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Nintendo Reiterates Confidence That the Wii U Can Compete

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"We’re standing apart offering variety and value"

The Wii U's year to date, though undoubtedly showing upward momentum of late, hasn't yet hit the targets that Nintendo has set. It's looking like a statistical long shot that it'll come particularly close to the company's nine million sales target for the financial year, which will have Satoru Iwata and boardroom colleagues bracing themselves for tough questions in their Q3 and end-of-year financial briefings.

Yet still, we'll see how December sales have performed — after much-improved but still modest sales in November — with the weekly results from Japan showing numbers going in the right direction. There's also little doubt — only reinforced in the most recent Direct broadcasts — that if Nintendo gets its various projects and partnership projects out of the gate at regular intervals, 2014 could deliver a regular flow of big brands and titles to cater to a variety of audiences.

The word if is a big one, of course, but Nintendo of America's vice president of corporate affairs, Cindy Gordon, has reiterated the company's confidence in continuing improved Wii U momentum this Holiday season and beyond. As has become common, the messaging is all about varied games for all the family at an affordable price.

We’re feeling really good about our ability to compete. We’re standing apart offering variety and value. There’s no question that we are the best offering for families this year and that Nintendo is the best choice for family gaming.

Do you see these areas as key strengths for the Wii U, and are you confident that, a year from now, conversations around the system's fortunes will be a good deal more positive?

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Buduski said:

I own a Wii U & a 3DS and so far just with these two systems I have more games than I can handle at the moment I just bought sonic lost world & monster humters 3 Wii U on sale, plus I've been playing Mario 3D world and COD ghosts for Wii U. When I'm at work on my lunch break I pull out my 3DS for pokemon Y but I still have to get back to Kid Icarus and Not to mention Wonderful 101. Plus I got to spend time with my girl friend! Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm very happy with my Wii U & 3DS combo so I wont need any other console for a while



rjejr said:

How do you use the words "compete" and "standing apart" in back to back sentences? If you are competing then you are not standing apart, and if you are standing apart you are not competing.

Nintendo never refers to themselves as being in competition b/c they dont see it that way, they just do their own thing. I bet that woman gets reprimanded for that comment, its not the Nintendo way.

As for the 9 mil fiscal year sales, have they even hit 2 mil yet since April 1?



Artwark said:

I'm pretty sure Wii U will have major difference in gaming experience compared to PS4 and ONE.



Lunapplebloom said:

It's the same old song we've been hearing since after the Wii U came out. Nothing to see here.



JudgeMethos said:

I see 6 million. 9 million? Meh...I don't see it. I'm loving my Wii U & I wish more people would buy one but time will tell how much more promotion and marketing will get people to buy this great machine.



MrGawain said:

I really don't see what else Nintendo can say. Is the Wii U fun? Yes. Does it do what they set out to do? Yes. Is there excellent games available and more coming? Yes. Does it still have an upper hand in the type of experience it gives compared to the supey graphics twins? Yes. Could we see a bit more 3rd party support if Nintendo build the customer base? Yes. Would it cost Nintendo a lot more in money and trust just to give up on it, even if it underperforms? Yes.

Continue with the plan, the alternative is far grizzlier.



gatorboi352 said:

I've said it in other articles and I'll say it here, Wii U is battling the worst enemy of all: irrelevancy. Non Nintendo enthusiasts just don't know or care about the system.

I expect the next Nintendo console to have nothing to do with the Wii branding whatsoever. It's a shame really because Nintendo is the only manufacturer of the big 3 that cant nail down a consistent brand. When you think Sony, you think PlayStation. When you think Microsoft, you think Xbox. With Nintendo? Well, they had the Wii branding last gen, but no one knows or cares about Wii U and the gen prior to Wii was GameCube.

I think their next console should simply be called a Nintendo. Or hell even the Nintendo Entertainment System. Bring that branding back.



WiiLovePeace said:

Go go Nintendo go! Amazingly fun system, I'm excited for everyone to love it as much as I do People are so quick to tell nintendo what to do, like they could do a better job At least I trust in you Nintendo, I've got your back "Go ahead and hate us, it only makes us greater. It's going down now and not a tad bit later."



ouroborous said:

nintendo does this thing, they release hardware and THEN people start working on making games for it.

the 3DS was poo poo'ed for being a total flop when it was released. but the real problem was that there were no games for it for like a year and a half. but then, lo and behold, here comes a million awesome games and the thing is selling like hotcakes now and crushing the beejeez out of the vita. and all this is happening despite the fact that everyone thinks that everyone just wants to play crappy cellphone games.

