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Digital Foundry Heaps Praise on Super Mario 3D World

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"It [Nintendo] clearly understands what it takes to produce a classic"

Super Mario 3D World has been critically acclaimed, may become a commercial success story in the coming weeks, months and years, and has already played a role in switching up perceptions around what the Wii U can offer gamers. We're yet to see how substantial that impact will be in a purely financial sense for Nintendo, but at the very least Mario's latest demonstrates what can be achieved on the Wii U hardware, with Digital Foundry now producing a glowing assessment.

The article begins by outlining the presence of new in-game assets clearly designed from the ground-up, before exploring modern flourishes such as dynamic lighting, shadow effects and subtle usage of textures. Ultimately, it's argued that great care was taken with small details in order to create a consistent world full of life.

Overall, the presentational make-up of the game is best described as cohesive: there is a sense that close attention was paid to the way every texture interacts with other surfaces in each stage, and how light and shadow are used to enhance each scene. The use of heat waves, tumbling leaves, gusts of wind, cloud shadows, right down to the shaders used to imitate rustling grass all help to enhance the presentation. The game world is always in motion and feels more alive than in any other Mario title to date.

One aspect of the game's performance that we've highlighted a great deal is the rock-solid 60 frames-per-second gameplay, vital in delivering fantastic, tight platforming. Digital Foundry has produced its standard video test, and that 60FPS line never deviates.

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The conclusion suggests that Nintendo's approach of design driving technology — demanding high performance aligned with creative artistic design — should be a priority for more development studios.

Despite this, there is never a sense that level design is compromised in order to reach this goal. Perhaps Mario benefits from the fact that some of the more demanding elements - such as physics simulations or a face-full of alpha textures - simply don't need to exist within the game framework. When it comes to designing a classic, however, it is perhaps a trade-off more developers should consider. The console version of Sonic Generations, for instance, was a beautiful game but the team's ambitions also meant that the frame-rate was lower and unstable, impacting the overall experience. Sometimes making the right sacrifices are necessary when it comes to reaching the desired level of performance and Super Mario 3D World stands as one of the best examples of this principle in action.

Ultimately, Super Mario 3D World stands alongside a number of other exclusive Wii U titles with its focus on clean visuals operating at a high frame-rate. The Wii U may not be the most powerful console on the block, but the fast, colourful, and clean library that it is amassing certainly suggests that it's more than ample. Emulators have already proven just how beautiful Nintendo's Wii efforts could be operating in high definition, and the Wii U is finally offering a way to experience these titles natively with good image quality. Years down the road, Super Mario 3D World is the type of game that will continue to look attractive in the face of even new technology.

With Nintendo's struggles in making the leap to HD game development there were concerns that it may encounter some of the pitfalls encountered by other Japanese developers last generation. That may have indeed occurred, but the end product certainly doesn't show it. When examining the technical merits of games, the argument is often raised that gameplay is more important than technology. What Nintendo proves is that a great technology base is necessary in order to deliver world-class gameplay. Say what you will about Nintendo's place in the market, but it clearly understands what it takes to produce a classic.

The Wii U now has a number of varied, high-quality experiences that look fantastic and perform rather well, with Super Mario 3D World arguably the pinnacle. If you don't own a Wii U there are multiple reasons to now consider taking the plunge, and if you have the system and not Mario's latest adventure, we'd suggest fixing that situation promptly.


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Tsurii said:

@Waynaldinho me too!
I'm 19 and I'm counting the days until Christmas like a little child

It feels really good to read positive articles and even more so when everything, that's said is true. Wii U is not the most advanced console this gen, bit it doesn't need to be if the developers continue to manage to get the best out of the performance like the exclusive titles show (with some minor exceptions - most notably may be Wind Waker HD, but you have to keep in mind that Aonuma's team made that game within 6 months and as a remake AND the first attempt to deliver an HD Zelda experience it's certainly quite impressive)



Dark-Luigi said:

Of course this game is amazing, it's obviously one of the best Mario games ever made. I'm playing it non stop at my friends house!



GuitarAnthony said:

This game was what made me buy the system just last week. Now, let's see if they can pull off a Zelda and a Metroid at the same level.



Emblem said:

"With Nintendo's struggles in making the leap to HD game development there were concerns that it may encounter some of the pitfalls encountered by other Japanese developers last generation."

Nintendo have the highest quality made games of any generation, i don't think anyone was worried if they could pull it off or not, the main concern is the time it takes them to pull it off. However being a patient gamer i'd prefer they take their time and consistently deliver quality made products than rush them.



Mk_II said:

And it certainly is a system seller.. I had one of my co-workers over at my house last week and he just couldn't stop playing it. He's a long-time Sony fan but at the end of the evening he said that he was going to buy a Wii U now and not bother with a PS4 for at least another year.



Oren87 said:

It's one of - if not THE best - Mario games ever made. It's amazing what they have done. I'm currently on my second playthrough and still loving it.

on a side note - I've just been into Derby Westfield centre and they have a huge Wii U and 3ds stall showing off all the popular games. It was rammed! I couldn't even get close. I can't help but be cautiously optimistic. The tide really does seem to be turning somewhat.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Baum897 Who said they made that in 6 months?? Just because they announced it 6 months before launching it doesn't mean it wasn't in the works for a year or more!

@Mk_II You a good man and should be getting paid from Nintendo! Commission check is in route!



DreamOn said:

Cat suits, cat suits! Cat suits appearing from bells with little bomberman eyes! Who knew? Just beautiful. Beautiful game.



rixard said:

I love it. I find myself smiling as I explore the levels. One of the few games my gf wants to play and even initiates by asking if I want to play. My console GOTY, handheld GOTY is ALBW.



jayclayx said:

I´ve got zelda wwhd, sm3dw, assassins creed 4 and zelda a link between worlds and this is one of the best nintendo Christmas ever!



Zach said:

I can't wait to get this game tomorrow. Happy Hannukah to me!



Rafie said:

@Zach Happy Hanukkah to you! You will definitely not be disappointed. This is one of the best games I've played in a LONG time. I absolutely adored it. It is well deserving of all of the those almost perfect to perfect scores it received.



XavandSo said:

Just coming back from the NeoGAF Assassin's Creed IV Digital Foundry thread and becoming all gloomy about my Wii U, seeing this made me smile. I have full faith in Nintendo's 1st and 2nd party teams to showcase the Wii U. Good show, lads, bring on X and Zelda.



