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Refurbished Wii Remote Plus / Nunchuk Combos Discounted at Nintendo Online Store

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Hagglin' for some wagglin'

Need an extra Wii Remote Plus? Don't want to be caught woefully lacking when friends show up to play Super Mario 3D World? Nintendo's online store has a new price on used but working Remote-and-Nunchuk combos that may interest you.

The store has temporarily reduced the price on its refurbished combos from $30 to $20 for an unknown period of time. Available colours include the classic white, sultry black, and whimsical blue. The Nunchuk are said to match the colours of the Remotes, which is a nice touch.

All products are guaranteed to be in perfect working order and include a jacket, although they may have some cosmetic blemishes. Who knows? The Wii Remote Plus you receive from this sale could be one that went through Donald Trump's diamond-encrusted 200-inch TV! Or not. It's still a decent deal, though.

Thinking of picking one of these combos up? Let us know below.


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Falchion said:

I thought it said discontinued... And I was wondering why would they do that?



rjejr said:

Used controllers?

um, no.

Money would be better spent on the Wii Party U or Maro adn Sonic Olympics bundles which make new Wimotes cost about $10. And who really needs a nunchuck? Better off buying a Pro.

Is the eShop u yet? Thats pretty much the only reason I'm here, to read about what the day long update did. Time to go face Gethjerk, the final boss battle awaits.



nickel696 said:

I bought the blue one like a week and half ago and got it last thursday. i can tell you guys right now that the wii remote plus looks brand new and it does work perfectly. its a steal at that price because buying a new wii remote plus and a nunchuck costs 60$ and your only paying 20$. btw its not free shipping you have pay 5$ for shipping plus tax which is still a good deal cause i paid a total of 27$.



nickel696 said:

@rjejr its refurbished not used theres a difference lol. refurbished is when you take a used product and fix it up to be like brand new. used is when you get a product thats not brand new and could be damaged. I would buy a 20$ refurbished wii remote plus with a nun chuck vs paying 50$ for a game that comes with a wii remote which techincally costs 10$ and buy a nun chuck for another 20$. so you still would be paying more if you bought wii u party



Warruz said:

I will definitely snag one,I was ill prepared last time but NO MORE!



JustinH said:

I'd get one of these but then again I'll probably just get the Wii Party U bundle. But it's so tempting.



Mode7 said:

Just got a classic white and whimsical blue to go with my sultry black and fierce red... thanks for the tip!



IceClimbers said:

@rjejr According to Emily Rogers, once the eShop maintenance is done the big system update for 3DS that brings NNIDs and Miiverse to the system will go live. What I'm wondering though, is how will the current friends list be dealt with. Certain games use your friends list, Pokemon X/Y in particular. The Friend Safari works based upon the friend codes. With friend codes essentially gone, will the feature cease to work (at least temporarily)?



springNexxis said:

I wish they had the red one. I want a red one so badly. I doubt they have many to refurbish though.



ultraraichu said:

Tempting. Even thought I have more then enough controllers for a Wii/ WiiU party, only 2 are plus and 2 have the motion plus attachment. I may bite just to get rid (giveaway) the spare normal Wii Remotes.



FeedingTheWheel said:

I'll probably buy one. Seeing as how I was hooked on Xbox last gen, I missed out on all the great Wii titles.



element187 said:

The only colors I'm missing is pink and blue, so I picked up the blue.

$20 is a steal. Gamestop the rip off store sells USED Wii mote plus for $35

Gee thanks GameStop for giving me a $5 discount on a used product.... Might as well buy brand new for $40.

In all seriousness I jumped on it. So now I have three Wiimote pluses by Nintendo. One pink one by an off brand company I got for $10 .... Plus 2 pro controllers (I jumped on best buys sale of the White controllers for 50% off), I think I'm set for all my multiplayer needs.... Now I just need to bring my system to my brothers house and have a marathon SM3DW session with my nephews.



SMW said:

Exactly what I was looking for, for Christmas! Been searching Amazon this past weekend for just that. $20 for both! Do want!



Genesaur said:

I've got pretty much everything I need with the Zelda, Mario and Luigi remotes. I guess I could get another set here, but I don't have much need for it. I'll take that money and get Razor's Edge.



Shugo said:

@FeedingTheWheel Considering that refurbished stocks are by their very nature limited, I'd say yes. They're probably doing this to unload some excess stock and then the price will go back up after they've gotten rid of them.



rjejr said:

@luigifan2000 - Thanks. Glad I didn't wiat up, that's midnigt for me. The PSN finally came up about 5. I was going to DL N No Kuni bu its 21.7GB so I may just pick up the disc, still undecided Though i need o decide in the next 5 hours or so.



gefflt said:

I'm confused, is it saying that all players need Wii Remote Plus to play Super Mario 3D World?



TimLatshaw said:

@gefflt A Wii Remote Plus isn't needed to play Mario 3D World, no. I believe a standard remote works just as well. But if you're going to buy a Wii remote, you might as well get a Plus at these prices. ; )



SMW said:

Got my blue one ordered! Such a sweet deal to get a nunchuk too!



Game-Over said:

The Wii Pro Classic controller is what i'm after, they seem to be scarce, are they still available in the shops?. A lot of virtual console games are redundant or can't be played properly without a controller, even with a Wii U transfer a Wii controller is still needed.

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