so, the wii u will ultimately catch up eventually and do fine, more likely than not.
at the end of the day, nintendo still makes quality stuff and it is still worth schilling out the cash for it.

i have an off and on relationship with my wii u, but im not sorry that i bought it. it'll work out in the end. and it better! since i dont plan on ever buying a new xbox or playstation system ;p



GraveLordXD said:

@gatorboi352 im really starting to think they should have called this system the NES and had a better CPU and ram made it a power house and sold the gamepad as a accessory because it is awesome and I would have bought it
I say this because Nintendo would have got better 3rd party support and would have probably been better for Nintendo in the long run not because I actually think that the extra power would have much difference or any difference at all on 1st party games but it would shut lots of mouths



BlatantlyHeroic said:

They really should have chose a different name for the system. Heck, Wii 2 would have been able to get the point across that it's a new system.



Peach64 said:

Bit worrying that they don't see a problem in being behind the Dreamcast and GameCube in sales. I was hoping November NPD numbers would be a kick up the butt but sounds like they'd be happy to repeat 2013



Galenmereth said:

@gatorboi352 When you think Nintendo consoles, you think Nintendo. People don't need any special branding for their console; it's the latest Nintendo console. Sony and Microsoft both do a bazillion other things than making games consoles, so they NEED a consistent brand for their console division. Nintendo just needs to put Nintendo next to their console's name, and that's it.

That doesn't mean calling it the Wii U was a good idea, however.




Value yes, variety no

You can't have variety with such small 3rd party support, and as great as nintendo games are, we need and deserve more.

Wii U will end up being a 2nd console for most gamers, and I was willing to accept that during the wii era but not this time.

Wii U will miss out on a lot of content available on other platforms and that is unfair.

Wii U is still and always will be a great console, but a console is only as good as it's games and that is where it will fall short



AltDotNerd said:

I own an Xbox One and the only game worth playing is Dead Rising 3. Nintendo has a sh*t ton of awesome games for both Wii U and 3DS.



BinaryFragger said:


I agree that the flip-flopping is not helping at all. Is the Wii U an Xbox One/PS4 competitor or something completely different? Nintendo doesn't seem to know.

The original Wii was brilliant: instead of competing with PC/PS3/360, Nintendo created an entirely new market (look up "Blue Ocean Strategy") and it worked. As for the Wii U, they really don't seem to know who to market the console to.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I saw a few people buying Wii U in GAME today despite the tiny shelf space and posters outside saying; PS4 'back in stock' and Xbox1 'in store'.



Spakiness said:

My question is where are the 100 million people that bought the Wii and why can't we even get 10% of that to buy a Wii U? Like it was said it previous comments. Get your crap together Nintendo marketing team!



gatorboi352 said:

@Spakiness they're all playing on their iPads and smartphones, that's where. Wii U is a dual analog core design at the end of the day, and the casual Wii crowd is not interested and has moved on.



BinaryFragger said:


I think it's simply that the casual gaming market has changed a lot since 2006. The Wii came out before iPhone, iPad, Android, FarmVille, etc, and people who bought Wiis are now satisfied playing Candy Crush and Angry Birds on their phone. I personally think mobile games are rubbish compared to what Nintendo has to offer, but millions of people think otherwise. And although the Wii sold like crazy, a lot of them started collecting dust shortly after purchase. People have moved on to their tablets and phones.



NintyMan said:

Nintendo has more games in the wings that we have little to no idea about for next year. Variety and value are definitely key strengths for Wii U in light of PS4's and XBox One's currently small libraries. Family gaming has arguably been the strongest strength Nintendo has had for quite a while with Wii.

I expect a year from now, Wii U will be in a much better position. It won't ever be the sales phenomenon the Wii was, but you had to be unrealistically optimistic to have believed such a thing. Wii was lightning in a bottle. Wii U will improve by slowly but surely doing better as more games release, and 2014 is looking like a very strong year for Nintendo.



PinkSpider said:

I really want to see it do well but until they get that install base the third party developers are gonna keep it at arms length and not want to know it. Unfortunate but true



gatorboi352 said:

@PinkSpider the sad thing is I don't even think a competent install base is going to cut it for 3rd parties on Wii U. IMO Its going to take maintaining around double the install base of X1/PS4 as we go forward for them to consider putting in the effort to port from the x86 architecture and make that kind of investment. Hell, just look at all the PS360 games that take little to no effort that aren't even being ported today!



