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Poll: Nintendo and the Wii U Fight For Your Attention in This Busiest of Gaming Months

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Will Nintendo's platform and games succeed this December?

We're now approaching — or in some places have reached — the end of the madness of the Black Friday shopping weekend, an annual fixture in North America and to a lesser extent elsewhere. Of course, the Holiday shopping gig isn't up, and as we enter December we kick off a vital few weeks for Nintendo and its competitors in the video game market.

If the Black Friday sales have gone well we'd expect Nintendo — and Microsoft and Sony — to do plenty of singing and dancing. There are no real indicators as yet, with the only tangible example doing the rounds online being based on the buying intentions and/or receipts of a sample of shoppers, which reveals a small part of the picture in the grand scheme of things. There's been word of mouth regarding some seeing plenty of shoppers buying Wii U deals, and others suggesting the opposite. What we need are actual numbers, and will have to wait at least day or two to see them.

But still, we'd suggest that it'll be Wii U sales over the whole of December that are as important as those in the Black Friday madness, especially as Nintendo's offers in the period were, for the most part, permanent bundles and prices. It was the 3DS and 2DS that saw greater discounts kicking around, so the portable may see a boost.

Much of the year, which has been typified by poor Wii U sales numbers, has ultimately come down to "the games will come, and Nintendo needs a big Holiday season". That time is now, as Nintendo clearly knows — we've seen a significant increase in marketing efforts and general advertising. The evidence so far, which can still evolve in the next few weeks, is that titles such as Wii Party U and Sonic Lost World haven't blown any houses down; that brings the attention to the critically acclaimed Super Mario 3D World. Mario's début in Japan was modest by the mascot's high standards, but can the buzz around this game — and the expanding Wii U library — drive greatly increased hardware sales in other territories? With a lower price than newcomers PS4 and Xbox One along with some attractive bundles, can all of these factors align to bring the Wii U into the game and give it greater momentum into 2014? To give context on how important this period is for the system, 460,000 Wii U hardware sales were recorded for the first six months of the financial year, recording up to 30th September — Nintendo's financial year target is nine million units.

We look forward to seeing some facts and figures in the coming days and weeks, but for now we want to gauge your opinions and impressions to date. Do you think that sales of the Wii U are on an upward swing, and do you expect a decent Holiday season for the system? Share your views in the polls and comments below.

Do you think the Wii U will have sold well over the Black Friday period? (573 votes)

Based on what I've seen first-hand, absolutely


Based on my time in stores, there was little interest in Wii U


It's hard to tell, really


I didn't go to the shops, but I think it'll perform well


Although I didn't see for myself, I doubt it


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Do you anticipate good sales for the Wii U over the whole Holiday season? (570 votes)

Definitely, there's good buzz and I think it'll sell impressively


I'm not sure, but I'm optimistic at the moment


I'm going to sit on the fence and say "I'm not sure"


I have doubts, and it may not hit the heights Nintendo expects


I don't think so, to be honest


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Ricube said:

I would like to be optimistic, but I don't think that Mario can do it alone. Hope Nintendo advertises even Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club (without the U, to make things easier)



GatorGamer said:

I really do hope that interest in the Wii U will rapidly increase this holiday, and I think that it will at least be considered as a new console by parents/grandparents. I think Nintendo has played their cards right, and by that I mean that they have done a good job (in the past couple weeks) of advertising to casuals. In 2014 I expect a more 'hardcore' approach, but for now they need to just increase the install base.



ScreamoPichu said:

During my Black Friday trip I never saw a single Wii U sold. But I also only saw one or two Xbox Ones and PS4s. There were a ton of PS3s and 360s still being sold.
I've been seeing commercials everywhere on TV, which is good.

I still have no idea how Wii U will perform this holiday. All I know is there is NO WAY they'll hit nine-million.



Gioku said:

I want it so bad...! But it's still way too expensive for my family, unfortunately. We can't afford the console itself, let alone all the controllers/game(s) you need for it.

...and this is why I've never had a home console. The fact remains that Nintendo Handhelds are still the most affordable game consoles out there.



scrubbyscum999 said:

I don't know how the Wii U will do. Li went to Best Buy midday Black Friday and I didn't see much interest in if despite it being pretty prominent. I'm afraid parents are more likely to buy the past gen 360 or PS3.



XFsWorld said:

I saw a couple of WiiUs sold.

On the software side....Mario 3D World was really hard to get!



RedRocBoy said:

If it topped out @ 50 or 60 million I would be happy. Nintendo really needs to snag more exclusives. They have more then enough money. Get some exclusive Capcom games some exclusives from SquarevEnix. Get Konami to make an exclusive Metal Gear game for the console. They can do it. Really wish I had my own video game company. Got so many ideas for games and how to use the gamepad.



skapunx823 said:

i actually work at a used game store and since super mario 3d world came out we have been getting atleast 5 calls a day asking if we have wii u systems for sale( i generally convince people to go buy it new) so all in all id say super mario 3d world is deffinitly going to help sell the system on top of all the other great games the system has to offer



Gioku said:

@Hernandez: Yeah, I almost kinda wanna get it, because, at $99, we could actually afford it! We can just barely get away with buying the 2DS, but that's still pushing our budget a bit... but I really want some way to play local multiplayer games with my sister so I'm gonna get something, damnit!



vattodev said:

Ok, this is the third article wondering about Nintendo's sales in a weekend. This site has just entered my hate list.
"Mario's début in Japan was modest by the mascot's high standards": and again, saying something that may be completely wrong.
Please go back to talking about games instead of spreading possibly false rumors based on what people say in a forum. Nothing about new Pikmin DLC with new themed scenarios but three "Wii U is doomed" sales articles?
How about making an article about Wii U's growing sales in japan and how it became most sold home console last week? It's in the exact same page that you found the 100k sales for SM3DW!



