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Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Actually Has Two Wii U Systems

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"The latest Mario game is really good, too"

There's pandemonium on the streets, cats and dogs are living together, self-professed hardcore gamers are playing pet sims, and Mario's main power-up is now an AK47. The gaming world has lost its senses, there's no going back.

Well, not really, it's just that Sony's President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has doubled his personal count of Wii U systems. He already said he had one, but has now stated on the Kurokawa Juku web show in Japan that he has two, and then expressed support for the system and its games library to date.

I own 2 Wii Us, myself.

The latest Mario game is really good, too. I think the Wii U is just getting started.

People can get together and enjoy [the Wii U], it's got plenty of wonderful games. Nintendo helps raise and teaches the fun of games to people just starting out. I think that's a very important thing in this industry.

Yoshida-san is developing a reputation as a particularly genial executive, so his willingness to publicly praise a competitor is certainly not a huge surprise. His comments also suggest an opinion shared by plenty of others, that the content and target audience of the Wii U aren't necessarily the same as those of PS4 (and One), especially in a world where a number of gamers often own multiple systems. We also wonder whether there's a little Japanese unity going on here, though Sony and Microsoft did exchange Twitter pleasantries over each other's launches.

It's not often a writer on a Nintendo site can say that the Sony's President of Worldwide Studios has more Wii U systems than he does; maybe we should all have two?


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Gate_Shikimuri said:

(shrug) Where's the benefit of having two Wii U systems besides having one as a backup?

I'm still waiting for extra Gamepads. :/



MrGawain said:

I've got 2! One downstairs I let my nephew play on when he comes over and oe upstairs so he can't overwrite my save data.

And good on Yoshida for seeing beyond brands. I wonder if Bill Gates owns an iPad or Simon Cowell owns any decent music?



Zyph said:

This is old news. He already said this via his twitter account a year ago when the Wii U came out both in NA and in JP. At first he said his reason was to study the competition. I guess his other Wii U was for his daughters.



Ryno said:

I don't blame him, there is nothing currently worthwhile on the PS4.



Peek-a-boo said:

Props to him!

... you'd NEVER hear anyone from Microsoft or Nintendo mention, let alone own not one but two of their (rivals) system.



DESS-M-8 said:

@DimetriWarrior I want 3. One in play room and one in my bedroom to replace the wii's that are there now, with the main Wii u already in the family lounge.
If Nintendo opened up being able to access your account to download games on multiple systems if buy another two Wii u consoles.
Surely if they restrict the access to the console only being able to operate the downloaded games as long as it's being accessed from the same IP address of your router on the main console? What te problem?



Subie98 said:

I really like how he carries himself. Its nice to see him restate nice things about the wii u. Sony has themselves two good guys. They should consider themselves fortunate for shu and cerny. Im glad Sony has them working for the company. Should make my ps4 experience amazing.



BinaryFragger said:

This is what real gaming is all about, enjoying a console for its games instead of the logo in front. Console fanboys who automatically hate any game or console because it's not made by their favourite company are missing out on great games.



LegendaryQ said:

This will start getting incredibly funny if every once and a while another article like this comes out, with exponentially increasing numbers of systems.



Fazermint said:

2 identical consoles? What kind of living situation would require that? One in each floor? You can't be bothered to walk up or down the stairs to reach your console? You can't be bothered to transport the console to another room if the TV in one room is occupied?
@MrGawain So, instead of letting your nephew create an account on your first Wii U, you paid $300 for another one?



grenworthshero said:

Meanwhile, the president of Sony doesn't even have a PS4, because they can't keep them on the shelves...



cfgk24 said:

Well, I think a Wii U in each room and a 3DS linked to each one so you can have all the different colours of 3DS!



BossBattles said:

Nintendo: print money with a limited edition Wii U with the NES color/design. They would ALL sell.



DilMan33 said:

Not surprised; the Dualshock 5 is almost certain to have a touch screen, so might as well be nice now.

Also, Sony have no chance, despite their success of the PS4 to take out the wii U.



