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Club Nintendo Australia Receives Luigi Coin And Nintendo Hanafuda Cards

Posted by Liam Doolan

Year of Luigi coin already sold out, though

If you live in Australia, you’ll already know how rarely the local Club Nintendo is restocked. On average, it happens only a handful of times per year, with a few exclusive items occasionally made available on the side.

This year, Aussies have received Mario shoelaces, Paper Mario adhesive notepad sets, themed notebooks, and a Pikmin tote bag. It's not exactly the most exciting of offerings compared to European, American and Japanese counterparts, but it's something nonetheless.

Now though, the drought has ended, with two exclusive items today being released on the local club. The first item is the well-known Year of Luigi coin for 1250 star points and the second item is a set of Hanafuda cards for 3000 star points. Both items, as many fans will know, have been available in other regions for quite some time now.

While these two new items are both welcome additions to Club Nintendo Australia, the bad news is that the Year of Luigi coin has already sold out. It went within seconds of going live, presumably because Australians had been waiting so long for the local club to replenish its catalogue.

If you’ve missed it though, you can still try your luck with the Hanafuda cards for 3000 star points, or you can hold out and take your chances with the Luigi’s Mansion 2 Diorama, which will arrive in Australia early next year in limited supplies and is expected to come in well under the UK pricing of 7000 points.

Let us know if you’re an Aussie who managed to grab the now-rare Year of Luigi coin, or if you plan on picking up the Hanafuda cards or instead saving your points and taking your chances with the Luigi-themed Diorama next year.


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MAB said:

When I see a article that says club nintendo Australia has a golden gamepad like this ↓

Then I will be like this ↓



Ichiban said:

Yeah im rather annoyed. We get bugger all pretty much all year then the only decent thing we get is gobe within seconds....



Jakeman said:

I couldn't believe it! I always try to check the Club Nintendo website daily (just in case it has gets an update, which it never seems to). I had work today but as soon as I got home, I looked at my emails and saw "Club Nintendo Australia gets an update".
When I saw it was a Luigi coin, I got excited. I hurried to the website and they were already all gone (in such a short time)... (I collect coins, so this would have been my ideal reward). I was shattered.
I had almost 100,000 stars, so I bought the Hanafuda cards anyway (although I have no idea what Hanafuda is, other then Nintendo's history with the cards).
I don't know how much the diorama will be when it releases but from now on I am going to check the Club Nintendo site (100 times if need be) every day, just to make sure I do not miss out on it. I should be back up to 8000 stars soon, hopefully that will be more than enough for it.



WiiLovePeace said:

Yeah I got home from work & saw the email & got excited to pick up both, though I wanted the Hanafuda cards more than the Luigi coin anyway. They must've had like only 10 of those Luigi Coins available or something for them to go so quick. In the end I actually only had enough stars for the Hanafuda cards so I'm glad those didn't sell out instantly. Comes with instructions on how to play a game with them too. Wish they could send them a little quicker than up to 4 weeks though...

@Jakeman 100,000 stars?!?! What?! But then you later say "I should be back up to 8000 stars soon"... & I realise you meant you had 10,000 I was scared & confused for a little while there haha.



NATEOZ said:

2:00am last night I was still awake in this
Melbourne heat, and had a cheeky look on the club site and boom! Got me a coin and got me the cards!



Jakeman said:

@Schnedlick I don't think it's fair that I (or anyone else) who is a loyal fan of Nintendo should have to resort to eBay. We hardly ever get anything in Australia and the only time we do it is gone in seconds. I know plenty of other people who would have liked the coin as well. It's just a shame that Nintendo did not have nearly enough to go around.
I would like to congrat the people who did want the coin and were lucky enough to pick one up though. Hopefully for countless others (including myself) who missed out, we will be able to get something good in the future - maybe the diorama?



Liam_Doolan said:

@Jakeman I also missed out on the Year of Luigi coin. I was able to grab the Hanafuda cards, but I had the star points for both, so it's unfortunate I was unable to get the coin as well.