NintyMan said:

I didn't go Black Friday shopping. However, my sister who did go shopping at GameStop said that she didn't see any Wii Us sold. But, as this article mentioned, we need actual numbers to really know. So many people could have different experiences of Wii Us selling out or being left on shelves. In the meantime, I'm going to remain optimistic that Wii U will have done well.

I have been seeing more Wii U commercials lately. I saw a Wii U commercial during a break for Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and there was a Super Mario 3D World one when my dad was watching The Wizard of Oz on the tbs channel. Nintendo is now starting up their ad campaign.

Overall, I expect Wii U to perform well this Christmas season. Not amazingly well, but definitely better enough to be on the turnaround.



skapunx823 said:

@vattodev kinda seems like a weird reason to hate a website, seeing as how they are just as concerned about sales from the wii u as all of us are, also pikmin 3 dlc was announced by nintendo (through a direct) and is on the e shop being advertised so i dont see the real need for an article about a mission pack dlc but i guess thats just me



Shworange said:

Sold out at 3 targets that I was at. Mario WiiU bundles are sold out on None at best buy yesterday (for the first time in a long time). Seems to be selling alright in my neck of the woods.



vattodev said:

@skapunx823 I'm hating because they are spreading false rumours, just like any trolls on gamefaqs would do. And about Pikmin DLC, I'd like to hear someone that actually downloaded it talking about how dificult the missions are and what did they add to the game, because this one actually modifies the gameplay including new scenarios and two new captains.

Just as food for editors: Instead of spreading false rumors, go to VGChartz and check weekly Wii U sales. Wii U had abysmall sales during the year. VGChartz already has data up to Nov 23. Wii U sold 48k that week, so it sold three times as much as it's most selling week in October. Why don't you talk about wiiU nearly doubling in sales every week instead?
Stop spreading false rumors. This atitude doesn't help at all. There are enough sites trying to say that the Wii U is failing. Look at the numbers yourself and say what they really mean.
Wii U sales are growing. Steadily and by a LOT. Every week.



hYdeks said:

I'm very optimistic it did well! I was in ebgames buying a couple games to tie me over till christmas, and when I was in there only one person wanted a xbox one, 3 people bought the mario & luigi wii u bundle, 1 person bought the zelda wii u bundle, and I heard one guy buying the 2DS and wanted a new Wii, so that was kinda cool I wasn't the only one shopping Nintendo in there for once lol



bmprsvz777 said:

I was in many shops e.g. Carrefour, Cora, Metro, Media Markt... most people I have seen complain about Wii U price and most families opt for Wii mini... it makes sense, small children don't care about HD and old games for Wii are cheap and plentiful... Nintendo made big mistake by selling Wii, Wii mini and Wii U at the same time. Production of Wii should have been stopped before Wii U came to market. I also noticed one strange thing, most shops do not have new Wii U games, you won't find 3D Mario, Deus Ex or AC4... crazy, on one hand Nintendo wants to sell and on the other hand games are not in shops... I would fire Nintendo marketing manager immediately.



skapunx823 said:

@vattodev i really think your looking at the article the wrong way but what ever, as for statistics they are never accurate ps4 is the most anticipated game system this holiday season according to polls but xboxone took the black friday crown at target and walmart, see what i mean? as for pikmin 3 dlc thats more of a review than an article which needs time to play so im sure one will come evnetually



Warruz said:

@ScreamoPichu Thing to keep in mind with that is that only 360's and PS3's where the only things on sale barring an exception via Walmart but that was online only. PS4 and Xbox One are not going to be discounted and nor was the Wii U so black friday it would not have much of an impact.



Warruz said:

I'm optimistic , media is finally starting to take notice at the value of the Wii U now that PS4 and Xbox one are out and the hype train has left.



rjejr said:

Seeing the Wii Mini in TRU last week actually made me mad. The Wii U doesn't need the added competition right now, and not at $99. It looks really attractive and I can see people buying it. Nintendo was stupid to release it last year wherever they did but giving it a larger release this year? Nintendo is adding nails to the Wii Us coffin w/ that move.

Anybody criticizing this website while proclaiming VGC must be insane. Google "VGChartz reliable" if you don't understand why.

I'm still hoping for the best and expecting decent Wii U sales this holiday, but I'm honestly not feeling it. Warruz had a goo dpoin tthough abou tpeopel buying BF sales item this weekend, th eWii U may sell bette rin th enext few weeks. I still wish Amazon sold it though.

BTW - SM3DW $50 (instead of $60) at Kmart this week.



Sean_Aaron said:

I find it difficult to take sales numbers based upon physical copies alone seriously in this day and age...



Emblem said:

Well every Wii U pack on Amazon UK was 100% claimed within 30mins tops and they had several different bundles up. No idea what that translates to in terms of stock moved but at least it shows there is an interest.

The 3DS bundles also sold really fast so eitherway Nintendo will see some profit from the holiday season.