JaxonH said:

A man with class, AND good taste in gaming. This is in such stark contrast to when Jack Tretton told the media that Nintendo's consoles were nothing more than babysitting tools, and that "real" gamers had outgrown Nintendo, and that "real" gamers only played Playstation. That statement is the exact moment I started harboring a bit of hostility toward Sony, even if I did (and still do) buy their products.



grenworthshero said:

Well of course they're not going to take the WiiU off the market, who said that? Nintendo is way too big for anything like that to happen. They could slide by on just the loyalty of their fanboys, but if Nintendo want to ever come out on top again, they need to make some changes. That's not to say there are more Nintendo fanboys than anything else. You can say the same thing of Sony and Microsoft.



element187 said:

It's not like he's going to drop hundreds of hours into the games on ps4 now is he? I can sympathize with him
I still haven't seen anything remotely interesting or new that has been announced for the ps4/xBone. I can't justify spending $400 + on a system that plays third party games in terrible frame rates. I already did that once when I bought a ps3 that ended up being a bluray player instead of a games machine.

To this day I still haven't bought a single solitary PS3 game. Just been renting only. I think there was maybe 5 exclusives over the course of 7 years that I actually enjoyed and thought were good, but unfortunately, story based games with only 14 hours of content doesn't deserve $60. A complete waste of money for so little entertainment. Sure the system had hundreds of mediocre games, but nothing that ever justified the cost of the system. Thankfully it was a great blu ray player, otherwise I would feel like I was ripped off.

On the other hand I have some 30+ Wii titles and over 50 games on PC. The only two platforms that were worth the money I paid for them for the amount of hours of entertainment I got out of it.



WaveBoy said:

I doubt we would be hearing such nice things about nintendo from Sony if the Wii U was selling like 16-bit hot cakes. Sony actually feels a little bad now for the big N i see.



element187 said:

@grenworthshero that's only in the UK, champ...... That wasn't a very big accomplishment though. Only 200k Wii U's have been sold in the UK to date. The Wii U in the UK sells like the Xbox in Japan. If the ps4 could'nt pass that up in its fist day, then Sony would be in serious trouble.



XXIV said:

I love the backhanded nature of his comment. "Nintendo helps raise and teaches the fun of games to people just starting out." He's basically saying that Nintendo games are for kids and beginners.
Or, I'm just looking at it in a different way. Sticking with the former, however.



AVahne said:

Not much point in having more than 1, unless you have them for other regions.



BinaryFragger said:


He's not wrong. After all, isn't that Nintendo's strategy? The whole point of the original Wii was to appeal to non-gamers.



Luna-Harmony said:

I want a 2nd one too for backup the zelda limited edition one is stunning i want to hold off though incase they do a wiiu covered in art for a new zelda game.
Hmmmmm i wonder where sonys love for nintendo is going mabe they are planing to buy nintendo games on psn in the future.



Buduski said:

I actually have 2 Wii U's in my house one is my girlfriend and mine we have in our room and the second is her sons christmas present!



SkywardLink98 said:

Stuff like this needs to be more public. If it were more obvious that the people behind he systems aren't as fanboy-ish as their fanbase, maybe there wouldn't be as much hostility between gamers. Not that I'm blaming these guys.



dadajo said:

I love the fact that the freaking president of Sony can look past the brands and actually love the industry as a whole. As gamers it is sad to see people be so mean to each other just because of their choice of brand. This obviously does not mean you can not have preferences (Like obviously mine is Nintendo), but it would be nice if we could all get along. Though this is old news this still makes me happy to read.



bassoongoon said:

Awesome! The console wars are pathetic. I do not really care what any one plays but myself, everyone has personal preferences and should respect the preferences of others. I do not understand why people get so worked up about video games that OTHER people play.

It is great to see his respect for a competitor (something many fanboys could learn from), and I liked what he had to say for the most part.



Luffy said:

great guy and old old news but im going wii U + xbox 1 for the games.



Rafie said:

That's twice now someone from Sony has commended and supported Nintendo. Yet we'll still hear some people here bashing Sony consoles.

