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Soapbox: Nintendo's Appearance at VGX Underwhelmed, But the Show Itself Was Far Worse

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tom Whitehead cringed for three painful hours

I'll start this with a confession — I'd never bothered watching the VGA awards until this year's rebranded VGX event. I'd pre-judged it based on its own marketing message and what others had said, which isn't actually the best way to approach it; nevertheless life is short and, frankly, I was always happy to catch up with the world première trailers (of which it's so proud) at my leisure in days that followed. Nintendo's absence wasn't the reason as I play plenty of non-Nintendo games, it just struck me as something I could live without.

This year Nintendo was breaking with convention and joining the circus, and as was the norm speculation started to do its work; let's start with that. The general consensus seemed to be that a Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze reveal was likely but woudn't blow many minds; for my part I was — I thought realistically — hoping for a new trailer for Mario Kart 8 or even Super Smash Bros., both of which have been off the radar (in terms of official footage) since E3. There were some unrealistic expectations going around too, including very optimistic projections from some that the new Zelda Wii U game would be shown, which didn't seem on the cards at any point. I'd say it wasn't unreasonable to expect something exciting from Reggie Fils-Aime, however, as the simple logic went along the lines of "if Nintendo isn't going to wow us, why change the habit of recent years and appear at VGX?"

What we got, in the end, was footage of the already leaked Cranky Kong with his DuckTales-inspired Cane Bounce. It looked fun, and I have high hopes that, like its Wii predecessor, this will be a fantastic 2D platformer; yet to be frank, it seemed like something for a two minute Nintendo Direct segment, not on a show that aims to grab our attention with exciting, brand new reveals. It was a nice reveal on the wrong platform, I'd suggest, and if Nintendo of America wanted to attract gamers currently not in the Wii U camp, great footage of MK8 or Smash Bros. would have gone further, maybe even with an updated, detailed montage that threw in the likes of Monolith Soft's X, too.

But still, some of the disappointment reflected more on the inflated web-driven expectations than Nintendo getting it wrong, perhaps best shown by Reggie's slightly frustrated "what more do you want" comments as co-host Geoff Keighley pushed for extras. In the end it was an appearance that would look good on paper in a marketing planning meeting, but failed to satisfy the hungry appetites of slightly starved Wii U and Nintendo fans.

So there's that, and as you can tell I have a moderate stance towards Reggie's appearance — neither inclined to condemn or praise.

As for the VGX 'Awards', I have a much clearer opinion. It was a car crash of a show, and seemed to forget it was an awards show at all — quite a few were missed out entirely despite the generous three-hour ad-free runtime, and were belatedly updated on the official webpage. I was disappointed for one simple reason; the rebranding to VGX was, according to the organisers beforehand, supposed to represent a step-away from celebrity bravura and revert back to an intimate environment more focused on the games themselves. In fairness it did focus on games and include interviews with various developers — the best segment featured Hello Games, which showed the face of a four-man team that was exhausted but grateful for the spotlight. In fact, the developers did their level best to be interesting, it was just a shame they were doing so in the worst possible environment.

While Geoff Keighley gamely tried to focus on his enthusiasm for all things gaming — which I think he did admirably — his co-host Joel McHale weighed in with a "I'm drunk and can't be bothered" schtick, which was humorous for around two minutes before it became old, fast. He also got downright offensive at points, though I suspect I missed some of his worst lines due to the fact I started to switch off in the latter half; his act seemed to have the goal of being an "edgy" comedian, though in this case he was often coming across as crass and far from funny. They weren't so much co-hosts but rather two opposites constantly wrestling to set the tone — Keighley the inoffensive and affable gamer, and McHale the cynical, disinterested and often inappropriate comedian; it was only when he was half-interested in the game in question that he adopted a professional approach to presenting the show.

And then there were the GTA V music segments. Initially the show cut to half a dozen guys yelling a lot as build up, confusing me and — by the looks of it — quite a few members of the crowd. These cut-aways gave the sensation of being rick-rolled, and the 30-40 minute concert that eventually happened — it was too long — was full of bare-knuckle rap that was packed with expletives. That's fine, if you're not tuning in for a games awards show.

VGX, and Keighley in the show itself, said that the rebranding and change of formula had been to meet fan expectations and desires; they were apparently listening to gamers. If that was what the VGA/VGX audience wants, then count me out for next year — unless my bosses ask me to live text it again, which I'll do while reminding them they owe me a favour in return. I volunteered this year — it was 11pm-2am for me — because I'd seen the promise of an environment focused on games and expected something enjoyable and maybe even fascinating. What we had instead, largely thanks to McHale, the awful GTA V concert and ultimately whoever masterminded the whole thing, was the biggest dose of dude-bro macho nonsense I'd seen in a while, with a few segments aside. And as for the "Viral" YouTube segments, they weren't up my alley because they were either daft, amateurish or more dude-bro macho nonsense.

Sometimes gamers, including me, get defensive of the video game industry. We say it's not an immature, sexist, homophobic cesspit of inanity but actually the scene of incredibly talented developers delivering impressive experiences to a diverse, intelligent audience. I still believe that, but like any industry — books, film, TV are the same — there's plenty of evidence that can be picked out to suggest otherwise. VGX played up to the worst stereotypes, mistaking offensive idiocy for humour and wasting the time of talented developers trying to explain why they're proud of their games. I would have preferred Keighley hosting on his own and playing it straight — as he seemed intent on doing — actually getting through all of the awards, not just a handful, and engaging in conversation with game makers.

