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EnjoyUp Games Announces Rock'N Racing Off Road For The Wii U eShop

Posted by Damien McFerran

It's gripped, it's sorted, let's off-road

Spanish developer EnjoyUp Games has confirmed today that it will be releasing a new title in 2014 by the name of Rock'N Racing Off Road.

No screens are available at present, but EnjoyUp has revealed some details as well as a sample of the rocking soundtrack which will accompany the mud-splattered on-screen action.

The game — which is slated for a Q2 release next year — will apparently showcase realistic physics to ensure that jumps and crashes look as close to reality as possible, and a multiplayer mode will allow up to five players to take part in each scramble to the finish line. Off-TV play will also be included. Simon and Lindsey would be proud.

You can check out a sample of the game's music below, but in the meantime, does this off-road racer have your interest?

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TheChosen said:

The title makes it sound like they took Super Off Road and Rock N' Roll Racing and put them together. Sadly this is not the case.



rjejr said:

Judging from that photo - which I'm guessing has nothing to do w/ the game? - I'ld rather have a Fast N Loud game where you cut Aaron's beard like in Bonsai Barber.



Shortiloe said:

They already announced that 1 Month ago on twitter with that thumbnail in the youtube vid...



ricklongo said:

For a game titled "Rock 'N Racing" (a bit too close to old SNES gem Rock N Roll Racing?), the least thing I'd expect is a synth-based soundtrack showoff.



Gioku said:

...I'm not sure I can be interested in this (yet) with so little information...



WiiLovePeace said:

What the...? The youtube video makes me feel like I just got trolled. Bad music & a single picture? Sure this game is real?

Anyways, Q2... Isn't that when MK8 is coming out? Sorry RnR Off Road but I'll be too busy with MK8 to buy you probably



Ichiban said:

Damn, i got excited for a minute there, i thought Rock n Roll Racing was making a comeback!



SMW said:

I too thought it read Rock n Roll Racing. Oh well.

As for this, its hard to get excited over a game from a music clip. I do love off-roading games, so I'll pay more attention once we get some real media.

Nothings yet to top 4x4 Evo for me. Excitetruck/bots was cool, but too restrictive. I don't really consider it off-road when there are invisible walls and a clearly-defined path to take. (Although what made 4x4 Evo so great were the user-created off-roading tracks where it was a challenge to even finish one lap!)



andregurov said:

I love off-road/rally racing games, so unless this one is a complete fluff-up … I'll be getting it.



shingi_70 said:

I wonder if its going to be a top down racer like Micro Machines or more like Crusin USA.

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