Doctor_Pancakes said:

Why is a Nintendo centered site posting negative sales articles instead of trying to sell people on the fantastic console and its software Nintendo has given us? Do your job? Convince the public to what Nintendo is struggling with, show us with your journalistic skills how to properly build up popularity for a fantastic system. Do articles on how Wind Waker HD, Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds are the highest rated games of the holidays and how everyone that claims to be a gamer needs to experence those fine titles...



tsm7 said:

It was sold out everywhere in my corner of North America but I don't think that means they will necessarily hit their target. They will have to sell more than they did at launch.... PS4 and Xbox One were also sold out as well.



CureDolly said:

I am in much the same position as Gioku-san. Actually we have a Wii but we can't afford the WiiU. I have a Japanese 3DS which won't play Western games but I will be getting a Japanese game via eShop (I sure hope the Miiverse update won't make that impossible in the future).

Yes I can definitely see why the Wii Mini is an attractive proposition It is affordable and the Wii is a truly great console. WiiU is selling very poorly in Japan while 3DSLL is absolutely dominating the market.

Truthfully I think this generation will be like the Gamecube era, with the Nintendo handheld completely dominant but its home console sales remaining mediocre.



Gioku said:

@Doctor_Pancakes: That would be called propaganda, and that's not what Nintendo Life is about. It's Nintendo related news; and not all Nintendo news is good. Both the good and the bad are reported here.



ikki5 said:


If I were you, I'd actually just save for the WIi U and not get the Wii Mini. I honestly think it was a mistake for them to market that thing even more because the Wii mini doesn't get the online, you cannot play GC games on it. Cannot use any SD cards. The Wii U yeah it is 3 times the price but it can do everything a Wii Mini can do and even more as you'll have the internet access. If you really don't want to spend the time to save for a Wii U, then still skip the Wii Mini and buy a second hand Wii.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Gioku Last christmas (being dedicated Nintendo fans) me and my brother pleaded our parents for the £350 Wii U, we normally get about a hundred pounds max on each of us so I was going to use some money I had from modeling to pay for the rest, but somehow (Santa?!?) my parents managed to pull off buying the Wii U themselves (along with my grandparents as usual) and didn't need my money in the end! Best Christmas EVER! and the first to catch me by surprise in a long time (the old 'pull the "Wee (Wii) present" from behind the couch was an classic though). So I ended up buying an HD monitor with built in speakers and HDMI for like £100, to replace our old (donated by our neighbours) CRT T.V. That moment when we first saw Nintendoland in all it's 1080p glory... beautiful.



Gioku said:

@ikki5 Well I would, but I'm currently focusing on trying to get a second handheld (the 2DS) in the house... We can afford another handheld system (probably especially if I use some of my money for it). I mainly just really want to be able to play multiplayer games with my sister, whatever the fastest/cheapest way to do so is what I'll go for; the 2DS is the best option for me right now 'cause I also would not have to buy any new games; I already have several DS and 3DS games with Download Play.



baba_944 said:

I saw a commercial on the "Macy's Thanksgiving Parade" for the "NINTENDO WII U". I was ecstatic.



Doctor_Pancakes said:

Lol propaganda? It's called getting the word out about Nintendo's great system. If you want doom and gloom Nintendo articles go to Gamesradar or Game Informer.



Dogpigfish said:

The Wii U is a great system, but it is expensive even after the price cut. The max harddrive is 32gb and the console is $350 for bare necessities. Some could argue the Xbox one is $650 with the bare necessities. I still think Nintendo has a way to go considering Wii was about $100 less in its launch. The games are cool and I'm in, but the mass consumer is budget conscious which means they can no longer buy two systems for $500, but rather decide on a single console.



triforcepower73 said:

@ScreamoPichu They've sold 4 million already, so selling 5 million more this holiday season, with a Mario that's being critically acclaimed, Wii Party U, Wii Fit U, and other family friendly titles that parents think their kids will enjoy(all of which were absent last year), isn't too unfeasible.



JimLad said:

@Hernandez I thought the same thing. They were fools not to continue supporting the Wii with casual software. Then they could focus the Wii U (with a different name) solely on core fans. Third pillar strategy.
Oh well.

I think sales will enjoy a moderate hike this winter, and again maybe once Mario Kart and Smash come out. But what then? Wait for another christmas until Zelda maybe shows up?
I hate to say it but without third parties to fill the gaps, this console is never going to take off. Unless NIntendo up their game output MASSIVELY.



electrolite77 said:


A lot of people clearly are interested in sales articles. If you're not, don't open them. Just ignore them instead of going on about how much you 'hate' the site.

Also, don't accuse others of spreading false rumours then start quoting VGchartz



JaxonH said:

With the barrage of articles we read every day pertaining to the sales of Wii U, it's important to remember that regardless of the console's fate in the marketplace, it won't have any bearing on the enjoyment Wii U owners will be getting out of their consoles over the course of the next 5-10 years. I wish the Wii U well- I really do, but one way or the other, it's not going to affect me as a gamer. Nintendo will support the system 100% whether 10 million people buy the console or 100 million.



NintendoMaster said:

I think even if they called Wii U "Cafe" they would have gotten more sales. Consumers are just too confused these days. I bought a Wii U at launch and love it. Even if it doesn't sell that well, as long as Nintendo keeps making great games I'll be happy.