Nntndo_1986 said:

@Baum897 It's not the most advanced but it is the best! I have both a Wii U and PS4, I still like my FPS' and several 3rd parties that just won't make it to Wii U. I downloaded FIFA demo and it is amazing looking on PS4, but I have the Wii U launch version (and while frame rate is issue) I play that thing all night on the gamepad while my wife is watching her crappy shows, gameplay at it's most basic outdoes PS4 graphics cause that's all it really has (well of course physics/animations here and there) In the end the graphics are pretty but I just want to play, and if EA could find the perfect developer (Criterion NFS) FIFA on Wii U would look just as good and I still get gamepad option. Same goes with Marvel Lego (great game too) got it off Amazon for 14 bucks, and played a friends PS4 version. I mean not much to say it is Lego but yes the PS4 looked decidedly better, you can just see it, but at 14 bucks if I could get it for Wii U or PS4 I would choose Wii U any day because I can walk anywhere I want while my kids go anywhere they want without a slash across my screen, another plus for just basic gameplay with dual screens.

A lot of people make fun of the gamepad, but I think in a family atmosphere that thing is a god send, whether used for maps, meh! or like a realtime inventory ZombiU, greatness! It does have its advantages that for me out way all the new hype.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like my PS4, very smooth interface, network ID I can move around from one to other, BF4 lots of problems but luckily haven't had much on my end, other than I suck lol. Looking at Daylight later next year (I was fan of dead island) figure it will be the same but I like the mechanics (not the bugs). Destiny, maybe, never got into Halo, but there's quite a hype train on this one so I'm interested. Call of Duty BO XXX for Zombies mode if it comes back. My family loves playing the easter eggs on that and unfortunately while I loved, I mean loved, gamepad play with Wii U Black OPs Treyarch/Activision just didn't give me the rest of zombie maps boohoo, that sucked big time. While they didn't want to fragment the only 3000 players online they could have somehow just given us Zombie maps, damn throw a dog a bone .

But that's about it for time being, anything I can't get on Wii U I should be able to on the PS4, while any 3rd party that still comes out I will definitely get on Wii U. AC4 plays sweet, Watch dogs has been preordered, and we'll see how the future plays out. But I can honestly say graphics, and marketing more people in a scene (while it does make things livelier) won't change how the gamepad makes it easier to play at my house.

Haha, sorry for the rant, but yeah SMB3D World is amazing been playing through that thing since we got it. So much to see/do, I did that unlimited lives in world 1-2 and we have just been going nilly willy all over that game, with all 4 of us playing, cooperatively/against (damn crown) we're down to 200 hundred lives. You can say we suck but I like to say we like experimenting



MJKOP said:

I bought my Wii U on the day 3D World was released, it arrived a day after the Wii U came so I've been playing NSMBU/NSLU and have yet to try SM3DW... I'm actually loving seeing Mario & the Mushroom Kingdom in HD so imagine what I'll make of 3D World when I DO put it on! Can't wait...



bmprsvz777 said:

Beautiful game, sadly it does not appeal to many people, it's not cool to play "games for little children" anymore, it is cool to kill photorealistically these days. Who knows maybe one day a miracle will happen and people will have enough of blood and violence and they will like nice games again. Anyway thank you Nintendo for this gem.



NintyMan said:

It's one of my favorite Mario games ever. There's not a single level that I dislike playing. The game is beautiful, the most impressive moments for me being the train levels, water levels, and levels with a sunset. One beach level in particular that has a sunset looks absolutely gorgeous with light reflecting the water. There's also so many little surprises and charming moments from Chargin' Churcks huddling around like an American football team to 8-bit Luigis randomly appearing in small spaces. The game is a masterpiece that I'm going to play for a long time!



sinalefa said:

I have a Wii U owning friend who will come over to my place today to play this one. Hopefully by the end of the day the gameplay will accomplish what my words haven't done and he will be convinced to get it. Since he plays Mario better than my brother, then I am also eager to see how that will affect the multiplayer experience.



WarlockNem said:

Love this game! Me, my wife, and even our four year old daughter have been playing it nonstop! I don't see the SMB series as a kiddy game either I think it appeals to a large demographic. If a person claims to be any kind of true hardcore gamer at all they should hold true respect for these games. Playing mature games that rely on blood, head shots, and harsh language is pretty much the norm now (which I dabble in myself from time to time) and could be considered more casual than even Mario is.



Ralizah said:

I hope this lifts sales of the system enough. I'm tired of all the doom and gloom surrounding the Wii U.

The video game playing public at large really is annoying. Whenever a new Nintendo console comes out, this always happens now.




Even though I would have loved to play this game with my friends ONLINE, I'm still gonna get this for me and my little sister.



Captain_Toad said:

Tons of praise for what could've been a greatest hits album from 3d land. Lots of good press for this game, ironically great looking graphics, and hopefully the start of of WiiU dominance.
I wish to play this someday. (Christmas would be nice)



MJKOP said:

RE4: Wii Edition is one of my favourite games of all time. Love it. Also Killer7, used to love Killer Instinct on the SNES, Mortal Kombat series, but a good game is a good game, anyone that denies themselves Mario, Pullblox, Zelda, A Boy & His Blob, Zack & Wiki, de Blob, any number of games that are 'for kid's', or aren't 'mature' are just missing out, big time. THESE games are for everyone, for gamers, and anyone that turns their nose up at them are, again, simply missing out. Long live Nintendo, who simply make good games, the very finest, and they make them for everyone



Kirk said:


That's not really the video game playing public's fault.

You'll find this kind of "doom and gloom" really only started with probably the GC, a little bit the N64, but fully kicked in with the Wii. Prior to that, when Nintendo was delivering mostly near perfect systems and entertainment experiences, certainly during the NES and SNES eras, pretty much nobody had a negative word to say about the company and there certainly wasn't any Nintendo related "doom and gloom" floating around in the slightest.

The reason is because the GC, and a little bit the N64, is when some very obvious and needless unjustified flaws started becoming pretty obvious in Nintendo's console designs and "plans" and more so with each successive console after the GC; from the lack of then standard CD/DVD playback functionality as well as the lack of online with the GC, to the things like the total lack of power in the Wii as well as once again no basic multi-media functionality and also some pretty terrible third party support and now similarly with the Wii U, that also lacks power compared to the competition, still lacks some basic multi-media functionality and once again lacks much of the major third party support, as well as quite a few other issues and niggles etc.