But hey, maybe that's boring, maybe games are all about casually insulting people, bumping fists with other 'bros' and representing the "Best Soundtrack" with obnoxious rappers drowning out a talented band — the best bit of the concert was the instrumental section, ultimately. Maybe I'm wrong to hope that we'd move beyond an immature teenage mentality and take pride in games, whether Indie efforts, platformers or big-budget FPS titles, and actually behave like grown ups. It's possible to be a gamer — of any age, because the age-spectrum in gaming is now widening, which is wonderful — and be mature, passionate and coherent.

That's what I think, anyway. If the VGX awards are what most gamers want from these events — I truly hope not — then consider me to be in the minority.

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Legromancer said:

is it just me or does these artikles always start with some kind of explaination what the author generally thinks etc. and then just expands on that in the following text? Like some kind of excuse.



Blast said:

The show was a joke and thinking baack on it... I don't blame Nintendo for showing Cranky Kong. But still... They coulda used that moment to show something NEW for Wii U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Warruz said:

VGX really needs to be rebranded to the "Dudebro Game Awards" because thats who its target is(even then failing). Seriously how are award shows hard:

1- Nominate games
2- Set up a venue
3- Invite people to said Venue
4- Have Guests come up and announce the finalist
5- Hand out awards.
6- Sprinkle in some short videos about what happened during the year in the industry.

VGX managed to fail on EVERY account of what makes an award show.



ACK said:

NOA made the right move. DKC:TF is near release, can use exposure, stands out amongst the other games highlighted, exhibits the Nintendo ethic, and NCL can drop a bomb whenever they want. It's also makes too much sense to push your Western-developed games in a Western-oriented awards show.



Savino said:

Let's focus on the games conference next year!
Anyone know what's next?



Dogpigfish said:

I don't watch tv. If I did then I would buy an Xbox One and watch tv through the portal for no apparent reason. I don't even know what VGX is. I thought it was a country music channel.



LztheQuack said:

@Blastoise-san Or they could wait for the inevitable Nintendo Direct where fans know something will be revealed. It's not like it's irreparable damage

Also, it is kinda sad how the only thing really tweeted from this was apparently Cranky Kong



DarkCoolEdge said:

Young gamers are obviously inmature and they try to look otherwise. We all know that. The sad thing is that plenty of supposedly mature gamers are trying the same. That's why "Mario is for kids" is so popular. Since they are "playing" "games" which somehow a lot of people believe is an inmature hobby and they know it, they still try to look cool and grown-up by playing what seems to reinforce that and critic what doesn't.

The gaming community as a whole sucks. But I don't care, I'll just keep playing whatever interests me.



MeddlingIdiot said:

Tim Schafer was my personal highlight of this awful show, he didn't take any nonsense from that Joel moron. I pulled out after No Man's Sky, which was the right thing to do according to the article.



Warruz said:

@DarkwingLz My personal big problem with Nintendo Directs is they really dont help people become aware of what Nintendo offers because the people aware of Nintendo Directs most likely already have a Wii U or 3DS.

These types of things help get the word out on new and existing products people may not know about to different markets. Why they decided Donkey Kong of all things during the Dudebro awards is beyond me.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Legromancer At the start I said I'd never watched the VGAs in the past, then I spoke about the Nintendo part, and then went into my views on the VGX broadcast as a while. I'm sorry, I don't see your point.



AdanVC said:

Seriously, I'm still mad that I wasted 3 hours of my life watching that horrible, horrible show. Everything was so wrong and awkward (announcing the winner of Studio of the Year -supposed to be one of the biggest awards- and not a single clap, not even from the camera-man or something...) So honestly, I'm very glad Nintendo didn't bother on showing something big on this awful show.



2Sang said:

It was a whole 3 hours of fail. I've never been more disappointed in video games in general next to e3 2008.



LztheQuack said:

@Warruz And what could they have shown to the "ignorant" masses? I doubt most of the audience doesn't have internet or gaming magazines



TruenoGT said:

I think this just demonstrates that like books, movies, etc, it's hard to appeal to everyone with a monolithic event like this. I'm sure there's gamers it appealed to, but there's way more diversity to games than what VGA caters to. Unfortunately, like most media, the biggest market is what gets appealed to and unfortunately, the biggest market often likes crap.



eza said:

Best bits were:
Broken Age, No Man's Sky, the short film about a Donkey Kong championship (featuring a bodybuilder with a massive chip on his shoulder and a strange narcissistic arrogance), and the concert wasn't bad.
I was looking forward to some rapping after the horrible presenting, and the fact that it was billed as a GTA V concert meant the content came as no surprise to me.

Worst bits: every time that 'comedian' guy opened his mouth.
He came out with some seriously weird jokes. I did wonder whether that's the American sense of humour though?
The awkward moments when the concert's presenters had been told to fill time (probably while the presenters went to the toilet) and didn't really know what to say.

Mediocre bits: the shouty guys making jokes about stereotypes. I got what they were trying to do, but they weren't exactly subtle about it.
Nintendo's appearance: I felt really sorry for the poor developer who wasn't introduced. I would have rather the camera focused on him and let him speak, while the other three went off to do their fake jokey act somewhere else.



Jazzer94 said:

Wrong place and wrong reveal, its good Nintendo tried to get some exposure other then ND (which are great but to small in scale) I just think they should of chosen a different event or shown something more mainstream like MK or SSB plus that Retro employee got some serious stage fright.