CureDolly said:

JaxonH said:

<I>With the barrage of articles we read every day pertaining to the sales of Wii U, it's important to remember that regardless of the console's fate in the marketplace, it won't have any bearing on the enjoyment Wii U owners will be getting out of their consoles over the course of the next 5-10 years. I wish the Wii U well- I really do, but one way or the other, it's not going to affect me as a gamer. Nintendo will support the system 100% whether 10 million people buy the console or 100 million.</i>

Absolutely right. People talk about Gamecube as if it was a "failure". It was actually a great console with a lot of truly great games (not only from Nintendo). It was a really wonderful era of Nintendo gaming. Nintendo made a lot of money from GBA and some from Gamecube. The only people unhappy about it all were the kind of fans who treat it as a horse-race between consoles.

Another GameCube/GBA-like era definitely won't be a bad thing for Nintendo fans - except the ones who are like football fans who need to see their "team" "winning".

The thing is, even Nintendo doesn't see it that way. They aren't in competition with Sony and Microsoft. They are doing what they always do. Running a successful business and producing great games.

What else really matters?



JaxonH said:

I was about to defend you, but then I read your original post. Ok, while I do agree that WAY too much emphasis is put on sales instead of games, and while I also agree that there ARE many positive things about the Wii U that we can discuss and share, it is not the place of a journalist to "sell" anyone on anything. Now, if anyone of us makes it our personal ambition to convince others to buy a console, that's one thing. But journalists follow a code of ethics, and should not use their position to sway the minds of others. Now, a journalist can point out facts, but to intentionally ignore negatives is crossing the line.

Having said that, I would like to point out that sales aren't exactly relevant imo. I don't mind a mention here and there, but it does seem like Wii U sales are the only thing anyone cares about anymore. Why? I have no idea. A person shouldn't be basing their decision on whether to buy a console or not on how many OTHER people are buying it. That's called "doing what's popular".



GraveLordXD said:

@electrolite77 they have till spring which is April to hit that number which is after the fiscal year plenty of time to get that depending on what games are being released at that time Mario kart, tropical freeze maybe brawl who knows what else but its pretty reasonable it wouldn't surprise me if they sold over 9 million at that point. Between launch and just recently there hasn't been any software worth getting so no motivation for anyone besides very hard core day one buyers why they sold so much right at release Sony and Microsoft will go through the same exact thing as always like every other generation before this one maybe not as bad but it will happen it always does



Doctor_Pancakes said:

What do you think reviews are? They sell the people on the product. This site has a lot of great writers and they seem to waste it on sales articles from what I have seen here lately. I do love the site but for every good article there is another Nintendo sales fall again article. Just seems backward to me. Guess that's why I dont run a game site... I'd be one biased but positive s.o.b. lol



JustinH said:

Anecdotally I've heard the big Mario bundle doesn't stay in stock too much. That's pretty good. I did a little bit of shopping on the weekend but didn't see anyone buying much of anything video game related.



orravan85 said:

Excellent read on the comments. Loved the article and the content presented. All the discussions on here are great and I think ultimately promoting Nintendo.



Mahe said:

Wii U's biggest competitor is non-interest, and they've got a non-interest generator in the form of the Gamepad. That thing needs to go.

However, Wii U will perform better this holiday season with games like Wii Party U and bundles like the Mario & Luigi bundle, seeing a rise from the days when it was backed by mediocre and bad games like Nintendoland and Game & Wario.



OGGamer said:

I didn't spend an entire day in any store to be able to tell what systems were purchased . It seems like a silly question to me . I can say that I didn't see ANY system purchased but that doesn't mean that none were sold that day .
I will attest to the power of nintendo titles . I recently purchased SM3DW and my wife who has ZERO interest in video games was completely engrossed in watching the gameplay . So much so that she wanted to play with me . No other game in my extensive library has been able to achieve that . A testament to Nintendo's ability to draw people in . If they advertise well they can reach very respectable sales numbers this season .



Hale-Bopp said:

They'll do fine, just not as well as they've projected. I think they slightly overestimate people's interest in buying a Wii U just for Mario.



SKYW4LK3R said:

Lately I heard WAAAAAYYY too many peoples complaining about the size of the "hard drive" inside the Wii U ... I think that Nintendo should sell a Nintendo branded hard drive because the average consumer seems to think that they're stuck with 8 or 32go... You can plug a 2TB hard drive!!!



vattodev said:

@electrolite77 VGChartz, while unreliable, would not miss a trend of growth 8 weeks in a row. You can have the exact same number in Media Create if that's what you want, but they don't give you the cute chart.
Now When one Nintendo site talks about ABSOLUTE ESTIMATED sales, without taking in regard digital sales to say that the biggest system seller is flopping in it's sales... That's annoying.



JimLad said:

Other than sales there's not much to talk about right now.
Unless you count the weekly screenshots from Smash Bros or what Kickstarter projects might be coming to the system.
Where's the details about Yarn Yoshi? or X? or Zelda? or all the games they supposedly have in development.
The majority of game news coming out of Nintendo is for the 3DS. Wii U actually has very little to report.
I don't get why they still keep so many secrets at a time when they need to be convincing people that the games are 'coming'.