I'm not even sure if I've got enough points left for the Luigi's Mansion 2 Diorama. Though, I'll probably have one of those days where I don't find out it's been released until late in the evening, and then it'll be sold out anyway.

Really, the Australian version of Club Nintendo needs more stock and more offerings, more regularly.

Before missing today's coin, the only thing I had missed out on was the Golden Nunchuk. I was so devastated about that because I intended on creating a matching controller set with my limited edition Skyward Sword Wii Remote.



Jakeman said:

@Liam_Doolan Yes, sorry to hear that you missed out on one as well.
That is exactly why I plan to constantly check the Club Nintendo site until the diorama is released. I hope you are able to at least get one of those. Good luck!



Liam_Doolan said:

@Jakeman Best of luck!

I pretty much made the decision to at least get something this arvo (the Hanafuda cards) rather than nothing at all potentially.

Only problem is I am now most likely short on points for the diorama. Will still keep an eye out for it in hope.

Will give everyone the heads up here on Nintendo Life when it is released.



Jakeman said:

@Liam_Doolan Thanks mate, I really do want that diorama. I got excited when I saw that and it kind of made up for missing out on the Luigi coin.
Yes, I just decided to get the Hanafuda cards as well. I am wondering how long they will last for on the store, someone told me that Nintendo said they only have a limited quantity of those as well.



Liam_Doolan said:

@Jakeman Yeah, for anyone who wants the Hanafuda cards, my advice would be to get them while you can rather than wait.

That could be another factor in play with the diorama. Depending on the pricing, it may remain on the catalogue for some time (but I highly doubt it if it is limited stock).



Mario_maniac said:

Ugh, I just redeemed most of my points on those Hanafuda cards since I didn't expect the diorama, and then I read this. Sorry to ask, but what's your source on Australia getting it?

I managed to get the coin earlier, at least.



luminalace said:

I picked up the Hanafuda cards for 3000 points. I have 2100 points left and about 8-10 games I have yet to register which I plan on doing in time gor the Luigi diorama! Finally we Aussies get some decent stuff. Too bad I missed out on the Luigi coin though!



MadAdam81 said:

I think I'll get the cards, would have liked the coin but I'm not desperate. The cards are more interesting for me.



SebCroc said:

There goes my only chance ever at getting anything decent. Great. This is a joke! When the diorama is available I won't even have enough stars for it.



Jakeman said:

@Schnedlick If Nintendo is true to their word then we will be getting it. We received confirmation from Nintendo Australia that the dioramas will be put onto the Club Nintendo shop in early 2014 (though no exact date or price has been mentioned).
The question is though, how many are we getting and how long will that supply last? That is why we should not take our eyes off the store (if you want one), until they are released over here.



MadAdam81 said:

I just registered everything that I hadn't done so far, now I have 3050, but ti's still saying I have just 1500 to spend in the catalogue, even though the account says I have 3050. Hopefully it doesn't take more than a day to update.



Jakeman said:

@MadAdam81 Yes the store does not always update straight away. Try logging out of your account and then logging back in again, that seems to work for me the majority of the time.



Jakeman said:

@Schnedlick It just depends on what your preference is, it does not mean the diorama is not worth getting (I already know many people who think it will be). I thought you were interested in it when you ended by saying "supposing that we get it", though I guess you were just referring to Australia.



Nintendzoey said:

Yeah i missed out on the coin too unfortunately. I think I have enough to get the diorama if I don't get the hanafunda cards, so I might hold off until then.

@Schnedlick - I don't understand why you have been so rude to jakeman, he already mentioned that he would like a diorama. There was no need to call it "crappy" and "dust collecting". Also, if you don't care about what he has to say then maybe you should not reply to him? It looks to me like you are just trying to start a fight with him.



Medieval said:

I didn't realise that there were so few coins. Guess that means I must have been very lucky to get my coin. It showed up today very pleased with it.

I do feel sorry for others that missed out though

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