Turnip said:

@rjejr They're saying they're competing in the gaming industry by creating consoles that stand apart from their rivals' consoles. It makes complete sense to me,



bmprsvz777 said:

Gaming market has changed because society has changed... Nintendo is not in anymore, it is cool to own iphone, drive mini and play GTA on PS4. If you are young person It is important for your social status to own PS4. Wii U is simply victim of this phenomenon. Mature people do understand it is great device for gaming but majority of people won't buy it because it is not fashionable to own one. I like Nintendo exactly because they refuse to change under pressure and because they do things their own way. RESPECT.



TechnoEA said:

Nintendo is the best system to game with family members, that's just how it's always been. They compete for the family experience, their commercials almost always have a family playing in it. That is their motto, family friendly. That has always worked for them and it's a really great thing.

PS4 and One are similar tech wise, but their target audience and their styles are completely different.

Out the PS4 launch line up, it's mostly MMOs MMORPGs and Action Adventure, with 3 shooter games.

They are the kings of RPG and JRPG's, it's why they get ton of support from that area each gen. Action-Adventure is second to the PS brand.

Have you guys even looked at the PS4 upcoming titles ? Again mostly RPG's and Action/Adventure and Action type of games.

I don't even see why competing is even a term being used this gen. Xbox One is going the whole All in One route with primary focus on media and gaming being second, PS is going the Gamer friendly route, with media being a sideline but not the main focus.

The three's target audience are all completely different this gen and the games reflect that. I guess you can say they are competing for something. I dunno.



Royalblues said:

Nintendo may not kick donkey, but it will still teach the rest of the game industry that it knows how to innovate gameplay with each passing generation. While I may not eventually play my future Wii U as I will other systems, there is no denying what kind of impact it will have on home console gaming.
That said, it is a darn shame that each of the other two consoles have sold half as much as the Wii U in a mere month. And the Wii U has been out for thirteen months.



Gerbwmu said:

Best Buy is running a sale on Mario and Luigi bundle....with either ZombiU or Just Dance 2014....and you get a $25 gift card for $299.99. Callof Duty Black Ops 2 and Ninja Geiden 3 are both $19.99....meaning effectively you get the 32GB Wii U and 4 games for under $300......Yes they will compete in the gaming market....and they are the different console. I think come next fall it will be interesting to look at sales figures for the big 3



Desy64 said:

@ bmprsvz777 Amen to that. On the other hand it is a pitty we can't have GTA on Nintendo because I'd like to have the chance to play multiplats, and that pisses me off (not with Nintendo, but with the situation)



rbmoura85 said:

@gatorboi352 yeah, Nintendo is just 100plus years old...not a successful brand at all
The wiiu will be pretty successful, one year from now we are gonna be having a very diferent conversation



ajcismo said:

We wouldn't even be having this discussion had the Wii U (and 3DS for that matter) not been handled so utterly poorly in terms of marketing and design at its launch.
What has the PSbone been doing for the last year? FLOODING all markets with big, explosive ads, hype and "articles" slamming its competition (mostly Wii U/Ninty). They show no games and no kids on the couch with mom and dad. They only show fast cars, shooting up cities and all done in classic dudebro style. They forced kids and adult gamers to talk about their new systems. Massive price tags? No backwards compatibility? Who cares? Its new! Look at those explosions!
Meanwhile, Nintendo hands out cards at Best Buy with check boxes showing the difference between the Wii and Wii U. Yeah, real effective.
Since its launch there have been dozens of articles on The Motley Fool slamming Nintendo, saying they're doomed. These have been picked up by other gaming sites (like this one). Thing is, do most people know that Motley Fool has a stake in the Microsoft Corp? Probably not, but the damage has been done.
My point isn't exactly too-little, too-late, but I'm afraid for the current team running the giant ship that is the SS Nintendo, their fate is already sealed. Nintendo used to have an attitude about its product and its competition, and I hope that returns in the near future with a buzz and vigor. I simply don't see that happening with Mr.Iwata in charge anymore.



JaxonH said:

That's what the rational conclusion is, or so one would think. I know "not enough power" is the common excuse for not getting 3rd parties, but I think it's a bunch of bologna. And here's why:

For starters, the PS2 was by far the least powerful console of the 6th gen, yet it received the most 3rd party support. Gamecube was by far the most powerful console of the 6th gen, yet it received the least. Why? It's an unfortunate fact that only a small percentage of Nintendo fans buy the types of games 3rd parties make. The fact the console wasn't selling well made it even worse.

Wii had a plus and a minus going for it. It had the largest install base, but the problem was that install base was that of Nintendo customers, of which very few are interested in 3rd party games. The result was some 3rd party support (3rd party devs like high install bases), but full support was not hampered by it's power, it was hampered by the type of customers who bought the Wii.

