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We report on the latest Kickstarter happenings quite often here at Nintendo Life, and it's great to see so many great projects reach their funding goal purely on the basis of fan interest and support. It's not a guaranteed success for everyone though, so today we have some good news, bad news, and a rescheduling.

First off is a little bad news with Dino Run 2, which we reported on briefly in the final days of its campaign. As worthy as it might have been, the project only raised half of its required funding by the deadline of December 5th, so will not be released as planned. The creators remain optimistic though, and while all pledges are returned to backers, Pixeljam considers the exposure to have been more than worth the effort. The developer urges fans to keep in contact, and we may see those lovable dinos emerge from the brink of extinction yet, one way or another.

Another project that looked to be in some trouble recently was Lobodestroyo, a 3D platformer inspired by N64 collect-a-thons like Banjo-Kazooie. Even with a reasonable goal of $35,000 it was struggling to gain support and drum up enthusiasm. The last few days have surely been nail-biters for the production team as it edged closer and closer to the minimum goal. We can report now that the project has reached that goal thanks to an influx of backers, and will be coming to Wii U after Nintendo's console was bumped up as an initial goal platform. It's a comfortable fit for such a retro-styled platformer, so anybody who'd like to pitch in further can do so until the campaign's end on 11th December.

Finally, we have Festival of Magic. We've been keeping track of this one since its first incarnation as an episodictale to be released in five to ten hour chunks. As is the case with many development stories though, time and resources impacted on this plan which recently drove SnowCastle Games towards Kickstarter for support. Wii U has been a standard platform from the beginning for this throwback RPG, but the team was very aware that the campaign wasn't moving along at a strong pace. It investigated why this was so, and realised that timing was the issue.

Potential backers have been distracted recently by two new console launches and the commercial madness of the holiday season, so in a bold move the current Kickstarter project has been cancelled. This doesn't mean that Festival of Magic itself has been cancelled though, rather the campaign to get it funded will relaunch on February 20th next year; it'll return to Kickstarter on that day with a fresh start, a whole new attempt from scratch. Until then, the team promises to continue development and begin work on the campaign's structure, reward system, updates, and promotion; in this way, it can be sure that the title receives the focus that it deserves. It's a rare turn of events that will hopefully pay off for SnowCastle in the New Year.

Do you mourn the loss of the dinosaurs? Are you excited for a new take on some retro platforming or RPG action? Be sure to let us know in a comment below!