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Target Offering 3DS XL Models For $149.99 Until 21st December

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Includes Zelda and Mario & Luigi bundles, if you can find them

While many shoppers may have scrambled for the various hot 3DS / 2DS deals available over the Black Friday week, festive shoppers can still pick up great deals if they know where to look. One example for North Americans is the current deal doing the rounds at Target stores, where all 3DS XL hardware systems are reduced to $149.99 — while stocks last.

Naturally that price doesn't apply to options with set games as extras, but does apply to limited edition systems with pre-installed titles. That includes the gorgeous Link Between Worlds system, pictured above, and also the limited edition Mario & Luigi: Dream Team portable. This promotion is set to run from today (15th December) to 21st December.

The Target website currently has a limited selection of different colours listed at the price, but states that the Mario & Luigi system is not available online, with the Link Between Worlds equivalent being completely absent. There is chat online that both can be found in stores, however.

If you're in the region, are you planning to head to your local Target to try and pick up a discounted 3DS XL?

Thanks to tj for the tip.

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TimeGuy said:

Already got mine on Black Friday. Just started using it yesterday, too, after I got sick of using my original.



JadedGamer said:

got dream team bundle already ..Now il get the price diffrence! since its an xmas gift



Phantom_R said:

Nothing breeds customer confidence like selling a product for $220 and then slashing the price by $70 not a month later.



tedko said:

Amazon in Canada had the 2DS for 89$ for the last couple weeks. I was so tempted to order one just to use for some Mario Kart 7 multiplayer and for rare occasions when both my wife and I want to use the 3DS, but in the end decided I had already spent enough money lately on games.

@Phantom_R maybe so but I don't regret paying 200$ for my 3DS XL for the amount that I've used it since I bought it



rjejr said:

If I can find the Zelda bundle for this price I'ld have to buy it, just b/c its $149 and the 2DS is $129. We already own a copy of Dream Team or I'ld buy that one. 9 Targets w/in a 10 mile radius of my house will give me something to do tomorrow, I'm too sick today unfortuantely.



XFsWorld said:

Ah, this is a great deal, I had the same ol 3DS for 28 months now and still haven't upgraded yet because I'm broke lol. Which is my fault because I keep spending money on these great Nintendo games.



WingedSnagret said:

Drat. I already got a plain blue one (thus no extra game included) during Black Friday. Oh well, I saved money regardless.



sugarshack said:

go for it. any person that is on the fence, I picked one up not too long ago with fire emblem. game is great.



PaperLucario said:

I've seen plenty of the Mario and Luigi bundles, though good luck on finding a Zelda one now at this point.



demonroach said:

@Blizzaga It was Nintendo s marketing team that got the price lowered. That is how retail prices work. Nintendo pays Target a fee to lower their margin for a period of time. That is how all companies who sell at retail operate. The retailer will only lower a price on their own is if that item is not selling and they need to make space.



Spoony_Tech said:

@demonroach Well since this is the Holiday season you're most likely wrong. Stores do this to bring in traffic for other items as well. This is still a new item and only been out for less then a month. Trust me they're selling and don't need to be lowered to be moved. Stores will also take a hit for customer loyalty and know those people will come back and spend more money to buy games and what not!



apmusicman said:

So, I called 13 Target stores this morning where I live and not a single one has a Zelda bundle. Several told me that it was discontinued and that Target is no longer selling that item. So, I can find all of the bundles, including Mario and Luigi, but not Zelda. Anyone else had a similar experience?



Spoony_Tech said:

@apmusicman That's most likely uninformed employees thinking they know it all. Unless Nintendo comes out and says they're only offering for a limited time i believe its safe to say they will restock them.



Nareva said:

I bought the Zelda bundle a week or two ago. Fortunately retailers in the states will always do a price adjustment if the product is within the return period. I have $70 coming my way.



apmusicman said:

@Spoony_Tech That's what I thought too, so I'll wait until tomorrow. A couple of folks did say that they have trucks coming in tonight, so I'll cross my fingers...



JadedGamer said:

Called one target an employee says the price isnt applied to bundles. So i called another target and they let me know that indeed the xl bundles are ringing up for 150$... so maybe il get a hard drive with my savings. When in doubt, have them ring it up



TheSonicdude97 said:

I see everybody buying 2nd 3DS's just cause, and I can't even afford a used one to replace my damaged one..



Gamer83 said:

Those A Link Between Worlds 3DSXLs have been long gone around where I live. Still saw Mario & Luigi bundles everywhere a few days ago though. Will likely be gone at Target in the next few days, either bundle at that price is a steal.



sleepinglion said:

That's a great deal! With Zelda alone running 40 bucks you're essentially getting a beautiful XL for 110!



FiveDigitLP said:

I actually saw this deal in store yesterday. It's a steal! If I had the money, I'd totally pick up a Zelda bundle and sell my 3DS.



Platypus101 said:

@demonroach please, take no offense... I hate Black Friday sales for that exact reason! I actually read an article that the majority of items that do go on sale (for the holidays) are items that will be on sale after the holidays, regardless. Sometimes you may find a great (if not killer deal) but in my experience, not enough to get my butt off the couch and sit in line to buy an item.



Platypus101 said:

@apmusicman I hate dealing with target over the phone... Your experience is exactly like mine, except when I walked in the day after to pick up a shirt and groceries, there were two just sitting in their own display case! I picked it up, and made a mental note: don't trust the word of an underpaid employee over the phone, they might just be lying... I do the footwork, sure it takes a bit of time, but 9/10 times I find what I'm looking for



FabioSMASH said:

I really wanted to like the Zelda and Mario/Luigi designs a lot more than I do.
Oh, well. My blue XL will just have to do until the right 3DS comes along.



TruenoGT said:

My red XL has a 1/8" round bright spot on the 3D screen that really annoys me, so I've been considering replacing it.... but man, even for $150 I just can't justify it. Hope Nintendo brings out a new model before too long.

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