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Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warriors, And It's Coming To Wii U In 2014

Posted by Damien McFerran

New crossover title announced during today's Nintendo Direct

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have announced during today's Nintendo Direct a brand-new title which unifies the worlds of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors.

Hyrule Warriors — that's a working title, by the way — takes the combat-heavy gameplay of Tecmo Koei's popular Warriors franchise and adds a dash of Nintendo's famous action adventure series. The footage shows Link laying the smack-down on hordes of enemies using a variety of powerful attacks, including spinning slashes and bombs.

The game is due for release some time in 2014, and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was keen to stress that this isn't the next instalment in the Zelda franchise, but an entirely separate title.

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Expa0 said:

The enemies look like they've been ripped out of the 80s Zelda cartoon.

That's all I got. At least this was unexpected.



XavandSo said:

So amazing. Link fits that blue so much, I expect lots of cosplay. I'm going to my store tomorrow to pre-order. I wonder if even the sales clerk knows what it is. Hehe.



Tsurii said:

This, Mario Kart 8 and Rosalina were my personal highlights of today's direct



Senario said:

Dang it Nintendo, I am trying to save money for Smash 4 and Mario kart. Then you throw me this and DkTF and my wallet blows up.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I was asking for some kind of Link's Sword Training for motionplus so I hope the controls are like Skyward's. I would still buy this as my annual hack and slash game.

@JogurtTheYogurt - ditto



Of_Folsense said:

Hmm... This was surprising. Shaking things up with the Zelda series is fine with me, as long as Nintendo helps a little bit with the development, just so that it doesn't turn out to be a piece of trash.



SkywardCrowbar said:

This looks amazing and different for the Zelda franchise. Very excited! Also, it's great to see Twitter blowing up about Nintendo stuff... In a good way!



Rezalack said:

Next up from Tecmo.. MARIO DYNASTY WARRIOR. Ha. Wait.. now I kind of want it.



ricklongo said:

It was indeed surprising, but not the kind of announcement that really gets me pumped. I'm a huge Zelda fan, but I was expecting some time away from Hyrule after ALBW to actually miss it until Zelda U hits.

I guess I'd much rather they had announced a brand new franchise or a new instalment on a less ubiquitous one.



Link__ said:

This will be a nice game to hold me over until we get the next Zelda game.



OorWullie said:

Those graphics are really awful.It looks like a reskinned PS2 game.I'm surprised Nintendo have let Link anywhere near this



MAN1AC said:

I love Dynasty Warriors so I'll keep an eye on this. That trailer looks a little rough but I'll reserve my final judgement on the title.



Stubborn_Monkey said:

We all saw it coming. It was obvious.

Alright, today's WTF gaming moment left me a bit off, because a crossover of Nintendo's most well-known IPs with Tecmo's.... not-so-well-known IPs is not so tasteful for someone who likes to have fictional universes clearly diferentiated.

Nintendo has crossed over with other companies in the past (Pokémon Conquest, Sonic and Mario in the Olympic Games.) and will do it again in the future (SMT x FE.), but leaving Hyrule in the hands of a third-party developer... doesn't sit down well with me. Guess i'm a purist snob.



MuchoMochi said:

Honestly? This game looks awesome. Sure they could have made it a new IP, but then Nintendo haters would have called it a Tecmo DW ripoff. With this crossover people can get a mindless beat em up starring the most famous adventurer in video games. I've wanted another way to play as link since his appearance in Soul Caliber on the gamecube. The graphics just need to be pushed a little, but to who called it a reskinned PS2 game should really go turn on their PS2. this pretty much looks better than most on that platform and I still play that daily.



undomiel said:

I love DW games but for some reason this just couldn't get my excitement levels up. Not quite sure why. I can't quite put my finger on it.



CanisWolfred said:


This is simultaneously the most hilariously awesome and Hilariously stupid thing I have ever seen. Yet I really should've seen it coming.



DreamOn said:

Iwata said 2014 will have Wii U games for for more "experienced gamers". I suspect he said that with this title in mind at least. So its Nintendo aiming its IP slightly away from the 'everyone' audience. So because of that i suspect the budget will be smaller than projects geared for both newcomers and core fans where they can expect just more sales. My guess anyway.

I really like the how Link looks cant say it enough



Sjoerd said:

This is terrible. There's no other way to put it. Putting Link in Soul Calibur was great but this is a cheesy desperate way to earn funds and marketshare. Terrible.



Mainer82 said:

This does not interest me at all, I'll wait for an actual Zelda game with a stroy.



MuchoMochi said:

Loving the negativity from people right from the start. Give the game a chance people, we don't even know anything about it yet.



epylon said:

I would love to comment on this news but can't due to the fact i have hung myself in despair.



rjejr said:

Doesnt this game deserve some type of "Nintendo is milking its franchises" comment? If Microsft came out with this for Masterchief the internet would explode eith sarcasm.

I really like Links crossbow training, and my kids play a lot of these types of games - DW Gundam 3 is literally in the mail - so I can see us getting this, but it still seems un-Nintendo like.



divinelite said:

Havent seen the trailer but I LOVE the idea of hyrule warriors. Please continue giving games for hardcore nintendo, my faith is cured for some level



rjejr said:

Oh, thanks to Antdickens for the web update. Im in the garage waiting for an oil change working on my 7" tablet and its mwrkedly improved.



NintyMan said:

Wow, people are either loving or hating this. I just find it... ridiculously interesting.

Never played Dynasty Warriors, but I know that it involves you beating up tons of enemies all the time. Never saw this coming at all, and what a way to open up the Nintendo Direct!



Mk_II said:

Yeah! The best bits of Soul Calibur II (ie Link) in a HD setting, i love it. To the naysayers: this is a very early demo so don't expect slick graphics. they are probably using "placeholder" models and textures from Skyward Sword



DreamOn said:

The funny thing is this trailer really highlights Nintendo's persistent ambivalence towards blood. Not that i mind one bit as i tend to avoid bloody violence games and certainly anything enough to warrant an M rating



element187 said:

@JogurtTheYogurt graphics look like a team ninja joint. Most of their games look like poo. But you play these for the action/gameplay.

But I suppose you are right, it does look far from release.



andrewmated said:

I love how the prevailing attitude on this Nintendo Direct was "DCK Tropical Freeze will be the biggest title, don't expect anything new" and THIS is the first game they show off. Good stuff!



ikki5 said:

ok... if people actually WATCHED the video, it even said the name may not be final



Gamecubed said:

I'm not big on Dynasty Warriors but this..... day one purchase! See what happens when you go into a Nintendo Direct with low expectation? You get surprised!



element187 said:

@Stubborn_Monkey Nintendo doesn't leave their IP totally in the hands of a third party developer. Every single project farmed out to a second party or third party studio has strict oversight.... Even retro always has a Nintendo director on hand to make final decisions on everything.



A01 said:


I'm not either. Graphics always come secondary to the gameplay, and I really do like the idea of Link in faster more action oriented combat. But the first thing that struck me when I saw this game in the Direct wasn't "oh, well that's a surprise", it was "oh, those graphics are downright horrendous" followed by being surprised at the games announcement.

They've got time to clean it up I hope. But lets not pretend these graphics aren't dreadful.



J-Manix98 said:

Huh? Well thats pretty cool. It looks like the world from Ocarina of Time! I'm excited!



SuperiorYoshi87 said:

People complain that Nintendo dosent go outside the realm of what they're familiar with, then they think outside the box and people complain you can't win either way. I think it's a cool idea! It's not meant to be some deep graphically heavy game it's meant to be mindless fun of fighting massive amounts of enemies! Nintendo is trying its best to reach other audiences with this game obviously. While I'm not a HUGE Dynasty Warriors fan I do enjoy those sorts of games here and there so seems exciting to me! I'm glad Iwata threw that Disclaimer out there because if this was Zelda U then I'd be disappointed



Akai said:

I hate Dynasty Warrior games, zelda franchise do no difference, it will be still DW.