Marakuto said:

It was laughable with the way they organised the showing orders and the projection of how most of the show would be from seeing how unprofessional they handled this whole event. Certainly not going to bother watching the next or any in future even though it did shed some light for me in holding interest in two games that were shown that I can look forward to getting.



Peach64 said:

Personally I thought all they got wrong was the co-host, but ultimately he was then involved through out the entire thing. If they'd used someone like Kyle Bosman to co-host it would have been a pretty decent show.

I thought their nominees and winners for the awards were solid picks, and I don't think anyone can really criticise them. Yes, GTA V might not be your cup of tea, but it's the best reviewed game of the year. It's a great game and it winning a GOTY award does not even come close to invalidating an awards show.

The guests they had on from various developers all seemed pretty interesting, particularly Shcafer, and the guy from Hello Games, even though you could tell he was super nervous, he kept it together to talk sense about their game.

I've already said this elsewhere about Nintendo's bit, but it was a huge missed opportunity. People are saying they were right not to do anything major at this thing, but you shouldn't thing of it as Nintendo rewarding the viewers, you should see it as a chance to have FAR more people watching Nintendo than they have for any Nintendo Direct. Only hardcore Nintendo fans watch those directs, and Nintendo already have those gamers. This was a chance to really show off the Wii U's upcoming games to people that wouldn't usually even be looking in Nintendo's direction. A short and sweet sizzle reel would have been way better than the DK demonstration and quite frankly would have taken less effort from Nintendo.



uncha1n3d said:

I kinda think the same way when I watch events like this. Any choreographed music in a game-industry award show needs to go away cause its annoying and it makes gamers look like mainstream morons. I personally try to avoid the mainstream and all that pop/rap/party crap...its like....stay out of our games lol



Warruz said:

@DarkwingLz Just to quote myself in reference to Wii U marketing, "It really comes down to Nintendo making you look to find this information. People don’t want to look until they get interested and they won’t get interested until you show them what to get interested about."

Another trailer of anything on the more mature side would of been perfect for VGX: Bayonetta 2, X, even Smash Bro's(because everyone loves it) would of all been amazing choices. They did not have to reveal a lot, they just had to reveal something that was right for the venue and they did not.



LztheQuack said:

I don't really think it's a huge loss. Perhaps they can make it up at e3 with some huge reveals.



ACK said:

@Peach64 You're kidding yourself if you think many people watch this. Most that do are fairly informed gamers. I have a lot of gaming buddies and none of us ever bat an eye at the VGA/Xs. Any news coming from this sort of event isn't more noteworthy than an announcement on any given day.

I actually think one area Nintendo has faltered is reaching their base. Something like Nintendo Power carried a semblance of a community and now that community seems severely fractured. Nintendo Directs have not helped in that regard and are not likely to stem the tide.



AugustusOxy said:

Cynicism is a cancer.

I blame G4 for popularizing the cynical gamer trend that dominates the expressionism of modern gamers.



Shiryu said:

It was too much pain to watch the whole thing, but Reggie's appearance and some of the trailers where worth it. Good thing I was playing "ACIV" at the same time and the guys at the NL chatroom for the videolog made it fun.



jjmesa16 said:

I have to say game conferences are getting sad. E3 used to be on G4TV however when they got rebranded they got rid of all gaming shows. Spike then covered the event however it isn't really on TV anymore, just highlights on the internet. Nintendo didn't even bother doing a press conference at the biggest gaming convention of the year. VGX, also hosted by Spike, was a complete failure so I've heard (I'm glad I didn't waste 3 hours of my life watching it). I miss G4TV.



Jazzer94 said:

@ACK I have to agree I'd never watched the VGA/X awards before didn't even watch all of this one only about 40 minutes after the halfway point and I can say with a lot of confidence that I probably won't watch it again.



Bulbousaur said:

After watching clips of the show, I am very happy nothing from Nintendo was revealed. It was awful, and any major announcement would have been tainted by it.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

I prefer orchestral game soundtracks to rap. Rap is just... I hate it with a passion. It's unsophisticated, it's usually vulgar, and it's not very soothing to the ears.



Daemonite said:

@Warruz Okay, seriously... could you explain the term 'dudebro' to me? The only place i see that word come up, is on this website. Maybe i'm just dumb, but i really want someone to explain this to me..



mamp said:

Well it's very well written and I agree with the points you made. Also just for the sake of convenience I choose to believe the stupid rumor that they were going to show off Metroid but judging on how terrible the show was they stuck to Donkey Kong. Anyways this is the third (I think) Soapbox article I read and I think I'm done, I love NL features I try to never miss reading one because they're so good but the soapbox thing just sux (at least I don't care for them). Basically it's just rambling (but with proper grammar and sentence structure) and I mean that's usually what the forums are for or even the comments section. I think the rambling should be done there.



Yorumi said:

I didn't watch it this year, but I did watch it the very first year it was on and it was exactly the same thing described in the article. The first year I watched it when it was the VGAs on spike I realized it was one of the biggest insults to gamers in world. So essentially nothing has changed and I'm glad I've never watched it since the first year.



cfgk24 said:

It was so baaaaaad - it was cringingly embarrassingly funny - but I did feel for Reggie - He stuck through it! And yes, the decision to NOT SHOW METROID BECAUSE THE SHOW WAS SO BAD is the right one



NintyMan said:

I agree completely with Tom. While I originally hoped Nintendo wouldn't show Donkey Kong at VGX, I actually ended up being okay with it because it is Donkey Kong Country and it's one my favorite game series and I'm very excited for Tropical Freeze. It would've been better if Nintendo had shown something more appropriate for something the likes of VGX like X, but the whole show was just a flop. I could rant about the offensive material, but just the unprofessional procedures of the show sounded like something completely from left-field. Not all of the awards were announced during the awards show? Now I believe it's a very good thing that Nintendo didn't announce something like Zelda at such a horrible event. Any disappointment I might have felt faded away quickly when I began realizing this.