Nintendo struck gold with the Wii [got slightly lucky; although at the same time totally by intention] by capturing the casual audience but people, particularly core gamers, were absolutely justified in questioning the merits of the system and the impact it would make on them given all the blatant deficiencies it had. The same thing now applies to the Wii U too.

If Nintendo was making consoles that didn't have glaring issues and weren't lacking in some major ways, from the perspective of not only core gamers and multi-media consumer types but also even just the broader media, then there really wouldn't be all this "doom and gloom" surrounding the company and it's systems.

Do you really imagine if the Wii U had been basically equal to a system like the PS4 in pretty much every way, from general power/tech and features to the vastly superior third party support etc, but also had the GamePad too, that people would be worried about it's future or predicting doom and gloom for Nintendo...?

Also; do you really imagine it would be sitting at only 4 million units sold after an entire year on the market if that were the case too...?

So don't blame gamers or consumers for the doom and gloom. Blame Nintendo for making consoles that get a few things right but fall short on just about everything else, to the point that many people justifiably question how Nintendo is actually going to manage to sell these devices to the gaming public and more so, how it's going to truly satisfy those people that actually commit their hard earned cash and actually go out and buy a Nintendo system.

Blame Nintendo because that's where the blame ultimately lies for most of the persistent and prolonged doom and gloom surrounding the company and it's hardware (irrespective of that "doom" being vastly over exaggerated).

Super Mario 3D World is a video game experience that's absolutely earned the almost universal praise and positivity it's been receiving, from both the core gaming types and the broader entertainment media, so it just shows that when Nintendo gets things "right" most people are in fact more than willing to give the company it's dues.



Rezalack said:

Very good article, if I didn't have a Wii U, this would make me want one. I knew it was going to be the system to have back when they announced WW Bundle though.. so I got it day of release. I'm glad, too. Mario 3D World is an amazing game and like many have said before, it's the best one since Galaxy. Don't get me wrong, the 2D games were good and 3D land was alright, but this blows them out of the water. I like how he stated that the levels felt alive and felt the most alive out of any Mario game ever, well, I'd like to go ahead and say this game is one of the most "alive" feeling games ever, as a whole. I'm excited for what's to come on the Wii U.

It's a little off topic, but I'd really like to see a Harvest Moon game with similar graphics and textures, as well as the wind blow option of the gamepad. I just think that could really bring that game to life and make it that much more vibrant. Hopefully Natsume does that someday.



Shambo said:

Wii U screamed that 'Nintendo promise' before release. New possibilities while remaining a pure gaming device, new Nintendo classics, and occasional third party exclusive gems. And yes, a slow start.



LetsGoRetro said:


That's actually not true.

GC's big issues were lack of cd rom/dvd drive and online, yes, but the N64, and, in turn, Nintendo, was widely criticized for sticking with cartidges when CD was being recognized as the future.

If I recall correctly, it's the reason Square Enix moved the Final Fantasy series off Nintendo consoles and onto Sony's, because the cartridges couldn't hold enough for them to do what they wanted to with the game.

While i didn't care about the whole CD vs Cartridge debate, I DID care about losing Final Fantasy, and I vividly remember an incredible amount of articles declaring the death of Nintendo for sticking with cartridges.

And, while I'm too young to remember it, because I was 8 when the SNES came out so I just looked for good games and didn't care about the business end, if you search youtube you will find videos from the 90's of news outlets and such running specials declaring that although Nintendo has "90 percent of the market", the new genesis coming out could spell trouble for them since their 16 bit console wasn't set to come to the US until the following year.

So, it's pretty much always been there since the genesis began it's massive run.



Gobelee said:

LetsGoRetro is correct. You only believe the doom and gloom claims began in the GC era because that is when "you" started having a problem with what Nintendo was producing.

There has been doom and gloom since the NES. People called it a fad. When that proved untrue, people called the Genesis the Nintendo killer. Etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. And on and on and on and on....zzzz zzzz

As a life long fan, I can tell you people have always had a problem with Nintendo. They are the people that believe that something can only be great if it is the best. Sort of like one of those jerk hockey dads. haha. So Nintendo does not compete in the graphics compartment, or play your "Hootie and The Blowfish" cd's, that means they are no longer relevant. Too bad I guess. Go buy a PS4.



Kirk said:

@LetsGoRetro @Gobelee

The difference is there were some actual benefits to the consumer/gamer in sticking with cartridges back on N64, such as basically zero load times, despite it obviously ultimately causing it's own issues too. At the very least though, that decision could actually be justified to a degree because initially it seemed like it was actually done for our benefit. Not many people back then could have predicted not using CDs would have been so detrimental to the N64 and I'm pretty sure no one thought it would actually result in Nintendo loosing major third party games like Final Fantasy VII.

Leaving out things like basic CD/DVD/Blu-Ray playback on more recent consoles, having no online on GC, or lacking current-gen graphics on it's last two console, as few examples, all have no direct benefit to the consumer/gamer experience at all. Only Nintendo benefits from omitting these features by saving a few bucks. Additionally it was blatantly obvious that most entertainment type consumers (as opposed to just pure gamers only), of which there have been more and more buy consoles as their entertainment box of choice each generation since the original Playstation, were going to lament the lack of such features.

Also, there's a huge difference between the media reporting that a console is going to have some stiff competition, which is perfectly reasonable to say if there's other exciting and compelling systems on the market, and them saying the console is going to flop, should be discontinued or that the company is doomed etc.

There was no broad sense or reporting of "doom and gloom" relating to any potential problems with Nintendo or it's products in the days of the NES and SNES. In the vast majority of cases people only had entirely positive things to say about Nintendo back in the 8 bit and 16 bit era.

So, on N64 the start of the "negativity" could at least be defended because it seemed that Nintendo at least had the best intentions regarding the gamers in mind. After that virtually every issue and complaint that could be leveled at Nintendo and it's system resulted from it making decisions to gimp the systems in one way or another that really only benefited Nintendo.

That's the difference/s.



