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New System Update Is Winging Its Way To 3DS Consoles Right Now

Posted by Damien McFerran

7.1.0-14 improves "stability and usability"

A new system update has gone live for the 3DS, but before you get too excited, it's worth pointing out that this one merely brings additional stability to Nintendo's handheld.

Update 7.1.0-14 is clearly intended to smooth things over, as the change log on Nintendo's site attests:

Improved system stability and usability:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Have you downloaded and installed the update yet? Have you noticed any difference in overall performance? Drop a comment to tell us.


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Goginho said:

I'm excited nonetheless naw I'm kidding. I did notice, however, after Miiverse came, that some things became slower, such as turning the 3DS off. I hope this fixes that though.



Beechbone said:

Yeah, turning off takes a bit longer now, maybe because there's some NNID data uploaded or something?



Zemus-DJ said:

Haven't noticed the shut of thing, my 3DS has been running from march 27th 2011, well unless I'm backing up my SD or need a reboot.

Thou I've noticed due to the NNID it takes longer getting into the Eshop, hopefully it speeds that up



WiiLovePeace said:

I haven't noticed any changes at all, loading times or otherwise. I always thought the slow loading times were the fault of my SDHC card, which came with my 3DS XL. Still haven't upgraded it, had to delete a lot of demos which I probably can't get back now. Should've just copied it to the computer as a back up but I didn't think about it plus it's not that big a deal. Oh well.



Nick255 said:

Apparently this update is designed to fix issues with your NNID randomly deleting itself in certain rare situations. I suggest getting it immediately.



justlink said:

my 3ds miiverse is faster to open and change pages. My 3ds youtube allows me to actually open videos since update, so i have plans afterschool to watch some videos. Thank-you nintendo, you need those a lot more.



Sionyn said:

NVer and CVer (these are bytes that hold system version information), camera module, http module, and the module with titleID-low 00003802 (dont know that is) and eshop application also.

thats all that changed



FilmerNgameR said:

I would really like an update where I can customize the 3DS menu with wallpapers and colors like the PSP the 3DS menu has gotten pretty old now. T_T



ledreppe said:

No noticed system performance improvement, it stills takes an age to come out of system settings and load the home screen! If this happened on a smart phone or tablet the executives of the manufacturer would be dragged out to the street and shot!



TheGZeus said:

they have more than 128MiB RAM in total to work with, and a totally different set of use cases.
They also cost 3x as much.



ledreppe said:

When you talk about more than 128MB RAM to work with, are you confusing it with the maximum size of SD card that can now be used? I know it has been 32GB for a while now. It's just that storage space isn't referred to as RAM.



TheGZeus said:

nooooo, I mean RAM.
Random Access Memory. That little memory is a very tight constraint.
Phones today also run variants of a sophisticated OS originally designed to run on mainframes and have massive uptimes.
The 3DS runs games. It reboots when you exit settings. whoopdie crap.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

I noticed a few things post-update (N. American unit):

  • Shutting down the 3DS is a second or two quicker.
  • The first couple seconds of Miiverse theme music loads during the NNID login screen (so it gives the impression of +2s quicker startup time lol)
  • Clicking between pages in Miiverse is a smidge quicker than before.


SonicHyuga said:

It looks like the settings app on the menu got a bit of a redesign. Unless that was from the previous update, though I didn't even think to notice.



kolz said:

@SanderEvers Oh fun, the iphone topic..again. So that means 8x more angry bird clones and other trash physic games right? I'll stay with my 3ds and play quality games like zelda,donkey kong, smash brothers, and so on. Enjoy that 8x time trash miny games and physic games.



Tuberocity said:

Totaly different parameters on the 3DS when comparing to any phone or tablet designed to run an operating system which requires at least a GB of ram to run decently; though on the flip side, Nintendo did cheap out on these handhelds at a time when ram is very inexpensive. I think/hope, the next iteration will have a gigabyte of ram, better resolution on a larger screen, and LOUDER SOUND! This is one area the 3DS fails miserably by offering around 10mW (miliwatts) Earphones require at least 20mW to sound decent, and the better PMP's (personal media players) provide near or above 30mW of power/wattage. 1 watt = 1000mW An inexpensive computer speaker puts out 5-10 watts. A 30 mW amp in the 3DS would allow for some serious MP3 playing which adds to the functionality at an extremely low entry fee. Why Nintendo didn't charge $25 bucks more, and include better amp and video capabilitities is beyond me. $2 dollars would have supplied the 30mW to use the 3DS as a music player, but as it stands, and you're already aware of this if you own a 3DS, it's unlistenable, the speakers are atrocious, (more so on the 3DS-XL) and depending on the game, barely usable for it's intended audience, the gamer. Will get the update for reliability purposes, but don't expect much.



Tuberocity said:

Yes, I have the SanDisk Ultra SDHC, 32GB, class 10, 30GB/s bought for about 20 bucks on the net. Not sure we really need class 10, but better safe than sorry. Had mine in close to a year now, and no problems. Unless storing your music collection on there, 32GB is actually too much, 16GB would do fine, though 32GB is the bargain at only $10 dollars more. So, you takes your pick! lol If thinking of using in a camera at some later date (this is what these faster class cards are designed for) Get the newest Extreme version of this same card. Make sure the faster speed 45MB/s, 85MB/s, and 95MB/s is compatible with 3DS as I havn't researched this. I know the Sandisk Ultra class 10 30GB/s SDHC card is reliable since I've been using it with no issues, and it's very inexpensive compared to the extreme which is twice the cost, and would be a good purchase if serving double duty in a camera.

Just took a peek, the 64GB/s Sandisk Ultra SDXC is on sale at your local (major electronics retailer, the one we use for DLC's) store for $39.99; less expensive than the major online retailer. Treat yourself, that is a great price for a retail purchase, and you can have it in your hand quickly depending on your distance to the location.



Gashole said:



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