Anyway, I'm moving on.



WanderingPB said:

Talking about the award show directly i believe they can improve it and give gamers and these great games and developers the proper respect and attention they deserve for their hard work. It was a show filled with some trailers, lots of fluff and rushed and behind the carpet awards. Why didnt they show the big awards? Why not have a co-host that actually likes and respects games instrad of belittling others?

I want an gaming award show thats all about the great games of the year and a sneak peek at the great games coming out in the future…so i will continue to hold on to hope and expect them to fix this award show and showcase this great gaming community which we are all a part of…



ultraraichu said:

I always imagine the VGA/ VGX to be the dudebro side of the gaming world. I guess it's because when I first heard about it, it was hosted by spike tv (first network for men). At that point I figure the event is for "mature" hardcore male gamers. I guess it's still the same today.



ThomasBW84 said:

@mamp That's fine, I appreciate not everything will suit all tastes, that's understandable. When we label something as Talking Point or Feature the general goal is to be as analytical as possible and keep personal feelings at the side; those are typical editorials in a sense. We do Soapboxes (we seem to be averaging one every week to 10 days) when there's a more personal point we want to make, or when it seems like a good format for encouraging debate in the community.

It's really just an alternative style that we brought in and, ultimately, we take topics and subject-matter case by case in terms of how we approach them.

That's my perspective on these anyway, but if they're not to your taste then that's OK, we'll still keep producing plenty of our traditional feature articles as we have for the past couple of years



Sir_JBizzle said:

I'm not sure what's worse this show or the 2 day survey I was randomly selected for getting my ideas on how to improve the VGA/X. I can confidently say, that I and the group I was in did not come up with any of this crap they showed over the weekend. It's like they didn't even listen to us for the most part. I suppose if there's any consolation, I got a $10 amazon card for my time.



WanderingPB said:

As for the winners…im sure everyone can argue for their favorite games so commenting on it would be ridiculous especially since we all have different preferences. The most highly reviewed game arent always the best and vice versa it comes to personal choice but regardless these are all great games nominated and it was a great year for all gamers

As for Nintendo i do feel it was a missed opportunity to really showcase what the WiiU has to offer all gamers but instead they chose to show what i believe should have been in a Nintendo Direct…sure i understand it was a logical marketing move but still the overwhelming negative response speaks for it self. I cant wait for DKCTF and all the other WiiU games coming out 2014 but what will be funny is if Nintendo shows us a great Nintendo Direct that makes up for it and still i dont want to disappoint myself cuz Nintendo makes odd decisions at times



Monkeh said:

You automatically call the rappers 'obnoxious', probably because you just hate rap in general. How is that mature?

Show was awful though. Real shame, because I quite like Community and now I'll never look at Joe McHale the same again.



mamp said:

I like the talking point but your feature articles are the best and I love them to death. Personally I think that's what sets you apart from other websites, because I usually don't get invested in those type of articles. Also since my best friend is a hardcore Nintendo Fanboy, we usually discuss about some of the points you make in your feature articles and heck sometimes we even discuss about the article itself at times. Good job and keep it up. Also whoever does the captions for those smash bro pic articles needs a promotion they're usually really good and some make me chuckle.



GuitarAnthony said:

You could tell Joel McHale was only there for the paycheck. Keighly and his smarmy attitude will surely be feeling this shame for a long time.



Swiket said:

Good ol' Loiter Squad.

Please watch the profanity, even in images posted — TBD



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Reading about the nonexistent quality makes me somewhat glad to have missed it... and I don't wanna watch it now, either.



Savino said:

@Monkeh there's good rap and bad rap like any other music style.... At the VGX we were presented to the awfull kind of rap...



MikeLove said:

How come every 'soapbox' opinion piece on here sounds like they were written by someone's grandmother??

"GTA V is too violent!"
"PS4 is overrated and my kids prefer Nintendo!"
"The comedian was mean spirited and too edgy!"
"They played rap music and it was rude!"

Maybe at next years award show they can feature some cosplay and brony stuff??



boynerdrambling said:

Seriously if you were expecting some sort of huge reveal when your watching a show like VGX your always gonna be dissapointed. Its not like anything awesome was announced at the show. Hd port hd port hd port. Nintendo gave them exactly the kind of reveal the horrible show deserved



LordGeovanni said:


Okay, I didn't bother to read most the comments, but REALLY? THAT is what you got out of this article? That show was horrible. I ended up walking out on it and then returned 2 hours later. To my surprise, the show was still on.

As for your "comment", GTA V IS a violent game. End of story. No wonder why a lot of people feel that it is "too violent". As for PS4 vs Nintendo, um... Duh! Nintendo markets to kids. No wonder that kids tend to like the system that isn't moving away from them. (By kinds, I am referring to the "under 13" crowd here.) Additionally, the rapping. (Yes, I know I am ignoring the comedian. That is personal preference. I hated it too.) Music is (usually) a mixture of multiple sounds, instrument and words, that flow together. Rap seems to be nothing more than overbearing slang. I agree that Rap is almost 98% rude ALL THE TIME.