With Wii U, Nintendo tried to finally break the mold, and create a console which could allure a great number of customers who also enjoy 3rd party titles. Despite its best efforts, most Wii U owners are Nintendo fans. The 3rd party games, for the most part, haven't sold that great (although that can partly be attributed to a small install base).

The difference with Wii U is, they can no longer use the "not powerful enough" argument. Wii U is on par with PS3 and 360, of which there is the largest pool of 3rd party games to port from, and for which there are the largest number of 3rd party games being released. And yet, most 3rd party devs still refuse to bring their games to Wii U (aside from Ubisoft and a few select others). They say it's cause Wii U isn't as powerful as the PS4/Xbox One, but then 3 months later we find out they're bringing the game to PS3/360 also. How can you release a game on PS3 and 360, then turn around and say "well Wii U isn't powerful enough"? What a joke.

The final proof that 3rd parties care nothing about power, only install base and type of customers for which that install base consists, is the fact that most 3rd parties are fighting each other to get their games on tablets and smartphones first. Smartphones. By far the LEAST powerful platform out there. Yet, we're seeing more and more devs put games on Android and iPhone, but skip the Wii U.

All boils down to the fact that not enough of the Nintendo fanbase buys 3rd party games. Now, if Wii U can garner 100 million console owners, then we might start seeing some more 3rd party games because even if a small portion buy the game, it's a small portion of a very large pool. Like how Call of Duty on the Wii sold a couple million (much less than PS3 and 360 which had smaller install bases, but enough to make it worth their while). I'm surprised we've gotten as much 3rd party support as we have to be quite honest. Not expecting it to last much longer though.



Doma said:

Too bad this contradicts Iwata. 'Nintendo sucks at competing' was the quote from him, wasn't it?



MAN1AC said:

Didn't Iwata specifically say that Nintendo isn't good at competing and that they aren't trying to this year?



GraveLordXD said:

@JaxonH hmm there's some truth to that especially being only Nintendo games sell on Nintendo consoles but other factors have hurt Nintendo because they always try do go against the industry standard like with the game cube main reason the mini CD disc same with 64 being more powerful but yet sticking with carts, same can be said with the Wii u seems like developers are frightened by the gamepad instead of embracing it
Something tells me they would have at least got better support if they would have made a system similar to the ps4 without a bluray that way they could have it cheaper and just sold the gamepad as an accessory
Ps4 didn't have any install base before many game like say witcher 3 was announced for it
I just think with the next console they should go all in and whatever wacky thing they decide to do they can just add that if people want at least that's what I'm starting to think
I love the Wii u and the gamepad but seems people like me are in the minority when most gamers want power more than anything else



GraveLordXD said:

@JaxonH also seems like the ps4 sold on power alone I have a few friends and family who have one and are bored with it now with nothing to play one of them went back to playing his ps3 and I can't think of one reason to get one at the moment not knocking the system by any means



ACK said:

This is just one region, but the local Target district can't keep up with the Wii U demand the past two weeks. They receive 6-8 Wii U several times a week and sell out in a day or two. No sales or anything. For comparison, they've had a consistent stock of Xbox Ones, even verging on overstock. The store my wife works at sells maybe an Xbox a day compared to a handful of Wii Us.

Small sample size and all that, but this is a very affluent neighborhood where resellers (often buying 3-6 systems at once) were swarming long after the Xbox One was readily available in other regions. Suddenly that market has completely dropped off while the Wii U market has taken off. For what it's worth, the 3DS line sells incredibly well at this store and PS4s are generally only briefly in stock. The Vita never sells. Games are not selling as well as you would think (especially for PS4 and Xbox One). Actually game sales are at terrifying levels at what is historically the top performing store in the metropolitan region (Twin Cities, MN).



JaxonH said:

Here's the thing, anytime you make something an accessory, you curse it to irrelevance. Watch what happens with the PS4 camera. In a few years, no one's even going to remember it exists. Because developers want a high pool of customers. And anytime something's an accessory, you take the pool of customers and reduce it by 3/4. And irrelevance means no developer will use it.

As for the power thing, consider this. Why would Wii U being as powerful as PS4 make any difference if Wii U being right on par with PS3 isn't helping? PS3 is getting way more games, has way more games, and many more chances of easy multiplat ports to Wii U, yet all but a handful are skipping Wii U.

It's not the power, trust me. That's what they tell us because it sounds better than "Nintendo fans don't care about our games and don't buy them. We don't see profits and it's not worth the investment. Not to mention no one's buying your console anyways". Again, if power was the issue, why has 99% of the PS3/360 games released over the last year, games that were right on par with the Wii U's power, not come to Wii U?

