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Rosalina, Baby Characters, New Courses And Unique Rides All Confirmed For Mario Kart 8

Posted by Damien McFerran

UFOs, ATV buggies and bikes all inbound

Today's Nintendo Direct broadcast was bursting with new information about a host of Wii U and 3DS titles, and those looking forward to Mario Kart 8 weren't left disappointed.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed a whole host of fresh info about the forthcoming Wii U racer, including new tracks and characters.

Rosalina will be joining the fun — it was confirmed that she's going to be in Super Smash Bros., as well — and various “Baby” Nintendo characters, such as Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, were also confirmed to be making the cut.

As far as new circuits are concerned, you'll be able to race around an airport, dash through a desert and soar high in the clouds. Finally, it was confirmed that the range of vehicles will include UFOs, four-wheel ATV buggies, standard karts and bikes. Phew!

You can check out the new trailer below — are you excited about this game yet?

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ikki5 said:

Toadette will always be my favourite Character and the character I use

Though I didn't see her in that trailer but I did see her in the E3 trailer so I am pretty sure she will be in there.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Looks awesome!!! I was hoping to hear a release date, or even just a release month though.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Spring 2014 sounds like it's susceptible to delays!

I hope they launch it on the day that Punxsutawney Phil says that spring will start and no later



SparkOfSpirit said:

I was sort of hoping for Kirby over baby characters. The MK games need more characters anyway.



PanurgeJr said:

Just as long as Daisy doesn't get cut I'll be happy. But what does she have to do to get Nintendo's attention? She's so much better than either Peach or Rosalina. And let Luigi have a girlfriend already.



datamonkey said:

PLEASE Nintendo can you tone down the rubber-banding effect in this game as MK's are ruined for me by cheating AI.

Players should be rewarded for doing well, not penalised...



Dreamcaster-X said:

WOW!!! THAT LOOKS GREAT!! I still don't get why Nintendo holds back so much on the Wii U when it is in such dire straits. They should be showing new games as often as they can. They just wait too long in between to share news.



ULTRA-64 said:

@Kroisos or even better..... A miss wario!! Would make a nice change to see a female 'large' character!
Also.....has there been any majoras mask hints seen yet.....seem to be in everything else. I want to play as the mask??



Sean_Aaron said:

Very excited for this; haven't played a Mario Kart game since the SNES version when it was current.



NintyMan said:

Not sure what to think about the nursery-load of baby characters returning from Mario Kart Wii again, but at least it confirms that the character roster is going to be big. I really like the tropical airport and fossil canyon tracks. Hoping for Diddy Kong to return with Dixie Kong or even Cranky Kong as new characters!



majinchuck said:

I LOVEEEE the galaxy games, but can someone please explain why nintendo pushes Rosalina on us so hard like its such a huge treat for us.



ACK said:

@majinchuck Find a Nintendo-loving girlfriend. Make her pop out a daughter. You won't ever need to ask again.

MK never disappoints. My most anticipated racing game, by a wide mile. Now if they can just get that Battle mode right... And reintroduce co-karting...



sinalefa said:


Well, Mario Kart 7 had the Queen Bee if that counts...

And also Mario Kart 7 had no babies and no Waluigi, so if it also lacked the Blue Shell it would have been the perfect Mario Kart to me.

If they want to keep the Blue Shell, they could at least ban it from single player. If the idea is to level the playing field when people of different skill levels play together, that is nonexistent in single player. Just another burden to unlock the hidden characters.



Residentsteven said:

I almost have a reason to buy a wii U I brought one at launch but it broke the moment I switched it on, I got my money back but didn't bother getting another one.



Giygas_95 said:

As long as Dry Bones returns. Yeah, I know. No one plays him. Well, I do.


Oh, and they really should add some other Nintendo characters like Kirby...and what about Ness?



ULTRA-64 said:

@sinalefa I've not played mk7 as I don't buy handhelds so quite allot if it will be new for me. I didn't know queen bee was a character for one, standard or secret?
Also, Ive never minded the blue shell, ads a random factor to events that adds to replayabilty.but thats me, I know allot of people don't like it!! My biggest gripe from mk Wii was the awful battle mode and wide tracks. Were these better in mk7?



majinchuck said:

@ACK I had a nintendo loving girlfriend who I turned into a nintendo loving wife and now have a 2 and 1/2 yr old nintendo loving daughter... I still don't understand lol.