VeeFlamesNL said:

AH! You guys are making me jealous! I have a Wii U, but I live in Nigeria, and it is very hard for me to get games, even for my 3DS. NOOOOOooooooo.......



rjejr said:

Not surprised this looks so good. I got SMG about a year after getting my PS3 - a year of dreading looking at Wii graphics on my 52" tv b/c even some of the earlier PS3 games just looked better because they were made to be on an HD screen. But SMG looked as good as any HD game. SSBB looked pretty good too, as did MK, but SMG looked really good.

Letting the guys who made SMG make an HD game on an HD system from the ground up, how could it not look awesome?



Ralizah said:


While people may have taken it less seriously when Nintendo was the top dog, Nintendo's impending doom has been predicted pretty much EVERY console cycle. This only intensified once Sony initially knocked it out of top place with the PS1. We go through this EVERY. FREAKING. GENERATION. And I'm sick of it. No, the Wii U probably won't be the winning console this cycle. I have no issue with that. What I have an issue with is people developing amnesia at the beginning of every new console cycle and claiming that Nintendo is Doomed! yet again. And with one rare exception (Virtual Boy), this has ALWAYS been wrong. Nintendo always ends up doing okay for itself. It always releases great-party games that draw critical acclaim and make the Nintendo base happy while drawing in new players.

Nintendo deserves skepticism for the Wii U's shaky roll-out and weak first year. It DOES NOT deserve the constant predictions of doom from people when they could look at history and see that this is very unlikely to happen.

What makes this even worse is that we literally went through this two years ago with the 3DS, and that has become a hugely successful machine.



burninmylight said:

Be honest: how many of you are now coughing up heapings of crow after the initial reveal of this game? That first trailer didn't do this game any justice, but having a little faith in EAD Tokyo always pays off.



Dave24 said:

It is not always 60 FPS - in 9-1 when you hit those flying things (can't remember their name) with Plessie, it drops hard. Also, there are some camera positioning issues, especially when you have to go up when screen moves and you need to run from fuzzies. And it's atrocious in the end run from Bowser.
Still, SM3DW shows that WiiU actually IS next-gen machine - I mean, it looks better than Knack (and plays), and PS4 is suppoused to be powerhouse.



burninmylight said:

"...lacking current-gen graphics on it's last two console, as few examples, all have no direct benefit to the consumer/gamer experience at all. Only Nintendo benefits from omitting these features by saving a few bucks."

And the consumer benefited by saving a few bucks too. You can complain about the Wii and Wii U being only being marginally more powerful than their last gen contemporaries, but they were also cheaper and justify themselves as a second console. And with the Wii, you can sort of defend Nintendo's decision not to go HD because everyone didn't have an HDTV back then. It also helped to keep development costs down; think of how many more studios would've went belly-up or driven to mobile if they didn't have one console to fall back on with mid-tier games. The part about GCN, Wii and Wii U not having CD/DVD/mp3/mp4 playback I agree with. At least add the ability to save music to the SSD and allow devs to allow us to import our music into games, like ExciteTruck.



Leu10antFalcon said:

Just purchased Super Mario 3D World three days ago. Nominated for Game of the Year, this title in my books IS Game of the Year. HD graphics (scaled to full HD), 60 frames per second, excellent play control (Game Pad, Pro controller, Wii remote [regular and Motion Plus], and Classic Control Pro), excellent replay value, and overall fun make this title from Nintendo and Nintendo EAD Tokyo a most definite must buy for the Wii U. 10 out of 10!



MikeLove said:


Theres no way in hell SM3DW "looks better" than Knack, unless you are talking from an artistic point of view.

Knack has more high resolution textures and is much "sharper" looking overall, while much of SM3DW is made up of simple/soft textures and blurring.

SM3DW "looks" better from a level design point of view and for creativity, but it doesn't come close to besting Knack from a purely graphical standpoint.

It's laughable that people brag about the simplistic SM3DW being 60FPS and compare it to the graphically intensive games on the PS4/Xbox that run at 30FPS, then act like it's a valid comparison.



electrolite77 said:


True. I remember buying an EGM from an import shop in Manchester in 1991 and it was full of articles about how the SNES was struggling against the Genesis/Sonic the Hedgehog, it didn't have a CD Drive (arf!) and all the games were riddled with slowdown.

As for the launch of the N64 when it went with cartridges, then launched in the UK late, overpriced and with all games running in letterboxed 50Hz, there was a lot of doom and gloom as the PS1 raced clear.

Thing is, it happens to every platform holder if there are signs of a struggle. It's a competitive business (see - Atari trying to do something with the Jaguar, Sega during the late 90's, Sony after the PS3 launch, MS this year etc.)



OGGamer said:

@URAmk2 From an artistic standpoint sm3dw makes knack it's B****. A sharper image is only part of the equation .



Johnny12 said:

I love this Game i might get it for Chrismas and Maybe with the Wii U or New Super Luigi U in The Uk because i live in London



URAmk2 said:

you reading comprehension needs work cheif. FutureAlphaMale even stated that artistically mario 3d was better & i agree. from a technical standpoint knack wins easily. try harder next time



bronZfonZ said:

From a technical standpoint SM3DW wins over Knack, because Nintendo was able to do more with less.

The argument is similar to boxing and MMA, where fans and pundits use the term "pound-for-pound" when arguing about who the best boxer/fighter in the world is. Wladimir Klitschko could easily beat Floyd Mayweather, but Mayweather is considered to be the better boxer.

If Sony could run Knack on Wii U hardware, look as good as it does on the PS4, and play at 60 FPS, then I'd say that Knack is "technically superior".



URAmk2 said:

sorry but you logic is flawed. considering even the most hardcore of nintendo faithful will admit that 3d world could easily run at 1080p native & 60fps on PS4 with better lighting, textures, effects & less pop up. it cant even do that on wii u. 720p upscaled. Knack would have to be watered down to play on wii u, but that because the PS4 is much more powerful than the wii u. Not taking anything against mario 3d it's fun & pretty. easily the reason to own a wii u. im just not gonna convince myself that it's technicality superior to knack like some do just to reassure my purchase.



MikeLove said:


I'm a huge boxing and MMA fan and would love to agree with you, but I can't.

Your 'Knack on Wii-U' comparison doesn't make sense. It's like saying a Honda Civic is a 'better' car than a Ferrari since its cheaper and still gets you from point A to point B while doing 'more with less'.

