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Nintendo Launches NES Remix Contest on Miiverse

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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NES Remix was a surprise release from the most recent Nintendo Direct broadcasts, serving up bite-sized challenges and twists on 16 games from the iconic 8-bit system. We were big fans in our NES Remix review, and we certainly hope that more NES games — or perhaps those from other retro systems — will get the same treatment in future.

In order to encourage a bit of friendly competition, director Koichi Hayashida has taken to Miiverse to launch a contest in the game, where winners simply post a screenshot of their best time in a specific event; full details are below.

Hey there! I’m Koichi Hayashida, the director of NES Remix. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Today, I have news about a classic and fun event for people that own the game! Starting today, the Time Attack Challenge begins! Some of you might remember this from the original Mario Bros., which was released in 1983 for the NES in North America. We gave this stage a little twist compared to the stages from the original version—you have to control two Mario characters at the same time! As one of your final challenges before 2014, see how fast you can complete the challenge!

Send in your best time by posting a screenshot of the Stage Selection Screen with the Clear Time for REMIX I STAGE 4 “Collect all the coins!” to this post . [See the sample screenshot on this post.] Remember to type or write your best time in a comment with your post. The fastest time posted in this community will be officially recorded by Nintendo! The event will end at 7pm (PT) on January 2nd, or when the total number of comments reaches 1000. Lookout for the tutorial video for the stage we’re sharing next week to help improve your scores. There are no limits on the number of scores you can post.

I hope this will be a fun and exciting challenge for gamers that played this game in the original Mario Bros. and for those that are playing it for the first time in NES REMIX!

There's plenty of time to enter, with the 1000 comments limit also some way off — it's currently on around 60 entries at the time of writing — so you can find the post at the link above or, when on your Wii U in the game, within the Director's Room sub-community in the NES Remix area.

Hayashida will also be regularly posting tips for getting the best scores in other stages, and has started with "Defeat 15 enemies before time runs out!", the first stage based on Super Mario Bros.. The post can be found right here while the accompanying video is below. If you don't want the challenge spoiled for you, don't watch!

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Will you be entering this Holiday contest?


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Mytoemytoe said:

The winner gets:

N64 games on Virtual Console.
New Metroid.
New Starfox.
Link to the Past and Mario 3 on the eShop
BOTH OF EM. SNES games on the 3DS.
GBA games on the 3DS.

Wow, what a lucky contest winner. Why can't us normal people have these things?



DreamOn said:

I got as far as 7.3 seconds. I may try again later if anyone beats 7.1 seconds.



AdanVC said:

Woah! The Director of the most critically acclaimed Mario games was the director of this! That's why this game is so damn fun an addictive, I think this is better than leaderboards because you can actually interact in some way with the actual creators of the game, and that's waaay more cool than anything.



sinalefa said:

Nice stuff. I hope this encourages more people to pick up this great game.

Heck, it may even encourage me to use Miiverse! Although I could barely beat that challenge. Reminded me of Super Mario 3D World.



WiiLovePeace said:

Wowzers! I was excited for this game but now I'm even more excited to buy it. Will definitely pick it up next payday or after Christmas



Dweezicus said:

Does it strike anybody else as odd that the PRESIDENT of Nintendo Europe is saying that Mario Bros. was released for the NES in North America in 1983??? Not to pick any nits, but the NES wasn't released in North America until 1985.



Tender_Cutlet said:

When you think how much it would cost to buy each of these NES titles separately on VC and then consider the improved presentation and fresh challenges on offer while still retaining the core feel of the original titles, it's an excellent investment for £8.99 or $15. It's under half the price of the recent Game & Wario title and does the micro-game genre ten fold better. It's also brilliant publicity for some of Nintendo's less familiar early work [also on VC] - a win win situation for both them and their consumer.


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