Looks ok, nice to see nintendo try something different with its franchise.

But the warriors games are a bit iffy, so lets wait and see, but it does look good so at least that much is known.



Emblem said:

I love warriors games so this will be a day 1 for me. I hope there is a wide range of characters to choose from like other warrior games.



steamhare said:

Hopefully this game is as early along as it appears. Only two types of enemies (dodongo, bokoblins), one playable hero, one battlefield, and one type of friendly unit? From the trailer, it doesn't look like they have much to show.



GreatPlayer said:

Hopefully Tecmo does not screw this game up. The recent Dynasty Warriors are not very good...



Einherjar said:

As one of THE biggest Dynasty Warriors (and Koei games in general) Fan:
I think i peed a little....

Edit: Watched the trailer now and i have to say...i think i peed a lot more....
Wow, that was absolutely not expected. I highly doubt that i will appeal to a wide audience, since the warriors series was always a niche series. Either you love it or hate it. And i can live with that Its not everyones cup of tea, so theres more for me to have



Kamalisk said:

This looks like a very early build of the game. Graphics are clearly early, and they just wanted to show something of what it being worked on now.



SetupDisk said:

Hopefully it does, the one out on Wii U already has it and they patched the bad frame rate after the release. Imagine if they expand the Zelda Universe to be almost as large as DW! Maybe you could play an alt story as Ganon. Play as Zelda and Sages, etc.



Stubborn_Monkey said:


Yes, I know Nintendo always supervises his properties, and of course Retro is under their control; after all, Ninty owns the studio.

It's just that Zelda is a bit too... distinct to get a crossover a la Pokémon Conquest. It doesn't feel right to me that foreign characters are arriving to Zelda's universe, and it isn't because they're from a third-party franchise. I wouldn't like Mario or DK or Samus appearing in Hyrule "just because". Hell, I wouldn't like them appearing at all.

Smash Bros and the occasional Link cameo are one thing, but this...



mamp said:

Why? I guess they want money because Dynasty Warriors is just a flashy looking button masher I mean there's no real strategy or depth to it. I know the games sell but a game like Zelda does not lend itself to mindless repetitive button mashing. What's worse is you can tell all these enemies are going to be as dumb as bricks just like the ones in actual Dynasty Warriors games. When will Nintendo learn that other companies should not go near their franchises.



WebHead said:

Dynasty Warriors Zelda Edition? unexpected, but looks really cool. I hope it has online multiplayer.



The_Fox said:

If this just turns out to be a Dynasty Warriors game with a Zelda skin then I won't touch it but if they can do something different with the stale DW premise I might be interested.



Klinny said:

This looks silly, but also kind of awesome. To me the cross-over makes sense, since Hyrule seems to be eternally at war, so it's kind of cool to see an actual large-scale Hyrulian battle. (And finally, the guards/soldiers are helping Link save the kingdom!)



ScorpionMG said:

@OorWullie you did play this in 720p right? I mean it's not that bad, it just needs work to be done. It might not even be a full zelda game, maybe something like pokemon rumble. Has anybody thought about that?



Pahvi said:

Okay - I'm definitely placing this on my "to get"-list, even if all my experience on the Warriors franchise to date are Warriors 3 Orochi Hyper, Samurai Warriors Katana and Samurai Warriors 3.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm very much liking the look of this. The Warriors games are fun. Love to see Tecmo-Koei become part of the Nintendo family as well, but as long as they keep bringing software to Wii U I'm happy. Now if we could only get a Mahjong Taikai game outside of Japan...



Shambo said:

Don't they DARE NOT to make Sheik playable! I need a game where I can play as Sheik soon!



Varoennauraa said:


I mean awesome surprise, and very promising game, especially if Wiimote is supported, but damn, take that electric guitar away from Hyrule immediately!!! It makes the fantasy world feel cheap and mundane!!! Take it away even from the trailer!!!



soma said:

Amazing, Nintendo needs more games like this to add more variety to the console, with third parties refusing to colaborate maybe partnering them like this is the only option they have.

Game looks great and I'm more convinced to buy a WiiU now.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Judging from the design of Link, isn't that the Link from the Great War in the Zelda Universe? Specifically, the one from the manga included with the Historia? I'm surprised no one has commented on this yet.

When I think about it, the Dynasty Warriors style would fit with that theme, as it would be more about an actual war than dungeon exploration.



majinchuck said:

I'll preface my comment by stating that I am a hugeeee nintendo fan, have owned everyone of there consoles, and have purchased a sickly amount of their first party titles.

With that said, its kind of disheartening to come to this site (even being a nintendo fan site) and constantly seeing the defense that people here blindly give to nintendo. I constantly see one person put up a well stated opinion and then see numerous users quote that opinion as fact to defend their arguments. Anyone who cannot clearly see that this graphics are garbage, borderline ps2/gamecube, is blind. we DO NOT know for a fact how early this build is, so constantly stating they have time to polish does not make it so.

It is not that I believe graphics are the most important thing, but when even smartphone games like infinity blade are reaching a certain level of polish, it is well within our right to expect certain production values for what these games cost us.



mudmask said:

There are tell tale signs that this is a very early build. Think back to the Link Between Worlds reveal, and even the Skyword Sword reveal - they at the very least had a working title graphic and some other concept art to show, but here they really don't seem to have much more than the game engine and some early areas made, outside of a new link model.

All that's to say... definitely worth getting excited over and keeping an eye out for. Let's use some sobriety, amigos.



Einherjar said:

@majinchuck Ever played any of Koeis Warriors series ? Then you know what you can expect. Anything BUT lush enviroments. You can have either that, ore hndrets upon hundrets individually animated entitys on screen, the letter being the series's trademark.
Also, nintendo has nothing to do with it, its made by Koei.



URAmk2 said:

see this is what im talking about. think outside of the box nintendo. bravo bravo bravo. my favorite series Zelda & my favorite guilty pleasure the warriors series. stuff like this makes me not regret buying a wii u. now i need to go change my pants, lol!



Gerbwmu said:

So does this mean we will not see Zelda Wii U until late 2015? Is this an extra to buy more time but keep titles out in the public or is this just a random off shoot and we will still see Zelda U sometime in the next year to year and half?

Looks like a fun game.....we will have to wait and see what it looks like closer to release.....



fluggy said:

This looks frickin crap. Like Resident Evil Mercenaries (which was frickin crap) set in Hyrule. I want the Zelda game showed off in the Wii U tech demo with the big spider!!!!!




So I guess it's safe to say we may receive new Mario and Zelda games in some form every year from now on.



Einherjar said:

@URAmk2 And people are still complaining
Also, could you fetch me some too ? Everytime i realise that two of my favorite franchises get a crossover, i need a new pair

@Gerbwmu SInce its not a "Zelda" game and its not made by nintendo, i guess it wont affect the production of the next main entry in the series.



majinchuck said:

@Einherjar Oh I'm definitely familiar with the series, and understand where your coming from completely. But this level of graphics tied to what is supposed to be a next generation is just unacceptable at this point.

With the way graphics have been progressing I am expecting to see smaller jumps in polygon pushing and photorealism, but expect more from things like on screen character count without having to have polygon drops, weak textures or frame rate drops.

I will concede to your point that this is not developed by Nintendo though; my comments are basically vented frustration at developers that choose to be lazy.



DerpSandwich said:

I think this is pretty good evidence that the next Zelda game won't be released in 2014.

Also, wat.



retro_player_22 said:

As much as I like Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, making a Zelda theme game in that style is just not too interesting to me. I rather they just give us Samurai Warriors 4 instead also the graphics look horrible by today's standard. I know there will be cutscenes to mix it up but I probably wouldn't get this.