Aside all that, I completely agree with the article. Great job!



Stubborn_Monkey said:

Eh, I would say that the mood of the show was the result of a meeting of TV executives, people that said: "Our target audience is this one, so everything has to be centered around them." I highly doubt that the views and attitudes exposed were what the hosts truly felt. They were actors and they played their roles.

Regarding the awards themselves, well... popularity rules, events like this one have more to do with marketing and publicity than with rewarding actual achievements (We could argue that every award ceremony ever made is like this.).

It is true that Nintendo could've done a greater effort, but as I said, the show was in essence a marketing ploy, so I guess Nintendo's PR branch said: "Nah, it's not our audience.". If they really wanted it, they could've shown something impressive.

Alas, we'll have to wait for a Christmas Nintendo Direct or, hope not, the E3 to see new game footage.



B3ND3R said:

While I was a bit underwhelmed, it was hard to not look at Reggie's Metroid badge.... Overall the show was meh. It seemed too inclined to the overly stereotypical dude-bro-mlg-12yearold crew.... Oh, I am rather excited for No Mans Sky though and The Tell Tale Game of Thrones sounds intriguing.



DarkKirby said:

Hey now, it's not a who sucks less competition. Being slightly better than manure is nothing to brag about.



GamerGleek47 said:

After this, I got blind. My eyes were bleeding from beggining to end!
Hopefully, a December/January Nintendo Direct (like that Wii U Direct in January of this year) will fix my eyes and my faith in the industry lol.



Excep7ional said:

Lol That Joel guy was hilarious. His jokes weren't funny but you could tell he was trolling, and didn't take anything seriously. By seeing everyone get so mad I guess he was successful at it.



aesupreme1 said:

When people generalize an entire genre of music, it's obvious they don't really listen to it. If you are implying that all hip-hop is like Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy, or French Montana, then you are severely misinformed. There are plenty of worthwhile hip-hop acts that rap without cussing up a storm (when was this an issue anyways - just about all genres have artists who cuss), and discuss topics other than money, clothes, and other cliche topics. I am not going to list the multitude of hip-hop artists who fit into this large category because you obviously don't care about the genre. But, I had to say something, because I can't stand by as ignorance is wholly displayed as fact (i.e. "98% of the time").

As for the award show, it was ridiculously bad, but I don't think Joel is the one to blame. The horrible jokes he read off the teleprompter weren't his, they were written by some notoriously bad writers that attempted to make the jokes fit Mchale. They came off dry and humorless because Joel saw them for what they were - unintelligent, stereotypical low brow jokes, and delivered them unenthusiastically.

Lastly, whoever thinks Joel was making fun of gamers because he is a non-gamer, you are wrong. See below:,,20322160,00.html



Vriess said:

Reggie's performance shows precisely why I CAN'T STAND THE MAN and it baffles me even more that he has so many fans!

He gets frustrated when Geoff Keighley asks for release dates and asks what the Metroid pin on his suit is all about. Well excuuuse us Reggie, for not being the gullible suckers that you want us Nintendo fans to be. We want more than the marketing bla bla and nonsense that you spout at every public appearance!!! Reggie is terrible in front of the camera, he has no charisma what so ever! His posture and gestural movements, schmuck facial expressions and tone of voice annoy me as well. I guess when you don't like one thing about someone, you start to see more and more things that you don't like, but common everybody!...why does everybody like him so much that they want to wear t-shirt with his mug on it! For heavens sake!

Reggie: "My body is ready"
Everybody: "Muhahahahahaha, oh Reggie you..."
Me: NO!!! NOT FUNNY!!!

He can stay on as CEO for all I care but please need a different spokes person!

And yeah, yet again the VGA's sucked. Angry Joe expresses my sentiments on that pretty well.

Voila, my 2 cents...



Dauntless said:

Joel is what ruined the show. He made everyone feel uncomfortable. Instead of developers passionately talking about their games they all just wanted to go home after talking to him. Reggie was the best at getting back at Joel. Joel retreated a little when Reggie raised his voice.



AcesHigh said:

@AugustusOxy I agree with you 100%. Cynicism IS a cancer. But it's being cultivated by way more far reaching outlets than G4. I've actually stopped subscribing to Gameinformer and the new EGM because of it. I just got so sick of reading negative views of any game that doesn't subscribe to the dude-bro (that's a perfect term) culture. Which means anything Nintendo is pretty much panned.

Let's face it, we're all geeks who love this hobby. Some dudes just feel like they have to try harder to compensate for their geekdom so chicks don't totally pass them over. little do they know playing games has nothing to do with it! LOL! That's why I love Nintendo and the following they cultivate. Theirs are by far more intelligent and, most importantly, independent thinkers who are comfortable in their own skins!



rmeyer said:

Nintendo was smart in keeping it low key as the show was trying to be e3 in December. Is it sad to say that Cranky Kong was the highlight of the show? I enjoyed Nintendos segment and wanted to die when they were showing off theif for an hour picking grand theft auto like they do every year even when it doesn't exist. Honestly in shocked some were expecting much from this show. Nintendo did a lot making an appearance and the got some awards which usually never happens from VGA so ultimately a success in my opinion. A link between worlds won best handheld game to people that don't know anything about video games says a lot.