Doctor_Pancakes said:

@SKYW4LK3R really it is my only problem with the console. I'd of paied extra for a 500 gigger if they had it. The external that gamestop provides is only around 320 gigs and is WAY over priced. Nintendo really does need to provide a list of good compatibal and cheap externals if they choose to continue with the low gig consoles.



vattodev said:

@Doctor_Pancakes I'm using a laptop hard drive in a case. I didn't have to do anything really. If you have a spare HD at home you may want to just try and plug it to check if it works.



ajcismo said:

I'd be more optimistic if there were a Smash Bros and/or Mario Kart bundle available right now. Granted, a top-notch Mario title does sell systems, but if all 3 of those Mario-led titles were out now with their own bundles... well, even the most cynical of Pachter-bot would be picking one up.



unrandomsam said:

@CureDolly That is the problem the Wii U only really has Nintendo at the moment. The Gamecube had really good interesting stuff from Capcom and Sega as well. (And Nintendo's games lasted much longer as they were more difficult). You need many more modern Nintendo games for a given amount of time unfortunately.



citizenerased said:

I don't see Nintendo impressing either the non-gaming crowd that they captured with Wii (they've got tablets; gamepad won't impress them) nor regaining the main gaming crowd, that has moved on (since the PS2 days) to pretty graphics, violence, online multiplayer and grey/brown and other games that Nintendo isn't offering.

That leaves families and Nintendo fans - such as you, the person reading this. There simply aren't 100 million of those. This'll probably sell a bit more than the Cube and N64. Do I mind? No, I just want my quality first party Nintendo titles, along with some indie goodness. Console sales won't impact that. Although I do hope Nintendo starts adding some more franchises to the bunch. They're going to have to, when even Mario isn't selling consoles.



electrolite77 said:


I can't see any chance of Smash Bros before end of March, in fact I'd be very surprised if we saw Mario Kart in that time frame but you never know.

I think (hope) they'll have a good Christmas, the software is there now, a total of 12.45 million sales by the end of March though? That would be a turn up. That would require sales akin to the Wii in 2007.



electrolite77 said:


Hope you're right fella. An announcement of that, with maybe a new game or two for 2014, would be a great start to the year.



JuanitoShet said:

Super Mario 3D World will definitely sell some systems, I'm sure, but Mario can't do it alone. It was proven with the release of New Super Mario Bros. U, and I'm pretty confident it'll be proven again with 3D World.

They need to keep the games coming. If they don't, the little momentum that Mario's brought to the console will be lost.

I'm doing my best to stay optimistic for the console.



luckybreak said:

Black friday kicks off the holiday shopping season. I didn't see any wii u deals in the piles of adds i looked at for black friday.

But the 3ds was the #6 highest selling thing at target during black friday!



skapunx823 said:

also no body forget nintendo supposivley has an anouncement for VGX this year which i think is december 7th



thanos316 said:

the consoles are now going head to head. these coming weeks will tell a lot. but this console generation seems different. maybe im defferent with my purchases and thinking.. but the pc is looking very good right now for a gaming device.



okamiki said:

Sorry to say this here but man I as hoping to buy sm3dw and zlbw and now not even the cheapear game ill buy for this Xmas. Really fealing down.



ultimate321 said:

@vattodev really? Is there something wrong wrong with talking about sales during the peak time of the year in terms of sales? Is there something wrong with talking about the interest people have in it? I don't want to sound aggressive but that's really immature. If you can't handle the fact that the wii u has low sales then that's your problem. The rest of us WANT the wii u to do great and want to know how its doing that. Part of that is sales.



MadAdam81 said:

@Gioku That shouldnt mean that they share negative rumours as fact and try hard to make sure there are more negative articles than positive ones. No one is asking to be protected from the scary truth - we just want fair and balanced reporting, not Murdoch press sensationalism and fear mongering.



boynerdrambling said:

Hey guys, I've got an idea for a great new article you can write daily. Wii U sales. It'll get you lots of clicks. Oh wait..



shaggyc said:

In a gamestop on black friday.. there were numerous people that came in wanting to buy a ps4. Each one of them they let know that they had xbox one's in stock. One couple and myself seemed to be the only ones that were interested in wii U games. Sadly. Hopefully they get some more must have titles out. I want more to play.. and hope they are able to sell more systems as well.



divinelite said:

For readers who only want good news I disagree
We need all the news about wi u, whether it's good or bad to know it better



vattodev said:

@ultimate321 I think people got everything wrong. I'm not complaining about the bad news. I'm complaining about bad news based on rumors. Specifically about SM3DWorld. They are comparing absolute numbers estimated, ignoring many facts such as digital sales, number of days in the release week and install base and preaching that SM3DWorld didn't sell well. I would understand that from a sony/ms fan site. I don't understand that in this site. If they are not sure or cannot prove something, I'd rather they don't write it down and spread it.
Now that the wiiU is steadily growing in sales for almost 2 months and became most sold home console in Japan last week, that was already proven. And that they are not saying.
Ok, I edited my first post to be more clear with why I'm complaining.



vattodev said:

@divinelite I wonder why they didn't make a single article about how the wiiU became the most sold home console in Japan last week after 8 weeks of steady growth. That's why I'm complaining. Why hide the truth when it's finally positive? Just because someone said in a forum in the internet?