Royalblues said:

They did this with One Piece characters like... last year? No matter what characters you put in this kind of game, it will still be not good. Just my opinion though.
Just one button-mashing nonsense. Meanwhile, I'm still on the lookout for Zelda U.



Einherjar said:

@majinchuck Koei most defenitl yisnt lazy, they simply lack funding. They always struggle to get any of their games to the west. They even struggle to get these games properly localised. Buts thats not an excuse.
But talking about a zelda themed game and photorealism in the same sentance ? This is the last thing we need for such games.
And what you are asking for is basicly a technical miracle. Enemy AI, animations, pathfinding, lighting etc need a lot of power when you have so many entitys on screen at once, and were most defenitly not talking about small battlefields here. Compared to other titles in the franchise, you could say: Each battlefield = OoT central Hyrule.
They optimised DW8 quite heavy towards its release and im guessing they are using the same engine again, so it could happen that it gets still tweaked here and there, but i wouldnt count on it.
And thats perfectly fine if you ask me. Games like this dont need to look "photorealistic" at all. You wont even have time to admire it honestly.
If its not your thing its perfectly fine, but dont take things for granted that are simply not possible, like next-gen graphics with a game like this.
Look at what DW8-Xtreme Legends will look like on a PS4 with its "sheer unlimited power" and say to me that THAT looks nextgen.
Its simply not possible.



Einherjar said:

@Royalblues Pick an older DW title, crank up the difficulty and tell me how well the "one button mashing" technique worked
Like i said, its absolutely not everyones cup of tea and it will get MUCH more flak after its release because people will get into it with the standart "its a zelda game" mindset and be horribly disappointed.
I expect an average 3/10 at best to be honest, since claims like "Button mashing, repetition, shoddy enviroments" are almost engraved on this series. It will fail horribly with the mainstream audience, but i know for certain that i will love it to death



larry_koopa said:

Well this was a pleasant surprise. Personally I have no interest in it as Zelda games aren't really my thing, but I'm happy that the Wii U is getting a new, original title all the same. Hopefully the fans will dig it.



AVahne said:

This along with the rest of the Direct makes this THE best Direct since January.



Yasume said:

lol absolutely pathetic. They ruined a new 3D Mario and now they are going to ruin the next Zelda as well by taking one of the 10 Dynasty Warriors clones and throwing Link in it. It can't get much worse than this.



majinchuck said:


Again you make some interesting and valid points, but I think you slightly misunderstood my points.

'With the way graphics have been progressing I am expecting to see smaller jumps in polygon pushing and photorealism' is what i said; this mean I am NOT expecting for games such as this to become photo realistic. What I am hoping for, as we continue to get stronger consoles, is a certain level of fluidity and 'polish' to our games, and I think most would agree (while it will always be opinion) that this video, at the very least, does not approach that.

I understand what you are saying completely about the company's limited resources, and will admit that I am impressed by their continued tenacity in trying to maintain current in a generation where as soon as you release something you're outdated.



Swiket said:

The best part of this trailer is when Link opens a chest to reveal a crappy placeholder title screen.



MikeLove said:


Everything we have seen is based on Hyrule and its enemies. Where is this 'universe' clash you keep moaning about??

Maybe you mean to say gameplay clash?



Einherjar said:

@Yasume Wait, what ? They "ruined" a mario game ? Which one ?
Also, "the next Zelda" ? This isnt even a Zelda game. Its, like you said, a Warriors Spinoff..

@majinchuck I still dont know of what technical leap or milestone you are talking about. The WiiU is just slightly more powerfull than an XBOX 360 and a PS3. There is not much more they can achieve than what was there "last" gen. And like i said, even the PS4 version of DW8-XL cant be called "next gen". I have no idea why people are expecting that in the first place.
Its a niche series from a cirtically underfunded developer in a genre that most people dont care about. What DID you expect ? My expectations are, that it will be "just another" warriors title with a zelda license, as it was the case with Pirate Warriors. It also, was "just another warriors game" with a One Piece License.
These "everything must be quadruple A" expectations are the bane of the industry. Everything thats not up to shnuff technically gets shafted aside almost instantaniously.
I dont want to say that everyone should love these games because i do with a passion, but at least dont expect that much of a spin off title from such a small team (Omega Force, a sub team of Koei).
With expectations through the roof, how can you still enjoy games nowadays ? You know what such expectations lead to ? Look at the sales charts. Soulless games that are made solely for the purpose of looking good. Every ounce of work went into the graphics department and gameplay is dragged behind like a wet rug.
This game wont look good, it may even be the final engine build just missing some assets. And this game will most certainly will be repetetive, like any of its predecessors. So why MUST it hit this artifical "production standart" ? Just because "the time of release dictates it to look like this" ? Thats insane (im NOT calling you insane personally).
Not every genre can look phenomenal. I rather have these crazy hack and slash games look dated than having to sacrifice on screen characters for it to run smoothe.
And not every developer has the ability / the needed funding to achieve such high standarts. And why should they ? When it comes to games, my expectations are limited to gameplay, artstyle and if its visuals allow it to run smoothly. I dont care if it hits a certain level of production value dictated by the current gen and its competitors.



Luna-Harmony said:

I bet this is another single player nintendo game as normal this would be perfect for multiplayer. but the nintendo police say different. also try to look at ign and gamespot on youtube with a wiiu and it blocks thought channels.



Stubborn_Monkey said:


Right, right. Gameplay. Hope it gets a better title than "Hyrule Warriors" though. And that it doesn't affect the canon in any way, like the Tingle games. Or Link's Crossbow Training.



drumsandperc92 said:

I'm amazed by the amount of confusion on various social media (Facebook, youtube) by users thinking this is the next Zelda game. I guess Nintendo could have been clear about it.
Having said that, I've never played Dynasty Warriors but this could be fun. I kind of like how powerful Link is, but I feel this will get boring fast. One redeeming quality in the trailer is that they seemed to at least have taken Zelda's "Z-targeting" system into account as well as Link's typical move set.
The graphics are definitely disappointing for a Wii U game, but DW never impressed me in the past.

Can I just say though, that I'm loving the outfit for Link?
Seriously - the blue accent cape is great, but that armor! It's just a shoulder thing, but Link looks good with some real armor!
As similar as he looks, this might be the most different Link we've seen for that reason alone. I hope Zelda U considers small changes like this to Link's outfit. Maybe this is a hint at what's to come in Zelda U???
Also, let's keep our fingers crossed that Link's outfits in Smash U have some variety! So far, we've only seen what looks to be SS Link. I'm hoping for this Hyrule Warriors outfit to be included! Plus it would be great if they included the Zelda U link skin, if they know what it will be in time.



Williaint said:

I've watched the teaser about 8 times now...
I am very excited about this game. It may not be a conventional LoZ, it's — as has been said — a Warriors spinoff; albeit not a bad idea. During the "Legends" we hear of many wars being fought. This will pit Link in the middle of one of those wars. I'm sure this would appeal greatly to those who don't enjoy exploring... As with the title, I doubt the graphics are finalized. I think Moblin Wars might be a better title.
I've never played a DW game (rather, not that I recall), so I don't know, based on other games/spinoffs on the series, how much depth it will go into. That being said, Nobody knows exactly, yet (outside of the developers). All that is known is that it's a Beat-em'-up, and you'll get to use the Fire-Rod.

I would like say I'm surprised at how many people are disappointed by the teaser trailer ( which was not like Nintendo to show something like that), but I'm not. "Link is wearing a scarf, it looks like SS! I don't like the graphics, you shouldn't like the game."