Williaint said:

Well, I could care less about the Babies, or Rosalina, but I'm glad to see some more stuff on MK8.



sinalefa said:


Yes, the Queen Bee was one of the hidden characters. The thing is that I am like you but the other way around, since I never got MKWii. I know you race with other 7 karts, there are no bikes and you have submarine/aerial parts in tracks, making the game vertical and more varied.



Gioku said:

What? UFOs? Were they in the trailer? I don't remember seeing any... o.o



Bulbousaur said:

I'm OK with Baby Mario, Luigi and Peach because they were characters which were established before Mario Kart Wii came out. But Baby Daisy is a giant waste of a slot who was solely created just to be in the game, when there are plenty of much more deserving light characters like E. Gadd and Toadsworth. If it wasn't for the big roster this game will presumably have, she would be a bigger waste than Honey Queen was, and I despise Honey Queen.

Pointless ranting aside, this game looks fantastic and I can't wait to play it! But where are these UFOs, and the buggies look like regular karts to be.



Luna-Harmony said:

Fantastic i bet mario kart comes out the same time as metalgear and other big hitters for ps4 and bone to compete with them like they did with mario 3d world coming out the same day as EU ps4 launch.



Assassinated said:

Sugar Rush! The second course shown was totally like Sugar Rush from Wreck it Ralph. Imagine if Vanellope Von Schweetz was an unlockable character.



PokeMario said:

I didn't ask for Dr. Luigi, or Rosalina in Smash Bros., or a free Celebi, or Hyrule Warriors, or Sonic Lost World DLC. All I wanted was a released date, but instead we got "Spring 2014".



Jazzer94 said:

This game looks better and better each time I see new footage, the lighting effects and graphics look stunning.



Mahemoth said:

this game looks awesome! I can't wait to play kart again Double dash has been a long time.



HappyHappyist said:

looks like you can't block items with shells anymore ): look at the footage. when you hold an item, the character holds it.



MrGawain said:

You could argue by saying ' coming spring 2014', Nintendo has got a more precise as something to announce in it's January direct.



doctor_doak said:

That looks amazing. So... many...colours!!

Hugely disappointed the blue shell is still there. Why can't there be an option to toggle it on/off for people who want actual 'skill' to be the key determinant of the race result??



jayclayx said:

I just watched the trailer and I almost cry of joy, this game looks sick! this is why I got my #@$@ wii U! OMG



Kirk said:

This to me is one of the few all-round truly quality, fully realized and highly polished games Nintendo is bringing to the Wii U.

There's a few very good games from Nintendo for Wii U but this is the kind of all-round quality standard, realization/actualization and level of polish I wish ALL of them were up to.



Adam said:

Looks like they are back to the ginormous wide tracks of MKW, but there's enough MK7 in there to make me not entirely pessimistic.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Yay I love the babies, but seriously whats up with Rosalina being tossed into everything? It's almost as weird as making Petey Piranha a hidden character in almost every Mario spinoff on the Gamecube.



ddbangsy said:

I can't wait to meet you all online with this one. It's looking like another great Mario Kart game!



JaxonH said:

That's true, and while Mario Kart does implement rubber banding to an extent, races are most often won by the player with the most skill. What separates Mario Kart from all the other racing games out there, is the unpredictability and the chance for anyone to get back into the game at any given time.

Skill will greatly determine your outcome but luck does play a small part in it. Sure, that might mean you losing your 1st place from the guy who nailed you with a blue shell in back, but that's the fun of it. Nothing is certain, which gives it that "unpredictability" factor. That works against skill, but it also is what makes it so much fun.

Rubber banding is only utilized to a certain extent, to keep the race close enough that you're always challenged by AI within range. It's not overdone to the point that you can never catch up.



SMW said:

I keep watching, but I can see no UFOs! I want to believe!



Jayvir said:

At first, I thought Kirby and his Warp Star was going to appear in Mario Kart, given that Smash Bros bit.



19Robb92 said:

This game looks stunning visually. Love the look of the tracks as well. This could be the best MK games since MKDS



strongest_link said:

I never get tired of seeing those wheels turn sideways and glow blue. Shame we didn't get any new information on a release window. I would have been happy to have it narrowed down to a month at least.



Henmii said:

Awesome trailer! I heard there's also a Modern warfare 2 track in it, strangely enough. Why, for crying out loud! Other then that it looks great!



Moshugan said:

@Jayvir ''At first, I thought Kirby and his Warp Star was going to appear in Mario Kart, given that Smash Bros bit.''
Me too! That would've been ace!

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