AcesHigh said:

Mr. Whitehead, I couldn't have said it better myself. The show was horrible. And everything that gaming doesn't need to be, yet tries so hard to. I've never seen so much chest thumping, fist bumping nonesense. I mean, it's not like we all don't throw our buds a bump here and there but this was sad. It was sad to see such a "pagent" of people trying so hard to be cool. Yet ultimately fall so far short in reality. I really felt for the devs too. They were like, this is who we're pouring our blood sweat and tears for.

I also was just utterly disgusted with the rap. I'm a rocker dude to begin with and can't stand rap. But this was another level of just... wrong. I know the difference between rap, hip hop, R&B very well. This brand of raw rap had no place playing to an audience as broad and diverse as gaming. Just because it's on the Web and not TV/Cable doesn't require you to fill it with the foul language. and the disharmony between the rap and band was just silly. Being a must an myself, it was hard to listen to. It hurt my ears.

I don't want to be negative. Because I hate the negativity too. It's just that this was simply not what gaming is to me either. And I naturally just avoid people who try too hard in general.

I couldn't agree more with this article. I think I could have a drink with you sir! Nice article.



ColdingLight said:

The part that irked me the most is when Reggie said You guys are never satisfied! Well Reggie, I would like you to look at every other video game at VGX. A good majority of them (If not all.) are not coming to the Wii U... All you gave us was a new character announcement for Donkey Kong and a release date for that game which was leaked online about a week ago... OF COURSE PEOPLE AREN'T SATISFIED! Not to mention they advertised this like it was the second coming of Jesus Christ. Now, if they had announced a new playable character for SSB4 and a release date of MK8 then I (And I think many others) wouldn't be complaining. I admit I didn't watch the entire VGX. I only watched the Nintendo part of it. I'm sorry, but I refuse to sit down and watch what was 3 hours of apparent crap. I could do something much more productive like learn a foreign language... Or watch paint dry...



JaxonH said:

I hear you- I really do. I wish for the very same thing, unfortunately it would seem those stereotypes are becoming more true by the day. I feel we're inescapably moving closer and closer toward that direction, rather than maturing and moving away from it.

For every eager, cheerful gamer that loves this hobby and possesses a true passion for all things gaming, it seems there are ten obnoxious, spiteful gamers who hate more than they love and insult anything which does not align with their preferences. And usually Nintendo and its fans are on the receiving end of all that malice (although it goes both ways, and I've seen Sony and MS fans take the same abuse from others as well).

It was evident during VGX- the contempt which the host held against Reggie and Nintendo. I couldn't believe my ears when he said, "your fans may have their canes out after this". Just, wow. Basically saying, "your presentation sucks, and your fans are going to be upset with you" on live television. I wonder if he'd have the gall to say such a thing to Jack Tretton during a live presentation? Surely Nintendo wasn't the only one who revealed news that wasn't exactly earth-shattering.



Excep7ional said:


Ugh, here we go with this "Dudebro" term again...

It's the equivalent to calling Nintendo gamers/fans: Kids, little children or babies. It's just stupid. Are you seriously saying people who don't play Nintendo games or are apart of the community are less intelligent than people who do? You are really judging people who don't play the games that you like? Come on man. I really do hope you aren't serious.



JaxonH said:


Ok, but here's the thing. Nintendo DIDN'T hype this thing up. We did. Nintendo fans did. Nintendo just said they'd have some info on a previously announced title. That's it. Nothing more. And Reggie has no control over the 3rd party games announced and which systems they're releasing on.

This wasn't a Nintendo Direct. This was just a quick appearance at an award show to give viewers a tid-bit of info on their next big upcoming release. Just because other games were shown which aren't coming to Wii U, doesn't mean Nintendo has to bring every gun they've got to "compete". It wasn't a competition. It was what it was. A B-list award show in which Nintendo shared a bit of info on one of their games, like 20 other developers did.

I mean, if we saw 3 hours of non-stop earth-shattering reveals, and Reggie was the ONE appearance that didn't make the heavens tremble, ok. But that wasn't the case. Nobody showed anything that inspiring. Because it wasn't E3, or a Ninty Direct, or any of those things. It wasn't supposed to be a huge reveal night. VGX tried to hype everyone up like it was going to be, but we all knew better.



AcesHigh said:

@Excep7ional sorry dude... er... bro?

It's a perfect term. I'm sorry. And it exists for a reason. Did you WATCH the show?

Of course it is a generalization. And like all generalization, you'd be silly if you thought it applied to every single person in that group. But yes. I really do feel that people who enjoy Nintendo products are much more independent in their preferences and are far less subject to the "group think" that people who follow the other consoles. At least those people who are die hard devoted to their platform and not platform agnostic. All you have to do is read and observe.

And I'm not sure where you got anything having to do with "kiddie" in my post at all. I didn't mention one word of it. Maybe you are already predisposed to a type of group think?



JaxonH said:

You make a fair point, and I've actually stopped to rethink my take on the use of the word after reading your post. But I don't think people mean disrespect when they use the term dude-bro, at least I know I don't (unlike when that segment uses "kiddy" to describe a Nintendo fan- they DO mean disrespect and they DO mean to be offensive).

I think they just lack a better word to describe the segment of gamers which are only interested in the more gritty, realistic, "high-octane Hollywood" style approach when it comes to games. We really don't have an accurate term to describe that type of game or the segment of gamers which prefer them. "Dude-bro" is the closest we have right now. But if anyone has a more accurate term, I'm certainly all ears.