2Sang said:

This is what I'm talking about nintendo. This is good work forget cranky Kong. I'm psyched for this.



majinchuck said:


There is nothing wrong with having expectations from developers when you are a consumer purchasing their product; if the item doesn't meet your expectation you don't have to purchase it simple as that. After reading your last comment, I believe you only choose to see your point of view and are not open to the opinions of folks like me who have certain expectations.

I never stated that because a game is not a triple a blockbuster whatever you want to call it it cannot be enjoyed. I LOVED the lost kingdom series on the gamecube for anybody who is familiar with that series, I enjoyed the rival turf series on the snes when the majority of people i know dont even know what it is. I am a big fan of many games that did not have the big budget behind it. But usually he games that do not have a big budget that deserved to still receive praise or special mention have a certain charm to them or a special amount of 'heart' put into the development process that is apparent- this game, at lease from a very very short first look, imo does no appear to have that at this point. this is simply my opinion, ive stated it clearly, and not everyone needs to agree with it.



Relias said:

Dynasty Warriors= One of my favorite beat em up series. Zelda = One of my favorite Adventure Series. Put them together and oooo heck yeah.. I am liking this.



StricknitDex said:

The graphics look like a early PS3 title.

But they will get better with the time, remember The Wonderful 101?



AzureFashionist said:

Dynasty Warriors has always been a guilty pleasure of mine since my childhood so this seems right up my alley. This is one of those games I'll be dead set on purchasing despite reviews and popular opinion.



Goginho said:

Wow uhh, so many comments. I'm a bit late I guess, but I'll say it anyways ..I love this concept, it fits perfectly; the whole medieval Zelda, hack n' slash mass battle with possible (hopefully) multiplayer is a very fitting, suitable, and quite frankly, great idea. I just can't help myself and think this looks cheap
Some enemies wander aimlessly for example. It looks a bit stale I certailny hope this is beta, and that there will be a LOT of polishing done. That way we can expect an immensly fresh, fun, and tense experience in the year to come. So if they want to do this title good, they should def polish it to the nth degree and make it worthwile, otherwise, it could end up like some off-to-the-side mini-game sort of spin-off a la Link's Crossbow training and what not.
So at the moment, it looks very cheap in my eyes, but at the same time, it looks to have sooo much potential that it would be a shame to do this title wrong. I'm usually not so critical about major titles, but I hope it ends up being a mind blower, since there is something about this that makes me like it and feel fond of it despite its stale first presentaion.
Nevertheless, I'm excited for this, seeing as how Nintendo think differently each time and try to create fresh new experiences, proving to me once again that Nintendo is about risks and innovation. This def goes to show that we are up for surprises



Einherjar said:

@majinchuck But how can you say that a title lacks heart when everything you have seen so far is a teaser trailer of a game, that doesnt even has a det title yet ? It could very well be filled to the brim with content, lore and whatever else and just dont look overly nice. You, like everyone else, have no idea what the final product will look like. So, lets not discuss things like that.
Also, its not that i wouldnt except other opinions, its just that "I" think that its wrong to have such high expectations from every title, especially when it comes to things like technical standarts.
It baffles me even more that youre obviously more a fan of "underdog titles" and still think that a game needs to reach certain standarts.
Especially with the mentioning of Rival Turf. It had SO many better competitors and wasnt even that well made, right down to sloppy controlls and hit detection. So you especially should know that a game isnt always what its seems to be on first sight and doesnt need to be "on par" with its competitors to be enjoyable and full of charme.
Thats what gets me here, not that you have a different opinion.
That you say a game NEEDS to fulfill certain criterias because of its release date / release console although you liked many games that had many many thing going against them, much better competitor products and STILL very much liked them.
Then why have these high expectations in the first place ? Why not simply be curious ? (can you say it like that ? It makes sense in german ) instead of judging a game by its teaser trailer. Maybe its a hidden gem under a rough crust or it may very well be as "bad as it looks". But a game does not need to be on par with anything, like you stated with Lost Kingdom or Rival Turf.



cronotose said:

@majinchuck I'm not blind and I have NO PROBLEM with the graphics. We live in a world where Minecraft crushes in sales every month of the year. The idea that games need top end graphics to be well loved has pretty well flown out the window. I think you exaggerating to the extreme by comparing it to the PS2. Its odd though that you complain about people making excuses for nintendo, when nintendo isn't making the game.

Zelda + 3D hack n' slasher was guaranteed to get people excited regardless of graphical quality. This is not people defending nintendo for putting out terrible games. This is people praising nintendo for giving them exactly what they want.



SpellOvInferno said:

Dynasty Warriors is a big deal in Japan, so I can see why it's being made. I enjoyed playing local co-op with my brother in Warriors Orochi 3 on Wii-U, so if this has local multi-player, I'm likely going to give it a buy.



Ridley said:

I like the Warriors games an' all but Zelda with that copy/paste gameplay from title to title seems like a step down.

Still, Link's rockin' that blue scarf...



Laxeybobby said:

I love the negative comments judging a game thats still in development on a few minute trailer that has been released to show that Nintendo are trying new things with their most valued IP's. If the developer doesn't get it right I cant see Nintendo allowing its release until they have.
I give Nintendo the thumbs up for taking the risk to provide something different for experienced gamers.
Watching the video Link appears to use several special moves, and this reminds me of the hack-n-slash of Lord of the Rings.
If the game has a great story and character skills progression tree, big boss fights and online co-op multi player, then I think it will do well.
Give it a chance, wait for more feeds & news, you cant condemn this on what has been released, and if you do then go play on your PC, PS4 or XBone.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

Oh joy, what an inspiring Direct we had. One new game and it's a hack 'N slash with Zelda. Dynasty Warrior games start off well but get boring very, very quickly. There was nothing in this direct to justify my second Wii U purchase. I do fear that 2014 will be more break than make for Wii U. I hope I'm wrong because my Xbox One is currently gathering dust so I need the U to get me gaming again in 2014.



FriedSquid said:

THIS LOOKS AMAZING!! This looks like almost everything I've wanted in a Zelda combat system... I can't wait. I've never played a Dynasty Warriors game but I've come close and I've always wanted to. Fantastic news.



Natdaman said:

Very surprised by this and definitely seems like nintendo renting out there franchises to get new games out so they can say " we have a new zelda and mario this year!". And to all the people saying " don't judge a game so early" etc, I'm sorry but for a game that will be coming out next year on a hd console supposedly as powerful as a 360 or ps3 it looks awful! It looks like a good looking wii game at best.
If this has a good story and varied gameplay then maybe this could work but as a straight up beat up everything on screen and occasional boss fight will just be a waste of the ip.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I guess you can't be a true gamer unless you always jump to the worst possible conclusion after every announcement.

From what I've seen it looks fairly fun.



Volmun said:

i like the look of this just look like a bit of fun tbh have to admit though im so glad its NOT the Zelda U game



Williaint said:

@Goginho @Laxeybobby @other commenters
Yes, I believe it fits The Legend of Zelda well, to reiterate, there are many large battles and wars, in LoZ's lore, and they are hardly spoken of. This will allow the game to have less of a story (not that I don't think it should have a good story) and more action.

Unless you've never played a Zelda game, before, you know that Hacking and Slashing is quite centric to the series; this takes it to the next level.

You can't judge anything from a 1 minute teaser. Especially one that doesn't even have a proper title yet. You sound like a graphics bigot... why would anyone judge a console on a single game?



Monkeh said:

Wow, there's actually people who find this amazing? Damn, either I have real high quality standards, or some just have real low ones, because this looks like utter crap to me. A cheap reskin of a Dynasty Warriors game.. what's amazing about that? It looks awkward, uninspired and pretty much like a PS2 game running in HD. Hell, they couldn't even be bothered to me a better logo than some paint-text, even though a bit decent photoshopper could make something proper in five minutes.