It's indisputable that the Ferrari is the technologically superior vehicle when compared to a Civic, but that doesn't make the Civic unnecessary or useless. Just as the fact that Knack is a 'technically superior' game graphically when compared to Mario, doesn't make SMW3D any less. I love the game and am enjoying playing it, but it's disingenuous to claim it 'looks better' than Knack when only discussing their technical merits. I'm sure SM3DW mops the floor with Knack in all other aspects though.



Dave24 said:

@URAmk2 & @FutureAlphaMale oh yes, this screen is so graphically intense it's devastating. That high resolution texture on rocks and whatever this green thing is. Also this Just this. It's disgusting. But maybe it's just me that rocks, trees and weapons of the enemies look blocky. Also @URAmk2 pop-in could be even worse on PS4 - blu-ray, remember? Also, there are frame rate issues.
I'll admit I haven't played Knack that much (only few minutes), but still I was unimpresed. From console as hyped as PS4 I expect more, and SM3DW is more pleasant to look at



kyuubikid213 said:

@URAmk2 If Knack is such a great game, go play it. No reason to waste time online saying it's better than one game or another.

If you feel the need to tear into SM3DW to say Knack is better, however, maybe it's not as good as you believed.

Just saying...



MikeLove said:


If I felt compelled too, I could find two unflattering pictures of SM3DW then post them as if the were indicative of the whole game like you did with Knack, but I won't.



URAmk2 said:

wrong! you truly out of the loop aren't you. ps4 doesn't actually run the games off of the blu rays. it installs to the hdd. so pop up wouldnt be a factor in that case. nice last ditch effort to grasp for staws though buddy.

i have played knack & beaten it. Same with mario 3d. maybe you should try actually reading peoples posts before you respond... just saying. it'll save you from raging for no reason kid. btw please quote were i tore into mario 3d & said knack was better. ill wait...

that was a weak attempt at cherry picking screenshots on his part. anyone could do that with any game.



bronZfonZ said:

@URAmk2 @FutureAlphaMale I think our personal definitions of "technical superiority" are different, which is why you're disagreeing with me.

Obviously Knack would be watered down, but would it still look better than SM3DW in its watered down state? I think not.

My argument is that Knack looks better because it's being propped up by superior hardware. Say that, in your opinion, Knack on the PS4 looks 2X better than SM3DW. However, the PS4 is roughly 8X more powerful than the Wii U, perhaps even more than that. Thus, SM3DW is technically superior to Knack, because Sony wasn't able to make Knack look at least 8X better than SM3DW.

There are reasons why developers like John Carmack and, modernly, those at Naughty Dog are propped up in the software engineering community: it's because they were able to squeeze out a lot from "limited" hardware to create graphical gaming gems through code and algorithms, not asking hardware manufacturers to add more RAM or more hardware floating point math pipelines in the graphics cards.

Granted Knack is a launch title, and SM3DW was released one year into Wii U's life, so there's still a lot of hardware squeezing to do for both consoles, but if you take my definition into consideration, SM3DW is techincally superior.



kyuubikid213 said:

@URAmk2 Sorry I misread that. I wasn't raging, though.

But Knack wouldn't have to be watered down to run on Wii U. Not really. The game isn't so demanding that the PS3 couldn't handle it. And it's most certainly not the best display of tne PS4s power (that would be Killzone).

And, from what I've seen, you'd really have to dig for unflattering SM3DW screens.



Dave24 said:

@URAmk2 thanks for the info about installing to HDD - I wasn't actually aware that it actually gets whole data from disc to HDD. Now at least I know it second hand.
@FutureAlphaMale you know, I could go with whole file. Now I was actually curious about graphics and watched few gameplays and rocks still look disgusting. Even streams of lava looks worse than in PS3 game. But if I had to choose steady 60 FPS gameplay most of the time versus 30 FPS mostly (because there is chopping), I would go with 60. What @kyuubikid213 said, it's the game that could might as well be on PS3



gameboy1975 said:


Preach it brotha. Because many of these folks that try & act like this whole doom & gloom crap hasn't been laid at Nintendo's doorstep even when they were doing extremely well( or most things right at least at the time) are kidding themselves. It was there WAY before the GC homie. Thus the reason so many are mostly tired of the ish I would say. Criticism is 1 thing, but hearing the same drivel, hate & other crap for almost 2 decades is just tiresome & lame.



bronZfonZ said:

@gameboy1975 You're only talking about the console side. I still remember stuff from fans and magazine journalists about the Game Gear, Lynx, and TurboExpress (and later the Neo Geo Pocket/Pocket Color) blowing the "green-screened" Game Boy out of the water, and then hearing and reading about more Nintendo doom and gloom when the PSP and Vita came out.



WanderingPB said:

A great game is a great game regardless of what platform it's on…period.

Im sure the same will be said about Infamous on PS4 and Halo on XB1…the comments are quite entertaining at first but as i keep reading i question some of these debates

I personally love Boo house music it's just a soothing deadly melody kinda reminds of the Adams family Soundtrack TBH

Im currently losing my sanity tackling the champion's road which its the Olympics of platforming…im down over 200 lives and i cant stop thinking about how to improve…i love it!!!



MonsieurRosbif said:

@Baum897 You youngster! I'm 44 on Friday and I hope I've dropped enough hints to my family that this is the only thing I want for my birthday! You never grow out of Nintendo!!



MikeLove said:


All true, but you are not taking into consideration the fact that back then Nintendo was still controlling about 70-80% of the video game market when people were throwing around 'doom and gloom' statements. Nowadays there is much stronger competition from Sony, Microsoft and PC/tablets, and Nintendo isn't even half as powerful/important as they were back in the late 80's-early 90's.

So the 'doom and gloom' comments can't simply be dismissed with a wave of the hand and a mention that they survived it before, because this time the situation is completely different.

I'm not saying that Nintendo is doomed this time either, but just pointing out the fact that its closer to 'doom' now then at anytime before in its history as a video game company. Not necessarily from a financial perspective, but from a consumer/market share one.



Widowmaker said:

Looks like Nintendo is fast in learning how to make a great looking and technically competent HD game. It's hard to believe that they first HD game released only a year ago.



Urbanhispanic said:

I plan on getting this game soon. I just finally got a Wii U and plan on going through NSMBU, NSLU, Batman Arkham City and Need for Speed Most!



