Earlier this week we shared a rumour that Minecraft was in development for Wii U, but urged that you take it with a bucket of salt. It originated from a claim based on an unnamed retail source, and while we wondered how a retailer would know that Mojang was working on Minecraft on Wii U development kits, it was certainly nice to think that the blocky open-world phenomenon would come to Nintendo's system.

Unfortunately Markus Persson — the creator of Minecraft better known as Notch — has told his legions of Twitter followers that he isn't aware of any plans right now for a Wii U version of the iconic game; he would know.

After plenty of replies, however, he did make clear that he understands the reasoning, but emphasized that the company has too much other work to make it a possibility at the moment.

So that's that. We'd suggest that, as the months and years go by we should hope for Mojang's next project to be available on Nintendo's console. It needs high-profile new games, not an old port of a game already owned by tens of millions of gamers on other systems. Let's hope that Notch's love for Nintendo makes that a possibility.

Thanks to Birdman for the tip.