Ailingforale said:

Just to throw in my two cents, the Wii U sold fairly well in my store in Washington. The kicker was that it was only the Mario and Zelda bundles that sold, not the Skylander and basic Deluxe. We also had about $50 off each version for the weekend of black friday...



divinelite said:

@vattodev well in my opinion, maybe you could give the link of news in email to nintendolife crews
Good news is totally needed to be spread out too because well... I know most big sites seldomly post good news...



divinelite said:

@vattodev oh yeah sorry I misunderstood
I guess it's about opinion then, given the same facts. So yeah I guess it's better if Nintendolife also point out the good point of view rather than post it fully a bad point of view



Sampras said:

Most people are not early adopters. With so few games for launch for ps4 and xbone, most people will wait till they come out with games that catch their eye before considering to purchasing one.
Wii U on the other hand, have passed their early adopter phase. This holiday season will interest more middle adopters with a slew of quality 1st party titles and then some.



Spectator said:

From a price point it sounds good, but from a marketing point I think it will get over shadowed. The real deal is what will happen after smash brothers and mario kart come out. Who knows Nintendo might be a late riser.



Gerbwmu said:

@Doctor_Pancakes - I snagged a 2tb Toshiba as recommended by Nintendo from best buy for $65.00. No way I can fill it before the Wii 3 arrives in 2018

EDIT: hard drive has worked great too.....haven't had any issues thus far. If anyone is looking for storage the Toshiba has been good to me



Dark_Link said:

In the sea of the negative press, the facts are that the Wii U has slowly but surely seen an increase in hardware sales. It started slightly with Pikmin 3, than the Wind Waker Bundle really helped get it out from under its hole in NA and Europe and now Wii Party U and SM3DW along with Mario Bundles are raising the sales up a little more. SM3DW did sell 240k in just two days. We shall see what the numbers look like with black friday behind us. I think Nintendo needs to keep afloat until Kart, Smash and X come out. Those will increase hardware sales big time and being that X is jrpg should help entice Japan to be more interested in the Wii U.



IronMan28 said:

I doubt the system did well with "da core gamerzzzzzzz!!!!!", but I think it sold okay. I visited a few stores and the few they had in stock looked to be the ones they had left, but I'm not a sales rep or person who cares so much as to count what may have been sold. That being said, I do care because Wii U is a great system that is being ignored for the most part, and seeing commercials for the system's best game is something that made me happy.



CaPPa said:

I don't think that Nintendo will have great black friday sales and probably will have good but not great holiday sales. I think that things will pick up more once Mario Kart 8 releases (with Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2 and 'X' following).

To help things until then Nintendo should put the demo stations running Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, DKC Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8 in as many stores as possible. If more people could try those games then they'd be more likely to want a Wii U.



Bender said:

I think it will for a number of reasons... First off, the games it has currently are far more impressive than what PSBox has to offer. Second, it's the cheapest of the three consoles, and in my opinion is the better deal, since it has free online and really fun games. Don't get me wrong, the PS4 is kinda cool, but really doesn't offer anything new and fun at the moment... And the Xbone is pretty much a new cable box, so no thanks...



ultimate321 said:

@vattodev While I appreciate your mature response I have to say that your still making some odd claims. They're not spreading rumors. Saying that there has been a certain amount of sales without including digital is not a rumor, its a fact. It does not represent the totality of game sales because unfortunately the source material does not list digital sales but that doesn't mean it is a false rumor. They are simply reporting on sales and statistics with the acknowledgement that digital sales are not there. Of course, not having digital downloads creates a skewed perspective of the sales but does that not also apply to any game?



vattodev said:

@ultimate321 "Mario's début in Japan was modest by the mascot's high standards" - This is the rumour they are spreading. This started somewhere in a forum (NeoGaf, I think), and people compare full retail Mario titles (Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy) with SM3DW's retail sales to say that it sold poorly, ignoring that it sold digitally. Check their link. That entire article and this comparison has many flaws and now they speak as if it is the truth.
The only claim people can make about SM3DW sales is that it was outsold by FF13.



Luffy said:

just saw my little cusin who was a huge wii owner with all accessorys and everything. I said ask for a wii U for xmas. He said no I already got my gift. ***it was a xbox 360** Dam nintendo we are losing them quicker now.

I guess only old school original nintendo owners are still around. hence the 4million units only sold.



JaxxRaxor said:

One given is that the Wii U will sell better this Holiday Season than it has during the abysmal sales during the spring and Summer. I can see it making maybe 1 million in world wide sales for Dec 2013, but no more than that. Super Mario 3D World is not going to be enough to get people to get the system, and the the Wii U doesn't have enough have enough of a catalog for people to get it now.

I think 2014 will be much more important because Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. Wii U, as well as X and Bayonetta to a lesser extent are going to be titles that I see as system sellers, and probably another new Mii type game to attract the casuals. If sales haven't significantly picked up by the end of 2014 then we can start the premonatinos of the Wii U selling worse than the Gamecube but until then we should be surprised if holiday sales are worse than what Nintendo projects.

Of course the 3DS family doesn't really have issues, the releases of Pokemon X and Y and to a lesser extent a Link Between Worlds has sealed Nintendo a good holiday season for their handhelds. That Sony has basically thrown in the towel with the Vita everywhere except Japan pretty much guarantees that Nintendo will at least be successful this gen with the 3DS even if the Wii U does end up being a disappointment (I won't say failure because it has already sold more than the Virtual Boy, which WAS a failure).