Really what amazes me is that Nintendo would cooperate with something like this. I mean just giving out a skin to games like Tekken is fun, but this is basically portraying itself as a Zelda game (obviously not the next big Zelda game, but a Zelda game nonetheless).

EDIT: Also anyone who says you can't judge based on a one minute teaser, should think about the fact that by publishing this trailer the developers allow you to judge. If they weren't happy with what they had to show yet, they most likely wouldn't have showed anything. Unless Nintendo was pushing them to have something to show at this Nintendo Direct, but that seems unlikely.



ChrisHoi said:

Looks like a Gamecube game.
And when people say you can't judge an unfinished game from a 1 minute trailer, then also please stop saying it looks awesome.

Reminds me of Links Crossbow Training, which was pretty dull.



Thaurane said:

everyone that is complaining about the graphics/art style and gameplay of HW just needs to stop. if you were a true zelda fan you would know by now that nintendo is going to do whatever they want with their LoZ graphics/gameplay and nobody (especially fan haters) is going to stop them.

with WW we dove into a cartoony world that at first didnt feel right at first. but after all this time it has found a special place in our hearts. they even went a step further and introduced more moves outside of the 4 basic attacks that plagued OoT and MM (dont get me wrong they were still awesome games).

TP brought a dark and sinister look with it that was released on both bc and wii. not very many games do that anymore. especially pointing at sony and microsoft. yes i'm aware there are a few recent titles they have done this. but they (sony and microsoft) messed up with the graphics pretty bad expecting them to do well on both systems. but TP did not have this issue cross platform. mirroring it from gc-wii was difficult to get used to if you played gc and then switched to the wii version. understandable why they did it but still... i personally loved the major improvement onto the other moves they introduced int WW.

SS introduced a different concept (at least for the LoZ series) of having everything appear drawn with a hint of realistic style with it. hell they even released a hard mode with this game. to my knowledge that is the very first time they have ever done that. i got my butt kicked in that mode. they even went and greatly improved onto the special moves system that was improved on in TP. as far as hardmode goes, the original LoZ doesnt count. it was an entire different playthrough altogether.

HW is delivering as promised with SS graphics with a better engine behind it. with gameplay that is outside of the normal 1vs1-3 combat that has been mainstream throughout the LoZ series. yet again they are introducing more moves that go far beyond what was in TP and SS. i cant wait for it. yes, it might be sooooo similar to previous dynasty games. but i really dont care. the fact that this is coming shows that nintendo will never stop being innovative. the fact that they are building the game AND engine from the ground up shows a lot more promise than previous dynasty games.

so suck it up. buy it or leave it alone. i'm personally welcoming the new look yet again as well as the gameplay. i personally love being outnumbered in the LoZ series 1vs1-3 combat bores me to death. although it looks like the horde is just leaving the player alone in the video. my guess is they plan to change that. otherwise they are just target practice. my end point being: graphics and a teaser trailer showing some gameplay IS NOT everything. pervious LoZ games and throughout LoZ history beyond what i mentioned here proves that you cant just judge a game by it's trailer. for all you other fanboys/girls this is NOT the main zelda game to hit wii U. stop getting your panties in a bunch.



Sir_Deadly said:

I believe there was a mod that inspired this? Not my cup of tea but interesting. Rest of the direct was not inspiring.



TruenoGT said:

Look really fun, but could use some polish as other have said. I think this probably also means real Wii U Zelda won't be coming in 2014. Smash will be the big fall game along side this and probably another minor game or two.



SetupDisk said:

What the hell are you on about? The one on Wii U has online and local multiplayer and the Youtube channels is not Nintendo blocking but a lazy effort by the uploaders. Change the user agent to Ipad and you can watch them. Sometimes I weep for the future.



blackknight77 said:

I've never been remotely interested in the Dynasty Warriors games, but this crossover might me re-think giving the series a try.



The-Chosen-one said:

Wow, just wow.... i WANT!!!!!!!
I am really hyped about this game, and then we also get the Epic Zelda game
It would be awesome if we can play Co-op with this game Link Sheik, Knights and maybe some other famous Zelda characters.
Man i am going to eat Wii U lol.



Gioku said:

@majinchuck I think you place too much importance on the graphics... if the game is fun, the graphics I couldn't care less about, and this looks really fun!



ThreadShadow said:

I don't care for the "rock" version of the Zelda music in this. It's time for epic music not rock music. Other then that it seems great. From the trailer it shows that the, imo, shallow Dynasty Warriors combat mechanics has been deepened by the inclusion of combat mechanics from WW/TP.

This is going to be good. I teared up a bit when Link opened the chest. This makes me hopeful that there are at least some simple adventure elements in this game as well as the massive combat-which surprisingly doesn't look out of place in the Zelda world.

I see Link has a sharper nose in this design which is good. I wonder which Link this is and where he fits in the timeline/s.

@8BitSamurai Excellent gif and I completely agree. I wish Koei would make a cool "next-gen" Uncharted Waters game for Wii U.



cameronbelmont said:

My guess is that they used the Link from Zelda U and threw him into this rough mock up to give us a taste of what gameplay will look like without showing us what the graphic and design quality will actually be.



FluttershyGuy said:

This feels so... random. I don't know how to feel about Zelda mishmashing with another franchise like this. Is this going to be Zelda canon, or is this something that won't be canon for either franchise? Is this a Doki Doki Panic/SMB2 reskin thing?

The feeling I got from today's announcements is that Nintendo doesn't quite know what to do, and is throwing some off-the-wall concepts of theirs at consumers, to see if anything sticks. That's all I can take from some of the bizarre stuff to come out of Nintendo direct, including this concoction! I'm not saying its bad or good, just weird, and random. The randomness of this & NES Remix sure looks like a sign of things to come in 2014.

I do hope mixing Nintendo/random franchise universes is not going to be a regular thing going forward, however (except for SSB). I'd like to see Samus soon, but not in Hyrule lol.



ThreadShadow said:

I don't think this is a cross over in that sense. It's just a Zelda game done in the style of DW. The latest DW game had Zelda skins for their characters didn't it? Or was that Monster Hunter, or both?

Some fan project was making a mod for a Total War game that was along these lines.



HaNks said:

i would rather have seen more bayonetta 2 footage, to be quite honest.



Anguspuss said:

Take my money now. Yes for some reason I like abusing the x button in DW.
But this has to be 1st april no well heres my £



HappyHappyist said:

i do not understand how realistic graphics can defeat the purpose of fantasy. for me, the more realistic a fantasy game looks, the more immersed in it i become. take for example, while watching The Lord of the Rings, because the movie was shot in live action, and because they used real sets and filmed in real places in New Zealand, i was incredibly immersed, because i could imagine myself there. I felt more immersed in Twilight Princess than in Wind Waker because, although i like Wind Waker's minimalist art style, i felt more immersed in Twilight Princess because the graphic style was Realistic, even if some of the textures were't perfect. I could see myself in the world of TP because it looked real enough for me to see myself in. Wind Waker is a cartoon, and i cannot see myself in a cartoon.
tl:dr version - realistic graphics help one become immersed in a game, which is the point of having an over world to explore (like Zelda does).

personally, i've watched this trailer, and a bit of Dynasty Warriors gameplay, and...i am probably not going to pick this up. it looks boring. why is everyone so excited for this? its just hacking away at a bunch of mindless AI, where's the challenge?



Dinjoralo said:

Damn, this looks fun. But am I the only one who's noticing the really conservative rendering bounds? Like, look at the edges of the screen during the video. The Bokoblin's pop in and out like crazy.
@Forbsz Mind giving us a reason why, buddy? Like, any reason, at all?



TheLilK98 said:

I think yes. and I'm also laughing my butt off at all the haters. "Hurr deez grafix suk durr" and "lol dat logo tho" when it's obvious that neither are final. Heck, the game doesn't even have a NAME yet. Slow the hate train down. and this is coming from a lifelong Zelda fan.



majinchuck said:

@DarkwingLZ its crazy @theonehacker spoke my thoughts before I even had the chance to write them straight down to the examples I used.

