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Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened Available Now on DVD in North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Doesn't appear to be available in Europe

Earlier this year, around the time that pre-release hype for Pokémon X & Y was somewhat spinning out of control, we told you all about a Cartoon Network event showing Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened for the first time. That took place shortly after the games were released, keeping fans in North America topped up with all of the 'mon they could handle.

The Pokémon Company has now confirmed that the movie has been released on DVD and is available now in North America. A quick browse at some online stores shows that is indeed the case, though we haven't seen it in Europe as yet. The marketing spiel outlines the basic plot, while promising a little extra for early buyers.

Catch the latest big-screen adventures of Ash, Pikachu, and friends in Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened on DVD. Don’t miss the action as a group of Genesect run rampant in a bustling city and attract the attention of the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo. When these Pokémon turn on each other, our heroes must stop them all before they destroy the city!

Also, while supplies last, copies of the DVD will include a Pokémon TCG card as a special bonus for collectors. Look for specially marked packages to get this limited-edition card.

Will you be trying to catch this one as soon as possible?


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Tobias95 said:

Too bad they never made an complex official reason to why two Mewtwos exsists



rjejr said:

Watched it on CartoonNetwork. The movies are hit and miss for me but always a whole lot better than the tv show. This was 1 of the better ones. I dont care about the whole Mewtwo backlash though, I just watch them as stand alone entertaining movies. Not paying $17 for a 70 minute movie though. $10 is my max for these things.

Hey TW, if you type the title of the film into Google they got a picture of your mug at the bottom of the search list You move closer to the top if you add DVD.



Tobias95 said:

@rjejr Stand alone entertaiment? You should watch them and the tvshow as one big story, and search for errors ^^
They should include Dr. Young and make him the creator of the new Mewtwo. The story itself could been handeled better aswell. After team rocket was in Unova, and Genesect escaped from Plasma, they could made Dr. Namba, Butch and Cassedy the villains controlling the Genesects with a remote (Genesects are kind of robots)



Tobias95 said:

@BlatantlyHeroic Agree. But Since they made a new one, Dr. Young (who might be allive) is the only one that knows about mewtwos excistense thanks to Pikachus memory



Bragoon said:

That's cool and all, but what I really want is the shiny Genesect event distribution to come over here.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

The whole story behind Mewtwo is that it was created by using Mew's DNA, and when it was created, it basically destroyed everything around it, destroying all research data, meaning there could and should only be one Mewtwo. I don't see why the anime is so obsessed with making each encounter with a legendary Pokemon like a "new" experience. The first Mewtwo in the original movie was awesome, I would have rather seen him come back.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I don't get how there could be a second Mewtwo, either, but all the evidence points that way (which still doesn't explain Ash's lack of recognition). Even if there was somehow surviving data on the first Mewtwo (and genetic material of Mew) as well as someone familiar with that project who both survived the initial lab explosion and Mewtwo's eventual memory wipe of Team Rocket (sans Jessie, James, and Meowth), how could he/she be stupid enough to repeat the experiment?



Tobias95 said:

@BulbasaurusRex Maybe he/she wanted to create the strongest pokemon ever? Someone should also bring Project Revolution back, after all, its great weapon.

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