Excep7ional said:

Not going to lie, this game looks great. I would buy this in a heartbeat if I had a Wii U. Too bad I won't be getting it though.



element187 said:

"Full shadows are cast across the world while dynamic lights are used extensively to both highlight player actions and set the mood."

And that right there is why it would never run on the ps3/x360.... Dynamic lighting is extremely processor intensive.... While the effect CAN work on the subhd twins, it pulls the frame rate down into the teens, making an unplayable hot mess..... SM3DW has this effect all over the place. The direction and position of the lighting is moving all over the place. The subhd twins would have to use prebaked static lighting...... And the a Wii U does it at a 100% 60fps with zero drops.

Proves the Wii U is easily 3x or perhaps 4x the power of the subhd twins. My favorite part about next gen is the dynamic lighting. We finally will have realistic lighting after so many decades of prebaked lighting. And the Wii U was the first console to produce this effect on a console with zero slow down (NSMBU had a little in it at some points, Pikmin 3 had a ton of it and SM3DW taking it to the next level.)



OGGamer said:

@URAmk2 It sounds like you are defining technical standpoint to mean " it's running on better hardware therefore it looks better ". Rookie mistake but you're forgiven for that. Didn't FutureAlphaMale say this " but it doesn't come close to besting Knack from a purely graphical standpoint." This statement does not agree with his first couple of sentences. I was merely pointing out that no matter how you spin it SM3DW is graphically superior. Furthermore my reading comprehension is just fine , I even corrected some of your grammatical errors for your enjoyment so pay attention :
1) You said ,
"you reading comprehension needs work cheif".
It should read ,
"Your reading comprehension needs work chief" (Spell check is your friend)
2) You said ,
"sorry but you logic is flawed"
It should read ,
"Sorry but your logic is flawed" (Remember all sentences should start with a capital letter a mistake you repeated many many times like in this paragraph " URAmk2 said:
@Dave24wrong! you truly out of the loop aren't you. ps4 doesn't actually run the games off of the blu rays. it installs to the hdd. so pop up wouldnt be a factor in that case. nice last ditch effort to grasp for staws though buddy".) Question , what in the world is a staw ?
The next statement is the last I promise.
3) You said ,
"maybe you should try actually reading peoples posts before you respond... just saying."
I say ,
Maybe you should proof read your own posts before insulting others about what they've posted .
I realize that there may be extenuating reasons for these errors such as you are a 7 year old . Maybe English is not your first language in which case you should really try to minimize the insults , you have no room to talk.



element187 said:

@Kirk if Nintendo made a system equal in power to the ps4 it would cost a lot more and that would turn off families (look at how many people complain about the $300 price today, how would these people feel about a $500 Ninty console?). Nintendo aims their console at the impulse buyers, families and their fan base. That's their core market and selling an expensive console would seriously diminish their potential pool of customers.

If Nintendo were playing the power race game with Sony they would actually have virtual boy levels of fail. I can't imagine they would last very long in the console business.



Kirk said:


And yet it would surely still sell a lot more units than the Wii U has sold so far, given the fact PS4 is already approaching Nintendo's worldwide year sales total after only a couple of weeks, which is ultimately all that Nintendo cares about (sales), and it would obviously make the majority of the more "core" gamers and general multi-media entertainment types happy too, which is ultimately what most gamers really care about (I CERTAINLY don't care if casuals are happy if it comes at my expense).

If Nintendo did exactly the same as Sony or Microsoft this gen, regarding power and multi-media/social media etc, but also had it's additional USP GamePad (along with all the backwards compatible Wii stuff too) AND all it's world beating Nintendo franchises, then it would have flat-out won this generation, imo.

Every single time Nintendo has lost in the past it had a console that had little differentiation from the competition BUT actually still lacked some of their more mainstream multi-media consumer friendly features like CD/DVD playback. So, why would anyone other than FANS pick Nintendo over the competition. It's little wonder Nintendo lost those battles. This time it could have had all the stuff the competition has PLUS the differentiation (genuinely appealing to the core gamers, multi-media entertainment types, the casuals AND loyal Nintendo fans too). THAT would have been the winning combination imo.

The only negative in that solution would be the initial purchase price but given everyone else would be in the same bracket it would still come down to which one is the better choice, the better value proposition, and if Nintendo had everything the competition has plus the GamePad plus it's exclusive first party games THEN I'm pretty certain most people would have chosen that over the competition giving the options.

Alas, that's just a "what if" fantasy at this point.

PS. All those people complaining about the Wii U costing $300 are mostly complaining because it's costing $300 for a console that is as far as they are concerned under-powered and under-featured, and having the GamePad does in now way counter that view to them. I know this because I am one of those people.



element187 said:

@FutureAlphaMale are you seriously comparing the ps4 to a Ferrari? PC is a better comparison to Ferrari with the PS4 is the Honda Civic and the Wii U is the Mini Cooper.

I rather have the Mini Cooper out of all three because how much fun it is to drive.... Same with the Wii U, the games are far more fun, the PS4 and xBone look like more of the same stale gameplay, while the visuals leave a lot to be desired when compared to the same game on Steam.



element187 said:

@kirk it wouldn't sell more. You do realize the "core" gamer makes up a tiny minority of the video game market... The VG market majority is casuals and family gamers. I know you like to think the video game enthusiasts as the ones that drive the market but it's patently false. Why else would devs continuously add more and more hand holding to their games? Because they are chasing that casual gamer dollar.... Why does COD on consoles have aim assist turned on? Same reason.

Getting back to consoles sales, the subhd twins both sold roughly 75 million systems. You do realize the majority of those sales came from the second half of the generation, right? Who was buying in the second half of the generation? That's right the casual gamers picking up a cheap x360 or ps3 because the price came down to a more acceptable level.

If the Wii U's price was $500 its sales would be far far worse off right now. Not even 50%. Nintendo was correct to keep the costs as low as possible, but they are still too expensive for an impulse buy. The $200 range is when it will be at the point the market will take notice. You want me to back up my statement? Go look at the comment section on the DF article from those "core" gamers who would spend $500 on a console, they are ripping the game to shreds because it has primary colors in it..... Nintendo could make the fastest console out there and the core enthusiasts would still reject it. YOU might want Ninty to do that, but they wouldn't be successful at all. At least not until the price comes in line with mass market consumption. And a $500 console won't come down to that range for 6 or 7 years.



