelf it still makes my head spin every time I look at it lol...



TheRealThanos said:

@JaxonH It was included as an extra bonus disc with the Player's Choice edition of Pac-Man World 2. It was also included in the GameCube versions of I-Ninja and Namco's R: Racing Evolution for a limited time, as well as a free giveaway at some stores.
You might still be able to pick it up somewhere if you're interested (and have a GameCube with 3 controllers and a GBA with link cables)
I got my copy with R: Racing Revolution.
Don't know if you have any kids or little brothers or sisters, but believe me, play it with them and they'll eat it up.
And pretty soon they'll just be having a lot of fun and will forget all about the 'purdy' graphics...



rbmoura85 said:

@TheRealThanos u got me wrong, 3d worldm is wonderfull...Burt it das more in commom with 2d marios then with 3d ones ...references being irrelevant ....its a descendant of smb 3, and not of mario 64, and its not a triple A mario game, as it doesnt represent wiius strengh in graphics andbarelly uses the gamepad, it also has almost no intro nor ending ...u can bet miyamoto is working in a gamepad heavy Mario platformer

I have and love 3d world but it is basically "new" Mario in a3d, just that



theBluntKnight said:

to have it set up like that would be good. Nintendo might need a really high bandwith Wireless connection but Ninty could pull it off. I would like to think that getting a WiiU will be a vote of confidence in them to make the dream of convergence finally happen. For me it really feels like it's gonna happen in the next gen, the WiiU gamepad and the 3ds are just asking to be merged.



Ryumizaki said:

@TheRealThanos, @JaxonH, @eaglebob345 ... I love you all. You guys are one of the few ppl tht have sense on this whole site. It boggles me how much ignorance, hate, and trolling at/against nintendo most people are on a Nintendo site. Like I feel like people in here just really are misinformed trolls. My stance on it is exactly as what all of you said. Also, I don't get if you're (ignorantly) on the '#wiiuisdoomedihatemylife' thing, please do us and yourself a favor and move on to and go to the 'better succeeding' consoles. Just saying



TheRealThanos said:

@rbmoura85 I don't see what not having an intro or ending has to do with qualifying for being a full on Mario experience. Actually, the current 2D series have more and/or longer intro's than the 3D ones. I stand by what I said so I guess we're just going to have to agree to disagree because I still think you are wrong. The examples I gave definitely are relevant and graphics wise it is certainly trumping every other Mario out there, Galaxy included. Does that make it the best Mario game? Not particularly, but that is another issue. And as far as the games having things in common: ALL Mario games have things in common, stars, pipes and coins being the obvious ones but still there is more 3D references to be found than 2D ones. Oh, and just about every Mario game that came after smb 3 (logically) is a descendant of smb 3. But I'm starting to repeat myself. I'll leave it at the previously mentioned agree to disagree.
@Ryumizaki You're welcome, but there actually are more cool people on this site. Just because some people are more critical or more open to other systems doesn't make them any less of a person. Sometimes you just have a difference of opinion and some people are more keen to defend that in a somewhat more aggressive way. And don't forget: this is the internet, where people that have little or no voice can finally speak up and some people (the real trolls, so to speak) use that 'power' in the most irritating way.
They more than likely are the lonely or unpopular kids at school (or people at work; it's grownups too, unbelievably) or someone with a very twisted sense of humor, and being anonymous gives them the freedom they crave. Trying to educate them or at the very least reach common ground is very hard to do, if not impossible because they only want to stress their own opinions and aren't open to any others' or even concrete facts, so in such a case all you need to do is not take it personally and shrug it off, knowing you know better than them and have a little laugh at the expense of all their unnecessary ignorance. No use getting angry about it or insulting. Your last sentence was almost going that direction, for example...



Ryumizaki said:

@TheRealThanos nono, I see what your saying and I know all that lol. I wasn't angry and wasn't insulting anyone. My thing is if you hate nintendo and/or jumping to the conclusion that 'nintendo is doomed' then move on and go on somewhere else. I read the same thing on here all the time from people like that. It's annoying. If people hate it, move on. That's all I'm saying. I wasn't trying to be mean and I didn't want to insult anyone which is why I stopped it there. Lol



TheRealThanos said:

@Ryumizaki Which is why I said 'almost going'. And even I can only interpret what I read so if, as you say, you meant it in a different way, then that wasn't entirely clear from your text. That is the one thing in general (just to clarify it's not you doing that) that still bothers me; the mis-communications sometimes because people don't get what they are trying to say to each other, because of interpretation on the one side and unclear or partially explained text on the other side. Unfortunately it can often lead to unnecessary irritation and apologies, at least, if there are reasonable human beings involved.
Anyways, I'm finished for the day. I currently live in Europe and it's 3:13am here...


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