'I'll preface my comment by stating that I am a hugeeee nintendo fan, have owned everyone of there consoles, and have purchased a sickly amount of their first party titles.
With that said, its kind of disheartening to come to this site (even being a nintendo fan site) and constantly seeing the defense that people here blindly give to nintendo. I constantly see one person put up a well stated opinion and then see numerous users quote that opinion as fact to defend their arguments. Anyone who cannot clearly see that this graphics are garbage, borderline ps2/gamecube, is blind. we DO NOT know for a fact how early this build is, so constantly stating they have time to polish does not make it so.
It is not that I believe graphics are the most important thing, but when even smartphone games like infinity blade are reaching a certain level of polish, it is well within our right to expect certain production values for what these games cost us.'

That is my initial comment.

So for anyone who has criticized it saying things such as

@cronotoze saying 'The idea that games need top end graphics to be well loved has pretty well flown out the window" insinuating that i implied games need good graphics to be well loved
@gioku who stated 'I think you place too much importance on the graphics... if the game is fun, the graphics I couldn't care less about, and this looks really fun!'

must not have read my initial posts or my following posts. I never stated a game needs good graphics in order to be fun- this is illustrated by me enjoying games such as lost kingdoms which were not necessarily graphically pleaseing for their time. But I do believe that graphics and CAN play a VERY important role in creating an experience- console creators must also agree based on the fact that every time they release a new console they up the specs rather then just changing the casing and marketing it as a new product.
Just because graphics dont need to be cutting edge doesnt mean that they dont need to illustrate the vision of the game. One such example includes mega man 9 which uses old school graphics yet it still a wonderful game or minecraft as stated earlier (even though it is personally not my cup of tea).

at least in MY OPINION (and not everyone needs to share it, but they should respect my right to have it the same way i respect theirs) this game falls into one of two categories

1) Fails to illustrate the vision of this game i a satisfactory manner OR
2) it is exactly the way it is supposed to look and it simply does not appeal to me.

Just cause I believe one or the other does not mean that I have particularly high standards, or that I am a graphics person, or I cannot appreciate quality gameplay etc. all my statements are simply my opinion and I am entitled to them the same way youre entitled to yours.

Nothing against your argument, but watch the language -Lz



element187 said:

@A01 I agree it didn't look impressive. I don't think the final product will look like this. But it certainly looked really fun to play..... I would imagine this is all placeholder modeling. The poly count and textures looked like games from the ps2 era.

If the final product looks like that and retails for $60 I would pass on it and rent it... But if it gets polished up, I'll be in line with my money.



element187 said:

@dudey300 I always wanted an online deathmatch/CTF/etc game based on the Zelda universe.... You get your sword/shield (Wiimote/nunchuck), connect online and just slash away other players..... Of course you can't have 30 million Link's run around, it would look silly.



element187 said:

@johndevine but ps4 doesn't have any interesting games... And graphics fall very short of what is expected out of a $500 gaming PC.... I guess its a big jump from the ps3, but that's not saying much.



grimbldoo said:

To all of the people saying that the graphics are bad, what are you comparing the game to? The PS4 and Xbone? You already knew that the Wii U was weaker, stop complaining about it.



element187 said:

@ChrisHoi when people say it looks awesome I think they mean they can't wait to play it... Visually It does look like it could be on the Wii, but i would be lying if I said I wasn't interested in playing it.

Give it online play and I wouldnt care what it looks like visually



Ultrasyd said:

I'm sorry, but this looks aweful for the moment, like some old PS2 or Wii stuff. But the principle of the game is cool. If you watch the Mario Kart 8 trailer and then this one, the difference is pretty clear. I'm not talking about Wii U capacities, just about this game. Like no or cheap anti-aliasing, poor textures, trees and vegetation looks like crap :/ But I precise "for the moment".



HandheldGuru97 said:

Woah that came from wayyyyyyyy outta left field!!!!!!!!!! I like how the Wii U IS getting a new Zelda game, but not the major one everyone is waiting for. This will be a nice hold over until 2015 when the real Zelda U comes out. In the mean time I'll enjoy playing this ^_^



SonataAndante said:

I like the concept to a degree and I remain interested, but the visuals need some serious work. I'm not talking from a graphical fidelity standpoint either. The art styles are very badly clashing. We have King Dodongo in the more realistic OoT art style and Bokoblins from the more bright and cartoony Skyward Sword. It's basically a poor mish-mash of art styles and I really don't like it.The game really needs either its own unified art style for everything or it needs to pick ONE Zelda game's art style and go with that. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt currently but if it releases like this I'll be disappointed.



boynerdrambling said:

Nintendo: here you go guys something different and out of left field you fans are always crying for.
Internet fan: what in gods name is this poo poo. The graphiz r aweful trollolololl.
Game looks fun and will be more polished on release. Remember the hate 3D World orginally got? I'll be watching it closly



Drobotic said:

People wanted a Wii U Zelda and this is what they get.I like it.AND WANT IT SO FREAKIN' BAD!



HappyHappyist said:

"its crazy @theonehacker spoke my thoughts before I even had the chance to write them straight down to the examples I used."

if i may, going off of the LotR example, i'd like to say that i felt totally un-immersed in both of The Hobbit movies. compared to the original LotR trilogy (keep in mind the original trilogy and Hobbit trilogy are being directed by the same guy, Peter Jackson), The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and the recent The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug movies felt totally plastic and fake because of the amount of CGI effects. The Hobbit movies used a lot of CGI effects, and nothing felt real at all, shattering the immersion. The amount of practical effects in the original trilogy was astounding and made everything feel so alive and real, i could feel myself walking in Middle-Earth. in the Hobbit movies, almost everything has been remade with computers, and nothing feels real at all, everything is just plastic.



HappyMaskedGuy said:

I don't want to sound ungrateful, but this game does seem forced and unnatural.
I am completely supportive of Nintendo working with other devs on their franchises (Metroid Prime is the best example, amongst many others)
I do however worry about this particular collaboration- Zelda is invaluable as a brand, its canon is practically scripture in terms of the dedication of its fanbase, its quality unrivalled for decades now. It's a gaming keystone, a complete jewel.
When I saw this demo, I couldn't help but compare it to a rushed fan made mod. Yes it may be an early build, but there were clearly fundamental flaws with the actual gameplay. King Dodongo rolling around Hyrule Field, randomly appearing/ disappearing Hylian Soldiers? Skyward Sword moblins with no sense of direction, menace or offensive focus? Link was knocking them around like a million-pin bowl. It was so....lost.
I can allow such slips in the odd Mario Party, but I wonder if Nintendo has jumped the gun here to give Wii U Zelda, in some form. Fact is, Zelda's mechanics just plain don't suit this style of game. Perhaps I could be wrong. Hopefully.
Despite Mr Iwatas worryingly anxious emphasis on the fact that this is NOT the next Zelda, right off the bat. He seemed almost concerned about it, and I see why. This game has the potential to actually harm the reputation of Nintendos greatest game world.
I foresee cancellation, or a Japan only exclusive. Either I'm happy with.
Not trolling, but experiment with other franchises before juggling the Crown Jewels, Nintendo.



HappyHappy said:

I never liked Dynasty Warriors and I'm not a big Zelda fan so I may give this one a pass.



jayclayx said:

graphics looks terrible, concept is quite interesting, hope they improve the visuals by next year



Polaris said:

Never thought i'd see this. While it looks very cool, I wonder why they chose zelda over something like fire emblem. That'd be...eeeee

I've played more than a few dynasty warriors games and I hope that the enemy and ally AI don't just stand appears that they do in this build.



