Wii U NL

The Wii U's year to date, though undoubtedly showing upward momentum of late, hasn't yet hit the targets that Nintendo has set. It's looking like a statistical long shot that it'll come particularly close to the company's nine million sales target for the financial year, which will have Satoru Iwata and boardroom colleagues bracing themselves for tough questions in their Q3 and end-of-year financial briefings.

Yet still, we'll see how December sales have performed — after much-improved but still modest sales in November — with the weekly results from Japan showing numbers going in the right direction. There's also little doubt — only reinforced in the most recent Direct broadcasts — that if Nintendo gets its various projects and partnership projects out of the gate at regular intervals, 2014 could deliver a regular flow of big brands and titles to cater to a variety of audiences.

The word if is a big one, of course, but Nintendo of America's vice president of corporate affairs, Cindy Gordon, has reiterated the company's confidence in continuing improved Wii U momentum this Holiday season and beyond. As has become common, the messaging is all about varied games for all the family at an affordable price.

We’re feeling really good about our ability to compete. We’re standing apart offering variety and value. There’s no question that we are the best offering for families this year and that Nintendo is the best choice for family gaming.

Do you see these areas as key strengths for the Wii U, and are you confident that, a year from now, conversations around the system's fortunes will be a good deal more positive?

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