DreamOn said:

The show was poorly poorly produced. Insulting with its drunkenness. A dissapointing effort at catering to the gamer-Internet demographic which, wow, could they have done a worse job of interpreting? They got many parts right, the absolute worst parts of the oft immature gamer-Internet which sadly sometimes speak louder than the more "civil" voices. But that would be boring.

Edit: I should say "oft too-immature" we are all still kids at heart here:)



Excep7ional said:


I'm going to tell you straight up, I don't give a damn what anyone thinks about me or what I play and I'm sure other Sony, and Microsoft (at least the ones I know) feel the same way. Yes there are sheep in the gaming community, everyone knows that, but those "sheep" aren't exclusive to Microsoft and Sony, like you say. Plenty of Sheep in Nintendo's garden as well. What I'm trying to say is, I don't get this whole "Dudebro" thing. Yes, it is equivalent to calling Nintendo fans "Kiddies" or "Babies" because you are putting a label on someone who enjoy a specific type of game. You guys throw that term around loosely. It was originally used for people who play Call of Duty, but now it seems it gets slapped on anyone who doesn't play anything Nintendo.

Yes, I admit calling someone a baby or little kid because of their choice of gaming is childish and I don't like that either but, It just seems when someone uses that term (on this site especially), it is used to mock people for their gaming preference which, in my eyes, is offensive. I, personally don't care if someone were to call me a dudebro. I'm a fan of all types of games. I get my money's worth and I'm not missing out on a single thing. I just can't stand the double standard.



andrea987 said:

Dudebro or not dudebro, if that's what the gaming world has become, as someone already said, I'd gladly be called a non-gamer...



UTXGamer said:

Joel McHale can't be that desperate for money. The Soup is still going and Community got a 5th season.



theblackdragon said:

@Excep7ional: 'dudebro' is the new 'hardcore', just another label to be slapped onto people who choose to play things the person using the term would not. it's not worth your time or acknowledgement.

I wish people would stop labeling one another and just play what interests them. if the VGX awards don't interest you, fine — there's plenty of other things to watch (or hell, to play).



FritzFrapp said:

I've only a seen a few 15-30 minute abridged versions, but I found Joel to be the only redeeming thing I've seen in the production disaster. Some of his ad-libs I thought were hilarious, particularly the digs at the quality of the production and his loathsome shill of a co-host.

I wonder at what point did he realise what he had really got himself into? The director was obviously hiding in the toilets, the producers probably do a nice sideline in Ponzi schemes, the floor manager was dead, the cameramen thought they were Luke and Han shooting ties, and the crowd were... well, yeah... the crowd were gamers. What a nightmare.



Kirk said:

I actually didn't even bother watching the full show.

I watched the Nintendo "live world exclusive premiere reveal..." and then all the other premieres and that was it.

The various exclusive game trailers were entertaining enough for the most part but Nintendo's big reveal really was a big letdown, all things considered, and that's coming from someone who even said it would more than likely just be some new Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze footage in the first place.

Ultimately; not great.



Ibrahim77X said:

This was my first VGA/VGX also. I looked forward to it soooo badly! I was so disappointed in the sloppy order of this "awards show." I thought this was how they all went and everyone enjoyed it. I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that this was just 3 hours of nonsense with some awards thrown in.



shigulicious said:

Only if at the end of the show, Reggie walks onto set and bashes Joel's face in....THAT would have been awesome.



Fillytase said:

I was so turned off by the pre-show that I didn't even stick around for the actual awards. I've always detested the VGA's, but thought I'd stick around for any juicy reveals, and was once again reminded why it's just not worth it. They started off with painfully bad attempts at humor. In the first few minutes:
"I nicknamed my genitals"
"Wario ISN'T going to have a sex reassignment surgery"
"like the female orgasm, it doesn't exist"

...what are you guys, 12? Because that doesn't pass as comedy otherwise. The questions they were asking Reggie were also appallingly stupid. I peaced out once Reggie's segment was done.



WaxxyOne said:

I've never watched the VGA in any form because I could tell from a mile away it was mainstream BS to pander to an audience of imbiciles who like to think of themselves as gamers. As with most media, the creators of that show don't really take gaming seriously, and believe that if they just wallow in the negative stereotypes, they'll get the ratings they're looking for. The sad thing is, they're probably right. But if you're looking for an event that takes gaming seriously, this is not it, and it never was. I can only hope Nintendo does not repeat the mistake of agreeing to show up in the future.



Senario said:

@Fillytase I agree that it was generally unfunny and badly written. It really could have done more but didn't all in all and was one of the worst shows I have seen in a while. Not just from a personal opinion standpoint but it was almost at the point of being objectively bad on all accounts.



GunstarHero234 said:

@Excep7ional Just like your name bro your comment was exceptional and I applaud you bravo. I've been on here as well for weeks now and I also get tired of this immature pandering of negative stereotype names that are offensive to each other "camps" so I just take as a plain of salt and ignore it because I don't give a damn either because I enjoy variety games also. Regardless we all know as gamers together that the VGA/VGX was a disaster and embarrassing to watch so why argue about it and blame the masses over this crap by calling others "dudebro". (Which I still don't WTF it means)



NESguy94 said:

No Man's Sky and Broken Age looked amazing but the rest of the show was downright stupid. The humor was childish and some of the awards were skipped altogether. There was so much downtime and useless banter that I turned it off after No Man's Sky. If a close friend or family member would have seen me watching that I would have been embarrassed.