Phantom_R said:

An interesting note:

The Link from Skyward Sword is the second chronologically--it's stated that there was another hero before him, and an image of that hero shows that he has a scarf. So if this is meant to be canon in any way to the timeline (like both Four Swords games) then this might be the first Link.



Ganondwarf said:

I said it looks bad because the graphics should be much better but it might be in early stages and also there is no story to it yet just mindless killing of hordes so I hope there is a story.



DilMan33 said:

It's obvious that Nintendo wanted to show just this early rough cut, knowing that advanced gamers will talk about it.

Hyrule Warriors (not final name) - lol, yes, watch this one closely.



MaverickHunterX said:

@Phantom_R In that story Link was basically a knight leading Hylia's Army to fight off the Demon King's forces. So yeah, that story would definitely fit the usual set-up for these musou/DynastyWarrior-type games.

That idea makes look forward to this game even more.



raith said:

I'm not too excited about this game, but I'll be getting it regardless. Since it's based on Dynasty Warriors, it will most likely have multi-player. And if that's the case, I wonder what other characters could be added. Sheik, Zelda, Ghirahim, Hilda,...Groose?



denpa-ben said:

To people that say that the Warriors games are "mindless" or "just button mashing"---You're playing on the wrong difficulty. Turn up the difficulty and see how far you get mindlessly button mashing. Sorry if someone already pointed this out.



MixMasterMudkip said:

Wow. Are people actually complaining about the graphics?!?! It's an alpha build it doesn't even have a final name! I love how people just judge a game by it's graphics then what the game is itself. The enemies are spwaning out of thin air. Graphics aren't the focus of game development in an alpha stage. It's far more impressive then what those of you complaining about them could produce.



AlbertoC said:

I'm glad they are returning to Twilight Princess Link for the Wii U. Another Zelda with that same graphic style, with better graphics, of course, would definitely be amazing.



ultraraichu said:

I love Zelda series and I love Tecmo's Warriors series (more so Samurai Warriors) and gameplay, so this will be under my radar.



JaxonH said:

Anybody who likes fun games. Don't make the mistake of believing a game has to be categorized. Anyone can enjoy any game if they're not close-minded. But to give you a tangible example anyways, this game would be for anyone who likes Zelda (lots of Zelda combat, like Link's Crossbow Training on Wii), it would be for anyone who likes Dynasty Warriors, it would be for anyone who likes action games, anyone who likes fast paced combat, and anyone who likes anything that's fun, regardless of genre.



JaxonH said:

@Ultrasyd Ok, so the graphics aren't quite on par with other Wii U releases. But how does that translate to "this game looks horrible"? Unless you judge a game by it's skin of course. Games are so much more than how pretty the graphics are- the fact many of us still play NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube and Wii games is a testament to that fact.

With that said, the graphics might not be on par with Mario Kart 8, but it's quite the exaggeration to compare it to a PS2 game. No. This game is obviously graphically superior to anything the Wii had, and the Wii was superior to anything the PS2 had. It looks AT LEAST as good as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Considering the fact MH3U is now my all time favorite game, ever, I don't think the graphics will be an issue hindering the fun of this game. Personally though, I thought the game looks decent enough. Not the best looking Wii U game but good enough...



Nomad said:

Pleasantly surprised by this one. I've always wondered what a Dynasty Warriors game would be like with The Legend of Zelda characters. Cant wait to see which characters and enemies end up in the game. Personally, I'd like to see Sheik and Ganondorf as playable characters. It would also be cool if there was a goron character that could roll up into a rock ball to smash through enemies.
Hopefully we will see some cool stages too, like a Garudo desert stage or Death Mountain stage. Seriously, this game's gonna be awesome.



Kmno said:

Do you all even know why it looks that way? The game has tons of enemies at the same time on the screen so something has to give, remember guys this isn't a One or PS4, is a Wii U, also it looks miles better than anything the PS2 had.



Hortencio said:

Long-standing Zelda fan aside, first thing I thought when I saw this trailer was "what the F is this S?"



Williaint said:

The Mishmash of styles caused me some dismay, as well. The idea that the game had several different eras, are jumbling into a few fights made me sort of sick...
I was a bit relieved by the amount of hearts Link had acquired, but the method of which they are acquired remains a mystery. The best idea for a story is if it is based on a huge war of Hyrule. Slashing and battles are thereby given a purpose, and the constant fighting shown is also made reasonable. Since many large wars are simply mentioned, in the series, it would be perfect...
The worst possible story: A magic hole has been opened up, Zelda has been captured by Ganon, and is sending his minions from different eras. Link is asked by the guard to help fight the battles. After a battle he goes back to the castle to heal, and then gets a new weapon, which WILL help him out during the next battle...
@Kmno Having that many characters in the battle still wouldn't be a big enough strain on the Wii U. Many of these posters are simply exaggerating, about it's lack of graphics.
Speaking of Graphics: When I first saw it, I thought: is this the NEW Zelda? The Graphics are... well, they are pretty good... It's looking good... The Treasure chest looked pretty bad. That was probably my least favourite part. The graphics are equal, or superior to, the Spider-Demo from 2011.



Zodiak13 said:

Huh, well, um, er, you see, uuuuhh... Yeah I have no idea what I think about this yet. Maybe a few Newcastle's will help me figure it out.



TySoN_F said:

Haha I LOVE this idea. It could've gone to a more suitable franchise (possibly Fire Emblem) but I love this idea all the same. I love my mindless hack and slash games and having one with The Legend of Zelda motif is definitely a plus (kind of like the DW Gundam series).

I get this won't be a lot of people's cup of tea but this is a day one pick up for me! Just gotta stay away from other hack and slashers before release.



archlord said:

Hopefully they've figured out how to program the Wii U better and there actually IS enough horsepower in the Wii U to get a better frame-rate. I'm referencing Koei Tecmo's statements last year regarding the Wii U's weaker CPU clock speed.



WaveGhoul said:

LOL. Still not interested. What a cheap and desperate tactic from a poor to mediocre selling(NA-wise) series, just so they could try and grab a quick buck from Zelda fans. I can't believe some people are actually excited about this....That excitement should be saved for NES Remix

And i'm sure this will no doubt boost Samurai Warririos U's sales or prevent it from being a total flop. Not as cool as including link in Soul Calibur II though.



Genesaur said:

This would probably have me more interested if you didn't play as Link. Like, if it were a full-on spinoff where you play as Hylian soldiers in the middle of the wars over the Triforce or whatever and there is maybe a green-clad knight hanging around as a young captain that plays a minor role... that'd be awesome.

I just think we're seeing way too many crossovers, these days. I'm quite sick of it, really.



McGruber said:

While this is a game that I would probably love, I can't help but wonder about the implications of this. We've seen Nintendo let 3rd party studios take a shot at their franchises before with mixed results (Metroid Other M comes to mind). Seems like one of their only viable options considering the situation. They aren't going to buy any huge studios or quit the console race any time soon, so their main objective is simply filling out that Wii U lineup. A game like this has a quick turnaround, and will make a nice profit even if review scores are low.



stephendeo said:

This looks Rushed and Desperate for a new "ip". Perhaps this is a demo version (i hope) cause even the graphic doesn't uses all of Wii U's potential. Either way I'll get this once its completed. If it still looks like this i'll be shocked...



Der_Eisenkaiser said:

I think that it will be a good game. However with that said, I feel wary of a Zelda game outside which Zelda games normally defined. In the end, it will be a title that will just have to be judged in due time.



Kicked2TheKirb said:




NightmareXIV said:

@RedFireTiger Well too bad these comments aren't sent to Nintendo because the only people who can see this probably think you're over reacting if it's such a big deal don't buy these games if you ask me this is a refreshing change of pace from regular zelda games.