Kirk said:


If Nintendo, for the first time since the SNES, had proper cutting-edge current-gen graphics/tech [power] that everyone else has, had all the multi-media/social features and services that the other guys have, had the first party exclusive Nintendo franchise games, that only Nintendo can have, and then additionally had the uniqueness of the GamePad plus backwards compatibility with Wii, that only Nintendo would have, all those things together in one console, THEN just like with the NES and SNES it would also see all the big third party support again too (Why would any third parties ever skip a console where they now have no single negative reason to avoid it?) and THAT would win it the war flat out. No doubt about it whatsoever in my mind in the slightest. The price would be completely and utterly irrelevant because EVERYONE would be at that same higher price so that wouldn't be a minus point on Nintendo's side vs the choice of the competition in the slightest.

I mean seriously; think of a single legitimate reason why anyone, from the core gamers to the casuals and even the publishers, would now ignore a basically perfect/complete all-round gaming and entertainment system like that, given the relative choices available to them...



MAB said:

Both SM3DW & Knack are pure examples of crappy over hyped games




renaryuugufan92 said:

@Kirk it still wouldn't matter, the more power would have ment that Nintendo's teams would have had to take much longer to learn how to do proper HD visuals meaning, Pikmin 3 would just now be comming out, wind waker HD soon after, and Mario 3D World above all 2013's releases would NOT be out right now, sales of the Wii U would be much lower due to a higher cost. Take into account I did not mention marketing, if the Wii U had more first party games and ads throughout the year it would have sold better but as it stands it did not and since the price drop, game releases, and re-surgence of ads the U is slowly gaining momentum, thankfully we are guarunteed a good amount of games next year. So then you may ask why the PS4 and XBONE are selling so well right now...

M.A.R.K.E.T.I.N.G & HYPE <------------

-sincerly a Nintendo fan whos tired of hearing "power is the answer to poor sales" because its not, especially if you don't advertise or promote yourself..



Kirk said:


You're just making up excuses to excuse Nintendo at this point. Everyone would be in that same boat, trying to get their best first party games out as soon as possible, so that argument becomes irrelevant.

I'm just going to repeat the same thing again because I really don't see how any reasonable person can seriously debate it at this point:

If Nintendo, for the first time since the SNES, had proper cutting-edge current-gen graphics/tech [power] just like everyone else has, had all the multi-media/social features and services that the other guys have, had the first party exclusive Nintendo franchise games, that only Nintendo can have, and then additionally had the uniqueness of the GamePad plus backwards compatibility with Wii, that only Nintendo would have, all those things together in one console, THEN just like with the NES and SNES it would also see all the big third party support again too (Why would any third parties ever skip a console where they now have no single negative reason to avoid it?) and THAT would win it the war flat out. No doubt about it whatsoever in my mind in the slightest. The price would be completely and utterly irrelevant because EVERYONE would be at that same higher price so that wouldn't be a minus point on Nintendo's side vs the choice of the competition in the slightest.

I mean seriously; think of a single legitimate reason why anyone, from the core gamers to the casuals and even the publishers, would now ignore a basically perfect/complete all-round gaming and entertainment system like that, given the relative choices available to them...



renaryuugufan92 said:

@Kirk because it would cost around $600 and if i remember correctly, the PS3 did not do so well from 2006-2008... yea, you seriously need to do research before making bold statements.
Edit: and it wasn't an excuse, comming from someone whos a buisness graduate and took classes on proper marketing, the main reason the Wii U has had poor sales is because of 2 things, 1. lack of core first party games and 2. lack of advertising! common.sense.



Kirk said:


It would cost exactly the same as the Xbox One or PS4 would cost with the camera.

The lack of games and advertising is why it's had a lack of sales to the casuals but really not why the other guys are totally ignoring it. No amount of extra advertising would make any of the people that are going out and buying a brand new Xbox One or PS4 right now give a sh*t in the slightest...because it's still under-powered and under-featured as far as they are concerned and no amount of adverts can change that fact.

First party games mostly just gets Nintendo fans and a huge chunk of that potential market already has a Wii U. The remaining people waiting to get a Wii U when all the great first party games come out, basically still Nintendo fans but just on the fence, isn't going to be enough to win Nintendo this war. They didn't win the Wii the war; that was the casuals. No need to debate that part any further.

If Nintendo had done what I said they could STILL have gotten most of those casuals, with additional advertising, but ALSO a huge chunk of the other more "core" gamers and general multi-media entertainment types too.

Also, I think a lot of people think the "casuals" are the ones who are biggest market when in reality that's utter crap. It's the broader consumers who would make up the biggest potential market and those are not "casuals" but people who just care about entertainment in general at that's not just video games but also movies, tv, music and so on. Remember 100 million people, mostly casuals bought a Wii, but over 160 million have bought either an Xbox 360 or PS3 to date and by the time those machine stop selling they will have together utterly dwarfed the Wii's total number. There's far more general entertainment consumers out there than "causal gamers".



renaryuugufan92 said:

@Kirk so you want it to be a triplet? or more powerful? If you want it to be more powerful with the gamepad in check and backwards compatability, plus all of the features the other two have, it will cost more than the Xbox One unless Nintendo took severe losses by selling it at a loss, which they still are already with a $300 console by itself with no games purchases with it. -sigh-

But the fact still stands, the only reason the XBONE and PS4 are selling really well right now is due to the hype they've had all year, the marketing Sony and Microsoft have (which Nintendo lacked all summer -refer to earlier posts for late readers of this one- until recently) , and the almighty word of mouth, power & features isn't enough to sell a piece of hardware if your not going to back it up with some marketing. I held a speech to promote the Wii U myself to a group of parents recently and guess what it wasn't the power that prevented them from purchasing it before, it was the uttler LACK of knowledge that the console even exists.

Advertising/Promoting/Hype > Specs



MAB said:

Every system after the Genesis & SNES have been highly mediocre so both points are moot




Kirk said:


No it would not cost more than the Xbox One (that comes with Kinect plus a controller) or PS4 (with a camera and controller). Or more precisely there would be absolutely no justifiable reason for it to be more expensive.

Do you understand that the Xbox One does EVERYTHING more powerful and feature complete than the Wii U AND it has a Kinect in every single box. The same would be true of a PS4 with a camera.