All we've been hearing lately is scaleability. How next gen is going to focus on multigenerational scaleability. Bringing a game to PS4, PS3, Vita, iPad and Android. Any game can run on any platform, it's just a matter of wanting to do so. There is no such thing as a console being too weak to receive a port. If the install base is there, they'll port it. Granted, if a game is ONLY coming to PS4/One then yes, perhaps power will play a factor in Wii U getting a port. But I can tell you right now, there's a 99% chance Wii U wouldn't get the game anyways, even if it was on par. So why waste money making a more expensive console, which will also make games exponentially more expensive to develop?

I don't like it any more than you do, but Nintendo's never going to receive large amounts of AAA 3rd party support. There's just not enough fans who buy the games. Almost every single AAA port Wii U received this year flopped, even after considering the install base. Rayman Legends, that game did well (better than the other consoles with 80 million console owners), because that's the type of game most Nintendo fans pay attention to and care about. But you look at Splinter Cell Blacklist- it sold like 10,000 copies. That's atrocious, especially considering how great it was. That's why 3rd parties are cutting multiplayer modes from Wii U ports- they're minimizing their costs to soften the blow of failure. I can't blame them really.

We hear all kinds of excuses. Wii U isn't powerful enough (Yet you port it to PS3 and Android?). We wouldn't know what to do with the gamepad (How hard is it to stick a map on there! Or better yet, don't do anything with it, just port the game!). It's too hard to code for (You ported to the PS3's Cell Architecture for almost a decade and that was fine, but the Wii U, which is very similar to code for as the 360, that's too hard?), etc. etc. etc. Soon as one excuse runs dry they'll dig up another, until finally they'll just come out and say it: the games don't sell on the Nintendo platform, something we've known all along.



CureDolly said:

@rjejr So true! Just what I thought. The other two consoles "compete" for exactly the same demographic with exactly the same types of games (in fact, usually exactly the same games). Nintendo is playing a different game entirely. It is not "competing".

I only have a 3DS and there are far more great games than I could ever afford (money or time). The machine is a roaring success which people seem to overlook when they talk about Nintendo's "failure".



DualWielding said:

Nintendo does not offer value that's the problem the Wii U is a terrible value compared to the PS3 360 and specially Nintendo's own 3DS



Zombie_Barioth said:

"Nintendo is the best choice for family gaming."

Why does it have to be "family gaming"? Why not just gaming? I get that thats their thing but unless thats their only target market they're sending mixed signals with statements like that. You don't see Disney having to remind people they're a family friendly company do you?

I see plenty of adds for their own games, which are great for Nintendo fans, but I never see adds letting people know they also have great non-Nintendo games available too.

I think Nintendo knows that better than anybody. They have a long line of failed and forgotten add-ons. I hate to beat this drum again but the GBA/Gamecube cable is like the direct predecessor to the Wii U, and look how that went. People also seem to forget thats what caused a lot of Sega's problems too.



Ootfan98 said:

I am not an expert, but I personally think this is a Marketing / Commercial Issue. There is nothing wrong with the product. Both 3DS and Wii U are fantastic games consoles.
The Marketing / Commercial departments should have learned from 3DS that they need to differentiate from their existing successful product. But no, they decided to employ the same strategy with Wii U. I know the 3DS is doing well now, but will the Wii U see the same turn around in fortune? Only time will tell.

With regards to 3rd Party, I have always thought that 3rd Party will never compete with the standard of 1st party quality (I know I will get loads of comments saying I'm talkin b****cks, just remember opinions are like ar***oles, everyone has one).
I am fed up with lazy, sub standard quality ports. Companies like EA should be prosecuted for selling FIFA at £50 that is a 2 year old game



yuwarite said:

Nintendo needs to get their act together and capitalise on their franchises, their history and their ability to innovate.



timp29 said:

Redo this article one month after MK8 then we will know whether the WiiU will succeed.

Hopefully Nintendo isn't too arrogant to learn from the Sony and Microsoft launches and join the dots between marketing and initial sales. Someone mentioned their friends bought PS4 and quickly got bored of the game available... The WiiU launch was not that different even though it had a great launch lineup (sadly most games were ports from 360/PS3 however)



Royalblues said:

@Zombie_Barioth Nintendo's Wii U isn't the best platform for gaming because you won't see the sheer variety of games on that system that you will on the other two. And I know what you may be thinking: what variety? The truth is, that for every Mario game on the Wii U, there are just as many if not more indy titles, and in Sony's case, first party platformers that are just as good. Mario just doesn't gave the same grip on the industry that it did two decades ago, when there was little competition.
Also, look at the libraries of the other two consoles. We have up-to-date sports, racing, fighting, etc many different kinds of games that Nintendo's console has yet to see, and thus their reach to different people is wider than Nintendo, where most of the games on that console are Mario games or Party shovelware. And even if sports games and such aren't your thing, they appeal to a lot of people and help the console overall.