Pit-Stain said:

I'm pretty confident that the Wii U will gain huge sales in the future. Patience is needed.



remlapgamer said:

My local Gamestop in Trussville, Alabama-U.S., they told me Wii-U is doing okay but the original Wii and games were selling like crazy-40 Wii's Friday



XCWarrior said:

3DS is going to do gangbusters for Nintendo. I love my Wii U, but I don't get the same feeling for it. Though it'll be interesting to see how well the Xboner will do. I know PS4 will do great because it's cheaper and more powerful, and too many gamers are shallow and only care about horsepower.



Mewtwo21 said:

A saw a couple of wii u sold, PS4 was in demand and suprisingly Xbox one had a lot in stock when i was black friday/thursday shopping. But 360/PS3 sold the most over all based on what i saw.



Vee_Flames said:

@gojiguy Err... they sold more than that. Right now, they've sold 4M. So, they have to sell 5M to reach the 9M mark.... I just say that I'm optimistic.

3DS is on it's own, with a terribly solid foundation, so that one will do numbers. I know the big guns like SM3DW, MK8 etc should raise numbers for the Wii U. They should advertise, too. Tell everyone why Wii U is the best of the best. And the software drought this year was ridiculous, so I hope none of that this year. I'm very optimistic, so GO WII U GO!



Kolzig said:

At least's Black Friday sales were interesting. Wii U premium pack with Nintendoland was sold for 210€ euros there in their lightning sale and the whole stock went in a flash.

Now that was a deal I would've loved to buy, even if it came with the UK power plug, that could've easily been fixed with a transformer.



Ren said:

whether these systems are 'sold out' at random stores or not doesn't say much about it's success or sales, stores don't hold that much and this is obviously a time when people are shopping more than usual. when the stores have restocked a few times before the holiday then see who's really 'sold out' and it'll give a slightly better idea and even then that depends on the supply chain of each company.



Ren said:

Like others here I can't afford to just buy new consoles willy-nilly they're all expensive so people are really looking for a value proposition all included. the Wii U looks nice that way but not when you put it up against ps3/Xbox360 deals. For the 'new gen' game stuff the ps4 is the best bang for buck but there aren't good games yet so the WiiU had a little window to draw people in but it's a strange launch time. It's like a blu ray player which Still hasn't dominated at home since it's not that huge of an upgrade from regular DVD's and not worth it to anyone who doesn't have other expensive hardware to support it. It's like the tech is just too good.

in terms of actual home game consoles that leaves 6 options for consumers this holiday. 6. I'm just going to wait until the dust settles after the new year and see where the games and deals are then, so it'll probably be down to a WiiU or a PS4 for me. I'm giving my Wii collection to my nephew and some games to a niece and they'll be more than happy with it. I love my Wii but I want more and the WiiU is finally turned my head with mario 3d but it's not quite enough yet for that much money. This looks dangerously close to the 'oversaturation' that people have been afraid of for a while.
now on top of the 6 basic consoles there are others releasing now, plus tablets. It could be a rough road for them, but a fun one for us; especially in a couple years when whichever systems fail to catch on are all over craigslist for $50.



Sanqet said:

On another site they say the wii and wii u only got 7 percent of the sales with the xbox 360 and Xbox one getting 61 percent with little ps4 consoles available to buy Microsoft won this time



electrolite77 said:


The target is 9m this financial year, I.e. April 1 2013-March 31 2014. As of September 30 they'd sold 460,000 in that time period though obviously will have sold a lot more now



natethehero said:

I'm not trying to knock Info Scout or discount their numbers, but basing your info off of 3,000 shoppers and 83,000 receipts is not the same as getting the official numbers on units sold through. Info Scout tabulates this information from a couple of mobile apps that encourages shoppers to take pictures of their receipts. That may not tell us much of anything, ultimately. It could be that the majority of the shoppers who offered up their receipts and answered questions are tech-savvy adults who would more naturally fit into Microsoft's and Sony's main demographic, not Nintendo's. Then again, I'm tech savvy and I don't use either of the two Info Scout apps. Either way, it's best not to worry over these numbers as there is no way to tell if this is an accurate picture of the entire market.



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

Due to the lower supply of thePS4 and xbox1, I believe the WiiU will perform modestly well. Here in central Oregon, the Mario and Luigi bundle appears to be doing well. The fanboy in me can't believe there are still Zelda bundles around, as Wind Waker is the best bundled choice IMO, and the LE gamepad. Oh how I want that gamepad...



AugustusOxy said:

Oh noes, new consoles are outselling old ones. Nevermind that the PS3 and PSP still hold the record for the 'most resold consoles of all time". I don't think the PS4 will be any different.

oh nevermind the fact that the 3DS is dominating everything EVERYWHERE.



Noonch said:

I went to Best Buy last night to pick up ZombiU for $15. I thought all WiiU systems sold except the dusty Nintendoland bundles. Then I walked around the corner and saw a stack of about 50 WiiU Mario bundles with a few missing from the top. So who knows. Zelda bundles have been selling it appears. The good thing is that stack still counts as units sold I would think on Nintendo's end. Either way, we should at least get another year out of the system before they give it up even if it doesn't sell well this shopping season.



gregrout said:

VERY disappointing to see the eshops (Wii-U and 3DS) utterly oblivious to the fact it's Cyber-Monday... It's one step forward (advertising) and two steps back with regular pricing on pretty much everything. A smart company would take advantage of this, especially if the cupboards are bare until 2014.



kdognumba1 said:

My own research I did to see the systems availability seemed pretty positive. Granted, I did this on early Saturday so things could have changed a bit. Did this from Killeen, TX in the US.