The GamePad is NOT more expensive than the Kinect PLUS a controller that comes with every single Xbox One, or the controller plus a camera that would come with PS4 in the $500 bundle, FACT.

Nintendo could 1000% release a console that has every single tech-spec and multi-media/social feature of the Xbox One or PS4 PLUS a GamePad for exactly the same $500 price as those consoles. Possibly even less actually because I 100% believe the GamePad is cheaper to make than either a Kincect + Xbox One controller or Playstation Eye + DualShock 4.

The "It would be more expensive that the other consoles if it was also the same power because it has the GamePad" argument was only valid when we were all ignorant to the fact that the Xbox One would have Kinect bundled with every single system for it's $500 asking price or that you could get a PS4 with the Playstation Eye for that same price.



renaryuugufan92 said:

@kirk either way it still stands, the lack of advertising and first party games (which was due to Nintendo's teams learning how to do HD visuals, not releasing until the latter half of the year hurt the sales of the Wii U... not its specs & feature set.

What I'm trying to point out has been if this -above- was repeated with a more powerful console that had a similar gaming drought with the same sales trend, lets just say the result wouldn't be good even with good third party support something which Nintendo has not had since the SNES days. Try to understand, more specs will not ensure you access to the mass market now can i answer this article properly.... been wanting too for the past 20 minutes >.>



Kirk said:


The terrible advertising and having no truly great system selling games is what stopped the the Wii U selling more units in it's first year. That excuse is meaningless now when it will still be selling less than the competition going forward (which it will). If the first party games had been there and the advertising had been done it would simply have had a better start in terms of sales to date and NOTHING else. It's all the other stuff that is the real issue.

Try to comprehend; this is not about "more power". It's about being the best value proposition out of the three. The Wii U simply isn't and it never will be imo, even at the cheaper price, but it absolutely could have been and even at the same price as the competition, if they'd done all the other stuff I'm saying.

You're coming up with reasons for Nintendo's abysmal failure so far with the Wii U and I'm telling you that's just a tiny part of the bigger picture and how it ALL could have been avoided in the long term, even without any additional advertising to date or the first party games until now.

Basically if Nintendo had handled the advertising and release of first party games EXACTLY the same but done everything else I'm suggesting then right now it would be UTTERLY destroying the competition in every single way possible because it would match them in basically every single way possible, or be as close enough as necessary to basically be the same thing, PLUS offer some unique stuff AND it would have had a whole years head start too.

Yes, please answer the article to your hearts content...



MAB said:

The future cannot be predicted... No matter how hard you try to think




renaryuugufan92 said:

finally...-dots representing how glad i am to be out of the argument above- I'm glad to see more praise for this game, I've put nearly 40hrs into it so far and I must say its up there with my favorite Mario titles! Sales of the system are have been on the rise since the price drop and recent re-surgance of ads (thank goodness!) 3D World points to a bright future for the Wii U and 2014 looks like it is going to be a good year for Wii U owners such as myself and many others on here!



bronZfonZ said:

Making the Wii U as powerful as PS4 and XBone would likely have destroyed the Wii backwards compatibility, as they maybe would've used an x86-64 CPU instead the 32-bit PowerPC one they have now. Or, they would've had to go the Sony route with the launch PS3s and include a Broadway CPU in every Wii U. Either way, BC was absolutely necessary for the Wii U in order for Nintendo to reclaim the tens of millions of casuals, who likely still have their WiiMotes, nunchucks, and balance boards, in the long run.

But, seriously, does Nintendo really need 2010-high-end-PC power? 1 GB of useable unified-architecture memory, a tri-core CPU, and a DX11-capable GPU that can also do general-purpose computing is more than enough for outputting HD-quality graphics with dynamic lighting and shadows, and it's certainly more than enough for indie developers (Unity 4 Pro is free for licensed Nintendo developers, which is great, since a dev kit costs 5000 USD).

One suggestion I'd make would be to pack Wii Fit U with an 8GB Wii U and do it as soon as the game comes out. Nothing appeals to New Year's weight-loss resolution-makers more than fitness gizmos! Nevertheless, increased customer awareness and a diminishing stock of Wii Minis is going to drive Wii U sales.



Gamer83 said:

Wrote it off as Super Mario 3D Land HD at E3... five months later I'm going back and forth every day about whether to take the plunge and buy a Wii U now or hold off a bit more and wait for DKC Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8. I've played the demo several times at Best Buy and this game is a tour de force in level design and a system seller without question. I try to be a multi-console owner each gen and like the Vita compliments my 3DS very nicely this game has made the Wii U the easy choice to compliment the PS4. The 2014 lineup is looking spectacular and more bundles may be on the way so I'm thinking since I've waited this long I should maybe wait a little longer but this game is very tempting.



nungi said:

I'd say Nintendo is doing good with less.compared to the certainly sure the wii u could put out better visuals (minus the spec sheet found on the other 2 consoles)and stupid price tag to play games on and CD player or blue ray have these already dont need to watch movies and play music on my game have a laptop For that.all I need is good games now not some spec sheet when I turn on my video game system.sorry x1 or ps. Fans on a Nintendo site arguing about knack.with all the power they have that's the crap they put out are you people like seriously stupid or something.i paid $350. And some at launch which to me was good,had some good games,firm of ports of past gen hardware,some were good.some......... dont kno why these guyz even try making video games and have the nerve to criticize the hardware cause they trying to make some quick cash porting trash instead of working with Nintendo.say behind their back its difficult to develop have no direction with implementing second screen and what it's worth.its like these people get paid to try and keep Nintendo down and exclusives for Wii u turn to multi platform because its not going to sell on other I say wii u has 2gb of whatever and the other two has 8 and all this raw power(for what??)still can't get their games in 60 fps is telling me that they don't kno what they doing yet.dont have money to throw at garbage that's why I bought my wii u and the name sounds good too mii



nungi said:

I know I'm not buying another console.Don't have money for no innovation and mor, uh graphics,that's why I'm giving these block heads my money is to throw some nice graphics on my tv and throw a couple of more features I have to pay for via dlc and that makes my modern day gaming much better and I don't think knack could compete with Mario On no terms not even visually especially when the Wii u has less tech spec Nintendo dont need numbers in a system to look better than the rest and Nintendo always have some way of making tech specs seem equal minus a couple of hundreds than those competing.and respect your elders.they have more exp than you

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