Inkling said:

Sadly, most people won't give Wii U a chance...
Ah well, a Teheran must go down with the ship!
But really, they have a great chance IF they put this video on TV. Do it, Nintendo!



Inkling said:

Sorry, I ment to say a true fan goes down with the ship.
I hate the Kindle Fire's Keyboard.



Inkling said:

But even if I mention the word Nintendo to my friends, they walk away and say Xbox One is better, Nintendo sucks. The weird thing is that they are considering a 3DS/2DS...



GregoryTheRain said:

Nintendo...see if it's possible to bring Ultra Street Fighter 4, Dark Souls 2, and Persona 5 to the Wii U.



gatorboi352 said:

Nintendo not considered too kiddie friendly? Nintendo not too focused on family gaming?

I just had a Miiverse post deleted from the Splinter Cell community containing a screen shot from the game for, get this, being 'too mature'. Way to shake that stereotype, Nintendo. SMH



SavoirFaire said:

Thank goodness for the 3rd party devs that are supporting the wii u. I am hoping a strong library of games you can't get on ps4 and xbone, starts to give Nintendo enough of an edge to do well this generation. I am concerned Nintendo can't produce enough first party games to keep the console interesting (aka the end of the wii).



bizcuthammer said:

Mario Kart and Smash Bros will help next year. I know lots of people who cant wait for Smash Bros that dont have a WiiU. Problem is, its also hitting 3DS. If the WiiU version isnt significantly different/better, the 3DS could hurt some of WiiU's sales it could have with a new Smash Bros game.



gatorboi352 said:

Oh and BTW it is not too late to change the branding of Wii U.
Anyone else notice that Windows 8 is now being called "The New Windows"? Seriously, calling it "The New Wii" would be less confusing than Wii U at this point.



FabioSMASH said:

Wife just surprised me with Wii U as early Christmas gift!! So thrilled!
That's one more to add to your sales numbers, Nintendo.



BinaryFragger said:


Mario Kart 8 will definitely help. As for the Xbox One & PS4 having a poor library, their big franchises are on the way too. Halo 5 will cause the Xbox One to fly off store shelves. Other big titles like Kingdom Hearts III, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy XV, Destiny, and Mass Effect 4 are on the way too. A year from now, Xbox One/PS4 owners will go from having nothing to play to having backlogs.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I don't mean to say that the Wii U is indeed the best for gaming, but claiming it is would be a better marketing pitch than harping on that one aspect of the console. They way it is now is like watching your parents trying to act cool.

They need to let people know they don't have to settle for either a great family system or "hardcore" games, they can get a great all-around experience. Even if it isn't the big guns like COD or Battlefield they have other great games that fill the void.

The problem is those games either get overshadowed or brought up at the last minute, if they get any attention at all. Look what happened when they actually pushed for MH3 back when it came out.



gatorboi352 said:

@that's-what-she I totally agree. Wii is done, the audience that made it a phenomenon has moved on and could not care less about Wii U. Well, at least the small amount of them that even know it's a thing.



DreamOn said:

In the past Nintendo has reached two audiences: Home console and Handheld. I'm beginning to wonder if Nintendo can still effectively market and sell both these days. Especially when your home console has a handheld-like feature (touchscreen controller) I can definitely believe that more people will want only one Nintendo gaming device, not two.



darkgamer001 said:

I'd like to have a word with the chimps that can push Wii, DS and 3DS sales like that. I don't think they're from Earth...more like Planet LaLa Land



Daemonite said:

The more Nintendo keeps coming out with interviews like this('we definitely can compete, we are not out of the race yet'...), the more the opposite rings true.



Chris720 said:

Falling back on to "family" again I see. What happened to the original "console for you" that was the strong selling point at the unveiling in 2009s E3. I honestly think the Wii U is going to be slowly dragged down. If MK8 can't save it, then I don't know what will.

Nintendo has already spent both of Mario's hands, now its Mario spin-off time. I just hope they can recover something from this wreck.



JimLad said:

I would think maybe they could compete once they have some big games under their belt. However I honestly don't think Nintendo will wait that long before trying something new. The hardware is being sold at a loss and the software sales are almost certainly not making up the cost.
Nintendo don't strike me as a company to just let money run down the drain like that...



cheleuitte said:

@Buduski I do the same routine as you do and like the same games you do too, lest be friends, my Nintendo ID: CHELEWiiTTE add me or give me yours!!