19Robb92 said:

This looked so goofy and weird. Pretty fun co-lab, but I'm not a big fan of Dynasty Warriors, so I'll probably skip it. Nice to see them experimenting though.

This Nintendo Direct was really great. Full of surprises!



erv said:

Graphically it doesn't look too good, if you ask me. It might play great though.



SPEtheridge said:

I really hope they change the design on the bokoblins, as the skyward sword ones were terrible they just looked a bit too
much like mii characters, ah well well wait and see if its any good



MuchoMochi said:

If you look right at the door way in the background as Link uses the firestaff, you can see Zelda.... possible 2nd playable character???



andreoni79 said:

Optimistic: DW saga step out of repetitiveness and technical mediocrity with a big spin-off that can stand on his feet. 8/10
Pessimistic: another DW spin-off: usual problems, but this time with a Zelda setting. 4/10
Realistic: good for Zelda-fan, but there are tons of better action games out there. 6/10



The-Chosen-one said:

I really like it, and i am a die hard Zelda fan lol.
i like the idea of hyrule being at total war and link slashing in, they should improve the graphics part a bit, i like links character design. and the combat style, but the soldiers they need to improve and the enemies.



Kosovir said:

This game look's bad. Just like it's on wii instead on wii-u.
Hope this is just a beta trailer.



Miss_Dark said:

@Forbsz Agree. Graphics design gameplay it all.looks cheap. just another example of nintendos easy money policy im afraid. and as u can see in thr comments it actually works ppl are



Boyoshi said:

Personally I dont mind the look of the graphics or the AI. It is very early beta.

However the concept I cant stand. Zelda games are meant to be about adventure and character development, not mindless beat-em-ups. Im still finding it hard to believe that nintendo would just slap one of their most precious IP's on this game.

Lets just hope they know what their doing... :/



BakaKnight said:

Can't wait for this game, there couldn't be a better way for start a direct
But I admit I'm also very surprised that Nintendo is taking such risk.

The Warriors series always receive mixed reviews and as many others pointed above (or unintentionally proved XP) it's a serie that is or deeply loved or deeply hated, no room for compromise >.>;

Luckily I'm in the "love" side (so so hyped since I saw the trailer!!!), but let's be ready to see more battles on news sites than the game's battlefields when the game will get released XD



Ultrasyd said:

@JaxonH The resolution might be better than the Wii of course, but it really lacks some polishing at the moment. Even the colors look bad. Those trees ... ermm. When I say it "looks" horrible, I don't judge the gameplay (all the more than nothing was really shown), just the aspect. I'm almost a 100% Nintendo player, so I'm not all about graphics, it's just that I'm very sensible to artistic aspect. If a game is fun to play, it's even better if it's good looking and polished. I watched this trailer again & again, it doesn't make me want to play it at all. I have the feeling i'm back several years before, no offense. One doesn't mess with the name of Zelda. It REALLY has to be a great game, in all the aspects. Zelda is also a lot about faery, i hope they can keep a bit of that and don't make some basic and rough game where you just have to kill everything that moves. I love Zelda too much for seeing something like the CD-I versions happening again
But it's early, maybe that's why.



the_beaver said:

Just remember how bad Xenoblade looked when it was announced at the 2009's E3. Even in that case it hadn't the definite name. And see how it finished... Just let's give it a chance, it's not my type of game neither, but who knows, if Nintendo do the correct thing, something good may come from here.



_exalt said:

Can't wait for Hyrule Warriors! I hope it doesn't have all the annoying puzzles the original series has.



Mommar said:

My problem with this is that it doesn't show off a lick of the systems power and it's not a terribly mainstream game. It's not going to do anything to draw in new gamers as it's a niche game style, and it doesn't look like it plays or looks very good on top of that.



andreoni79 said:

Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper: 3 comments for the game profile and 18 for its review. Hyrule Warriors: almost 300 comments just for a video.
If it wasn't for Link, this game would have been simply ignored, except by DW fans... Good luck, Tecmo Koei...



rjejr said:

To all the people complaining about the graphics - have you ever played 1 of these games before? There are about 100 characters being rendered on the screen at once, these games always look like dreck. When you are 1 man/woman being overwhelmed by impossible odds it's not the time to take in the scenery. My kids and I have played a lot of these on the Wii and PS3 and I can't recall ever thinking 1 looked good. They are always ugly.



The-Chosen-one said:

Its not made by Nintendo, who cares it doesnt who of the power of wiiU it looks awesome and this isnt the final product so just wait for the finished product.



B3ND3R said:

People need to realize that this is an ALPHA build... Nowhere NEAR the finished product. I'm keeping hopes high for this one! Especially when you consider that the Link in the comic at the end of the Hyrule Historia also has a scarf So maybe they are going for the great Hyrule war before Skyward Sword? I'm intrigued. And I have a feeling this game will look great when its finished, and seeing the scarf may also signify player one, I'm thinking online Co-op is most likely going to be in this. I think it looks awesome for such an early build!



StricknitDex said:

I hope it has online play, I mean, every Dynasty Warriors since 6, and even Orochi had online play.



Henmii said:

Looks awful! Mixing Zelda with such a mediocre franchise like Dynasty warriors is a great idea....NOT!!

Iwata and Miyamoto really lost the plot!!



NMH-TRI said:

People are ridiculous. "Yes everyone! These are the graphics you'll see in the final game!" If you believe that, you're dense. Compare X's graphics between trailer #1 and trailer #2, and that's a massive open world game with ginormous creatures.

Don't write this off because of the graphics in this trailer. Write it off if you hate hack n slash and aren't giddy at the idea of Link in beast mode. Scratch that. Even then, you don't know what the final overall gameplay product will offer, so reserve judgement.



_exalt said:

@BlatantlyHeroic No there are just some people who love fast paced games without all the puzzles but gets you straight into the action and im one of those people. Plus you gotta admit, you hated the water temple in ocarina of time IF you ever played it.



Moshugan said:

I will reserve my judgment, but this looks cheap in every way! (I never liked the Warriors games anyway)
But since their making it, and it's going way off the main series, I'd like for it to feature no Link whatsoever. I wish they'd set it in the time between Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past, in the fallen hero timeline.
That's where The Imprisoning War takes place. The Hero of OoT has fallen and Ganondorf is able to take the Triforce by... erm, force. There is a great war between the Hyrule Kingdom and Ganondorf's troops, which leads to Ganon getting his hands on the full Triforce and the Sages sealing him in the Sacred Realm which becomes the Dark World.
This setting would be perfect for this kind of a game because there would be no single Chosen Hero to rely on, so Hyrule must go to total war to fight back Ganon.



Moshugan said:

The other possible point in the timeline would be The Unification War prior to Ocarina of Time. This would offer multiple human parties (as well as other races) that would wage war to determine who would rule the land that would later become Hyrule.



Moshugan said:

@Ernest_The_Crab #52 ''Judging from the design of Link, isn't that the Link from the Great War in the Zelda Universe? Specifically, the one from the manga included with the Historia? I'm surprised no one has commented on this yet.''
Oh, I didn't catch that one! Combined with it's closeness to the art style of Skyward Sword this is a viable option. Might be...

Yet another possibility is The Interloper War (which some speculate to be related to the aforementioned Unification War or ''Hyrulean Civil War'').



G3ry said:

Why the Skyward Sword enemies and models (graphics), I hated the enemies (the only negative thing I can say about that game),
I just wish we could beat up Stalfos and armored nights instead of those!!!



G3ry said:

Why the Skyward Sword enemies and models (graphics), I hated the enemies (the only negative thing I can say about that game),
I just wish we could beat up Stalfos and armored nights instead of those!!!



G3ry said:

Why the Skyward Sword enemies and models (graphics), I hated the enemies (the only negative thing I can say about that game),
I just wish we could beat up Stalfos and armored nights instead of those!!!

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