MAB said:

Welcome to the next gen that is the same as last gen which was just like the other gen before that... Nothing new here, only the same old



OliverAdam said:

It was all a loving joke Nintendo was a joke aswell, stop trying to argue that their input was 'fair' just because they had told us, that it would show of a game that had already been announced. They could've shown Bayonetta 2 or X - both of which we have not seen much of, but they went ahead and showed us more of DKTF - and i could swear, i have already played that game on my 3DS and Wii... The way they talked about good graphics and loving Cranky that offers nothing of variety to the game. It's probably going to be solid, but out of the all the Wii U games we've known from E3 2012, this is the one i've always been the least hyped for, i'm simply tired of all these damn 2D platformers pushed out by Nintendo - No Man's Sky is ambitious and i dug it, i liked Trey and Matt, because they didn't give a daaaaaaaaamn, but man i don't like Reggie, he's pompous and talking about how consoles need games... Xbox One and PS4 will be well established in 6 months time, and then the Wii U is done for, it's simple as that, WHY on earth would it increase in sales, when it's only been a rough ride for a year? What on earth makes you think they can turn the situation, when they have already pushed out most of their content. SSB and Mario Kart will of course give a boost, but NSBU and 3D World should've secured so much more! Have as much fun as you want with the system, i still use mine a fair amount, but it is over, the Wii U is done for, and it'll be discontinued come 2015, and if their really dumb maybe 2016
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Nomad said:

I hear a lot of people complaining about Nintendo only showing Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, but I didn't see anything that impressed me on XBOX ONE or Playstation 4.



letsplay said:

I never heard of the VGX awards. Wish I never did. I prefer to watch Wayne and Garth (Wayne's World).



WaveGhoul said:


Neither am I. I dont fit in with this hip hop Bro Shooter duder' post appocalyptic craving last man on earth gun wielding zombie popper ghetto fest. It's like these games were developed for 13 year olds without a single shred of challenge in sight.

Anyhoo, I've lost most respect and practically all interest in western video games. There are a few exceptions like Retro Studios, maybe WayForward(eh), Next Level and newcomer Yacht Club. But eh, the state of Western gaming is truly depressing.

Also, i'm tired of Reggie. He's comes off like a car sales men, and completely lacks the magic, passion, and heart of Howard Phillips/Nester. I'm not even crazy over Iwata anymore. the only one i'm a big fan of and can't get enough of is MIYAMOTO.
He puts a giant smile on my face every time.



kianworld said:

I survived. The Loiter Squad scene with them talking about buying cheese in GTA V was the cringiest.



Excep7ional said:


Thanks, haha. I'm just going to do what you do, and ignore it. Blackdragon was right, it isn't worth my time nor acknowledgment. So from here on out it's whatever. While people are trading jabs with each other because of console loyalty, I'm going to get the best from all worlds. Competition between console loyalist is always fun, but when insults starts getting thrown around that's when the fun gets punched out. Happy gaming bro.



WaveGhoul said:

I don't know what on earth you were playing last gen, but the Wii & DS were unlike anything i've ever played before. they were the shake up the industry desperately needed, or what i needed at least. Both Amazing console/handhelds. This gen, you're essentially getting more of the same with the PS4 & One.



Gamer83 said:

I don't think I could sit through that 3 hours, even if I was being paid to. This show sucks every year but this year's edition may have been the worst.



Henmii said:

"Nintendo's Appearance at VGX Underwhelmed"

Seriously, what did you guys expect?! Ever heard of Nintendo Directo (that's how Iwata calls it)? That's where the magic happens! Besides, Nintendo did reveal Cranky and they showed a little bit of DKC: Tropical freeze footage.



SetupDisk said:

Nobody that I know, nobody, no matter what age or gaming systems of choice watch or care about these awards.

It's always been a pathetic mess.



banacheck said:

If you all was expecting game announcements you watched the wrong show, "dude-bro" is a US thing isn't it? I mean "dude-bro" = US culture,



SKTTR said:

i never watched vgx, never even heard about it until yesterday when i watched 8mins of new DKC footage and the interview with Reggie and the guy from Retro (what's his name again?).
A show of this format is not representative of where the industry is heading.
Seems i picked the best part and yeah, one moderator was annoying. It would be better if he could shut the hell up when someone from Nintendo speaks.



AJWolfTill said:

I thought some of the material which the game developers prepared themselves such as the dubbing and studio looks were good. I also thought Matt and Trey made some good jokes. The only things which actually interested me though were No Man's Sky and the Broken Age segment.



Pod said:

With no particular soft spot for Mr. Keighley, and an absolute inability to muster any interest for 90% of what's being released by big publishers these days, I found McHale's presence refreshing.



B3ND3R said:

@Excep7ional dude-bro is a term used for those who are willing to stand in line for the anual "manliness" that is each new Call of Duty... As in, all they care for is uber violence and gory bits covering up the entire screen... So your comparison saying it's like calling Nintendo fans (which I am) babies is pretty ignorant.. But that's fine now you are enlightened.



Excep7ional said:


.....I just face palmed. As much as I want to counter you right now, I won't. I'm not even going to entertain this stupidity anymore.



B3ND3R said:

@Excep7ional so you can't come up with a response to what I said, so you fall back on the "I'm not going to entertain yadayadayada...." Simply because you can't admit I'm right because you want to look cool... Very classy good sir. I'm done with ya



Excep7ional said:


It's obvious no matter what I say, you won't get it. Read my earlier posts again, and if you don't see the similarities between the two then I can't help you.

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