Lil-Devil said:

its been said before i know,but biggest mistake nintendo made with the wii u as far as marketing the name..wii 2 woulda been better,but they should have dropped the wii name all together imo .and came up with something totally new . with that being said ,i completely love the U .and its already more than a success for me ,and im sure almost anyone else who owns one. its the little things , nes remix for example ..i love that game. keep on with great ideas like that nintendo. anyhow i agree next year this time wiiu will be doing fantastic!



Doma said:

@Chris720 "If MK8 can't save it, nothing will."

Nah, this is more true for 3D World. MK7 is no where near old enough to incite the huge demand for a next entry. The series barely changes.

Once the December numbers roll out, you'll know where the WiiU stands.



sadsack777 said:

Nintendo do whats best and u all know that's true there hardwear built to last
I bout a wii and my mate bout ps3 that was 3years ago my wii still working fine next to my wii u but my mate has bout up to four ps3 and burnt them out so who is good at there hardwear sorry ken but its NINTENDO PEACE



LztheQuack said:

@Doma A chimp can run the company better? I'll keep that in mind while I look at the 3DS's numbers.

Also, have you thought that maybe two huge possible sellers can sell more systems than one can?



DualWielding said:


The level of incompetence at Nintendo is unbelievable, not having an account system cost them millions on digital sales of pokemon x and y



Gamer83 said:


I get where your friends are coming from. I'm not going to say Wii U sucks, that's totally subjective. Plenty of people hate the Vita, doesn't stop me from buying and enjoying lots of games on it. I'll just say, from what I've seen, the only Wii U game that really interests me in the entire year it's been out is Super Mario 3D World. On the other hand, the 3DS has been getting awesome game after awesome game since late 2011 starting with Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. The 3DS was my most played system this year, just behind PS3, and I don't see the 3DS slowing down as we head into 2014. I don't rule out the possibility Nintendo could have a similar turn around with Wii U, and as a big Nintendo fan, once the first party games I'm interested in have all hit the market, I'll likely get the system but it has been a very slow start so it's not surprising to me that some people are more enticed by Nintendo's handheld system right now.



BlackStar9000 said:

@ULTRA-64 how about the NESU Nintendo Entertainment System ULTRA, that way they give the U some real meaning, and make two designs, one that looks like the Famicom amd one like the Nes, eventually roll out a true zelda design that is actually gold and embroidered and a Snes design around the time of its anniversary.... You're Welcome Nintendo!



WiiWillRockU said:

At this point, the only thing keeping from Wii U is cost. PS4 would have been a consideration, but my PS3 is more capable at being an all-in-one media center than the PS4. MS screwed ALL gamers by knowingly releasing a console that wasn't reliable. They can prove themselves to me with the One in about two years if doesn't RRoD. I've reserved myself to the idea that this gen of consoles will not give me an all-in-one console.



BlackStar9000 said:

@gatorboi352 I have a small hatred towards the Miiverse for the same reason, I don't see this kind of blockage on any other gaming platform. I watch freaking porn on my Wii U with my wife and I can't even send her an adult message (living apart). Can't curse, can't just say that something sucks and sometimes even legitimate posts get banned, WHERE IS MY ADULT COMMUNITY NINTENDO!? WHERE IS UNIVERSAL VOICE/VIDEO CHAT? THE GAMEPAD HAS A BUILT IN MIC AND CAMERA, EFFING USE IT! Instead the only time it's used in game is for blowing in 3d world...... I know what really blows.... Rant over.



DIE4GOD said:

The U in Wii u supposed to be for hardcore gamer which Nintendo said in 2011 e3 not unique how people like to say, they still not living up to their words yet, they are now focus on family don't blame them, good time to start for the holiday season.



LztheQuack said:

@ferthepoet And that matters to them? They still had a very successful run with Pokemon. And I'm not sure accounts would have made that much of a difference.



GN004Nadleeh said:

i will say it again. the major problem for wii u is no one has one, not even half of you here have a wii u sitting in front of you right now but you are screaming and crying on how it is better. if it really was better it would sell better. i just bought a second 2ds not a second wii u and it is because of price and games. how about they stop showing the fake family fun with grandma and show the games being played, no one wanted to see 6 year old kids playing mario then stopping to smile at each other. you want to fix the problem? then buy 2 wii u systems



Jimonfire said:

My opinion, drop the family gaming thing. I dint buy the Wii u to play with grand ma!

Bring back the "Nintendo, Now you're playing with Power" days



unrandomsam said:

It definately isn't value. The 3rd party stuff.will more than likely never get GOTY editions (Those are the ones to get for good value if you are indifferent.)
The first party stuff is all miles too easy still. (And they won't even let you choose hard from the start for such as Zelda which really spoils things for me.)