To those saying that the PS4 isn't worth having right now...that's false. The Wii U was in the same place the PS4 and Xbox One is right now last year and my day one Wii U purchase is still justified. I agree with the objective ones here. Console wars are stupid. Glad I have all systems to enjoy. Mario 3D World FTW!! That Crown Plaza is a doozy. LOL



DreamOn said:

Sony gamers gotta come from somewhere...start em out riding on Yoshi, then they grow up (too fast) and get their first kills on Killzone lol



ikki5 said:


actually... the PS4 isn't worth having right now. Any console is pretty much the same way as it is usually over priced at launch with not many games. it is usually best to wait about a year before buying. However, some people really want the new console because they feel that they will be special as you see it on this site a lot with people going on about their Wii U from launch. The Wii U was my first console I bought at launch, mostly because I actually had money to do so plus I though of the possibility of an program such as an ambassador that didn't happen. Though if I knew about the better bundles that would be coming such as the Zelda one, I would have waited which I will probably do for their next console.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I have two as well. One for family and friends and the other for MEEEEEE!!!! and only me. Get your grubby paws off my GamePad already!

If gamers (see: fanboys and girls) had the same outlook as Yoshida-san it'd be a nicer gaming world. In reality every console, home and handheld, is good for gaming, as are PC, smartphones, and tablets. That's simply a Kirby's dream land, however. Some people are just plain stupid and will argue to no end even when it's not a valid argument. What you like or dislike is... wait for it... your opinion. Got that? Good.

Oh, I also own 2 PS3's and will be getting a PS4 sooner than later. Take that haters!



WaveBoy said:

A lot of them didn't even get a chance to take their first ride on Yoshi, they were already slaughtering polygon hookers, smashing zombies, and shooting soldiers the moment they got a dual shock controller in their 7 year old mits.



ICHIkatakuri said:

Its a bit of a loaded comment though, stating Nintendo is simple and for younger gamers before they buy a playstation. He doesn't state if he has two because he has two kids though, so it could be lost in translation a little and actually be praise. I kind of wish I could have two and keep one in my room (preferably a Zelda version)



Rafie said:

@ikki5 That's a matter of opinion. The same people that are saying the PS4 isn't worth having right now is the same people who bought a Wii U at launch and saying it's justified. Well what makes the Wii U more appealing at launch than the PS4? Both systems at the time didn't really have the games. Just 2 or 3. Still, I found reason to buy both consoles at launch and I'm glad I did.



Mario-Man-Child said:

That's what we need NL more good news stories like this <3 Gulp up the goodness fanboys it may not last long.



element187 said:

@Rafie not everyone likes the genres that Sony and Microsoft target the most. There isn't a single alternative genre game on the ps4 or xBone that is worth $60. Heck none are even worth $15.

I don't play shooters or dudebro games so there goes 75% or more of the games for ps4/xBone (it will be this way throughout the entire generation, even more so then last gen). . What exclusive is available on the ps4? Knack? XBone? Forza? NSMBU and Nintendoland slaughtered both of those.. Monster Hunter 3 alone was worth buying the Wii U for, back in March.

Killzone doesn't look the least bit appealing. The PS4 just doesn't have a single worthy exclusive to purchase the system for. I get it you like shooters but not everyone does. All of the multiplatform titles look and run so much better on PC, so I would never purchase a console to play third party games, so none could be used as a justification to purchase an under powered box.



Rafie said:

@element187 The same can be said for Nintendo. Not every one likes their games either. Please don't carry that opinion of yours about the games not worth 60 bucks as fact. Far from the truth.

What the hell is dudebro games?! Seriously. Only Nintendo folks seem to know what it is. NintendoLand slaughters Forza?! Now you're smoking some good green there bud. NSMBU is better than Knack, I'll give it that. Still, it's nothing more than just NSMBW with graphics and that's really the bottom line. MH3 is a worthy game. Everything else at the time the Wii U launched is mediocre to just plain bad.