Gamestop - The NSMBU/NSLU bundle, which was only sold online, was on their sites best sellers from late thursday to about mid day Friday till it sold out. The WWHD bundle is available online but 6 out of 8 stores near me have low stock. Their Skylanders + giftcard bundle is available online but can't look it up in stores. The normal 32 gig deluxe model is sold out online and low stock in 3 out of 8 stores near me.

On a side note SM3DWorld has held a spot on best sellers since mid day yesterday.

Walmart - Walmarts own bundle with NSMBU/NSLU has been in its top electronics list since the beginning of all of the sales. The NSMBU/NSLU bundle is in stock online and sold out in 5 out of 19 stores near me. The WWHD bundle is sold out online and of the 3 stores that "were" still selling it 1 is now sold out. The normal 32 gig deluxe model is sold out online and of the 2 stores that were selling it, 1 is sold out. The Zombi U bundle is still being sold online but out of the 7 stores that were selling it 0 have it in stock.

Best Buy - Best Buy's specialty NSMBU/NSLU bundle isn't available for shipping with the Mario remote version sold out in 5 out of 10 stores near me and the Luigi remote version sold out in 6 out of 10 stores near me. The Skylanders bundle is sold out online and sold out in all 10 stores near me. The WWHD bundle is available online and is sold out in 5 out of 10 stores near me. The normal 32 gig deluxe model is available to buy online but not available for shipping and is sold out in 9 out of 10 stores near me. The normal NSMBU/NSLU bundle is available online and in all 10 stores near me.

On a side note, only 4... FOUR deals on Wii U games remain on their site.

Target - The Lego City, Pikmin 3, and Wonderful 101 32 gig deluxe bundles, all of which are only available online are sold out. The NSMBU/NSLU bundle is sold out online and sold out in 8 out of 20 stores near me. The WWHD bundle is sold out online and isn't sold in stores. The Skylanders bundle is sold out online and sold out in all 20 stores near me. The normal 32 gig deluxe model is sold out online and sold out in 16 out of 20 stores near me.



DilMan33 said:

Nintendo should do well enough, but you can't compare the Wii U to the PS4/One, it's just now in a different space.

Sometimes and in fact a lot of the times, bad games outsell the really good ones and unfortunetely we may be seeing that right now. But the quailty of Nintendo should shine through after the hype of the PS4/One has quieten down if never really totally dissipating.



Relias said:

Well I went around on Black Friday and there was a couple of observations I made around here.. (I went to multiple stores big retailers and game shops like Gamestop within a 20 mile radius of where I live.)

1. There was no PS4's

2. There was more stock of XBOX One then any other next gen system including Wii U.

3. There was very few Wii U's in stock at places that had them in stock. (Apparently it had something to do with 3D World and other titles. The Wii U suddenly started flying off shelves, and retailers were not ready for this)

4. The one place I did see all three systems in stock there was 3 PS4's, 15 Wii U's and about 25 XBOX Ones. The PS4's were gone withing 15 minutes. The Wii U's (Which moved 4 systems before the three PS4's were out) was gone within 30 minutes.. XBOX ONE was still in stock. When I returned later they had finally sold out. (Of course this was about 4 hours later) Bottom line from what I saw there was little to no stock on PS4. Very little in WII U if any left after Super Mario 3D World was released (A lot of retailers that talked to me said that most of their stock was gone off that alone before Black Friday and their sales ever truly started or hit) So in the end. I expect weak numbers on The Wii U though it was the faster mover (Barring PS4) that was in stock.



mr_nihilism said:

Nintendo can +1 to their sales, as I finally got around to buying a system. The Mario/Luigi bundle was just too tempting. And I immediately picked up Raymond Legends and Nintendo Land as well. My daughter enjoys these as much as myself.



bloodycelt said:

This season does matter, considering that a few retail managers I know are basing their decision on further stocking the WiiU at all based on christmas sales. They don't have room for xbox 360, ps3, wii, wiiU, ps4, xbone, 3ds. (They haven't carried the Vita since last year). Their main desire unless the District Managers overrule them is to only have 2 consoles in the store.



tanookisuit said:

Locally of the 3 new fish on the market I've seen PS4 clear the most out, then oddly the WiiU moved heavily and the One was having the most boxes stacked still on the floor well into Black Friday at a best buy and game stop I had to go into. Sales and interest are in a sense kind of local but maybe it bodes well for Nintendo due to the low pricing and free games in the box.



kokirii said:

I was briefly in Best Buy and saw stacks and stacks of Wii U's. The games section had a big stack of Mario 3D World.



Urbanhispanic said:

Money is the reason why I haven't picked up the Wii U.....yet. Come this Friday though, I am finally going to take the plunge. Then, only buying a Wii U will force me to address the other reason why I don't have a Wii U now.



SkyyKirby44 said:

Just like to remind everyone thinking the Wii U isn't to succeed or needs some new ideas they said a while back (I believe shortly after E3) they have a new franchise they're working hard at. No promises it'll do much, but just a reminder.



Doctor_Pancakes said:

@Gerbwmu Now we just need developers to start taking advantage of the hard drives and having an install option. AC4 would be the best last gen version avaliable if it had the option. I wish they had tried porting the new gen version... I think the Wii U could handle it.

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