Lord said:

2014 is gonna be different as Nintendo loses its third party titles bar watchdogs (last contracted ubisoft title) and cod2014. The pressure is gonna be on first party and release schedules. With Nintendo putting all its eggs in 2014's basket (zelda, smash bros, kart, yoshi, donkey) what will be left for 2015? Will they then turn to old franchises or create new ones?



DualWielding said:


No they don't care that's exactly the problem if you have an executive that doesn't even care about this kind of thing your company's future would not be exactlly bright



TheAdrock said:

It seems that Nintendo are the only ones who think this way. The market has rejected this console.

Remember back when it was "Nintendo: Now you're playing with power!" ... Time to go back there again. Establish new benchmarks. Or else Nintendo will become Sega.



Doma said:

@DarkwingLz #85 But they're both Mario 'party games', appealing to mostly the same audience. I'll bet MK8 will hardly boost system sales.



TheLilK98 said:

Really. All about the family again I see. I specifically remember Iwata saying back at like e3 2012 that the Wii U would offer strong single player experiences. I also remember him saying more mature experiences. Well, guess it's pretty obvious now that he was lying. I'm getting tired of being laughed at for owning a Wii U anyway, think it's time for me to move on. The idiots on Miiverse aren't really much of an incentive to stay either.



ElementalChaos said:

It's 3 days before Christmas. Nintendo had the opportunity to market the hell out of this thing, and they didn't. I'm prepared to see many shelves stocked with unsold- oh who am I kidding, most retailers don't even have a Wii U booth by this point.



Inkling said:

@Gamer83 I agree that it has had a slow start, but with games like Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 on the way, not to mention X and the new Sonic game, I think that there will be a turnaround... hopefully!



nungi said:

If these idiots continue to put out crap games so they could make some quick cash and has no supposed to just give you my moni.developers these days look like they get paid by the other two to do their best in making doggieoopsiepoodlepoopie games.anything that was worth getting I have it already and waiting for Nintendo to put the Real games out.these game makers are not getting my hard earn money so I could be disappointed.rather they be disappointed in the garbage they make

Watch the language -Lz



nungi said:

This gen Nintendo have more tricks up their sleeve that's why they don't give off any information and gameplay about upcoming games and what their hardware could do cause it's a secret.The 3ds came out everybody wants to kno what's in the dam thing so when the competition knows they could try to make something similar to what Nintendo does.everybody was saying the 3ds is underpowered and vita is going to kill it 3ds has had so many things unfold upon you that it took people getting use to.street pass,spot pass and so many other things.the vita came out after and has nothing besides better tech nothing innovative besides a touch screen in the back and fools say that it's better.nintendo have been keeping cost down so I could enjoy playing video games and not paying to be online blue ray player and whatever that doesn't do with playing video I prefer the style and tech that they have today.they doing a good job keep the surprises coming dont want to know about stuff ahead of time just make things happen



BlackStar9000 said:

@theadrock13 well youporn works very well with it as well as any other html5 video streaming, including anime and movies. Sometimes the lady and I watch flicks together, and the Wii U has been perfect for us in that area. Sure Nintendo would NEVER market to adults in that fashion but it is really great for those who can gain use from it.



BlackStar9000 said:

@GN004Nadleeh I brought one for me and one for my kids, both deluxe when they were still 350, brought 10 games and a handful of indies and vc titles, I've done my job Nintendo, now effing do YOURS!



eltomo said:

If you don't support CoD or EA sports games on the same level as ps4 and x1 you're not going to compete.
More people get consoles for those games over exclusives.

Lower the expectations/targets and remember number of sales doesn't tell you how good a console is.



GraveLordXD said:

@theadrock13 the consoles that Nintendo put out that were all power were the worst selling systems 64 and the cube the nes, SNES and Wii were all under powered
The Wii u needs a better library games especially 1st party ones its taking them to long to develop them I don't think they realized how long it would take for HD development
The power argument has nothing to do with this its not like the newer consoles are that much more powerful anyway IMO its power that's going to crash the gaming industry again people already think $60 is to much for a game but yet development cost are through the roof not to mention gamers are way to impatient these days and y'all want all these games but then complain when they are a buggy mess seems like Nintendo are the only reasonable thinkers around the industry to me anyway power can only go so far and most have already been experiencing what the xbone and ps4 are doing for years now and the Wii u does things that has never been done before and no I'm not talking about talking to your console



GraveLordXD said:

@eltomo considering both cod and most EA sports games are redundant and sales are getting lower and lower I fail to see that point not to mention those games play and look almost identical to last gen

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