Killzone is a great game. Is it a system! Neither was NSMBU AND/OR NintendoLand. So let's be fair here before you go bashing the others. By the way, Killer Instinct on Xbox One is superb. Ryse is another good game along with Dead Rising 3. All of those games pretty much smashes the Wii U launch line up if you wanna go toe to toe with launch line up games.

I personally don't favor shooters, but because I own an Xbox and Playstation outside of my Nintendo console, I'm shooter fan...right?! I get it..all you like is Nintendo, but not everyone else does. Also, I'm tired of hearing the PC mumbo jumbo. PC doesn't get every game or 3rd party games. Which is why I have ALL consoles to enjoy exclusives on.



valcoholic said:

I really like it, when CEOs of competing companies are just something like honest, forgetting this marketing-talk and telling what's really driving them. Zuckerberg also claimed, Google Plus would be very good and I think, that's the best thing, a CEO could do. If I remember all those Steve Ballmer apperances, where he claimed the iPod or the iPhone to be the ultimate flop nobody needs, chances are quite high, that people like him turn out to be totally embarrassing themselves and their companies afterwards. Instead, just explaining that competition is also able to produce good systems won't change your fanbase's opinion. some of them might take a look at that product and move over there, true, but those ones might have left sooner or later anyways. in the big picture those people at least seem to have far stronger characters.



JuanitoShet said:

And regardless, "hardcore gamers" would STILL find ways to twist Yoshida's words to help feed their need for their little "console wars".

Good on him, though. That's why I like the man. :B



Megumi said:

gives Sony a cookie
Like I said, the Wii U is just having a 3DS moment, lol. Hopefully Nintendo will get their things organized soon.



BinaryFragger said:

We have a nice and positive article about a Sony executive praising a Nintendo product and yet the fanboys are still trying to start arguments and flame wars.
Nintendo fanboys are worse than Apple fanboys.



TechnoEA said:



So sick and tired of hearing that tired old Dudebro (whatever that even means) and shooters argument, if you took away shooters, the PlayStation brand would still be left with 90% non shooters, but if you're a Nintendo die hard fanboy of course all PlayStation and Xbox has is shooters.

Most people associate PS with RPG and JRPG's, go figure, it seems to be only Nintendo fanboys who come with the shooters dudebro comment.

I don't even like shooters and I still have a few games to play on my new PS4 to tide me over until Second Son, Rayman Legends, FFXIV and Order 1886.

Heck I even gave the Wii U a pass for not having games at launch. It's understandable. Most systems rarely have good launch titles except for a select few titles.



Bender said:

@TechnoEA The term dudebro is referring to people who will only play a game if it has extensive amounts of blood, gore, guns, language, and all that good jazz. Every console has these kinds of games in all sorts of shapes and sizes (such as Madworld or COD), so in general, any console can be home to someone of the "dudebro" audience, not just Xbox or PS... Not saying I agree with this terminology fully, but since you weren't fully aware I thought I'd shed some light
As for console launches... After seeing the recent console launches, I realized Wii U's pretty darn good. It's kinda nice (in my opinion) because I really hated the amount of hate my friends were giving me for getting a Wii U (which I defended because I knew it'd be something special) and their argument was always "You have no games lululululul" and now they sit there and say "dang, I really wish my PS4/XB1 had games I wanted to play... I haven't touched it since I got it, and all my friends are still on PS3/XB360.."... At least I played my Wii U enough to keep me happy until the big launches hit Now I pour hours into it with my friends and fiance. Rant over xD sorry for dragging it out, it's late and I'm tired..



banacheck said:


Most people associate PS with RPG and JRPG's, go figure, it seems to be only Nintendo fanboys who come with the shooters dudebro comment.

So true but I would expect common sense from a fanboy or 8 year old kids.

@element187 NintendoLand not all of us are 8 years old, NintendoLand



Shambo said:

@Fazermint with Wii U, you often don't even need to move if the tv is occupied. I have 2 of them now, the ZombiU pack since launch, and the Wind Waker pack for my Zelda collection.

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