Need an extra Wii Remote Plus? Don't want to be caught woefully lacking when friends show up to play Super Mario 3D World? Nintendo's online store has a new price on used but working Remote-and-Nunchuk combos that may interest you.

The store has temporarily reduced the price on its refurbished combos from $30 to $20 for an unknown period of time. Available colours include the classic white, sultry black, and whimsical blue. The Nunchuk are said to match the colours of the Remotes, which is a nice touch.

All products are guaranteed to be in perfect working order and include a jacket, although they may have some cosmetic blemishes. Who knows? The Wii Remote Plus you receive from this sale could be one that went through Donald Trump's diamond-encrusted 200-inch TV! Or not. It's still a decent deal, though.

Thinking of picking one of these combos up? Let us know below.